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  1. I'm rather flexible concerning writing level, and I typically adapt to my partner. The only genres I will absolutely not do are anime and furry. I'm comfortable with playing characters of any gender. I do all pairing types. I'd like a real life picture or celebrity faceclaim to be provided for my partners' characters, and I will always provide them for mine. If you need help finding a picture or faceclaim, I'm willing to make suggestions. I'm able to be quite active currently since I'm only working mornings for now. I'm good with playing multiple characters. Participation in moving the plot along is required. I will not do all the work. My roleplays can take place in either threads or private messages; I don't have a preference of which.

    Starting Topics: (These can be combined with each other, pairings or fandoms.)

    Boarding School
    Summer Camp
    Best Friends
    Starting a Family
    Alien Invasion
    Super Humans
    Haunted Mansion
    Foster Care
    Terminal Illness
    Time Travel


    Assassin x Target
    Alien x Human
    Popular x New Kid
    Teacher x Teacher
    Single Parent x Child's Teacher


    Harry Potter
    Doctor Who
    Hunger Games
    Dragon Age II
    The Middle
    Red Band Society
    Sherlock Holmes(RDJ)
    Monsters University
  2. Hey, I'm looking for some new partners to roleplay with. I was wondering if you'd be interested to start one with me? :)
  3. Sure. Mind sending me a PM?
  4. I'd love to hear your ideas for Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Avengers and RDJ Sherlock. :)
  5. Well, my ideas depend on your preferences. Would you prefer us to use canons, OCs, or a mix? Would you like it to be romance? If so, what pairing type?
  6. I prefer a mix between OCs and canon characters.

    As for romance, I'd prefer FxM or FxF.

    I'm also open to doubling roles, if needed. :)
  7. I would love to do te single parent/child's teacher idea cause it seems like it could be sweet and plot twisty (I know that's not a word)
    I hope we can come up with an idea for that together and just get back to me whenever you can!~
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.