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    • I'm comfortable playing female, male, transgender, and non-binary characters.
    • I do all pairing types.
    • Post length is not something I fuss over. The quality is what matters.
    • I try my best with grammar, but I still make mistakes as everyone does.
    • Expect to actively participate in the planning process.
    • Furry and anime aren't really my areas, and I generally stay away from those genres.
    • I'm typically able to reply daily.

    Foster Family
    Summer Vacation
    Step Family
    Middle of Divorce
    Starting a Family
    Broken Family
    Long Lost Parent
    Long Lost Sibling

    High School

    Teacher x Teacher
    Teacher x Student
    Principal x Teacher
    Principal x Secretary
    Single Parent x Teacher
    Best Friends
    Popular x Outcast
    Tutor x Tutored
    Starting a Band


    Incompatible Roommates
    Professor x Professor
    Professor x Student


    Attending x Intern
    Intern x Intern
    Intern x Nurse
    Nurse x Patient
    Patient x Patient

    Super Humans

    Villain x Hero
    Organization of Heroes Vs Organization of Villains
    Fleeing the Government
    Lab Rats


    Dragon Riders
    Wizard x Apprentice

    Time Travel

    Time Machine Inventor x 21st Century Scientist
    Intergalactic War - (time travel as a weapon)


    Harry Potter

    Hermione x my OC[M or F] - (will double)
    Luna x my OC[F]
    Bellatrix x my OC[M or F] - (will double)
    Severus x my OC[F] - (will double)
    OC[M or F] x OC[M or F]

    Doctor Who

    Nine x my OC[F]
    Rose x my OC[M] - (will double)
    TenToo x my OC[F]
    Rory x my OC[F] - (will double)
    Twelve x my OC[M or F] - (will double)


    Sherlock x my OC[F]
    Mycroft x my OC[M] - (will double)
    Greg x my OC[M or F]
    Molly x my OC[M or F] - (will double)
    Irene x my OC[F] - (will double)

    Orange Is the New Black

    Alex x my OC[F] - (will double)
    Piper x my OC[F or M] - (will double)
    OC[F] x OC[F]

    Hunger Games

    OC[M or F] x OC[M or F]


    OC[M or F] x OC[M or F]
    Jeanine x my OC[F]


    Steve x Tony
    Bruce x Natasha
    Thor x my OC[F or M] - (will double)
    OC[F] x OC[F]

    Lost Girl

    Bo x my OC[M or F] - (will double)
    Dyson x Bo
    Lauren x Bo
    Bo x Kenzi
    Lauren x my OC[F] - (will double)

    Dragon Age II

    Hawke[Mage, F] x Anders
    Varric x Hawke[F]
    Hawke[F or M] x Merrill
    Isabela x Hawke[M or F]
    Hawke[F] x OC[M or F]​
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  1. If your still looking please pm me interested in a few pairings and have a few ideas you might like also!
  2. It seems I've been craving a Hunger Games roleplay but didn't realize it until a moment ago, because now I am absolutely in love with the idea. And if not that, I'm also interested in several of the family ones (always enjoy the romance-free stuff as well, so those sound good). Oh, and the Sherlock x OC would be great, too! Anyways, if you're up for any of those, send me a PM.
  3. Can you play Snape from HP or Fenris from DAII for me? I can play whomever you want from either of those.
  4. I'm good with playing Snape for you. Mind playing Bellatrix?
  5. Sure, I can give her a try!
  6. Awesome. FxM or FxF?
  7. I'll be willing to portray anyone else if you could play Thor for me.
  8. I don't mind either way, since this is your pairing, you can choose whichever!
  9. I'd like Tony then. Send me a PM?
    Okay. I'd rather we do FxF. PM me?
  10. Alrighty! I'll send you a PM shortly.
  11. I have an idea for a long lost parent thing where my character is a trans woman who's father stopped speaking to her after she came out and they haven't spoken in ten years. I was thinking maybe he would have gotten remarried (my character's mother died) and his new wife had children of her own already and she found out about my character and pushed her husband to talk to my character again. If you're interested I can PM you more stuff. If not I like a lot of your family ideas.
  12. I'm quite interested in doing that with you.
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  13. I sent a pm.
  14. Double on Avengers?
    I can play Thor for your OC.
    You may PM me of you are interested :3
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