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  1. My brother and I have been talking about starting a youtube channel for Souls-Borne videos for a while and now we finally got our first video done and uploaded. I'd like to get some feedback on it and see what you guys think and also shamelessly self-promote.

    With that said, I present to you: Ludwig Gon Give it to Ya.

  2. Not quite sure what I was expecting other than "if it's to that fucking song I'm gon--- it is".

    It's kinda funny, but feels like one of those old anime music videos of naruto to sandstorm.

    6/10. Room for improvement. Maybe match getting hit a bit closer with the beat of the music. Shorter clips of being hit to the really rapid parts.

    Liked. Subscribed. Shared to Tumblr.

    Edit: You did exactly what I felt should've happened after the 2:20 or so mark. Spot on.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.