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  1. While gaming, do you use cheats? Whether it's for infinite items, to unlock everything, etc?

    I will admit that I do indeed use cheats but only for single player games. I don't use online cheats or exploits. Here are some small examples:

    In DBZ Buu's Fury, I got 255 Senzu Beans by going to fetch a Senzu Bean from Korin after Videl's fight with Spopobitch and I ate it XD That just made the game even more easier honestly.

    In DBZ Budokai 2, I unlocked everything by holding down L1 and L2 while entering and exiting the Skill Shop over and over again. This only works on the PS2 version (which is the version I have).
  2. Do Mods count? In which case I use Mods on most moddable games, some make games harder, others easier.

    If not? With Mount and Blade warband I'll export and import characters with redone stats.

    In Dark Souls 3 there's always the plunging attack.
  3. In Minecraft I use cheats to change from survival to creative, but that's not really cheating, is it?

    I used to use cheats in Prince of Persia the Two Thrones ^_^' But I think other than these two games, I never used cheats. It just feels wrong and well, takes away from the gameplay for me.
  4. jjgod

    Ofc nobody's gonna get this but fuck it.

    Other than that, CBA.
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  5. <.< >.> Only for some games..... <.< >.> like Elderscrolls mostly just so I can run around and do what I want.
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  6. I used to have a gameshark for my old N64. I always remember using it with Sarge's Heroes. Practically the only way I managed to beat that game.

    I also can't remember a time that I didn't use the item duplication/Missing No. Glitch in Pokemon Red.

    Also, plenty of cheats for Age of Empire 1 and 2, though mostly because 90% of it's gameplay was nothing but base building and resource gathering.

    Do I cheat? Single player games only.
    I got it... but I cheated. :P
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  7. Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start.

    Only cheat code anyone needs.
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  8. Usually only for games or sections of it that I've already beaten and am playing again for some reason. I enjoy the challenge, that's a large part of why I play the games I play, so why cheat and remove the challenge?
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  9. I play sims three which is really the only game where I've used cheats. motherlode which gives you a shit ton of money and the reset sim, so then my sim wont remain glitchy XD but that's about it.
  10. My rule of thumb is I have to beat a game before screwing around with cheats. It makes the experience the first time around rewarding, and then I can "let my hair down" and just have fun screwing around.

    In Skyrim, I like using console commands to outfit characters the way I prefer for roleplaying purposes, for instance.

    With Mount & Blade: Warband, I cheesed the system in a play through where I wanted to conquer the map by starting sieges by only allowing 25 soldiers on the map, then sliding it up to 255 and when my reinforcements arrived, slide it back down to 25 so the enemy didn't get more men. It effectively lets you run around with a few dozen troops and take out a garrison of hundreds effortlessly lol.
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  11. I heavily use mods for a few games, but mostly I leave it to skill. In my youth I had a game genie and used it as often as I could.
  12. blacksheepwall saved my bacon as a kid kthx.
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  13. I love cheats.

    After I beat the game.

    Never in multiplayer.

    They also taught me how to type.

    power overwhelming
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  14. I use cheats in minecraft, but only to get past the parts of the game that are not fun for me

    • I turn mob griefing off so that creepers don't blow up my shit
    • When I first spawn, I start in creative mode so I can fly to a place where I'd like to build my first base; from there on out creative is off limits*
      • * unless I discover a village.
        I hate discovering villages, the guilt eats me up because I know if I leave it the zombies will get them all, but it takes forever to properly zombie-proof a village in survival, so I'm allowed to turn creative on for the express purpose of making the village safe so that I can leave.
    • My computer is not the brawniest, so if I have something else running like skype or itunes or netflix, I turn off rain and snow because they sink my FPS like a ball and chain
    • I play in peaceful for the first few days until I have armour and a sword, then I turn monsters on
  15. I use a few cheats on my DS emulator for Pokemon. Mainly just the random pokemon encounters because it's annoying to keep running into the same pokemon over and over again.
  16. Depends on the game. I always cheat on Morrowind and Sims. xD
  17. -shakes fist-

    You break Morrowind by playing Morrowind as any sort of caster.
  18. Alchemy stat buff potions. OD on stat buff potions. 255 to all stats. Realize you are now superman. Press jump to fly wildly through the sky. Left click to casually end all life in a single blow of whatever weapon of choice. Never go to areas that spawn cliffracers because the game will bug the fuck out and spawn dozens if not hundreds of them in every cell.


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  19. I make spells that have a huge blast radius for fun and watch the city burn.
  20. 1 Fire Damage over 1 Seconds over 50 radius.

    Your Crimes have been Reported!
    Your Crimes have been Reported!
    Your Crimes have been Reported!
    Your Crimes have been Reported!
    Your Crimes have been Reported!
    Your Crimes have been Reported!

    Using an old Sunder/Keening weapon swap stat stack glitch I had an argonian that had thousands in each stat. The simple act of running up an incline was enough to send him soaring. Agility so high nothing could hit. Health in the quadruple digits. Hammer of Stendarr? 1000 Durability?

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