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  1. So once we both have skeletons up I'll make a thread and start.

    Where do you want me to start at?

    And I'll use this skeleton but you can make your own if you want-






  2. Name: Lysander

    Age: 19


    5'4", 113lbs, brown hair, brown eyes.

    Personality: Lysander is very emotional. When he's happy, he's giggly and excited and loves everything. When he's sad, he slips into a depression. He can be very stubborn.

    Bio: Lysander was a single child raised by a single parent. His father was almost never home, though. He was mostly raised by nannies, really. He has no idea what he's doing in college. He doesn't know what he wants to do with his future but his father wants him to take over the company.

    Other: He does have a lip ring. He's terrified of spiders and bugs.
  3. Name: Zeike Trist

    Age: 19


    Personality: Carefree, fun, likes to party and joke around. Flirty.

    Bio: Zeike doesn't really care for anything except partying and flirting, even though he's in a relationship.
    His parents are rich and send him money every month, and he's studying to become a doctor.
    His younger sister committed suicide when she was fifteen, and Zeike's never gotten over that.

    Other: Zeike likes cats.
    And he cheated on your OC.
    Only once.
  4. Awesome xD

    So how do you want me to start it?