Cheat Codes vs. Real Life; good points and the bad. Your opinion?

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  1. A simple discussion on facebook turned into an actual intelctual debate (or discussion if you will) about how Cheat Codes would both lift up the economy and destroy it as well. And well, I decided to bring this topic up with you wonderful people and see what you come up with.

    Here's my opinion, from pro's to con's, on the entire thing.


    Life would be so much easier for everyone around us. We would get that fancy house we'd always wanted, we'd live the dream. I would have that 1966 corvette that I wanted since I was a six year old little boy. I would have that look a like jacket from the show House, I would have a house and a very large yard for my children to play in. And I would have gotten that promotion Cherrall got instead (even though she is a complete slacker and groans about even showing up to work while I'm down with everyone else, yeah you read it, getting threatened by our lovley customers. Fun, eh?! Anyways...), I would have a lot of things.

    There would be peace for a while, and nobody would be homeless...until...


    Our economy would hit the bottom. With people reciving cheats and getting everything, we'd give up work and live our own lives to our own leizure. Which means:

    -No CPS workers to care for the abused children and no liberation from their distress
    -No EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) to respond to the dying
    -No Firefighters to respond to the flames that our houses go up
    -No Lawyers to plead the innocent
    -No police to protect us from harm
    -No Peace Corps
    -No military

    And without anybody willing to fight for our country, then there would be measures taken to force it, then our rights would be flung into the air and destroyed.

    With cheat codes, our lives would be broken and in many ways destroyed.

    Your thoughts?
  2. I do not know if I would like to live a life with cheat codes. On the one hand, cheat codes make everything so much easier and I could certainly use some of the codes to make my own life more smooth. On the other hand, cheat codes make everything much easier. Having cheat codes could mean that if I wanted something, I could just snap my fingers and get it instantly. It eliminates the pleasure of a job well done and it also eliminates the worth of hard work. As for the social, economic and other ramifications, I would rather not think about them. As the saying goes, absolute power corrupts absolutely, so if I had cheat codes, I would probably abuse them to no end.

    A good solution would be is to have a limited number of cheat codes for life, which can be used up. Therefore, one will have to think carefully about the cheat codes they wish to use. I would certainly agree with that system, as it would make life easier without destroying it too much.
  3. I just want a cheat for money... ._.

    And to gain a million cats super easily! :D