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  1. So I am very, very guilty of using cheap shots to win.

    For example, getting the Staff of Magnus from the freaky dead dude I'm too lazy to try and spell out. I hid behind a pillar and shot electricity at him and used three scrolls on him, and he hardly even hit me because of my cheapness.

    With Alduin, scrolls. With oh so many other video game bosses, I have really just used the cheapest most dirty method to beat them.

    Tell me I am not the only one that does this?

  2. One of my favourite tactics while playing a mage in Skyrim is just conjuring the strongest summon I can, and running away. While I was doing some horrible modded quest that I ended up not being able to finish because it was garbage, I hid at the bottom of some stairs the flood of enemies couldn't get down for some reason and just threw fireballs at them. Took forever, but it worked.

    Also, when you can literally one shot an undead boss with a Phoenix Down or the non-Square Enix equivalent. That's one of my favourites. 8)
  3. I aim to avoid stuff that are obvious glitches such as say using glitched areas, making the enemy stuck etc.

    Using in game mechanics though like stealth, high ground etc? That's just tactics.
    That being said if possible I do like to mod my games to make systems like stealth as realistic as possible and less... this.

    Oh, one thing that might be seen as cheap.
    In Skyrim I tend to use Mods (specifically SkyTweak) to increase my max number of summons and summon spam.

    However, I only do this with load orders where both the combat is set to be far more challenging, and the number of NPC's spawn is about 5-6 times higher than Vanilla.
    That's what every dark souls player does. :P
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  4. In any game, pve or pvp, if it's not against the rules, and it's an effective way to play, it's a valid way to win. There's nothing so cheesy it can't be beaten, if it can't be beaten, it should be used.

    In general it's up to the developers to decide wether what's being used is a cheat or an exploit, and if they want to remove it. So unless you hacked into the game, used a cheat code, or used a well known glitch to win... I'm not seeing the problem with 'cheap' tactics.

    Honestly, if you can buy the same game for 30$ or 50$ and they are both from official suppliers, which would YOU choose?
  5. Fatboy and Power armor: THe fallout way.
  6. I think the funniest cheap way to beat someone in Skyrim is to stand next to those bridge levers and wait for the enemy to try to get across. Double points if you get one on top of a mountain. Takes off a nice hunk of damage if you're lucky.

    Essentially, you see a lot of this:

  7. How to win classic RPG battles, in set pieces where enemies are part of the set piece. (Ex: No RNG encounters.)

    Step 1: Figure out where they are.
    Step 2: Take the longest ranged thing I have.
    Step 3: Throw nukes at it before combat starts.
    Step 4: Start combat as nuke is midway to target.
    Step 5: lolfreedamage.

    This is how I beat Neverwinter Nights 2 & Baldur's Gate. Don't judge me, y'all did it too sometimes, I bet.
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  8. tgm in Elder Scrolls.
    motherlode in Sims.
    Summon tank in GTA.

    If the game gives me a legit cheat menu, who am I to not utilize it? xD

    And yup I'm that person that gets the new League champs when they prove to be unbalanced. Because why not?
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  9. You basically just described the Assault specialisation for Troopers in The Old Republic, so I can't exactly criticise.
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  10. Are you kidding me? This is the only way for teeny weeny version of me to beat BG. Save scumming is an art form.
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  11. Playing Planetside 2 and magdumping people after they just got out of a firefight with someone else. Easy kills before their shield regens. Also tank mines, AT missiles, and AP tank rounds with a racer chassis.
  12. I'm such an asshole. I just rush into a thing's face and start beating it to death. Pretty cheesy, amirite?
  13. Oh hell yeah. Half my issue with Sailor Moon is that she doesn't just use her broken as fuck Tiara Magic move right away

    if I've got an insta-kill and I don't need to save it, I use it.

    When I was playing through FFX I used to have Yuna cummon some of the most powerful summons for wussy random encounters, just for shits and giggles

    I mean, there ain't no kill like overkill.
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  14. Cummon...

    You and I played vastly different versins of FFX
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  15. I dunno about you, but I cummon in every Final Fantasy game I play, especially Shiva!
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  16. LOL! Best typo of the year; I ain't even fixing that shit.
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  17. Oh thought of another. If there's a pet system in the game, I'm going to use it. Its not actually cheating but is typically the easiest class because pets are there to soak damage. Just ask my Mass Effect Engineer or Gaige. xD
  18. If the game allows me to sneak and take pot shots at enemies that will never figure out where I am, you bet your ass I'm gonna do it. Been doing it in Fallout 4 and it has been just as amusing and unfair as in every other game that allows it.
  19. Ever fought that one guy in Tekken who picks King and can do his Grapple Combo? that's me. Granted, it's been a long time since I chose King, but god damn fuck nuggets the damage that combo did if you did it right! But if I really want to be a douchebag; Street Fighter 2 or 4, Blanka, get someone trapped in a corner and spam his electricity attack. That's some real filth right there. Donkey Kong is Smash, The Suicide Throw, especially if you got lives to spare. People reaaaaaaaally hate it when you do that, so I do it a lot 8D. And finally, ever played Mortal Kombat 9 online and that one guy who chooses Quan Chi? and gives you a super bad time? @Brovo knows this :3.

    Fighting Games are super good for doing cheap shots.
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