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  1. I'm still relatively new to doing commissioned art work, so my prices are a little lower than most accomplished artists on this forum.

    Regardless the reason, I'm here to do quick work and to be paid accordingly. I, however, won't compromise quality for speed.

    Things I will draw:
    Adult Content

    Things I will not draw:
    Backgrounds (I can use a single color fill or gradient if you don't want it to be transparent when getting CG, but I'm not good at elaborate backgrounds)
    (Perhaps more to come if I'm asked or think of it later)

    Single Character:
    Sketch $2
    Line Art: $4
    CG $7

    (Poses may change the price, we will discuss it over PM)
    Sketch $5
    Line Art $7
    CG $10

    (3 characters)
    Sketch $7
    Lineart $10
    CG $15
    Additional Character:
    +$2 sketch per
    +$3 Lineart per
    +$5 CG per

    (one pose/3 expressions)

    Additional expression:
    +$2 per

    Additional Pose:
    +$5 per

    Additional outfit:
    +$5 per

    (Will PM Adult Content Samples if you're interested)




    My Gallery

    Added a 2 for 1 special for the first 3 paid orders. c:
    Another of any same or lesser value as your commission. (Ex. Buy a CG Person and get a second one free, buy a couple sketch get another or a single sketch free, etc Any combonation so long as it's less or equal value.)
    4. -pending-
    5. -pending-

    Free Slots:
    (Accepted on inspiration and motivation/time. You may get a sketch/lineart/CG/or even possibly any combo of a Chibi)

    More Samples:
    My Gallery
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  2. Moved you to the character portrait studio, Lovely work, I can't wait to see more ^_^
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  3. Oh thank you! I didn't realize I put it in the wrong place. >w<
  4. No worries! This forum is specially made for our artist whom wish to work in character portraits. Good luck and thank you for supporting the Art community on Iwaku, It's a pleasure to have you with us <3
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  5. Thank you >w<

    I'm on hiatus from RPing atm, but I used to RP here often.

    I hope I'm received well here.

    I'm also looking honest constructive criticism.
  6. If you would like my Constructive criticism, I think your subjects are wonderful and unique in style, I would practice on your landscaping and background to give your subject depth.

    I absolutely am obsessed with sailor moon and love your renditions!

    Landscaping can be scary and overwhelming but trust me, with enough practice and determination you will find that it is totally worth the blood, sweat, and tears you'll put into it.

    How? that is up to you, you have to feel your way around your own work and see how incorporating a background works best for you.

    Besides that, just keep doing it, if you don't use it you lose it!
  7. PM or Email me with your request to keep the thread clean.


    Please don't request here to keep the thread clean.
    I will post finished art though.
    Critique is fine.
  8. Any paid art is yours to use as you wish. Please give me credit, even if you change the image in any way.
    Do not resell my art.
    Do not claim my art as your own. You own the piece, but you are not it's creator.
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