Cheap Chibi Commissions! (Only $4-5!) PAYPAL ONLY!

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  1. Alright. Lookin' to get some spending money. The holiday season is coming up and I have a ridiculous list of people to get gifts for, and so, I need some money to put towards that. Sound good? Thought so. Anyway ---

    So what do they look like?

    Probably something along these lines.

    $5 for 1
    $4 for more than one.
    (If you purchase 3, for example, they'll all only be 4 dollars.)

    Special arragements can be made if purchasing copious amounts. (Such as 5 of them for...idk, $18)

    How I do things:

    1. So basically, how this goes is I'll do your sketch, send you a picture of it. If you don't respond in two days, I move on to prioritize someone else. If you want something changed at the sketch stage, please let me know then. I will not make any major changes beyond that point.

    2. If you do reply, I'll continue immediately into the line art. I'll send you a picture of the line art. Only minor changes are allowed. If you need me to completely redo something, I'll have to ask for an extra dollar as fee.

    3. I will after, send an image in small resolution of the flat-colours. If you approve, at that point, I will request for payment. If I am not paid within 2 days, I prioritize someone else until I am given payment. When payment is recieved I will continue and finish the image, and send you the full resolution via Email, Skype, Iwaku, or whatever it is you prefer.

    What I need from you:

    What I need from you is a description with what you want in it, and how the character looks. If you don't want to write a detailed description, then a visual reference is required. What I need, indefinitely, referenced or not, is information on expression or pose that you want, that is all~
    Patience is key. I will do it as fast as I am able. If you really need it for something or a gift, then please inform me, and I'll try to get yours done sooner, but keep in mind, first come, first served.

    Please contact me through PM's on here for further details, or if you had a prefered way of contact (I.E E-mail, Skype, Deviantart Notes....etc.)