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  1. ((Recently changed my name from ChaoticPeace to BlossomStars oops))

    Hello fellow Iwaku bros. I'm glad you clicked on my thread. I'll edit it periodically so if you don't see anything now feel free to check back later~

    Apologies for the lack of pretty. I'm lazy in search threads, but not in roleplays!

    Right now I'm interested in:
    ○ Fandoms with use of canon characters.

    ○ CharacterxOC romance

    ○ Romantic original plots


    Please be respectful and polite! I promise I will do the same~ If we have any issues we can talk it out.

    No one liners. I'm not super strict with length and will generally match my partner but I very strongly prefer at least one solid paragraph. I can do multi-para as well if my partner desires. But less than five lines or so and I'll probably have to quit.

    MxF only! That's all I'm comfortable with.

    No explicit sexual content. Some mature themes like violence, gore, dark subject matter and drug use are fine but I will not write sex scenes. Fading to black is fine if it comes up, however.

    Romance, even if as a side plot. I love to have a lot going on but I'll probably want at least one romantic pairings.

    Open Options

    Doubling. I love to double, so doubling is coolio with me.

    ○ PMs or threads. I'm not picky

    AUs. I'm always up for a good AU so suggest away. Or we can talk one over together!


    Love triangles or multi-pairings. If a character has more than one love interest that's fine with me too. Drama is great. Unless it's a harem of some kind I don't want to do more than a love square, however.


    My love interests (that is, characters I would like paired against my OC) will be in the '{}'s. If there is more than one usually I will be able to play them for you if we double.

    ○ Haikyuu!! {Various}

    ○ Stardew Valley {Alex, Sam}

    ○ Life is Strange {Warren}

    ○ Fire Emblem: Awakening {Chrom, Various}

    ○ Fire Emblem: Fates {Various}

    ○ One Punch Man {Saitama, Genos, Sonic} (SUPER CRAVING)

    (Bolded muses are the one I wish to play)

    ○ My Lucky Charm:
    At least eighteen years prior to the setting of this roleplay the government ran a series of experiments on a willing selection of the population. While their experiments yielded no immediate results on the participants, their children were deeply affected. A very small amount of the next generation, the children of the participants, were born with a range of supernatural powers, with more strength, speed, stamina and durability than the average human on top of that. Unfortunately, it is extremely easy for these people to lose control of their abilities and, essentially, go on a murderous rampage with no control over their own actions. Muse A is one of these superhumans. The government found, however, that if the superhumans often attached themselves to a special thing and that allowed them to calm down and keep control of themselves. For most this would be an object. A rock, a charm, ect. Others would have special places or scenes. For Muse A, however, it is Muse B. Muse B is the only thing that can stop Muse A from rampaging and losing themselves. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) this means that Muse A and Muse B have to be together at all times.

    ○ Lovely Lies:
    Muse A had been in a loveless relationship with Muse C for about a year now, engaged for a political marriage. Though Muse C adores them, Muse A couldn't care less. Still, Muse A is fine with all this. They've never been interested in love anyways. That is, until Muse B comes into the picture. Muse A falls hard and fast for them and before they know it they've asked Muse B on a date and started a relationship with them! By the time they realize what they've done it's too late to prevent the damage. What will they do now? (I could play muse A and C for a more proper love triangle)

    Kingdom of Love [Romance, medieval, love triangle or harem]:
    Muse A
    has lived a fairly normal, small town life for many years. They work to support their family and don't have much, but they're happy none the less. Everything changes after a routine walk the king/queen is taking when they set their sights on Muse A. Falling instantly in love with them (or believing they have, anyway) they immediately send for Muse A to be brought to the castle, much to the shock of them and their family. In the days of their settling in they become well acquainted with the head of the butler and maid staff and romance soon blossoms between them as well. (Potential harem includes others falling for Muse A.) (Optional: The King/Queen is already married)

    A Princess' Pride [Romance, adventure]:
    Muse A
    is a sheltered princess who had been locked away behind the walls of the castle for many years. Though she has close servants to keep her company her curiosity is getting the best of her and she's growing antsy staying in the castle all the time. Eventually she decides that enough is enough. Confiding in her personal servant and the one who's secretly been in love with her for many years Muse B, Muse A decides to sneak away and leave the castle. Muse B tries to convince them otherwise but she is having none of it. Not wanting the princess to get hurt Muse B eventually decides to go along with her on her 'advnture.' (possible action and RPG themes)

    ○ Any soulmate AUs. (first spoken words on wrist, matching tattoos, dreaming through each other's eyes, ect.
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  2. Added some original plots I would love to to try~
  3. Added more and still looking!
  4. Woo. Especially looking for Fire Emblem Fates but interested in most everything still!
  5. Hiya! I would love to have a Haikyuu roleplay with you if it's fine. C":
  6. Hello! I like your original plots! I'd love to talk more and figure something out!
  7. Let's double up in Haikyuu?(:
  8. Added some more~
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