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  1. I can't get over the fact that when someone is interested in my roleplay and I'm all for starting a discussion with them, their "true" writing skills and/or levels come out. I mean, yes you see someone asking with a question mark if something in particular is open or someone says they're interested in doing a particular pairing with you and have an exclamation point on the end because they're excited, but what about after that? I have to say, it turns me down that when people do have correct grammar and spelling on your request thread, they dumb down interest by showing what they really type like while you're discussing some ideas and/or plots with them.

    It's abhorring to me, people sort of "switching" it up and because I'm a grammar nazi, I can't stand it when that happens. If they can't apply proper writing skills in simply chatting, who's to say they will or won't do the same thing during roleplay? I understand your lol, but really, if I see improper grammar and spelling and text lingo and everything unproper on the webpage in front of me, I won't look forward to roleplaying with you if that's the way you always talk while chatting online. Thus, I believe it is VERY IMPORTANT to use proper grammar and spelling to the best of your ability wherever you are, ESPECIALLY if you plan to roleplay with someone. Otherwise, I think chances can be lowered for these people, depending on circumstances and how much their partner and/or a person who wants to roleplay with them cares about proper grammar and spelling.
  2. I both agree with this and disagree with this! O__O

    First impressions are really important. And when I see people with shoddy typing, or blatantly baaaaaad sentence structure, I don't form a very good opinion about their writing skills. Even though it IS just the chatting and plotting, it's important to make sure people can read what you're saying and understand you. I've always thought it was really disrespectful when people don't take the time to AT LEAST use punctuation and capital letters. When you're in a rush to type, I can see spelling slip through and typos happening, but that punctuation makes a huge difference and it's the easiest thing to do. D: Even in a community that is accepting and helpful, you've got to make an effort.

    On the other hand, if you completely write someone off by their typing skills and bad grammar, you could be missing out on an amazing partner. I have SEVERAL people whom at a first glance I assumed were going to be awful and boring writers because their typing skills really sucked ass. O_O Terrible spelling, bad typos, the whole works. But they ended up being incredibly fun, dynamic roleplayers that fit my playing style and interests. After awhile, their writing skills got better, and I got to enjoy some really cool roleplays that I otherwise would have missed out had I dismissed them.

    So I think it's really important to have standards and help people improve their writing, but to also give people a chance despite that first impression. Cause for every unimaginative crappy writer you end up with, there's also some diamonds waiting for someone to help them learn!
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  3. I think context and relationship is important in this kinda thing (Hell, just ask @CarnivorousDistaste about me and my typing changes over the past few months XD), since over time people will of course relax and joke around with you more and more. However, I do agree that someone who starts off with terrible grammar and spelling can be hard to get excited about as a partner or member to a group. I always do give them a chance, but it is indeed hard to get over such behaviors when it starts off on that foot.
  4. I usually give it a shot, then tell people to step up their damn game if they don't f7 their sheets and IC posts. I guess it's different for 1x1, but in group RP's people are replaceable. So I give everyone a fair chance to prove their selves. If they're not up to it, I'll just work with the other players I got. If they are on the other hand, I've not risked excluding them.
  5. I have to point out a few grammatical errors in your post. You incorrectly used a phrase, used an incorrect variant of 'abhor', and an improper spelling of... well, improper.

    The phrase you were looking for is 'turns me off', the correct variant and context for abhor would be 'I find it abhorrent/it is abhorrent to me', since the verb 'abhorring' doesn't parse well with how you used it there, or rather it wouldn't actually parse how you really meant it.

    That aside, totally on the same page with you.
  6. Um, okay. Thank you for pointing that out...