ChatRP Schedule - November!

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Here is the chat rp schedule for November. You'll notice that I don't have any TIMES listed. You can go and chat RP at ANY time of the day, just grab who is online and go. But, I will be online in the afternoons after 5pm Central time to help pull together groups then if people need it!

Don't forget to continue voting in the poll and adding your Quickie Plotline suggestions. If chat rp nights are successful, we can continue to do this in upcoming months. <3

Plots and themes might be subject to change!
You never know when all the people online would jut prefer to play something else. We'll be trying to stick to schedule as much as possible.

- Monday Nov 2st: Space Saga SciFi :scific:
An Independent Space Station is being bought out by a Local Planet's government, who intends to use the people on board for super-secret "social experiment". Stop the experiment from starting or inform the people.

- Wednesday Nov 4rd: Fantasy Magical :fantasyc:
Wizards seem to think they are all that and a bag of chips. A specific group of wizards have overthrown the local King and are now enforcing their rules on the lands! Wizards = awesome and normal people = slaves. Stop those wizards!

- Saturday Nov 7th: Modern Realistic :modernc:
A group Archeologists have discovered a goldmine of artifacts in South America. But when a bunch of crimelords find out, they intend to take the site for themselves!

- Monday Nov 9th: Modern Supernatural :modernc:
The village of Tardos in Hungary is a nice quaint little tourist town. But the past week "SOMETHING" is terrorizing people. Someone should do something about that without letting those innocent people know what's going on.

- Wednesday Nov 11th: Fantasy Magical :fantasyc:
The new local wizard is a complete dumbass. He accidentally has summoned up several demons that are now raging through Town Square. Slay the demons before the demons slay everyone else!

- Saturday Nov 14th: Fantasy Realistic :fantasyc:
Warriors have been contracted to destroy a pack of werewolves in a world where magic does not exist.

- Monday Nov 16th: Historical Fantasy :miscc:
On board a "Pirates of the Carribean" style ship, you're seeking a medallion that is foretold to lead you to the greatest treasure of all time! And you have to get it before your rivals do!

- Wednesday Nov 18th: Space Saga SciFi :scific:
Working for a popular shipping company, you and the crew have a "mostly" honest job. But then you find out you're shipping something unusual and very valuable to an infamous crew of Space Pirates...

- Saturday Nov 21st: Modern Supernatural :modernc:
You're on a cruise ship for a trip the Dragon Triangle, a place much like the Bermuda Triangle, but located off the Japanese coast. When you pass through the borders WEIRD things happen! ancient pirates invading the ship!

- Monday Nov 23rd: Modern Supernatural Thriller :modernc:
At the Redbrook Bed and Breakfast, the popular tourist attraction is said to be haunted. But once you check in... you never check out.

- Wednesday Nov 25th: Modern Super Hero :miscc:
Just another night at the local pub, appropriately named SUPERBAR. There all the Super Heroes, Sidekicks and Villains chill out for the evening for a beer and a chat.

- Saturday Nov 28th: Modern Mystery :modernc:
A local Frat House is having a huge party, but when someone ends up dead and then another... chaos!
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