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  1. Hey, i'm new to Iwaku (Like, I joined earlier today) so I might not be up-to-date with all the ways that the website works but when I tried to enter YoungPunks Chatroom this came up:

    hey! no hacking! you have been warned.

    hacker! login is not a valid action.
    If you recieved this error when performing a normal action (IE: posting a message, loggingin, or logging out)
    then please contact the webmaster./

    Could anyone possibly tell me what this means? I sincerely apologize if this glitch/bug has already been reported or something >.>
  2. Typically the chats only allow alphanumerics. Additionally, it may not recognize unique characters like your user name seems to contain and think you are trying something funny. If you just use the normal font with your name it should be okay.
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  3. My understanding is that this isn't as scary as the message makes it out to be. Generally it's just a couple of clicks too fast or your computer's connection with the server blipping out and in real quick that throws a flag.

    Previous reports are typically met with "Don't worry about it," so unless staff says otherwise, I guess it's best just to not worry. :3

    As to Pete's suggestion, I believe the chatbox just trims non-alphanumerics. I've seen people log in with blank names as a result, so I don't think there's any hack warning trigger from that. :o
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  4. Thanks for your ideas, I'm just confused with how to change the numerals for my username, is there a way to change my username? I recall when signing up that it said I couldn't change my name.. And I'll go try again, I only tried once then freaked out, maybe it's just my computer.

    Edit: I tried a few times, it isn't my computer.
  5. You can change your name here whenever you'd like. :3

    Perhaps the server is failing to properly read your username for age-group verification. That would be outside of the scope of the chatbox, and be more @Diana's jurisdiction, I think.
  6. This usually appears after you have already logged in, and it's from a mysterious combination of accidental key hitting on the keyboard. O__O We dunno which keys, but it's harmless and you don't need to worry about it.

    If it happened when logging in to the chat, then yeah it was prolly from special characters in the login name.

    The special characters in your forum account name is not a problem for the forum system (and will not related to he chat room!) but they will be tricky for members if they ever wanna tag you in a post or look you up. O_O Sammy linked the change username thing!
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