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    Apparently one of my friends said I would make a pretty good bartender and since I used to do it all the time on another roleplay site, I decided to go ahead and try it hear, it's basically a thread where you rant about the good, the bad, the annoying things about your day. basically getting rid of your stress without hurting your rps.​
  2. This probably belongs in the Consueling section honestly.
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  3. good point, I'm actually going to enjoy this, me and my friend have been doing this for years, it helps people as well as myself get there problems out.
  4. Moved 'er for ya.

    Good luck.
  5. Thanks.
  6. I don't drink, but guess smoking is allowed.

    Our money situation suuuucks. No matter what we seem to cut off bills our extra income never seems to build up in savings. Each time I pay off the credit card we spend it on necessities like gas or grocery.

    Curved my own spending on little things. Don't hit the sandwich shop anymore, no more cheap steam games, don't need those bargain bin games or Amazon sales anymore.. Trying to do the same with my wife. But if getting her something will make her smile I do it. Always feel disappointed when she talks about going up a few cities to see a concert or an event. We just never have the money and it eats at me for it since I'm the one who handles the budget. We're even working weekends for extra money.

    Don't let me start on worrying about my health and weight.

    Can I have a coke now?
  7. *laughs and shakes head, sliding a coke across the counter*

    Oh boy, if I haven't heard that story multiple times then I wouldn't even start this, money situations are common now a days, more because of a reason of the government needing to get off there ass off there gold plated thrones and do something about it. weight and health..bah. once something happens it doesn't change.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.