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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Grumpy, Apr 20, 2010.


So, what game do you all want to play?

  1. Exalted

    2 vote(s)
  2. Changeling

    0 vote(s)
  3. Hunter

    2 vote(s)
  4. Serenity

    6 vote(s)
  1. Right chums, Chat RPs.

    In the old CBox, we never really got many running, despite having several channels dedicated to them. Now, we've got a whole sub-forum dedicated to them, and I can't help but see the potential for games like D&D and WoD to be run in the CBox.

    But hell, there's no point just diving in without really planning this much (...which I kinda already have, yeah), so here's a poll.

    What do you guys fancy playing?

    EXALTED: A fantasy game made by White-Wolf, Exalted takes a very different approach to fantasy than any Wizards of the Coast game would. In it, you take the role of one of the Exalted, the Chosen of the Gods. To put it simply, you are badass incarnate; even as a starting level character, you are capable of taking on whole fucking armies whilst realistically expecting to win. In short, expect epic battles, campaigns and stories. You're the chosen of the Gods, after all. Would you expect anything less?

    CHANGELING: Another White-Wolf game, this one using the World of Darkness system, in which you take the role of a recent escapee of Arcadia, the land of the True Fae. Having been kidnapped, taken there and subjected to slavery or servitude or worse, you return to find yourself changed, taking on many of the aspects of your captors. Forming 'courts' with your fellow escapees, or Changelings as you call yourselves, you attempt to eke out an existence in a world of terrifying magic and with monsters lurking in the shadows.

    HUNTER: Yet another White-Wolf game (yes, I know, but they're sooooo awesome), in Hunter you take the role of an ordinary human being who, through tragic circumstances or what-have-you, has become aware that monsters exist, and feed upon human society. And you and your friends, or cell-mates, have decided to seek a rather permanent solution to this monster problem, dragging vampires out into the sun, pumping silver bullets through werewolves, burning down haunted houses. You're like the Mystery Gang, basically. But with guns.

    SERENITY: Finally a game not made by White-Wolf. If you've seen Firefly or Serenity (or both), then this needs little explanation. For those of you who haven't, let me sum it up nicely. SPACE COWBOYS. Let me repeat that, just to emphasize it. MOTHERFUCKING SPACE COWBOYS. You take control of a crew-member of a ship, eking out an existence in the depths of space, doing odd-jobs, smuggling runs and worse to stay in the air.

    So L's and G's, what are we after? I leave the choice entirely up to you, but let's get some Chat RPs going, guys. 'Cos seriously, they're a whole lot of fun.
  2. D:

    Fantasy? WHAT AM I? AN ELF!?

  3. There's a reason my online gaming name is Space Cowboy.
  4. WEEEEEEEEE! SPAAAAAAAACEEEEEEEEEEEE BOW CHIKA BOW WOW .....I mean...eh-hem.... I agree. -will be lurking or trying to participate if serenity is chosen- O__e
  6. And the results so far show a 'GIVE US SPACE-COWBOYS NOW, BITCH' majority.

    Thank fuck; Exalted scares me.
  7. I think it's safe to say, we did well.
  8. Exalted is for the DnD'ers that want World of Darkness action.

    I'm more partial to Hunter and Changeling myself...good systems, wide basis for rp...I'm running quite the number of campaigns currently.

    A serenity roleplay should be interesting though...I think I bought the book on that...somewhere.
  9. I'm running a Hunter campaign just now as well, actually. It's probably my favourite of the WoD books, alongside Changeling. Been meaning to try Werewolf, though. That does look kinda fun.

    One vote for Exalted and Hunter now, but they're gonna need some serious catching up if they hope to beat Serenity.
  10. *sees the mod-like glow coming off of Grumpy*

    Serenity is cool. But don't expect me to know stuff.
  11. Hey, there's always Wikis, man. And I don't demand as a pre-requisite to joining the game that you be able to list the name of every Outer Planet in the 'Verse.

    Plus, it's not a difficult Universe to understand or get into. Another thing that added to the show; it's very much based on historical events. Just... in space.
  12. Mechanically, that might be right.

    I'm not a D&Der though.

    Thematically there are SO many different ways to run Exalted. RPGnet used to have threads discussing/arguing about just how to/you can run Exalted at least twice a week at some point.

    What is Exalted?

    I'm used to playing it as a bit of an otherwise serious fantasy pseudo-period drama where magic and stylish esoteric kung fu really exist as simple fact, but I'm interested in playing other takes on it.

    I don't expect Exalted to win at all. I was just voting honestly. ;)

    I'd do Serenity, but I have big gaps in my knowledge of the series.

    Cool enough.

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  13. Guys, I'm seriously considering running a low-level, high-risk (I'm not going to avoid killing off characters if they're out of fate points) Dark Heresy campaign in the old chats. (Particularly the one for Asmo's Greed/Paorou's Ambition.)

    http://space-kitten.org/iwaku/chats/ag.html <-Where we'll play.
    http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/dhroller.html <- How to generate characters. (Even guys who haven't read the rules can get a general idea of how their characters will turn out.)

    Reply if interested, and post when you can play (schedules and stuff.) I'll make an OOC if I get enough people who match my timeframe.
  14. I'm still wet behind the ears at table-top, but I'd LOVE to give either game a try, honestly.

    I love Serenity/Firefly. I know there's a RPG rulebook out there. I'll try to, ahem... get my hands on it.

    Dark Heresy, well... love me some 40k. Count me in, Paorou!

    For either game, I'm free any time, truth be told. Still suckling off on the government teet.

    I do really want an excuse to use the files I have lying around my hard drive. I'm kinda busy this week, but it would be AWESOME to get some Lunars/Infernals all up in this thing. (or, if you want to keep it simple, Solars of asskicking)

    mmm, bonuses for being a Bond Villain..
  16. So I got a chance to look at the Serenity RPG book...

    ... and I really, really like it. The system emphasizes more on role-play than mechanics and numbers, and I really enjoy that. And it seems to lend itself more to a CRPG, with less 'dicey' interruptions.
  17. Paorou, I'd definitely be up for a high-risk Dark Heresy game. That system seems to lend itself nicely to killing low-level characters off in various awesomely brutal ways.

    And thanks Coffee for the Exalted link. It's always good to read other people's thoughts on the system. If I was going to run it, we'd be doing it epic heroes-style and not animu-style, I reckons.

    But anyways, seems the votes state that people want themselves some SPACE COWBOYS, and so SPACE COWBOYS it shall be. I'll get the OOC Thread posted soon.


  18. [​IMG]

    It had been three whole days now since she'd seen Lyre...he was handsome, mischievous....and that was really about it. But that was all she needed, a devilishly good looking man to get into some trouble with was all she had wanted - then her father had to ruin everything and pay him to get out of town. She thought about the events that unfolded and scowled even before she opened her eyes that morning. She was in a bad mood, and she had been ever since Lyre left town. Even Nicholas, her older brother, couldn't cheer her up - and even when he ruined her fun he could make her laugh about it. She opened her eyes and looked at the thick, red curtains that hung in a canopy above her bed, everything in her room was red and gold, her favorite colors - and the colors of her family, so it worked out. She rolled over and let her hand flop out of bed, blindly reaching under the mattress now, trying to find the bottle of whiskey she had hidden there a while ago. She needed a little more alcohol lately to get out of bed, but even that didn't help her sour mood.
    She found the bottle she was looking for and pulled it out, uncorking it and taking a swig before closing it up again and putting back under her mattress. She was determined to rebel in whatever way possible - drinking before breakfast was a good one.
    She got dressed and made her way downstairs to the breakfast table where her brother sat, already eating some bread and butter. She glared around the room as she took a seat.

    Father isn't here." Nicholas said, not even looking up from his book. She sighed and took some bread and an apple, putting it on her plate. What good was glaring if he wouldn't be around to see her glare.
    Nicholas looked up at her as she began to eat,"
    You know today we start packing for the Fall Festival in Sanlow." He said,"Or well, the servants start packing for us." He corrected himself with a shrug. Chrysia lit up,"The Festival?! Really?!" She asked him, lighting up with joy suddenly. He nodded,"As much as I hate it, there will be all kinds of trouble for you to get into there." He said with a small grin, trying to cheer up his sister. While she had been going out and gambling a lot lately, she hadn't been causing nearly as much of her usual mischief as he was used to. She rolled her eyes,"I won't get into any trouble." She said shaking her head. "I've got to go pack!" She said, getting up and taking her breakfast with her, running out the door. "The servants will do that for you!" He called back to her,"THEY WON'T PACK ANY FUN CLOTHES!" She yelled back, almost angrily.

    Three days later......

    "Ulgghhh...Are we almost there?!" Chrysia asked for about the millionth time, this trip had never gone peacefully for the family. It was a two whole days journey get to Sanlow from the families estate back in Grimmore. Luckily for Chrysia their estate was located within a large city, so she typically had plenty to do, but on the carriage ride, she and Nicholas had run through all of their card games in the first few hours and Chrysia wasn't interested in any of the books she had packed to read. The country land they were passing didn't exactly provide her with too much stimulation either.
    Her father and her mother glared at each other. then her mother, a beautiful blonde haired elven woman perked up as she looked out of the carriage,"
    YES!" She said happily. "What? Really?" Chrysia asked, looking out of the carriage. And to her amazement they were only about thirty minuets outside of the town, most of the tents were already set up and with today being the first day of the festival, a lot of people had already started arriving.
    The De Sorcelle family would have a tent set up where, at certain times, the family would be available for the public to meet should they care to, and one night the Sorcelle's would be hosting a fabulous feast with dancing. However they also had luxurious tents for their accommodations set up as well that connected to their Entertaining tent, it was a mansion of tents really.

    The caravan paraded into town, with guards, servants, and carriages with their things, even though it was a short festival, the family had a reputation to uphold. Workers had been sent to the festival ahead of time to set up their tents so all they had to do was pull up and get inside. Of course as soon as the carriage stopped outside the tent Chrysia grabbed her backpack and jumped out, pulling her cloak's hood up over her head and starting to leave her family to explore the festival. That's when she felt a heavy hand on her shoulder, she glanced behind her to see her father giving her a stern look. "Be back soon. We will be opening the tent for people to meet the Sorcelle's by nightfall and we will want them to meet you." He said in a serious voice. He had dark hair and golden eyes with broad shoulders, he was a tall, intimidating man with a strong jaw, and he had high hopes for his troublesome daughter. She rolled her eyes,"Okay father. I'll be there." She said and tore free from his grasp, disappearing into the crowd.

    Chrysia wore something similar to Bard attire, a fiery red, strapless top that was rimmed with gold and had beads hanging from it across her stomach and her shoulders. She also wore a matching skirt that had a gold belt, half the skirt hung down to the ground in front of her, leaving the sides of her thighs revealed, and the other half of the skirt fell to the ground behind her, the two half's of the skirt were connected by gold beads as well. She wore a a belt made up of gold medallions with small blood garnets on the center of each one with her family crest on each medallion as well, she had gold bracers on her wrists with elaborate designs on them that resembled fire, and finally she had gold beads sewn through her hair which was a stark contrast to her dark, raven black silky locks. On top of all of that though she wore a dark black cloak, and under all of it she hid several daggers for self protection, some possibly hidden in her thigh high black leather boots with buckles up and down them.

    As she made her way through the festival she first found a gold necklace with red jewels on it, and of course he bought it, it went perfectly with everything she owned. It was relatively expensive, but it wasn't that much for her and her allowance, of course she stayed quiet a she made hr purchase and stashed it in her backpack afterwards, not wanting to draw attention to the fact she had money. She then made her way through the festival again, she passed a Ratoaken who was a Priest of Light, she didn't have a problem with his race, but she was annoyed by the Church of Light slightly, so she pushed on, pulling her cloak's hood down.

    She glanced up as she passed by fire dancers, they were dazzling, but then she saw what she was looking for - the Tavern. Gambling and Drinking were two dear friends calling her name. She made her way inside to the bar and made her way next to a man drinking an ale, he seemed in a foul mood. She pulled her hood back, revealing her fair skin, bright golden eyes, and dark hair - she smelled of exotic spices and flowers, a seemingly expensive perfume - and she put some coins down for the bar tender. "
    I'll take an ale." She said calmly. The bartender took her coins and gave her the drink and she turned around, taking a sip. She looked at the man next to her. "How are the tables today?" She asked him, referring to the card tables in the Tavern. She looked out across the floor, trying to size up the games and which one she would get in on next. She had a little bit of money on her, and while she could use her illusions to cheat, she was hoping she could use her skill to play today.

  19. Does anyone match your timeframe?

    I can play on Saturdays after 6 GMT and Sundays after 2 GMT.
  20. Alright, I'll put up an OOC in a bit. Saturdays... GMT... so saturday nights in my region. =_=

    We'll see.