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In a general fantasy setting, an evil lich summons an adventuring group of typical fantasy game enemies(Goblins, Orcs, Ogres, Kobolds, Skeletons, Drow... whatever you think is fitting) and gives them a bunch of equipment and unidentified magical artifacts generously 'donated' by other adventuring parties and sends them on a mission to travel through a pleasant forest to the castle of the noble Duke and kill him.

So this would be a mix of humor and adventure. The adventure of trying to get to the Duke's castle and find some way to kill him, and the humor of a bunch of monsters trying to do this all with very little planning and then trying to identify the magical objects 'donated' to them.

So does anyone think this might be fun? If you're interested, please post when the best time for you to be in a Chat RP is(In GMT or the US time zones if applicable) so I can try to plan when the best time is. I've never tried to run a Chat RP before, so I also need to ask for patience. Still, anyone interested?
My timezone is +8GMT.