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  1. So I'm usually SUPER bored like all day, so I have a chat RP idea. I usually don't do chat RPs, but I'd rather not refresh my screen 20 times in five minutes waiting for someone to respond, so why not try the instant way?

    So here's my idea

    Your character and my character have been dating for a while (maybe even married, doesn't really matter) but the relationship has gone dry because you're sweet and loving and kind and gentle and lately I just want something more... rough. New. Different. Basically, you're strictly missionary and I want to be picked up, pinned to a wall, bitten and made to scream. Ya know, that kind of stuff. So one night you decide that you want to surprise me by trying something like that out and it turns out you like it.

    Or, you know, we can talk about other plots or ideas if you want.

    -Info about my post style-
    ~~I prefer to RP in third person past-tense (EX: he did, she felt, it hurt, they loved it)
    ~~I don't care how much you post as long as you give me something to work with.
    +THAT BEING SAID I am not good at novel-length posts. It will take me FOREVER to try to get my post that long and in the end I'll get frustrated and stop enjoying the story.
    +THAT ALSO BEING SAID I will try not to post super short posts unless your posts are super short.
    ~~We can set up a CS and talk about details in PM, that's fine by me. Obviously we would need to sync times we would be on so we could actually do the RP anyhow.
    ~~Please no over-the-top stuff. I'm not into making my character have outrageous physical assets (no gigantic tits)
    +THAT BEING SAID if you'd like to add some fantasy details or something, that's fine. Like I said, details can be discussed.
  2. I'm interested in your chat rp idea, I've been looking for a new Roleplay for a few days, or at least thinking about finding another one
  3. I'm interested. You're one time zone behind me, but I'm always on, especially at nights, so timing wouldn't be an issue. PM?
  4. OK. I'm going to do something Wierd. But,

    -Begins flailing arm around like a kid in 4th grade who has the answer to a very difficult question- Piick meeee!!! I'm really interested in this!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.