Chat Roleplay Night: Day/Time Poll

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What day of the week is best for you to chat roleplay?

  1. Monday

  2. Tuesday

  3. Wednesday

  4. Thursday

  5. Friday

  6. Saturday

  7. Sunday

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I am an avid chat roleplayer, and our Cbox is DESIGNED with extra rooms so people can chat roleplay. But no one is taking advantage of this. I don't think they know they can! c____c

    If you want to try Chat Roleplaying, which days and times are best for you?

    If we have enough people interested in chat roleplaying, I am going to setup regular ChatRP nights on the Calendar! So please vote on which days are best for you, and then in your post tell me what times.

    P.S> You can chat roleplay any damn time you want, you don't need permission or an official date. >:D You can always kidnap a friend.
  2. Tyler Haak
    Tyler opened her eyes when she heard someone approach. Why couldn’t they just leave her alone while she healed? Her gaze landed on Alkura who was thankfully up and moving. Hopefully, that meant that she was healing. But Tyler’s attention wasn’t focusing on that, her eyes instead locked on Alkura’s. “Your eyes are the same as theirs.” The words were quiet, and no one other than Alkura would be close enough to hear her. She shook her head at Alkura’s question. “I’m fine. Just waiting.” She wouldn’t say it, but she was glad that the young girl was at least up. The sound of footsteps caught her attention next and Otto ascended the basement stairs. She watched him, expecting some words, a summary of what information he had obtained, but instead he moved to a cabinet and came back with a syringe. Her eyes widened and as he approached she scooted away. She hated needles and her heart was already racing just from seeing it. “I don’t need anything, I’m fine.” But it was too late. Otto injected her and she blinked as the Morphine flowed. In only a few seconds the rush reached her head and her cheeks actually flushed with red.

    Morphine always made her really high and she hated it almost as much as she hated needles, just for a different reason. It made her itchy all over and she pretty much zone out for everything if she didn’t fall asleep almost immediately. Why wouldn’t they just let her heal on her own? By the time she was picked up, she was high as a kite and didn’t even protest. She curled up on the couch, trying desperately to stay awake and listen to what Otto was saying. Sure, she might not remember it later, but it was important. Her input was probably terrible since she was stoned on morphine and about to fall asleep, but she muttered “Canada” and then “stowaway on a boat” as her advice before falling asleep. By the time she was asleep the wound had pretty much finished healing, but now her body was trying to burn the Morphine off.
  3. I'm open usually whenever but I voted Saturday because usually it is my most open day. And even if I do something it is in the morning and not in the evening.
  4. I like chat roleplay. I'm better at it than play-by-post.

    In order of ease:


    Otherwise, it's case-by-case. Just pm me real quick whenever you do. Never know when I might stumble across free time.
  5. Those are the best for me at the moment. Usually never busy during such days.

  6. It depends on my work schedule. But you'll rarely see me on Iwaku at night. Looooooooong story.
  7. I'm mostly free on Monday and Wednesday nights, but as a lot of cbox-ers know, I'm usually up pretty late most nights of the week.

    PS: I LOVE this kind of RPing. It's so spontaneous!
  8. I think the issue is that there are people at night who'd rather use the Cbox to chat then to RP, something we do in the day time. I know that I myself am one of those people.
  9. Only one problem with your logic there Chaos. The fact remains that the other cbox channels are empty during that time as well. So logically we could use a different channel. The chat itself will take place in the General aka default channel. So there is no problem with using the cbox.

    There got the dumb response out of the way.
  10. You know, I completely forgot about those. Guess that goes to show you how much they get used.
  11. Oh? I thought you mean the other way. Like people would rather chat with friends than chat roleplay. Then I would have given the response like heck it is with people they like right? So that's that I guess.
  12. Yes, yes, you forgot the Extra Cbox Channels that were added specifically for chat roleplaying without getting in the way of the chatters. XD
  13. That is what I meant. I was saying "Must we really discuss this? I want the Cbox for chatting, not RPing." Then I remembered that if you really do want to there were the other channels.
  14. monday to saterday, though might be distratced (a little thing called work)

    Sundays for sure, though I'm not likely to join if I don't have a date.
  15. I think dates would be a very good idea.
    And then, maybe sometimes, you could set up blind dates!
    Ohh, that would be fun.
    RPing with some random person. ^_^
  16. NICE ONE HARLEY! Diana would set up interesting couples too.........
  17. A chance for me to not overthink or overwrite anything I do?

    Something where I can't impose unified plot consistency?

    It's so deliciously evil I might just try it.
  18. Asmo's joining the sandbox.

    I bet he steals all our toys and hides them in the sand again.


    I dunno when I'll be able to join chatbox time is consistent only when homework is...which is never. So I'll sorta morph through a strange schedule from time to time...even so, interest is piqued.
  19. *Hides toys*
    Nuh uh.
    Asmos not getting mah toys.
  20. Im all for off the cuff spur of the moment rp's. Everything random no plot just messing around or full fantasy. I love it and well as for me Im here and there. If Im in the chat box Im kidnapable (that a word, Ill have to check) anyway MON-WED nights mostly random times during the day since my work and life are random and pull me away from stupid ass reason, but I do try to be on daily.
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