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Chat Roleplay Night: Day/Time Poll

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Diana, Oct 7, 2009.


What day of the week is best for you to chat roleplay?

  1. Monday

  2. Tuesday

  3. Wednesday

  4. Thursday

  5. Friday

  6. Saturday

  7. Sunday

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. "Did it occur to you that he was already in pain and that the fastest way to get over it is to adress it?"
  2. o_o
    Danana's scaring me.... T_T
  3. I'm open usually whenever but I voted Saturday because usually it is my most open day. And even if I do something it is in the morning and not in the evening.
  4. "He needs time."
  5. Those are the best for me at the moment. Usually never busy during such days.

  6. "Time to do what?"
  7. I'm mostly free on Monday and Wednesday nights, but as a lot of cbox-ers know, I'm usually up pretty late most nights of the week.

    PS: I LOVE this kind of RPing. It's so spontaneous!
  8. "He is more sensitive than he appears, then again, what the hell do you know about him?!" Harmony hiss angrily.
  9. Only one problem with your logic there Chaos. The fact remains that the other cbox channels are empty during that time as well. So logically we could use a different channel. The chat itself will take place in the General aka default channel. So there is no problem with using the cbox.

    There got the dumb response out of the way.
  10. "I know that he is depressed and uncertain of his relationship with Anya and so is trying to cling to everything he has, which is why this situation with Lyra is bothering him so much. Also, his favorite colors are red and silver."
  11. "Lyra went overboard. I will talk to both of them together." Harmony frown, "You don't know anything about me and my children."
  12. "Maybe, but knowing and understanding are two different things."
  13. "Maybe you should stop trying altogether. You're not helping anything in this relationship."
  14. "You are not helping. You're not helping him or me. Just because you love them doesn't mean you're the best thing for them."
  15. I think dates would be a very good idea.
    And then, maybe sometimes, you could set up blind dates!
    Ohh, that would be fun.
    RPing with some random person. ^_^
  16. NICE ONE HARLEY! Diana would set up interesting couples too.........
  17. A chance for me to not overthink or overwrite anything I do?

    Something where I can't impose unified plot consistency?

    It's so deliciously evil I might just try it.
  18. Great...now Asmo's joining the sandbox.

    I bet he steals all our toys and hides them in the sand again.


    I dunno when I'll be able to join chatbox rp...my time is consistent only when homework is...which is never. So I'll sorta morph through a strange schedule from time to time...even so, interest is piqued.
  19. *Hides toys*
    Nuh uh.
    Asmos not getting mah toys.
  20. Im all for off the cuff spur of the moment rp's. Everything random no plot just messing around or full fantasy. I love it and well as for me Im here and there. If Im in the chat box Im kidnapable (that a word, Ill have to check) anyway MON-WED nights mostly random times during the day since my work and life are random and pull me away from stupid ass reason, but I do try to be on daily.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.