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  1. So I am not sure if this bug has been reported or not, but it's something that happened to me today. I clicked on Chat to go to the Steambox and after some time skimming through the chatter going on, I was about to join and then got a white box saying i'm a hacker and to contact the WEBMASTER. I ended up not joining the chat and just moved on. However, I decided to make this topic just in case that "Hacker" message meant i'm in trouble or something.

    Explanation please =D
  2. FAQ: The question was not found.Woo! Testing my faq bbcode. >>

    But yes, this is just because a weird symbol got typed or a key got typed by accident and bounced out an error. Is nothing to worry about!
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  3. This happened to me when I first joined the CBox. The cause of mine was not using an sn when trying to log in. I refreshed and put my name in and everything was fine. No problems since then.
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