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  1. Welcome to 'Chasing White Rabbits'~!
    This is Alice's 'always up and running' one on one (and small group) roleplay search thread.
    All cravings, plot bunnies and over all abilities will be posted here (and group roleplays I am running~).
    I hope to have many fun roleplays~! So please take a look. [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Current craving(s); Fandoms~!
    [​IMG] Group RP(s) ran by Alice;
    [​IMG] Updates on thread;
    10 / 24 /13: Updated post added new groupl roleplay "Harem of the Duke" [​IMG]
    10 / 18 / 13: Alice made group roleplay interest check, check it out?
    10 / 16 / 13: Roleplays Alice is in added and pairing list edited/added to
    10 / 14 /13: Thread is made!
    Can and will do's
    [​IMG] Myself as a writer I can offer understandable grammar and spelling.
    [​IMG] I will play both males and females.
    [​IMG] I will do any kind of coupling; MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale.
    [​IMG] Post size is based on what you give me; I give back what I receive.
    [​IMG] Having a wide size of characters; I have played sweet little girls to chaotic killers. I have range.
    [​IMG] I can do any genre, but I love romance, fandoms, horror and fantasy (realism as well).

    Can not and will not do's
    [​IMG] Anything that goes against this site's rules or my morals.
    [​IMG] I will only roleplay in these forms, do not ask for my email or other contact information.
    [​IMG] I may love romances, but I need a plot (this goes for all genres).
    [​IMG] I don't do furies, sorry (animal like features and shifters don't apply here).


    Cravings and pairings

    Orginal ⇊​

    Prince/ss x Magic user
    Royalty x Servant
    Super hero x Sidekick[​IMG]
    Emperor[​IMG] x Gladiator [​IMG][​IMG]
    Online gamer x Online gamer [​IMG]
    Circus member[​IMG] x Person in audience [​IMG][​IMG]
    Magical girl x Magical girl [​IMG]

    'Twisted Tales' [​IMG]
    Peter Pan
    Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
    The Tales of OZ

    Fandom ⇊​
    'Kuroshitsuji(Black Butler)'[​IMG]
    Ciel x Sebastian
    Ran-Mao x Lau Tao
    Alois x Claude

    'DC & Marvel comics'
    Harley Quinn[​IMG] x Ivy (x Catwomen)
    Gambit x Rouge
    Harley Quinn x Joker
    'Samurai Warriors'
    Kunoichi[​IMG] x Hanzo (x Sanada)
    Hideyoshi x Nene
    Izaya[​IMG] x Shizuo
    Genderbent!Shizuo x Izaya
    Genderbent!Shizuo[​IMG] x Genderbent!Izaya
    Genderbent!Izaya x Shizuo
    Genderbent!Kida x Izaya (xShizuo)
    Kida x Izaya (x Shizuo)
    Erica x Walker[​IMG]
    Walker x Original Character
    Celty x Shinra[​IMG]

    'Heart no Kuni Alice(Alice in the Country of Hearts)'
    Alice x Peter White
    Dee x Alice x Dum
    Alice x Vivaldi
    'Lichei☆Hikari Club'
    Kanon x Hiroyuki 'Zera' Tsunekawa [​IMG]
    Norimizu 'Jaibo' Ameya x Hiroyuki 'Zera' Tsunekawa
    Raizou Ichihashi x anyone from the club

    'Uta no Prince-Sama'
    Nanami x Anyone from ST☆RISH
    Natsuki x Syo x Satsuki
    >>Any pairings really<<

    'Adventure Time'
    Princess Bubblegum[​IMG] x Marceline
    Fiona[​IMG] x Marshall Lee (x Prince Gumball)
    Prince Gumball[​IMG] x Marshall Lee
    Human!BMO[​IMG] x Human!Bubble "Air" [​IMG]
    Human!Peppermint Butler[​IMG] x Princess Bubblegum [​IMG][​IMG]
    Human!Peppermint Maid[​IMG] x Prince Gumball [​IMG][​IMG]

    'Code Geass'[​IMG]
    CC/LeLouche x Original Character [​IMG]
    C.C x LeLouche
    Kallen x LeLouche [​IMG]
    Rolo[​IMG] x LeLouche

    Rin x Len {(Servant of Evil, Trick or Treat, SPICE!)}
    Miku x Len {(SPICE!)}
    Miku x Kaito {(Cantarella, Crazy Clown, Cinderella and Romero, Judgement of Corruption)}
    Kaito x Len x Gakupo {(Lovelessxxx)}
    Gakupo x anyone {(Madness Of Duke Venomania)}
    'Brothers Conflict'
    Ema x Subaru
    Ema x Fūto
    Tsubaki[​IMG] x Azusa

    'Shin Megami Tensei'[​IMG]
    (P3) Male protagonist x Elizabeth
    (P3P) Female protagonist x Akihiko
    (P3P) Female protagonist x Theodore
    (P3P) Female protagonist x Male protagonist [​IMG]
    (P3P) Fe/male protagonist x Ryoji
    (P3P) Fe/male protagonist x Aigis
    (P4) Male protagonist x Anyone
    (P4) Yosuke x Teddie[​IMG][​IMG]

    'League of Legends' [​IMG][​IMG]
    >>Just ask about a coupling, there is too many to name.
    Original characters/summoners are fine as well.<<
    Peter Pan x Alice [​IMG]

    ❥ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    [​IMG]= Rough plot in mind (if the plot isn't listed in my 'plot bunnies', message me and I will tell you it)
    [​IMG]= Preferred role, but will do other role if talked to (maybe)
    [​IMG]= LETS DO, PLEASEEEE (Iwillloveyouforever)
    [​IMG]= I have one or more of this already, but I might take one more
    ×(someone)= I wouldn't mind a love triangle or this character can be paired up with this character instead


    Plot Bunnies

    'Fight for me'
    Pairing: Emperor x Gladiator
    Timeline: Ancient Rome
    Genres: Romance, Angst, Action
    Plot so far: An emperor of great Rome starts to notice a new gladiator of his. Treating his new warrior different from the rest, the emperor wants to fully claim the gladiator as his.
    Extra notes: This would be a male on male coupling, but you are welcome to try to get me to do a 'Royal lady x Gladiator'.

    'Not as it seems'
    Pairing: Online gamer x Online gamer
    Timeline: Present time period or close to.
    Genres: Romance, Fantasy, Action, Realistic
    Plot so far: (First plot) Two males, completely different, somehow end up as lovers. Both meeting on a MMORPG, they somehow tricked each other since both play females in game. It started off as a joke with them dating, then some how lead to them meeting in real life. What a shock it was when both lacked what they had in game.
    (Second plot) Not much thought in this one, technically this would be a heterosexual coupling. A male and female bond over multiple games, being friend for over six years. After promising and saving up they get to finally meet, but will this ruin their friendship? Would they ever had been friends if meet in real life?
    Extra notes; I would prefer the first plot, but I'm willing to do the second plot as well~.

    'Living Doll'
    Pairing: Circus member x Person in audience
    Timeline: Open for suggestions
    Genres: Romance, Angst, Horror
    Plot so far: A circus member from the new circus in town kidnaps a person from the audience. Many things don't make since and this circus worker seems mad! He talks about making a 'perfect doll', claiming his victim is the perfect match. Will the victim get away? Will they fall for this crazy stranger's charm?
    Extra notes: I already have a male character for the circus worker's part and most of the plot worked out. If you want to see the more detail plot ask me for it~.


    Roleplays Alice is in (or running)

    Running ⇊​

    Looking for interested players ;Status
    Modern time ;Timeline
    Horror, realism, angst, survival ;Genres
    A serial killer has kidnapped six people. Three males and three females; all in a range of different ages. Placing them in a special area, they are to be players to the killer's mind game. The game is simple, 'try to survive'. However everything has a catch... ;Plot and about game

    Looking for interested players and about to start ;Status
    Victorian era ;Timeline
    Horror, realism, romance, harem ;Genres
    A new Duke that came out of no where is popular at the parties. Often leaving with at least with one girl on his arm, the Duke seems to be able to charm any one. With the sudden appearance of this new Duke and women of all sorts of types have been vanishing all around the town; is it the duke?;Plot and about game
    Playing in

    Open and accepting ;Status
    Group roleplay ;Type
    Private ;Status
    One on one ;Type

    Private ;Status
    One on one ;Type
    Private ;Status
    One on one ;Type

    Thank you for reading this fully and I hope I can roleplay with you soon! [​IMG]
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  2. Hey there. :]
    I don't suppose you're familiar with/ a fan of Vampire Diaries, at all?

    Just though I'd ask, I can't seem to find anyone haha ​
  3. I think I have read a few chapters and seen a episode, but that is all.
    Sorry miss. :c

    I am knowledgeable about many other vampire fictions and subcultures; maybe I can still be of interest?
  4. I fancy the idea of a reincarnated vampire now being a human writer.
    It's very interesting and I have not seen nor hear anything like this before.
    It may not be the character from the show, but if you would have me, I would love to play as a vampire male for the human writer.
  5. You'd be my favorite.
    Part of my idea was that she was his maker; and he was entirely sired to him. In the show, it's this bond that's created when a human is in love with the vampire, before being turned, basically. It's unquestioned loyalty, I suppose.
    Now that she's human, if he turns her, she would be in turn sired to him. Eventually.
    But that was sort of part of it, that I don't believe I had mentioned.

    Do you have a sort of character in mind? I have mine all figured out. I also tend to write up character sheets, just to have something as reference, particularly if I'm doing more than one of a certain rp idea.

    Sorry if that's a lot of babbling. I tend to do that..
    Babbling Brooke.
  6. I find babbling cute!
    Plus, you gave me a lot of useful information, so I don't mind. c:

    As for a character in mind... Hm, I tend to scroll through images and get inspire by pictures if I don't use a premade character I already have made up.
    I'm unsure of looks at the moment (I'm conflicted), but I think I have a nice idea in my mind;

    I would like to play a gentleman with a kick. Someone who dresses sharply, but isn't afraid to get his clothes dirty.
    Perhaps a taunting fellow, who has a short temper when his things get played with?

    Does that sound like something that would work for you?
  7. Sounds quite a lot like the character of Damon haha. Sarcastic and rather uncaring about anything he isn't interested in.

    As for the girl, I don't want her to know that anything is true. She doesn't know she used to be this girl. They're all just dreams that she has turned into stories, and posted online somewhere that turned out to be a hit. Until someone found out she was writing about things that she couldn't possibly know, and he caught wind of it.

    I'm entirely just rambling about my idea; don't feel too inclined to stick right with it. :]
  8. Oh, well goodie!
    I'm glad that we can have your pairing you had in mind almost all there, hehe~.

    Hm, I think that sounds nice.
    Maybe she could have visions later on?
    (Just throwing in random bits, so don't feel like we have to use anything I bring up. This is your plot and idea after all. c: )

    Would this be taking place in modern time?
  9. That sounds perfect, actually. I had in mind that she would dream of things they used to do, and when he shows up, he either tries to convince her it's real and that she is the girl she's been dreaming of, or that he sort of is just there for her, and she eventually puts it all together.

    Modern, yes. I had in mind, maybe the same sort of town as the show. Small, close community. The Founding Families of the town pretty well run the place. They do all the fund raisers, parties, etc.
  10. I like the idea of a small town, makes more trouble and rise of plot twists. c:

    Another question;
    What are the age groups you have in mind?

    I'm thinking the vampire male would be, (of appearance) late twenties? Maybe early thirties?
  11. That's pretty much what I was thinking. I want the girl to be about 18, simply because when she would have been made a vampire, I had imagined it to have been at a younger age, so she'll look the same in that regard. Plus 18-20/30 isn't too odd of an age gap, so I like to think it works.
  12. Sorry for a late reply, I have been feeling unwell. :c

    Also, hmm, I might make him mid twenties then, since she is so young, is that alright?
    I feel a little odd making a thirty year old looking male(vampire or not) go after such a younger women.
    Is that alright?

    Oh, is there anything else we should discuss?
  13. Awe, I hope you feel better soon. I've been sick on and off for weeks; something's going around where I live.
    And that's perfectly fine with me. I generally don't worry about age gaps with vampires, considering they're usually over 100 haha. That's just me, though; I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable at all, if I did.

    I don't think there's much else. Anything else, I imagine we could just figure out as we go.
  14. My is just radical allergies I hope, haha.
    Thank you though, I hope you feel better soon, miss.

    Oh no uncomfortable-ness, I just don't like it myself.
    But I might still keep him older, this can add to another conflict.
    I guess I just can't get over the age appearance and remember "hey, he is actually quite a bit older", hehe. ( > u > ) ;

    Hm, should we start a thread then?
  15. Oh, that's no fun. Try getting some local honey:)

    And that's alright. I like the potential awkwardness of like her parents freaking out that she likes someone older, but it's not everyone's cup o' tea.

    We should:] I'm at for another 4 hours, but I may be able to get my character up before then.
  16. I know that works for the throat, but will it work for runny noses? /curious

    Yes, or the stares from the folks of the small town, haha.
    Hm, sounds good, I'm off and on, but I'm sure by the time the day is over I will have something up.
  17. Local honey actually can take away allergies. Like the kind you get from pollen and whatnot, because the pollen that would irritate you to breathe has been used to make honey that won't bother your stomach. So by eating it, your body gets used to it, and you won't be snuffly anymore from it.
    Bees are great doctors:3

    I agree; I'm excited. I love the awkward bits; I can't help it. They just make me giggle.
    If I get a thread up, I'll send you the link for it. My character is written up, in a character sheet, which I'll post first, then when we both have those up (assuming you do one)I'll write my actual first post.
  18. Thank you for making the thread~.
    I'll try slapping something together here in a sec'.
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