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    File 636: Debriefing Project C.U.
    ID: 300261524
    Entering log: 18:00, 14-26-10
    We are a world that struggles to understand the existence of why we are here. Many believe we are here just to die and become part of an endless circle of being put into the ground. Others believe we are here for our own satisfaction, whether it be cruel or nice. Nonetheless we struggle to work with not only ourselves and our own inner devils and angels on how to pursue living in an unclear world. In the hope of finding something new, some answer that will sprout before our very eyes in a flashy show of fireworks as if to say “I am the answer”. It is in this hope that we live and work and go through out our daily lives in a mixed of races, species, cultures, languages, arts, love and every other thing in-between the cracks. But can we? Can we successfully roam around in this world or how about we make it smaller, a city by the sea….. Can we successfully interact, and deal with the entire struggles that are pushed upon us? And what happens, when we add unexplainable events? Which is it then, that is unsatisfactory? The humans?....or the things we allow loose into the world that are unexplainable…..I hope we survive.
    End of log: 19:00

    ≈ ≈ ≈

    [BCOLOR=#000000] [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000] Our journey begins here, with the ever developing city of Lume. The city of Lume is known for its important role in the trade and transportation of world goods and top notch research facilities on human behavior and species development. Being so, it is a large breeding ground for cultural diversity. However, with this many groups are formed which at times cause confrontation and injuries in mass numbers.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000] It is also a city that struggles with the old world views and the fast developing new world trends. This causes its inhabitants to often times playing a double role between there hard at work selves, while transforming into a completely different individual when they have the freedom to do so.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000] [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000] The people of Lume seem to always be looking for something more. Now, let us see what happens when more is thrown at them. Can they handle the monsters created by the humans themselves.[/BCOLOR]
    City of Lume (open)

    Examples of Parks (open)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]If your character is going to be in the Park please write you text in the color Purple. With the color text it assist with the location of events and News reports. [/BCOLOR]​

    Examples of Schools (open)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    If your character is going to be in the Schools please write you text in the color [BCOLOR=#000000]Green[/BCOLOR]. With the color text it assist with the location of events and News reports.

    Examples of Housing (open)

    If your character is going to be at Home please write you text in the color Blue. With the color text it assist with the location of events and News reports.
    Examples of Nightlife (open)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    If your character is going to be in the NightLife/Downtown please write you text in the color Orange. With the color text it assist with the location of events and News reports.

    All other areas/subareas can be written in any other color but black. Thank you for your cooperation. ≡
    Hello! Sorry for the long intro, but once I started writing this is what popped up. Now I will be only accepting [BCOLOR=#ffff00]6[/BCOLOR] society members [BCOLOR=#ffff00]2[/BCOLOR] research workers, at the moment and I will add more as needed. This RP is for you to develop and create. Here are some of things I will be doing during the RP.
    1. Initiating time changes (Day to Night). Also this will be done at random, meant for all RPers.
    2. Updating forecast
    3. Giving out random News reports
    4. If there is a lag in the RP I will also be throwing out random events
    ** I am looking for a partner to help keep an eye on this RP. You will have the same power as I do. Except for any major changes will be discussed. I would also like them to take on the character working at the Researcher 2 working at the facilities to assist my character with the mayhem. Thank you**
    Rules! (open)

    1. [BCOLOR=#000000]All the rules put forth by Iwaku will be issued.[/BCOLOR]
    2. [BCOLOR=#000000]There will be 3 warnings given before you are no longer allowed in the RP[/BCOLOR]
    3. [BCOLOR=#000000]This is an 18 and over, if Woohoo time is about to happen do not post. Fluff is ok or please skip to afterwards.[/BCOLOR]
    4. [BCOLOR=#000000]Cursing is allowed, but please do not attack someone’s religion or sexual orientation.[/BCOLOR]
    5. [BCOLOR=#000000]NO god-modding[/BCOLOR]
    6. [BCOLOR=#000000]1 paragraph minimum and a max of 4 full paragraphs. Also, keep an eye on your grammar but I am not to strict on this. (I misspell words sometimes too.)[/BCOLOR]
    7. [BCOLOR=#000000]Feel free to create side characters who interact with your own character. You don’t always have to interact with another Rper. (ex. Your character is at work interacting with it’s boss.)[/BCOLOR]
    8. [BCOLOR=#000000]1 character per Rper. Since for now this is a 6 max RP.[/BCOLOR]
    9. [BCOLOR=#000000]If you are not going to be posting within 3 days, please message me. So that I may either give your spot to another or hold your character. (sometimes people go on vacation.)[/BCOLOR]
    10. [BCOLOR=#000000]Put your best pick up line at the beginning of your skeleton so that I know you read the rules.[/BCOLOR]
    11. [BCOLOR=#000000]Death is allowed. IF your character dies you are welcomed to create a new one in it's place. Please do not abuse this rule. None of this Pow! your dead crap...make it into something more.[/BCOLOR]
    12. [BCOLOR=#000000]I reserve the right to add, change, or delete these rules and parts of the RP.[/BCOLOR]
    13. [BCOLOR=#000000]Have Fun![/BCOLOR]

    Society members:
    Female 1:
    Female 2:
    Female 3:

    Male 1: Tooru
    Male 2:
    Male 3:

    Researcher 1: ALIS_AUDĀX
    Researcher 2:

    Skeleton (open)

    User Name: Self explanatory
    Character Name: Self explanatory
    Age: (18 and over please. Your characters can have children as subcharacters. May add more slots later.)
    Sexual Orientation:
    Race: (human, you can also be a bad ass human)
    Bio: At least one paragraph please.
    Occupation: (where do you work? ventor? detective? office worker? you tell me.)
    Image of self: (can be anime based.)
    Image of House: (nothing to fancy. We can't all be living in mansions by the sea.)
    Favorite Book: (just because)

    • If you have any questions relevant to the RP go ahead and ask. If you think the RP can benefit from changes or additions please share your ideas. You can always PM if you wish to stay anonymous to the public.

    • Also, please wait for character approval before posting and I will allow open RPing once we have a good amount of people. Thank you!
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  2. (aahh..a pick up line huh XD..umm "are you a light switch,coz you turn me ON" ..omged so lame can i die now?)

    User Name: TOORU
    Character Name: lilouch
    Age: 19
    Gender: male
    Sexual Orientation: Stright
    Race: Fairy (fairies, are supposed to have been once angels in heaven, who were cast out by Divine command as a punishment for their inordinate pride)

    Bio: lilouch is extremely prideful and arrogant.He has a lot of self pride and a very high self esteem.Even if he were to make a mistake,he would pin it one someone else or on external factors.despite all that lilouch likes helping others without getting anything in return. He wouldn't mind getting mixed up in messed up situations for others- after all the weirder the more interesting it is for him.He is constantly looking for new adventures in life.He can be socially distanced from others as he was raised in a cold uncaring yet prideful family.He would not trust or love easily, but will always seeks other love or trust in him.

    Likes: gummi bears, jelly candy ,and lollipops.He likes dogs a lot.
    Dislikes:Strong public figures ( people with a heavy presence frighten him a bit) ,spicy food, false promises

    Occupation: He is a freelancer- meaning he can basically be hired to do any ANY job as long as it pays well
    Image of self:
    Image of House: 2 floor rent house ( nothing to fancy- but considering he lives alone is pretty good!Plus it is furnished in simple yet exotic furniture hand picked by lulu)

    Favorite Book: ( lulus : "secrets of attractiveness" . me :warrior of the light - paulo Coelho )
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  3. Tooru: Accepted

    Hopefully more join soon! :D and awesome line hahaha
  4. haha thanks - thought it was pretty dumb though XD
  5. What races are available and what would a researcher's job entail? Also you say it's +18 only, does that mean this will be including sex?
  6. Humanoid races are accepted.
    +18 only, meaning there will be adult style RP with +18 themes allowed. Excessive cursing is allowed, details to murder/death scenes (character death is allowed) or gore is allowed, etc.
    Sexual intercourse will not be allowed to be posted. However, posts leading up to it is allowed and sexual themed posts are allowed.
  7. Ah, fade to black style, okay! I'll probably be making a CS soon. Also could you answer my question about what exactly a researcher does?
  8. Oh! I knew I forgot somethings. Basically we at the research facilities, work towards identifying how individuals from different backgrounds react under harsh pressures. At the research facilities we come up with stressful situations or allow our many experiments (both human and non-human) to be released into the city..........<another to help run the RP, there will be days I can not come on to supervise.>
  9. Hm, I'd be willing to do that, he will probably end up being a little unorthadox. Just wondering but would you consider a naga humanoid?
  10. That is fine with me, science at times needs to be a little unorthodox for the goal of progress. Hence, the focusing on a small group of 6 for now and will expand later if needed.
    Yes a naga humanoid is acceptable.
  11. Sweet, what age should the researcher be? 25-30?
  12. I am still working on my CS, the age for mine will be 28. So I'd say the age range is pretty good, you can go older if you wish.

    Now we need 5 other society members.
  13. Huh, I was thinking 27 myself anyway, time to find a perfect picture~
  14. Eh, sorry but I just found out I won't actually have time to partake in as many roleplays as I do, sorry.
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