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  1. Arriving without bringing attention to oneself is key when landing on a primitive planet. Sapphire's current space travel technology wasn't exactly discreet, though with a little tweaking the woman had gotten her ship to be practically undetectable by low-level technology when entering the atmosphere. However, her ship could still easily be spotted by one the planet's inhabitants and that could prove to be an exceptionally messy situation. Earth had been easily enough to enter it's atmosphere without rising suspicion. She had come to the planet while it was night and transmitted a signal that would throw off any mid-level or higher technology if any even existed yet on Earth. Sapphire had never been to Earth in all her years until just a few nights back, but she'd heard many stories of Earth and humans.

    Some of Sapphire's acquaintances had spoke of coming to the planet for site-seeing. Her reasons were far different. The ship that belonged to this aged woman whose eyes and hair matched her name served as headquarters while she was "visiting" a planet for any amount of time. With books stacked up on either side of her, Sapphire was sure she had learned all she needed to go interact with the humans. Since she'd arrived on Earth, Sapphire had only moved from her ship once in order to obtain the books. The ship was small enough so that she was able to park it under an old dock in what used to be a lake. Sapphire doubted humans would recognize what the object actually was if they were to find it. Based on the images she'd seen in the books she had collected from local civilization, humans thought spaceships to be far more different than they actually were. Sapphire figured that a primitive spaceship must have landed there at some point.

    After removing her feet from their place upon the desk, Sapphire moved towards the storage compartment closest to her to retrieve her long black leather trench coat. The last planet she'd been on had a shop that sold clothes quite similar to the styles currently found on Earth. She slipped the coat on over her simple dark purple button-up shirt and shoved her hands in her jean pockets to pull out their contents. She placed the small objects on the desk before pressing the red button just below several green ones. This caused the heavy metal door to drop and bright light to pour into the ship. Sapphire fished out a pair of sunglasses that had been previously placed in the pocket of the trench coat and put them on before stepping out. It was rather tight space. It was better than parking in an open space where it would have likely been found almost immediately, but she disliked confined space. She thought of this as she squeezed through the minimal amount of space between the dock and the ship.

    Sapphire walked towards the nearest civilization hoping not to attract too much attention. From what she had seen last time, that wouldn't be much of a problem. Her brightly colored hair caught of eyes of many on other planets, but here she just got compliments. That confused her a bit, considering the color of her hair and eyes were unnatural and had been caused by the experiments from when she was a child. Sapphire's species had an immpeccable memory capability. That was curse given how long Sapphire had lived and all the terrible things she had seen. Though, she had seen some beautiful things and people as well. Sapphire was lost in her thoughts and hadn't noticed that she was about to walk directly into someone, and that someone was the same woman she'd had an encounter with a few days before.
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  2. The woman who was walking towards Sapphire went by the name of Anna. She had deep auburn colored hair that fell in loose waves to her shoulder blades and her eyes were a bright blue. She stood tall and thin wearing a simple grey t-shirt covered in a few grease stains that rode up over her flat abdomen and dangly bellybutton ring. Her jeans were ripped and slightly stained as well from her work and were tucked into her old black combat boots. An old messenger bag was slung across her shoulder carrying a few of her most important possessions. She was on her phone and didn't hear footsteps when she walked right into something solid going the opposite way.

    "Oof..." She muttered and stumbled back landing on her bottom. "Ouch." She whispered and reached back to pull a rock out from under her bum. Anna looked up to the woman whom she had run into and sighed. "I am so sorry I was on my phone-" Wait... where had her phone gone? She moved to her knees and began to look for the iPhone she had just purchased a few days ago. She found it and picked it up, standing to brush herself off. "I was not looking where I was going." She replied and noticed the hair of the woman she was standing across from. "Wait... I've seen you... I remember that hair."
  3. "No, no. It's quite alright. I wasn't paying very much attention either." Sapphire's voice was one that easily obtained the attention of others whenever she spoke. There was a great amount of allure to her usual tone without much effort on her part. The collision had barely caused Sapphire to lose her footing. Her size was the thing about herself she highly disliked. She stood shorter then most people no matter which planet she was on. Though, she didn't feel all that small here. She was glad for that. Sapphire raised her delicate seeming hand towards her striking hair and ran her fingers through the spiky mess. She always kept it cut rather short, and even now it was getting a bit too long for her liking.

    Sapphire flashed one of her signature smiles. Her teeth weren't the best looking, but they weren't all that bad, just a bit crooked is all. "It's possible. I was around here a few days ago." The woman extended her hand to the other knowing this was an universal custom. "Sapphire. And your name is?" It's a good practice to try and make friends in a land one isn't familiar with.
  4. "Alright good. I'm not totally crazy and I figure that your hair color is very memorable." Anna grinned and shook the other woman's hand. "My name is Anna. It's a pleasure to meet you Sapphire." She looked down at the phone in her hand and sighed, the screen now had a large crack across the front of it due to her dropping it when she fell. "I hope you don't mind my curiosity but we don't get many new folks around here. Do you have family you're visiting? Or are you just stopping by for a visit?" Anna was a curious human by nature which caused her to ask many questions. She had been like that since she was a little girl. Inquisitive to the point that she annoyed her parents and her siblings on occasion. She really hoped that she was not scaring this lovely bright haired woman away.
  5. Sapphire's eyes trailed over Anna just a tiny bit longer than what was appropriate before stuffing her hands into her pockets and shifting a bit in her stance. That specific word always got to her. Her family was long dead in the future. It was complicated. Maybe if she'd finally be able to get hands on some time traveling technology, she'd be able to see her parents and siblings just once more. Sapphire sometimes wished she didn't have the kind of memory she did. It would likely be easier if she'd forgotten the years of her childhood before... Well, Sapphire didn't like thinking about that. She only did when she needed to recall specific details that might aide her in her search. She was aware once she found whom and what she was looking for, she'd have to face all of her past. For now, she just chose to ignore the bad parts. "I'm looking for a few old friends of mine actually." She used the term friends extremely loosely. These guys weren't even close to being her friends. She'd been tracking two men that she thought might be able to lead her in the right direction, but their last encounter had turned out rather badly. "By any chance, have you seen any other newcomers lately? Two men in particular. One's bulky and bald-headed. The other is scrawny and looks like he hasn't shaved in years." For whatever reason, the men had landed not too far from here. She wasn't exactly sure how long ago though. Their technology was more advanced than hers, so tracking them proved to be a very difficult task.
  6. "So they are pretty much the opposite of each other which would make it easy to remember if I had seen them." Anna trailed off and looked down at her worn boots. She noticed her shirt was riding up and pulled that down to cover her stomach. Thinking back she had seen two men outside her shop. She remembered ogling this guys beard because it was so long and the same tint to her hair. He had been small compared to his companion who was quite large and had a commanding presence. "Yes. I did see them outside of my shop yesterday morning." She nodded slowly as she remembered. "They... I faintly heard them talking about traveling onto another town soon. But I guess I don't know how soon soon is. They could already be gone. Sorry I can't be of more help." Anna apologized. "But! If they are visitors we only have one hotel that you can check out. Maybe they're there."
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