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  1. Have you begun today, what you want to be tomorrow?
    In a world crippled by natural disasters and financial ruin, an unlikely group of people struggle to find what they've been searching for.


    Game Masters: Sakura
    Accepting New Characters: MAYBE. We might accept side (OR EVEN MAIN) character later on. You'll have to contact me about it!
    Posting Expectations: Once-Twice a week, please! ^^
    Rating: PG-13 to PG-17
    Genre: Modern / Adventure / Drama
    Timeline: 2015+
    Basic Plot: It's a world of iPhones & deadlines, people are always on the go, rushing from place to place, grabbing a coffee on the go.
    Life's become a routine of patterns, devoid of true self reflection. Which makes us want to question, how strongly, and how courageously,
    are we really fighting for our dreams?

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    New York City, May 2015.

    A special sort of lottery, "Life CHANGE" was awarded to a few lucky people. A chance to realize their dreams.

    They were to set out on a secret journey, "in search of something they had lost."


    People are living their lives as usual, but there's no real sense of contentment. It's just routine. And as financial troubles, natural disasters, and wars strike all over the world, there's enough chaos already. Whether they're happy or unhappy with their current condition, Life CHANGE offers them something new. If they succeed in a gamble of an adventure, they'll receive a huge sum of money that will keep them well off for the rest of their lives.


    I've meant for it to be realistic, so just think of a "normal lifestyle" is to you and how the current condition of the world, if it were to be, say three times worse, where would you be? Would you take the chance to possibly change your life? Would you follow the vague "search for something lost" guidelines without knowing anything else?

    c ø π † ε π † $ The Lottery The People The Dreams The Adventure
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    Appearance: large picture? spoiler, please :]
    Current Occupation:
    Specialty: Any specific degree or work experience?

    Brief History:

    One Wish: the character does not have to currently realize this, it's just for me to know.

    One Flaw: could be anything realistic.

    One Loss: what event in their life they first think of at the word "loss"?

    One Connection: what does it mean to them to connect with people?

    -When you post your profile, use a specific posting color that you will use for your posts (:
    - ...more notes when needed.

    -The current list of characters! ^^ Click on the picture for a link to their profiles :]
    -Each character thumbnail is also stamped with their current occupation & posting color (some discrepancies in color~~)


    <a href="<div style=" text-align:="" right;"="">[​IMG]<a href="http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/showthread.php?t=14321&p=387205&viewfull=1#post387205" target="_blank" style="text-align: right; ">[​IMG]<a href="http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/showthread.php?t=14321&p=388951&viewfull=1#post388951" target="_blank" style="text-align: right; ">[​IMG]<a href="http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/showthread.php?t=14321&p=389635&viewfull=1#post389635" target="_blank">[​IMG]<a href="http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/showthread.php?t=14321&p=390848&viewfull=1#post390848" target="_blank">[​IMG]<a href="http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/showthread.php?t=14321&p=392730&viewfull=1#post392730" target="_blank"><img src="http://i869.photobucket.com/albums/ab260/IwakuxSoul/Decorated%20images/katie.jpg" border="0" alt="katie"></a>
    <a href="http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/showthread.php?t=14321&p=389635&viewfull=1#post389635" target="_blank" style="text-align: right; ">

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    <character profiles="" listed="" by="" dreams="" will="" be="" here=""></character><character profiles="" listed="" by="" dreams="" will="" be="" here="">

    The initial timeline is before the announcement of the lottery, so give a glimpse of your character's routine lifestyle. After the lottery, there'll be GM posts that'll guide you along for the ride :D


    • [*=left]If you have ANY questions, ASK ME! If you don't know me well, don't worry! I'm totally approachable and totally excited about ideas!
      [*=left]If you have plot twists/ ideas / etc, tell me! If you're planning it with another character, even better, but just let me know so I don't ruin your twist c:
      [*=left]Think of a novel, by the end, everyone has some form of relationship with the others, right? Think like that!
      [*=left]As a side note, I WILL hijack your characters from time to time. If I mess up on something, just let me know (:

    Because I feel these are very realistic and true-to-heart dreams.

    <character profiles="" listed="" by="" dreams="" will="" be="" here=""></character>

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    - Ophelia, Mark, Celia, Lana & Cersily enter the plane. Lars, Shawnee, Nika & Raymond are in the cafe across the street. Kelly & Frederick are in their respective vehicles. Mr. Alexsworth announces instructions via radio. They must operate the strange vehicle which is actually a plane. They are instructed to assume roles on board within five minutes.

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    Wheres the CS
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    I apologize for the delay! I usually take some time to set up the design on the posts ! ^^

    Everything is ready now ~~
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    This is very interesting... If I have time for another one, I'll join. Let you know soon.
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    This looks cool! So here's a character sheet.

    Name: Nika Silverman
    Age: 24
    Current Occupation: Muesum guide / attendant
    Specialty: Went to college and got a degree in geology

    Appearance: Her round head seems cartoonishly large for her body, especially atop her slender neck. Where her head is round, the rest of her body seems angular. That isn't to say she's skinny, but something seems a bit off, and her extra weight seems to always fall in the less than lady-like places (like under her arm and on her thighs) and doesn't help give her shape. She has huge more-or-less-brown eyes, a small pointed nose, and a wide smile. Her dirty blond hair is cut such that it's just long enough to braid into a French braid, but not much more.

    Personality: On the outside, Nika appears bubbly and friendly. She tries her best to keep in touch with friends and invite them over for board games or (a cheaply made) dinner. There's few who see her drop her smile, but the truth is she's worried people will leave if they find out how unsatisfying her life is to her when they've all gone so far in life and she's gone nowhere. And though they all know about her job at the museum, she's a little embarassed by it, and hopes those she calls friends don't show up when she's working. She is a hard worker and is more than willing to pick up the slack. Give her a task, and she'll probably say yes even if she has too much on her plate already. She's nonconfrontational, but when someone or something does get to her, her feelings toward that person tend to stay negative for a long, long time.

    Brief History: Growing up, her life was relatively normal. Going to college had been her decision, and though they hadn't been altogether too supportive, they had tried to help her financially. The money didn't go too far, though, and she still has quite a bit of debt due to student loans, but she's trying to get through it slowly. She graduated with a degree in geology, but it turns out not every geologist gets to go climb and play amongst the rocks each day. She would have settled for just being a lab assistant or technician, but it seems even those jobs are all filled with more experienced people. Not wanting to become 'just' another fastfood attendant, she applied to the museum which at least had some rocks in it, and at least she got that job. Now she's two years into her job, but she's constantly trying to find a way out.

    One Wish: To have the know-how and the money to get out of debt and go exploring and discover something new (preferably with friends). Or as she puts it, "hammer rocks in cool places and see what the world is made of." Or at least, that's the dream she'll always tell people. Secretly, she wishes she had the body and grace of a performer. In some ways she wouldn't mind traveling the world as a street performer, but she's embarassed to acknowledge this as this isn't a 'dignified' dream. She also wants kittens, but that's a separate issue.

    One Flaw: It's hard for her to change her mind. Once she's set her mind on something, she'll stick to it even though sometimes it would be best to change her opinion. She also cares a little too much of what the people around her think of her, and is willing to do just about anything to keep them happy. She hasn't figured out chasing this sort of happy results in her sacrificing her time and energy and ultimately leaves her with less.

    One Loss: Getting kicked out of her first apartment a year ago because she couldn't pay the rent. It wasn't her fault, though, her at-the-time roommate decided to move out a couple months before the lease and told her it was entirely up to her to pay the rent. The rent itself was sorted, but Nika never quite got over the feeling that she had been so completely and suddenly betrayed by someone she thought she was friends with.

    One Connection: To her, she's friends with someone if she can invite them over to dinner (platonically), have them enjoy her company enough not realize how cheap the food is.

    I kind of didn't stick to the whole one thing, and I wasn't quite sure if I followed what you meant with the connection part. If you want me to change that I could, but I hope it's mostly all right. ^^
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    Do you want a picture of our characters?
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    Yeah! I can't believe I missed that x:

    I'm adding it to the character sheet ^^. Thank you Kronas!


  13. And human or anime pictures?
  14. I don't have a particular preference (: Whichever works for you ! ^^

  15. Name: Mark Gunnridge
    Age: 30
    Pic (open)

    Current Occupation: Unemployed.
    Specialty: Professional writing.

    Personality: A quiet, unassuming Brit who is still getting used to life in America.
    Brief History: Mark met his wife online - an impulsive romance that led to an early proposal. Now he's left his family and job beyond and moved to America on a Fiance Visa. A long three months lie ahead of him, as he must wait for his wife to find work so they can complete their application for a Green Card. He tries to make himself useful, but without a work permit and with limited understanding of American life, he feels a profound sense of limbo. He is trying to work on his novel... but the words aren't coming...

    One Wish: Mark subscribes to the American Dream. His wish is to make a home with his wife, in an idyllic corner of America, and live a vibrant and wealthy existence.

    One Flaw: He is unsure around Americans and, being from the East End of London, has trouble getting his lingo across.

    One Loss: Mark left behind his dying father, who is now in the depths of dementia and does not comprehend the romance his son has found. Mark didn't say goodbye and tries to avoid thinking about his father.

    One Connection: Mark wants to be understood. He is sick of repeating himself, of rephrasing and re-explaining, of being thought strange and alien. He wants to be amongst people who get what he means and share his ideas.
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  16. I'll do some advertising! I want all kinds of characters ! ^0^

    here's mine! I'll add everyone to the character list soon! c: Thank you for joining! :D


    Ophelia Daye

    Age: 19
    Show Spoiler

    Current Occupation: Unemployed. (College Sophomore, Engineering)
    Specialty: No professional work experience; babysitting/daycare volunteer

    Personality: A cheerful, strong-spirited girl, respectful of her elders and affectionate towards children. Emotional and high-strung. Spiritual. Impressionable.
    Brief History: As a child, even with very little, Ophelia and her father were happy. She remembers those days even now, wishing it was the same. So much is always on her mind; the lack of a mother figure, her parents constant fighting, the grief of her brother getting his life back on track, an older sister who never calls, an aging father who has sacrificed everything for his children, and her own future, riddled with uncertainty and complications. As a child, studying and receiving high honors in school was her only way of coping with her familial struggle. Now, having chosen a difficult field (engineering) instead of something in which she might have talent (writing), Ophelia is faced with the concerns of being a young woman with too many aspirations, cornered by her mother's relentless anger, finding herself wondering where she should go from here.

    One Wish: Happiness and fulfillment for her parents, with gratitude for her father's sacrifices and sympathy for her mother's internal suffering.

    One Flaw: Incredibly emotional and fragile. Sometimes she'll visibly break down because of the thoughts running through her mind. More often than not, this will make her unable to think rationally.

    One Loss: Ophelia and her mother have virtually no relationship aside from being kin. The guilt she used to feel for ignoring her mother is also beginning to settle down.

    One Connection: In one sense, people are what keep her going. She likes to keep in touch, show that she cares, receive the same love in reciprocation. Connecting with people is very important to her, helping them, and asking for help are natural to her behavior. In moments of weakness, Ophelia often needs the support of another to get back on her feet.

  17. >> *Peers inside*

    Name: Kelly Kirchner
    Age: 22
    Show Spoiler

    Current Occupation: Actor (read: dishwasher)
    Specialty: No formal degree, but he's got years of drama club and theater camp and temp acting jobs under his career. Kelly's also worked with kids, counseling a summer drama camp and babysitting.

    Personality: Friendly and charming if a bit socially awkward and geeky, but he keeps his feelings under lock and key a great deal of the time.
    Brief History: Kelly's been a mess ever since he left his fiancee six months ago. His relationships are confusing, he can't get steady work, and his parents aren't speaking to him until he comes home in a skirt and gives up on what they term his "overextended teen rebellion". The girl he's currently sort-of-dating doesn't know Kelly isn't biologically male, and he hasn't been able to find words to tell her. As for his brother, well... for all Kelly knows, Shane is dead in a ditch somewhere. Kelly went off his antidepressants months ago, and some days it's a huge struggle not to get swallowed up by the enormity of how fucked up his life has gotten.

    Oh yeah, and his car won't start.

    One Wish: All Kelly's ever really wanted was for someone to love him for who he is. He knows no amount of hormones and surgery will really "fix" his body, and he's made peace with that. All he craves is for someone to pick up all the messed up pieces of his soul and not try to fix them in another mold.

    One Flaw: Commitment. Kelly's... not so good at it. He's never held a job more than a few months at a time, and his relationships don't fare much better. He can't even finish one book before he's picking up another. Whenever he gets himself in too deep, Kelly bails, and it almost always comes when it's the most damaging for everyone involved.

    One Loss: He's still deeply in love with his ex-fiancee. Kelly knows the relationship is bust, for many reasons, and he's the one who broke it off. Nevertheless, he can't help staring at his phone sometimes and wishing desperately to know that if he called, she would answer.

    One Connection: To Kelly, people are a lifeline, a reason to keep existing. If he doesn't feel needed, he spirals into despair faster than anything. Whatever his friends ask for, Kelly gives, and gives, and gives. Friendships are the one thing Kelly will never fall through on, even to his own detriment.

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    *Looks at her list of roleplays she's in, and then at the list of the last one she's joined*

    Oh, I'm ok, I'm due for another RP. Lemme get a CS up.
  19. Character sheet edited in above. :]
  20. You're good :] nice quirky character :D you surprised me there ^^