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  1. Hello members of Iwaku. I was getting a little bored, so I came up with this role play.

    To get an idea on how it will all start, here's a sample of Kate's first journal entry (at least the one that will start the role play)

    January 1st, 3015. Dear Journal: I'm looking some of my old friends. They could help me find out what happened. There's Jake: 19, Cute, funny, athletic, loyal, and mature. Sky: 16, serious, tempermental, and paranoid. We almost got killed by some dude in a dump truck. Why does everyone want to kill me? Anyway, welcome to the 18th year of the walking deathtrap called life. Your only author, Kate.


    Kate Rasti (Me): 17, 2 months from 18. Birthday: March 1st. Background: Parents murdered in front of her at age 10. She's been hiding and running, fighting from a group of unknown people who want to kill her. She's survived 7 years, almost 8, but each situation has gotten closer and closer to killing her. She needs to find her friends, Jake and Sky (plus any you want to add), to help her.

    Jake: 19, Birthday: December 5th. Background: Has known Kate since preschool. Lost contact with her after her house was blown up.

    Sky: 16, Birthday: June 2nd. Background: Met Kate in the 7th grade, helped her out of a bus when it crashed. Hasn't seen her since.

    Role Play Background:

    Kate lost her parents in an explosion, where supposedly someone planted C4 in her house to kill her and her parents for something her great-grandpa did to their great-grandpa in the Civil War. She's been trying to stay alive. Sky met her in the 7th grade and rode the bus with her, knowing the risks. She helped her out when the bus engine was shot with a gun, making the bus crash, engulfed in flames. Jake lost contact with her in the 5th grade when Kate's house blew up. He was told she was dead, but he knew better.

    So, anyone interested? I hope so...Let me know!!!!
  2. Update:

    Hey, if you look at this thread and don't want to join, link this to your friends please please!
  3. I'd be interested in playing one of the characters trying to kill Kate and another character as Kate's friend. :)
  4. Okay =D All we need is about 2 other people, then that should be at least enough to start =D