Chasing the Light.

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  1. /Your typical fantasy dungeon RP/

    Make sure not to flood. There should at least be three sentences in each post. Not that hard.

    [Appearance here]

    Age: [The younger you are, the weaker your powers are.]
    Height | Weight:

    Abilities: [Three]
    Weaknesses: [Three]

    Are you being watched over by Ven?: [My character. He can only watch over five people and they know him already in the RP by contract. He's their butler.]

    Grass, earth dungeon. Just follow my lead in my posts and you'll be fine. ♥
    Start off by getting captured by a goblin in a little earth jail. We'll start from there.
    The dungeon should take about 2-3 RP days.
    We can continue the RP if people are interested in more.


    Name: Ven.
    Alias[es]: Butler, V.

    Age: 22.
    Gender: Male.
    Height | Weight: 6'2" | 189 lbs.

    Electricity - Agility - Healing.
    Weaknesses: Water - Masters/Mistresses - His ankles.

    Ven's Masters/Mistresses:
    Sora,Nivek,Cadence,______, ____


    A fat drip of water that splashed on his nose awoken him.
    Ven's eyes fluttered open, with an inaudible gasp, seeing all others passed out on the floor. The walls were dirty stone with vines running down them, no windows, and one torch to the right near the bars. In front of the bars to the right was a little stand with a rather unpleasant looking goblin about 4 inches tall. He was lime green with bright glowing eyes. He had his eyes on a very sleezy goblin model magazine, his legs crossed. He had a rusty looking dagger on a belt around his peanut waist.

    The goblin hasn't noticed Ven awaken and the jail was dim and dark, hard to see anyone's face. The room was a faint orange color due to the fire, giving it a calm look even though they could be in an dangerous situation. The jail door had a lock, and of course, around the Goblin's neck was exactly that on a makeshift bone necklace.​
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  2. Name: Sora[​IMG]
    Alias[es]: Pet, Demon

    Age: 19
    Gender: Female Wait let me check *Looks down pants* Well I dont see a males genital so yup im female!
    Height | Weight: 6'1, 116

    Abilities: Transforming into a fox, Holy flame or blue flames, Healing
    Weaknesses: Being bullied, her neck, fear of loneliness

    Are you being watched over by Ven?: Yes, Deeper in the story though when I call out for a contract
    Sora was dragged by goblins by a chain connected to her collar, Her clothes were tattered and ripped and her arms were highly bruised. She was obviously very weak the way she walked, She slumped and made heavy steps, but this was true she had gotten no sleep for 4 nights on end constantly having to obey these green monsters. She looked at ven as she passed his cell she managed to create a smile just for him in hopes of lifting his spirit even the tiniest bit, Her eyes drooped not fitting her face she was made to smile not constantly frown and have no energy.

    Sora was dragged until she collapsed and at that point the grotesque monster took out a whip hitting her multiple times, Screams of pain escaped her mouth that were filled with terror and fear. She looked back repeating to her self "Do not acknowledge the pain" and stood up again, She had no shoes and when she walked her feet show blisters and stones poking into the creases of her skin.
  3. [​IMG]
    Maël Teolen
    Alias: The Lion
    6'0" | 175 lbs.

    Abilities: Survival expertise, Stealth, Bow training
    Weaknesses: Arrogant, Not very fast (Leg injury, once bitten by a Lion), Fear of the paranormal phenomenas

    Doesn't know Ven yet.

    Laying on the dirt floor of his prison cell, Maël was trying to get himself up on his feet but unfortunately, was too weak to move a single finger. He could barely see in front of him and the nausea didn't help either.
    His mind was blurry and all over the place. He couldn't figure out why and how he ended up in this rat whole.
    There was an horrible smell of decay in his cell, in addition of a few used clothes to his left that smelled like fecal matter.

    He coughed twice and then heard a few noises coming down the hallway and right after, screams of what seemed to be a woman.

    Worried for his life, he tried once again to get up using his upper body strength but feel back right away on his chest. He was definitely not in a state to defend himself. As he was trying to take back his breath, he could hear the sound of chains moving and coming towards his cell. As he looked up, a lady with long dark hair was walking by, accompanied of a few green creatures.

  4. Sora looked at the man seeing that he had fallen, Her wounds from the whip were already dark dark purple, She conjured another smile as she did for ven.
    " Come on pet!" She quickens her speed a bit in fear of another beating from the goblins in front of her passing his cell, She walks slumping down putting her head down. I was stronger than this once.... I was better, feared, had a sense of self accomplishment even but now, now thats all changed I've been downgraded to the level of pet not to be talked to just to be ordered it sickened me... It was true before this she was a thief, well not a thief The thief she could steal anything, pick any lock, But now those skills are pretty much useless. She was captured when a so called "Friend" Told these monsters where her hideout was, There were to many and she undeniably fell to their wrath although she tried her best not to.
  5. Ven wobbled, feeling at him head and groaning. How did he even get here? They probably used some cheap move to take him out and drag him here. Dusting himself off as best as he could, he hopped up and down to get into the mood of escaping. Seems that the theme of this place was earth themed, possible water, so he couldn't rest now. Hearing a very disturbing noises, the clinking of chains, the dragging of flesh, and the screams of the agonized, that only encouraged Ven even more as he watched a female be dragged only and whipped.
    Smiles towards him he wasn't sure to feel out, be he was sure he had to find some way to getting out of here right now. Using some of his battered strength to light up a bolt in his hand, he looked around carefully, using this light to check every creases and corner. He examined that the jail cell had a lock, so there must be a key. Good guessing, Ven side stepped and examined a key around the neck of one of the goblins 'guarding'. He for sure couldn't just fit his hand through the bars.

    The key was metal huh? Well, this could take some handling. Using the bolt in his hand, he attracted the metal key, taking the goblin by surprise and forcefully jammed the key into the whole, twisting it. Ven frowned, too tired and weak to keep this up for long, so once he heard that glorious click sound, the goblin was dropped to the floor and he immediately swung the door open. Stepped on the goblin and giving him an extra deadly shock, he fixed his white gloves, stepping out slowly to the scene. Well, he wasn't sure he he could just go save anyone, he didn't know the girl. She could be faking those smiles, or a criminal. A bolt of electricity formed in his left hand as he thought.
  6. [​IMG]
    Alias[es]: bastard of the wind, western wolf
    Age: 20
    Gender: male
    Height | Weight: 5ft,4in | 120lbs
    Abilities:speed, air bending, endurance
    Weaknesses: lack of comon sense, earth magic, puzzles
    Are you being watched over by Ven?: yes.

    sitting in his cell wondering where he was or why wer goblins capturing people . nivek sighed and got up. nivek took a deep breeth and headed to the opposite side of the bars theat locked him in the cell and coundted "1......2....."
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  7. Sora looked at ven as he escaped and had a spark of excitement, She faced back forward, A contract She Screams "I want to make a contract!" The goblin looked surprised as she tried to fight against her chains "What are you doing pet!" She fought more dragging the goblin " Please a contract!" She remembered of an old legend of a man who had hands of lightning and made contracts with people Hed do anything to save her and she knew she could escape. She quickly threw the goblin on the floor. "A contract I want to make a Contract!" She does a flip and breaks her chains although her collar stays on. "Please!"
  8. The female started screaming something of a contract and he took a step back. She was making so much noise she could be attracting other goblins he'd have to take care of. If she insist so much, yes. She looked helpless, to be take down by a small weak goblin like that, she was in need of some type of help. Ven wasn't so sure, the woman saw that she back flipped and broke the chain. Well. Ven couldn't just pick up just anyone to have a contract with, if she could escape so easily, then he wasn't sure.

    He briskly turned his back to her, searching around for his master. "I do not know." He had simply to her, looking through the cells quietly.
  9. "Give me a contract Please!" She fell to her knees obviously exhausted by that 1 flip other goblins started to come and she looked up with pleading eyes "I need help" She had never imagined she would utter those words never never in her life did she think she'd need "Help". She was desperate she did not want to be left behind to rot she knew she knew she would perish if not today tomorrow. She looked up at the butler finding it difficult to stand, but with the help of a jail cell she gained her footing.
  10. Ven sighed, watching the goblins come. He was slightly annoyed that she attracted more attention, too tired for all this. The mark on his forehead, the one perfectly in the center of his forehead glowed. Seconds later, a bright yellow cross formed over her forehead, turning into one of his marks and sunk into her forehead, disappearing. It didn't burn at all, but it felt a little weird. Ven's mark stopped glowing as his disappeared. He unlocked her jail with the key he got from the goblin.
  11. Maël Teolen

    Character Sheet (open)

    Maël Teolen
    Alias: The Lion
    6'0" | 175 lbs.

    Abilities: Survival expertise, Stealth, Bow training
    Weaknesses: Arrogant, Not very fast (Leg injury, once bitten by a Lion), Fear of the paranormal phenomenas

    After Maël took back his breath, he once again tried to get up and this time managed to stand on his knee. Immediately, he inspected his body and felt a bump on his upper right shoulder. He realized that his upper back was kind of numb and after touching the bump, he felt a remnant of textured liquid on his fingertips. The liquid was of a purple colour and smelled horrid. "It looks like I've got caught off guard, those creatures must have poisoned me with some kind of dart." he thought.

    Lost in his thoughts, Maël was quickly grounded again after hearing the lady coming back towards his cell, but this time she was very loud and obnoxious to his liking. As she passed by, she threw the goblin on the dirt floor right next to his cell.

    As everything was going slow motion, with a keen eye focus, Maël took advantage of this opportunity and reached with his arms at the dazed goblin. Then quickly took him out in a smooth and efficient fashion.

    Unfortunately, after investigating the goblin's body, Maël didn't find any key to get out.
    However, the goblin owned a shiny dagger that was attached to his belt.

    Maël didn't know exactly what was going on in the corridor but he had the intention to find out.
    He placed himself with his back on the left wall of his cell, discretely using the dagger as a mirror and started evaluating the situation.​

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  12. ((sorry))
    She felt kind of weird when it happened and she touched her forehead, She let out a sigh and said "Now get me out of here..." She spoke with a heaviness in her voice as though she just made the biggest mistake of her life. She fell to her knees again her ears falling onto her scalp and she fainted from sleep deprivation. The last thing she saw was the man with the suit on looking back at her as she fell to the ground which was just soil nothing special,
  13. Maël Teolen

    Character Sheet (open)

    Maël Teolen
    Alias: The Lion
    6'0" | 175 lbs.

    Abilities: Survival expertise, Stealth, Bow training
    Weaknesses: Arrogant, Not very fast (Leg injury, once bitten by a Lion), Fear of the paranormal phenomenas

    While using his dagger as a mirror, Maël caught a glimpse of what those individuals might be. From where he is from, people call them warpers. Individuals who warp reality and shape it to their will. Magic users is the common term.
    Things couldn't be worse for him. He was stuck in this place and also perhaps in grand danger. But he had no choice to interact with those two strangers who were clearly trying to escape. It could be, perhaps his only chance to get out of this hostile environment.
    He took a moment to think twice about his next action and yelled:
    "Hello there fellows! I was wondering if you guys could help me get free from this place... do you guys think it's a reasonable request? I have combat knowledge and know my way around the jungles and what not. I can be of use!"

  14. nivek still counting with only one thought. 'to get out of here, i need to get alot of .attention' so nivek was thinkig if he banged on the cell the guards or someone would have to come. assuming he could win. "3....4...." nivek herd a screem and just shrugged it off as him hearing things then "5!" nivek made a full on bolt to hit the door with his shoulder making a loud bang witch got the gobblins attention. nivek held his shoulder as it throbed then nivek went back to the other side of his cell and reppeated his tackle once more but this time when he did so his should started to dislocate. "damn it i will get out i dont care how" he said as he started to get bac to his tackling spot. he looked at the cell door "i dont care how i get arm leg hell ill do anything even make a deal to get out" as he got ready to charge once more.
  15. Ven bent down, seeing as his new mistress has fainted and picked her up, throwing her over his shoulder. It was his duty to protect after all, right? Suddenly, a masculine voice came from a cell not too far for the duo, and Ven turned around to find the source of the voice. He was asking to be freed, yes? But he wasn't sure he could go willy-nilly and just unlock all the cells and let everyone free. He did say he was of use though and this was an earth dungeon. Ven thought about the water droplet.

    He grunted, walking over and slowly opening the jail. "If you slip up and I become suspicious of you, I will not hesitate to end your life." He mumbled. He thought of the potential danger that this male could put his Masters and mistresses through, but he was going to stay on top notch guard. Ven sighed, searching about and making sure to not directly put his back towards the newly freed male. Ven heard thumping, and a voice that sounded familiar. Sensing quickly, a master was here. He began to follow the trail, looking at his young master Nivek charging the cell. Ven quickly held out one hand, stopping him.

    "Caution, Master." He grumbled, using the key to unlock the cell. "I sense a slight fracture of your right shoulder. You mustn't make such rash actions." Ven said. He was weary and could heal him right away, but it was only a slight fracture, he would live. He'd have to keep an extra sharp on him, because of mild injury. "I apologize, my energy is rattled. I cannot heal you right now. We should plan leaving the place immediately, and leave the healing later on. Do you believe you can handle that, or is the pain too much?"
  16. [​IMG]
    Name: Haruki Gorgen
    Gender: Male
    Age: 13
    Height: 4'8"
    Weight: 120lbs
    Abilities: Infared Vision, Telepathy, Pyrokinesis
    • Weaknesses: Cannot see in light due to infared eyes that do not dialate.
    • Weak magic
    • Relies on hearing and vibration to move around during the day.
    Watched over by Ven: Ven's decision on whether he wishes to deal with Haruki.

    Haruki sat in his cell bleeding from the head and left elbow. His neck was chained to the back of the wall, as well as his hands cuffed behind his back. Hearing the sounds of talking and bickering did not help Haruki determine his situation. The cold cobblestone floor nulled vibration through his boots. Haruki was tired and couldn't manage even a shout. He began talking as if someone stood before him and clicking his boots hoping someone could hear him. He could only see certain areas where the flame didn't flicker so he only looked left or up. "Hello? Who's there? Why am I here?" Haruki spoke calmly. "Please I cannot see in the light. Put out the fire. So I can look around, I can light the fire again if I get something to eat." Haruki stayed surprisingly calm.
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  17. [​IMG]

    Cadence Silidon
    5'3"/ 93 lbs
    Abilities: Can fly, Only requires to eat food once a month, Extremely fast
    Weaknesses: Sensitive to sunlight, Insomnia, Delicate skin that is easily damaged

    Is being watched over Ven


    Cadance lay in her cell, her clothes ripped and damaged. She watched the cell door carefully with anger at the goblins burning in her veins. She heard the commotion and chuckled, hoping eventually somebody would come to save her, someone always did... Or so she longed for such to be true. Bruises, cuts and scars marred her delicate and if she were to attempt to escape, she would probably just injure herself further. She whimpered softly after rolling her shoulders back. When the goblins originally attacked she had been able to run from them but afterwards they had ambushed her, grabbing hold of her before she could get away. Sighing she continued to stare out the bars.

    She groaned a bit before standing up and walking to the cell door so she could look around to see what might be happening to cause all of the noise before. She just wanted to be out of this retched cell and these dirty floors and the goblins that have injured her enough already. "Somebody help me please..."She shook the door and saw everybody a few doors down, one of them being Ven. She smiled and continued to shake the cell door and try to grab their attention. "Please... Help me!"
  18. Still awaiting Nivek's answer, he fixed Sora in his grip and wondered when the new mistress will awaken. Despite his sheer will power of protecting people he watches over, there's only so much one butler as him can take. But he didn't matter currently, it was just his masters and mistresses.... His state of being didn't matter unless they weren't safe.

    Ven noticed a voice from a while, but sensing that the another contract aura wasn't fading, he began to walk around, passing his next mistress a few times. He then stopped right in front of her, blinking. "There you are.... ...." He frowned, quickly opening the cage and charging towards her. Her skin.
  19. Haruki heard the sounds of footsteps coming looking up and to his left he saw nothing so he listened carefully to the shuffling of feet next to him. Assuming the were just the guards who were keeping him imprisoned he crawled to the sides of his cell until he felt the warmth of light. Reaching the edges of his cell door, he finally felt the warmth of the fire. He started blowing with the little energy he had, after many attempts of making the light dance he finally blew it out darkening his end of the hall. Blinking until the white dispersed from his vision, Haruki looked at the wall and saw two figures on the other side, one standing before another. He knelt against the opposing wall watching the two converse. Haruki attempted to communicate, but fell to the floor with a thud.
  20. She smiled when he stopped in front of the door and he opened it, he came. Someone always comes. She exhaled deeply her body easing with relief but she saw the troubled look Ven held in his eyes and she smiled reassuringly. "Ven... Don't worry, I am fine. I promise you. okay?" Cadence reached up and pat the tall butler on the chest before continuing, "They are just scratches and bruises and they'll heal. Lets just focus on getting out of here okay?" Being her size, she spoke in a very soft voice, trying to ignore how it felt to be so damaged. She shuffled her wings, making sure they weren't injured and to her happy surprise, they were fine.

    She let out a breathy sigh and hugs herself as she walks past him, recognizing one of the three people standing there as another of Ven's contractee's she nods at him, frowning at the condition of his shoulder. She looked at the others and shrugged a bit not recognizing them. one was a girl with a collar around her neck as if she were someones pet, and the other was a man that did not look... friendly to be exact... But she shrugged it off and sighed.
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