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  1. Hello.

    1. I am an Advance RPG writer. For me advanced means adequate spelling, grammar, length (aprox. 1 page in Word), and frequency (at least once a week). I would expect the same from my partner although I find 3 paragraphs adequate especially during heavy dialogue scenes.

    2. I am a female in my late twenties. I am comfortable writing as either a male or female. I am comfortable writing any kind of sexually oriented character (after all I’m not on this site to pretend I’m getting laid, I’m here to hone my writing skills).

    3. I like to play multiple characters at a time with over-arching stories.

    4. Romantic scenes are fine but they shouldn’t be the main focus. Gore is fine, but it shouldn’t be the main focus.

    5. I plan on using the 1x1 forum.

    6. Below are three of my original plot ideas. I favor the genres of sci-fi, steam punk, dystopia, post-apocalyptic, and modern/historical fantasy. If you have any original ideas of your own, please feel free to share. Some of my best and most favorite RPGs have come about because of my partner's ideas.

    Plot Ideas


    “We think so you won’t have to”- Advertisement on the subway​

    Restraint (open)
    No one remembers what it was like anymore. They don’t teach that history in school. There’s theories, you know, the ones you whisper to yourself at night and hope no one else is listening in on your thoughts. Theories are nice but in the end it doesn’t matter. Nope, in the end you get to wake up every day to the reality of the situation. You live in the city of Restraint. You were born here and you’ll die here tucked behind the city walls. No one leaves, why would they? Nothing’s on the outside afterall, at least that’s what they’ve told you. You wake up every morning and you take your regulation vitamin. When you were young, you went to school, you studied hard, and you took a test. The test assigned you a job, a living quarter, a spouse, and if you could have children. You go along on a track that’s been laid out for you since almost before you were born. What more could you want? To escape? My friend there is only one escape and the Rebels have mastered that already- a shot to the head. Live happy or die happy, no one really cares either way.


    If peace could really change the world, it would have happened already. ”-Second Commander of the Black Collation​

    Delegates of Erinmead (open)
    Erimeade is a country formed out of a collection of seven smaller provinces that came together over seventy years ago because of the threat of an invasion from the eastern continent. Erimeade is run by the Ruling Court. Once a year, each providence sends a delegate to represent their areas interests and bring any concerns. These people are usually from the elite class and often care little about the affairs of common folk. While skirmishes have occasionally popped up, most of the country had remained peaceful in the past fifty years while any out breaks are quickly quelled by the Erimead High Guard. The peaceful years have eroded away any ties the providences have to each other and infighting has kept the delegates at each other’s throats for the past ten years. To make matters worse, a rebel group known as the Black Collation has been stirring up the countryside. The Delegates of Erimeade have been requested to return to the Ruling Court early in a last ditch effort to regain peace and unity in the kingdom. A week after this request was sent, one of the seven Delegates was found murdered in her home. Some feel this was brutal act is the work of the Black Collation, while others feel it was due to some sort of political intrigue. Still a small few wonder if it has anything to do with the armies amassing in the far east.


    The difference between heaven and hell isn’t that one’s good and the other’s bad, it’s that one’s good and the other’s better.” –Anonymous​

    Of Angels and Demons (open)
    ”There used to be rules to being a daemon and I’m not talking about “Don’t cheat on your spouse or don’t mutilate the neighbor’s dog” either kinda rules either. Everyone breaks those. I’m taking about the real rules, the ones where big guy down stairs would blink you out of existence faster than an angel can the Hail Mary. You know, like how you weren’t supposed to kill human pre-maturely ‘cause that violated the whole ‘limited interference’ business. Like how could only temp humans, not drag their soul out of their bodies and lead them into hell. Or like how you could only “mingle” with other daemons, never humans, and especially not angels. And those were the rules. Simply little rules really. Good solid rules that kept everyone happy for centuries. Sure heaven’s enrollment was going up, but ours was going up faster. Maybe that’s why Gabriel gave some humans the power to fight and kill us daemons. I’d say it was sheer jealous, assuming angels could feel that- which I’m sure they can’t. I suppose his plan would have worked too, except you know what they say about the best intentions. Now his ass is locked up in the ninth circle until the rest of us can sort the entire mess out. Because these guys aren’t just killing us daemons, no, they’re killing off the angels, and more importantly the humans too. Sure souls are in nice supply now, but they are a renewable resource and they need time to, you know, ‘renew’. What this all means is that just this once we’re going to have to learn to suck it up and work together with the tightwads in cloud land. But I promise you this, as soon as this threat is gone, all bets are off.”

    Please feel free to reply below or PM me!​
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  2. Hey, dropping interest here on Restraint. I'll be able to get in touch tomorrow morning with more detail.
  3. Feel free to PM me. :)
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