"Chasing Shadows"

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  1. "Chasing Shadows"

    [ 9:30 PM, Somewhere in the vicinity of Mount St. Helens ]
    Silver Team
    Jack walked along the jagged crags littered with plant life, scanning his every surrounding. The only noise in the air was of the songbirds, unaware of the situation. Silver Team was on a beast hunt, and the suspected creatures were Hellhounds, and large, monstrous bats. He looked to the ground, and observed a track. It was twice the size of any dog track, and from what Jack could tell, these ones had nasty claws. He removed the safety of his weapon, and slowly looked around in a circle. The birds fell silent and the sound was replaced by the snapping of a branch and the rush of wing beats. A flash of dark brown glided towards him with alarming speed he turned towards the noise and sprayed bullets towards it, A talon hit against his helmet and scraped his visor. It flew past him into the treeline, concealing itself once again. He took a blue flare gun, pointed it into the air and fired. He yelled.
    "Target acquired, this one's a mean one!"
    The creature stared to fly above the treeline, and it was easier to see.
    A grotesque bat with sharp talons and a gaping maw, the roughly size of a mule.

    Iron Talons
    Boss, as he was called by his allies, sat at the top of a hill, somewhat cloaked by the shade of a boulder he was leaning up against. He looked perfectly content right now, watching a lizard on a rock. He heard the sound of gunshots, and not a few seconds later, he saw a blue flare rise into the air. The followed the blue trail down to the one who cast it, the Field Commander of Silver Team. He pointed down towards it, and looked back at some of his followers behind him. "Oh... Look what the cat dragged in." He turned his head back for a few more seconds, and looked back once more. "Should we go say hello?" Gnaw showed up at the back of the group, and sat down, looking at all of the demons there.

    Ardent Knights
    Virick was weaving through a pack of Hellhounds, his blessed silver blade glowing in the light of the setting sun. The blazing hounds charging towards him, a ravenous wave of claws and teeth and flaming breath, broke upon his shield like water upon rock. With a wide swing of his blade, he cleaved two of them, and in an impressive maneuver, four were taken out by a blast of pressurized holy water from a thrown grenade. The rest of the pack kept their distance, slowly circling him as he held a defensive stance. He looked to the skies, and saw a blue flare that could mean only one thing: Silver Team was in the area. He looked around, he saw nobody but him, and the Hellhounds, readying to descend upon him.
    "Come on you monsters... make a move..."
    [Hell Hound]
    A canine creature with strong forelimbs,a tough hide, and fiery breath, twice the size of a St Bernard.

  2. It had not been a good day for Angelica. The dust and dirt of the mountain had gotten absolutely everywhere, making her miserable. In addition, she'd been having trouble keeping up with the other members of Silver Team. Oh, and there was the unnerving problem of being on a volcano.

    "Why do we have to be out here? I mean, it's dangerous; I might break a nail!"

    "Honey, you want to see dangerous, you should check out The Bloodflame Pits of Aztara. Now that's a place even I stay away from."

    The conversation between Angelica and Sariel was suddenly cut short by the screech of the camazotz. Angelica groaned. Her weapon was a bolt-action sniper rifle. Perfect for picking off hellhounds at long range, but useless in a fight like this. She would have to rely on her magic.

    "Want me to take over?"

    "Nah, I think I can handle an overgrown bloodsucker. Call you if I need you, though."

    Angelica raised her right hand and made a fist, then brought it down hard. The resultant telekinetic strike would slam into the demonic bat from above, hopefully clobbering it into the ground where her teammates could finish it off.
  3. Gévaudan found himself contempt for once, it wasn´t often that he could feel as comfortable as now and to unleash himself from the chains of his human form without stirring others in the vicinity. Like a bolt, the demon glints through the darkness gracing the flora with steps that barely pressed against the ground and more often than not, found their way in the trunks and thick branchment of trees.

    The blue flare is perceived by most of his senses and much like his partners would do, Gévaudan´s attention is redirected. Prior to changing his focus, his objective was scouting through which he might have heard the roaring of blaze and the sticky clitter of flesh, however there was not enough time nor evidence to prove the origins.

    Leaves reverberates as he hurls himself in the air through the foyage, landing and braking sideways through the soil with his feet´s nails tearing through whilst his eyes are locked on the Camazotz. The black furred demon´s mass shifts foward, now charging full throttle with his arms and legs pushing through the dirt. "Here it goes!" shouts pumped by adrenaline, making his best effort to use Angelica´s assault and sweeping his clawed right hand at the creature.
  4. The creature's head shot towards him, and the creature swiped a hooked hand in his direction, but was quickly tore open, it's bones and flesh (adapted for flight.) provided little resistance. The Camazotz shrieked, and twitched for a short while, then all movement ceased. The camazotz was slain.
  5. The woman faced the view, her eyes were closed. Her long white hair, which nearly touched the ground, blew gently in the wind. Like always, the womans eyes were closed, but had opened to visually take in the sight before her. Behind her, a large dragon-like creature stood. His heavy breaths and occasional low growls echoed amongst the other demons, some of which feared her beast.

    Sazael stood behind, yet near Boss, her black beast towering behind her. She looked at her leader before shifting her gaze towards the Silver Team. A small smirk appeared on her face as she looked back at Boss with a rather sly look. Going down to say hi didn't seem like a bad idea, but she waited for Boss' orders. "It's only fair to greet them properly, Boss," Sazael stated her opinion, Xeneus letting out a low growl in agreement. The giant beast was rather obedient today, which made it much easier for her to command him today.

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  6. Boss looked over in the direction of the setting sun. "Let's wait until it's dark... If they're still here then we can chase them off... Because I actually brought you here to discuss a big plan. We probably shouldn't be this close. After all, we don't want anyone spying." He started to move opposite the direction of Silver Team, while gnaw stared at Jack for a few moments, before following Boss.
  7. (Walker & Esper collaborative post)

    3 months ago, Dranon City
    Maddie stood up and pulled her hood over her head immediately. The man before her lay slumped against the brick and mortar apartment complex that had seen better days certain, but now it was in a terrible part of town where gun shots were background noise. No one called the police here and that was the way she preferred it.

    Silver Team usually opposed this behavior, but she made a point of exercising discretion in her habit as well as picking targets that were scum in general. "A shame you were handsy and demanding or we could have had a little fun before I sent you to Hell. No matter, best make it look like an accident", she mumbled to herself.

    She lay the body out carefully, having studied a few of the more creative police photos of crime scenes. A personal favorite was a junkie robbed for his drugs. The practice of setting the scene was simple as long as no one saw or she would have two bodies to dispose of tonight.

    Just then her ear perked up at the sound of soft foot falls. This wasn't a human, because humans even with all the background noise they may as well have been stomping through a library and ringing a bell to alert everyone to their presence. No, this creature was demon or mythical at the very least to move as quietly as it did.

    A young man stepped out from the shadows, his figure slim and his sandy blond hair framing his face. "Well well, what do we have here?" he chortled. 'Looks like you've got yourself some fun after all." he began to grin and his silvery eyes took on a red glow. "How about it sist-" just before he could finish his sentence, the young man found himself suddenly flying sideways as he felt a hard impact on the side of his face. He landed in the trash pile with a crash, but quickly got up to a upright leaning position to see just who or what had hit him.

    Another man, quite a bit taller than he was, stood there where he had been, and was putting his hand into the pocket of his brown trench coat. The second man was not looking at him, but rather the woman. "You're a real pain in the ass. At least make sure you're not followed next time" he said in a growling baritone. The first man stood quickly and pointed at the newcomer. 'Who the hell are you?! You think you can just hit me and act like nothing happened?!" He didn't respond, or even look his way. "I'll teach you not to fuck with a demon!" he rushed at the taller man. With a simple shifting of his weight, he slid his foot to the side and kicked out the young man's leg, and then took the same hand he had struck him with before and slammed his palm into the man's chest. this time, he flew further back, slamming into and cracking the bricks of the building wall.

    The second man took back to his eased stance and glanced to the side. The demon doubled over and started coughing up blood, struggling to breath. 'Next time I hit you will be the last. Now get out of my sight" the man said in his low growl. The demon leaned into the wall for support as he started to limp away, gasping for air. Turning back to Maddie, the man spoke again. "I swear I have a sixth sense when it comes to you, woman."

    "Hi Lu", Maddie replied with a giggle. Lucien had already finished off the demon with brutal efficiency, par for the course as long as she didn't need to clean up after the second one who limping away. "You're always right on time you know. Like a finely tuned watch. Say this wasn't your mark was it? I found him dead this time."
    She smiled at Lucien and approached him slowly, remembering his warning of keeping her filthy succubus hands safely out of siphoning distance from him, but that never stopped her before from ignoring his warnings. "But he did owe me money for services rendered so I will just take his wallet and call it even. For that matter what brings you to my alley way at this hour stranger?"
    She put one hand on her hip, another against the brick wall. Her skin tone shifted to a light shade of tan, eyes brown and hair black. Arianna was the first version of herself Lucien had met and for some reason always saw through her disguises regardless of how she appeared. It amused her that she couldn't play games with him, instead getting an eyeroll for her troubles usually.

    "Do as you wish, it's not my problem." Lucien glanced over to the body, a ragged man he had arrested once before on drug charges. He pushed the thought from his mind as his eyes turned back to the succubus. "I came to give you a bit of information," he said as he ran a hand through his long brown hair to move it away from his face. "i've been kicked off the force, so i wont be the one arresting you on a failed con or any other trouble you get into anymore. I'm also moving again. To a city further up north and opening my own investigative office." He pulled wrapped up convenience store bag from his other pocket, and tossed it on the ground between them. "A parting gift, from the last bust. Just enough to look like intent to distribute, but not enough to look like a stock. I had a feeling you might need one last cover." Lucien turned to walk away without waiting for a response, but paused just after he took a few steps. He glanced over his shoulder back at the woman. "And try to stay out of trouble from now on" was all he said, and continued forward.

    Present day, Selicin City, Silver Wolf Private Investigations Office.

    The Argent Knights' agent left the office with a bow. Lucien sat back down at his desk and looked at the missive that had been given to him, detailing a Demon he was now hired to hunt down. Sitting under it was a missive from a Silver Team agent asking for the same job. Leaning back in his chair and placing his feet up on the desk, he wondered to himself if Jack and Virick even knew they had both asked him to hunt the same filth that had holed up in the city. Or if they knew he had already been investigating this demon from another case he was on. He placed his hands behind his head and closed his eyes with a grin. "one job, three paychecks. I'm not going to complain. At least the rent will get paid this month and the landlord will get off my back." A kettle began to whistle, and Lucien got up from his desk to grab it off the portable electric stove top. The office was small, but has his desk, a closet, mini fridge, and a cot hanging on one side. It seemed like he spent more time in the office than his apartment.

    As he poured the hot water into a waiting cup of noodles, his grin faded. He sighed as he placed the fork over the cup to let it cook. "guess I cant get away from trouble after all" he said under his breath. He leaned back in his chair and rested his feet on the desk again, brushing back his hair away from his face before placing his hands behind his head. "Might as well wait here for her to show up."

    A few minutes later, Maddie knocked at the door. "Lu", she purred softly between not so subtle knocks upon the door. "I see you in there so don't try and pretend you can't hear me. You probably heard me coming anyways." She leaned against the door and shifting out of 'Arianna' and back into 'Maddie'. "I need a favor."
    She grumbled as she twisted the handle and eased the door open. "Typical Lu, assuming I will just barge in without so much as an invitation." With a quick glance to make sure she wasn't followed or being scryed on, she slipped inside. Today she was dressed in black boots that laced up and stopped just below mid thigh along with her signature tight jeans and v-neck shirt look. "Now Lu is that any way to treat a lady of class? Favor for a favor. I come bearing gifts in the form of pictures, but you know, hear me out at least then you can have these." She waved the manila envelope in her hand, fanning herself. "Because these are hot and you'll want them."

    Lucien didn't bother moving from his relaxed position, but turned his head to look at Maddie. "If they are more pictures of you...having fun in your favorite forms, that album is over there on the shelf collecting dust" he pointed to the bookshelf on the side wall with his thumb. "If it's pictures about Lazarion and his crew, I already have all five of his aliases, all his workshop locations, his crew's routes, and a list of everyone that has been kidnapped, raped, or killed by him and his group. They went dark last week, and I've tracked them down to their warehouse on the outskirts. his entire crew is there, as well as all his victims. He only acts on the nights of the crescent moons, and tonight is a waning. I've also paced the entire warehouse in a runic stasis circle."

    He sighed, "but what do you want anyway? Not like I ever tell you no anyhow."

    "It seems an old friend came looking for me the last week and I really don't want to involve Silver in this. For one they don't approve of my side work to pay for my luxury apartment, but that is another story for another time." She paced around the desk and set herself down atop it comfortably with legs crossed.
    "DJ DMNHNTR. I think he's an Argent or works with them. I don't you suppose you remember the night you left town and we were in the alley. That guy was his brother and he didn't think it was drugs that killed him. What is it with humans anyways? You pay for the sins you commit in blood. It doesn't have to be your blood, sins aren't picky whose blood is shed in payment. I digress. He hired someone tracker to try and find me. Got close a few times, but I managed to throw him off the trail. Silver has something against killing humans who don't have it coming and so I bring this to you. Amateur competition."

    He took his feet off the desk and leaned forward onto it, a serious look on his face. "I hate it when you ask me for favors like this, but I guess I can deal with it. Virick wont be too happy about it if he finds out, but I'm nothing if not discrete." He snagged the cup of noodles from beside where Maddie was sitting, and then pointed to the second one beside it. "I knew you were going to show up, so I went ahead and made you one. Spicy shrimp is the menu tonight." knowing her, she wouldn't have even noticed there had only been one cup when she sat down, or noticed the empty cup in the trashcan beside the desk. He had used a simple time lapse spell, holding her without her noticing just before she started speaking. It gave him time to eat, see that she really did just bring more pictures of her self, and make two more cups, because he was hungry.

    "I know the tracker he hired. The kid is not with the Ardent Knights, but his hound is. Guy is their first go to when I wont take a job." he slurped down some of the noodles after he spoke. "All the kid had to say was he was hunting a succubus, and the guy jumped on it." His thoughts turned tot he red missive in the bottom drawer of his desk. He hadn't planed to take that job, but now it looked like he was going to anyway. If he was going to help Maddie, he would have to make sure none of it could be traced back to either of them.

    "Oh he would jump on it. I mean there have been plenty of would be demon hunters notched on my bed post. Tasty all of them. Handcuffs, blindfolds, sometimes I let them watch in the mirror too as I suck the life out of them." She giggled, not being able to resist the chance to play with words. Lucien grimaced as Maddie spoke.

    "I will pass on the noodles though, seeing as I already ate some of your would be business before I came in, but I did take his envelope full of money. It's yours since it would have been like stealing from you." She dug a white envelope out of her purse. "Four hundred dollars and a picture of a pretty young thing too. What do you think he wanted with her? I do wonder."
    She tilted her head to one side, thinking over it for a moment. "If only I had the picture first. The play on irony would have been delicious. Just a little shift and his eyes would have been huge." All this talk would have branded her an Iron Talon, except she only fed on scum and only when she was hungry, which had been more often lately. She had a problem and she knew it, but the high was too good to pass up, on top of the power it gave her.
    "And what's the plan. I can help you know. Silver has me working intel gathering for them. Not like I am complaining. It is stable hours and decent pay, but boring and I like excitement. Still...why don't you stay at the apartment? There is more than enough room if you don't mind the cat."

    "First off, don't go eating my clients. Even if he was a pile of shit, you don't do that, woman. Secondly, I've told you a thousand times before, I will not so much as enter your apartment. It's hard enough to stay away from you and those soul sucking hands with you always showing up here." he finished draining the noodles and grabbed the other cup. "And as for you helping, you leave a distinctive presence when you show up anywhere. To keep us both covered, I'll handle your tracker and the punk alone. but you can help me out with this other Silver Team case I have. I need information." He slurped down another fork full. Setting the cup down, he glanced at Maddie, pausing on her figure for a moment despite himself before meeting her eyes.

    "I need you to track down another succubus and her incubus brother." He glanced away from her. "They've gotten a bit handsy with the locals, seven dead in the last month. Jack was worried it was you at first, but I knew it wasn't." He turned back to her again. "He is not to know you're anywhere near this case, got it? Some of his people still think you're involved, and I'm the only one that knows otherwise."
  8. Virick had slain the last of the hellhounds. With a flick of his wrist, he cleared the boiling blood from his sword. He took a deep breath, and when the rush of adrenaline had cleared, he felt a sharp jolt in his lower left leg... One of the beasts had managed to sink it's teeth in. He would not be able to walk properly until he found either a medic or a cleric. He raised his hand and was about to call out... But something stopped him. He looked up, and saw a blue flare.
    "A Silver Team beast hunt? I wonder..."
    He removed his communication device, and sent a message to the Knights in the area.
    "We have a chance to challenge our rivals, do we take it?"
    No voice responded.
    He was concerned, and proceeded to wander about, looking for signs of his followers.

    It is very likely that the smell of his cursed blood will alert demons.

    Hungry yet patient fangs stalked him from the cover of the trees.
  9. "Discuss a big plan? That sounds interesting. I can't wait to hear, " Sazael said as she followed after Boss, Xeneus following close behind. Despite his large and bulky stature, Xeneus' foot steps were, for the most part, quiet and nearly undetectable with normal, human hearing. While following him, she wondered what this plan he spoke of was. Maybe it was something to bring down the Silver Team and Ardent Knights? Or just a plan in general to propel the demons forward. Either way, it must be important.
  10. Jack walked through the woods, in the direction the camazotz fell. It was along the way that he stumbled upon a gruesome site. In a clearing, atop a boulder, were four dead humans, one was impaled on a tree, the others were scattered... One was being gnawed by a camazotz. Jack raised his machine gun and shot down the beast, shattering it's head.

    Upon closer expection, it was revealed that the corpses were members of the Ardent Knights.

    He activated his communication device.
    "We got some dead... They're Ardent Knights, cause of death; uncertain, these guys got messed up. Probably Hellhounds... Wait no... No burns, gashes are too big for camaAH[static]"

    Gunshots could be heard, and a black flare shot out of the trees at a 45° angle.
  11. The camazotz had died quickly, not putting up enough resistance to even be called a fight. Angelica moved cautiously forward, soon seeing the same gruesome sight as Jack.

    "Shit. Whatever did this is rather big and extremely pissed. Any ideas?"

    "Maybe, but I'd need to have ten or fifteen minutes alone with the body."

    "You do realize how that sounds, right?"


    Just then, gunshots rang out. Angelica's brain went into overdrive. She didn't want to take on whatever this was with her human frailties, so that left only one option. "Jack, get clear! Sariel, you have my explicit permission to take over my body!"

    A wind whistled through through the clearing as Angelica's- no, Sariel's- eyes turned blood red. "Alright, whatever you are, show yourself!"
  12. (I´ll most likely post tonight so i am keeping this spot for what´s to be written. Currently I got my hands full.)
  13. A large beast stepped slowly but silently out of the trees, it looked like a griffin... But something was off... It's beak was bent, and part of it was growing over it's right eye. One of it's feet had an extra claw, it's right back leg was moving with a severe limp. Patches of feathers were missing from it's skin, and enough on it's left wing were gone to render it flightless. It did not raise it's head proudly, but it held it's head straight forward, at roughly the same height as a human's.

    It stumbled along like a rabid dog looking about. It's head turned slowly towards Sariel, and it stopped, it's claws slowly scratched at the ground, and it's beak opened and closed like a fish on dry land. Blood dripped from it were bullets managed to pierce it's flesh. It's single eye closed for a few seconds as it's head twitched. It shrieked like an eagle, and charged towards Sariel in an attempt to bite her.
    [A large beast that resembles an eagle with the lower body of a lion, they normally live far from where they could encounter humans.]

    The Boss had led his followers into a secluded cave. He told a few of them to guard the exit, and to make sure they could't be heard from outside. A few minutes later, with the confirmation that they were clear, Boss stood in front of his followers.
    "I have very important news to tell you all, and this may come as a shock... But... I'm dying."
    Demons talked amongst each other.
    "Some of you may be aware of a large burn scar on my back, well, it's spreading. I only have about fifteen more years before it overtakes my whole body, my powers disappear, and I crumble to dust."
    More chatter among his followers.
    "As a goodbye gift, I'm going to reveal our biggest operation yet! I won't live to see the end, but I'm going to sum it up in one word; Conquest."
    A quiet cheer from the crowd.
    "And I know just how we're going to do it. These Humans have many myths and stories, many founded in some sort of truth, and recent research from the Ardent Knights have revealed that there IS such an artifact... As Pandora's Box! We get Pandora's Box, and we open it to make a highway to Hell, demons pour out in large numbers, and we got our own country. Of course, were going to need to clear out the Humans, so we're going to make this volcano blow up. How? We'll get some 'help' from the Humans, were going to drill a big hole, throw a nuke down it, it'll explode, and we have a spot to open the box, set up a capital, and then we're taking over!"
    Many of his followers start to clap.
    "And maybe if we're lucky, we'll some Silver Team or Ardent Knights will get caught in the blast..."

    It was getting darker outside.
  14. Gevaudan´s claws make it right through the Camazotz flesh, flinging four tails of blood which soon splatter on the soil, but has no time to celebrate the short term victory. The beast-like demon whips his bloodied hand as to not hint others with visual trail of his position due to this short interaction and proceeds to follow his partners quietly.

    "Good now let´s go for the next one..." said Gevaudan in between heavy breaths which soon ease down.

    Unlike his partners his more acute senses anticipate the Griffin earlier by a few second, by the smell of the blood in its wounds and the sound of it moving. He was actually at medium range from his party and by the time it appeared, he wouldn´t be able to convey this information before it found them first, thus, deciding to keep this to himself trusting in the capacities of his team mates.

    Through the bushes Gevaudan, like a hunter, threads carefully waiting for an oportunity to charge. His fierce eyes stares from the shadows.
  15. The griffin did not look healthy, but that didn't mean it wasn't dangerous. It slammed into Sariel with severe force, but it thankfully didn't get any of her flesh in its jaws. She was knocked back several feet.

    "Urk. Can't take this one lightly." Sariel got up, wiping dirt from her eyes. She then charged in and grabbed the griffin's wing, using her plague spreading powers to infect the griffin with several nasty bugs. They wouldn't necessarily kill it, but the griffin would be slowed down for others to deliver the finishing blow.
  16. Jack was slouched against a tree, with a nasty gash on his back. He fumbled through his things, and injected a shot if morphine into his torso.

    No longer feeling his injury, he got up. "I got a feeling we should keep this one!" He loaded and aimed his net gun, and managed to trap the back legs of the griffin. It fell to the ground, trying to drag itself along, but was hit with tranq darts from another of Jack's weapons.
    He approached the sleeping beast.
    "Damn... This thing's messed up."

    He made his way to the bodies, looked at them for a moment, and talked into his communication device.
    "We need a cargo transport vechicle, and some evac, Virick's probably somewhere around here, and we don't want him to think his dead comrades are our fault... Yeah... Affirmative."
    He switched modes on his device, talking to his whole team.
    "Mission accomplished, no casualties, three injured, I'm one of 'em, go do whatever you want, I've got some paperwork... I'll call when the next mission pops up."
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