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    • The world had ended for unknown reason several thousand years ago. The only things left behind form after the fall are some aspects of futuristic technology, and dozens of large, humanoid creatures wearing multi-colored armor-like suits. The people of this new Earth are high superstitious regarding the 'aliens,' and call them 'Olde Gods,' sometimes even worshiping them, fearing that one day they would wake up and reclaim Earth, killing humans again.

      Humanity has resettled coastal areas and spawned villages with what little supplies they could scavenge. Development completely halted, humans return to a medieval-era style of living.

      Where this RP takes place, there are three countries in the middle of a big chunk of Europe.

      Morsa: A barbaric land of desserts and swamps. It is the most south of all the counties. People from Morsa usually have tan skin, and are known traders. This land is treated with some minor suspicion, because of a Morsian assassin that had killed the kings of Amoria and Casiel in an effort to end the war between the two nations (only making everything worse).

      Amoria: They consider themselves the most 'civilized' and 'diplomatic' of the countries. Amoria is full of forests and grassy hills, and greatly resembles the Shire from Lord of the Rings. They are at war with the Kingdom of Casiel.

      Castiel: Named after their first King and founder.
      They consider themselves the most 'civilized' and 'diplomatic' of the countries, just like Amoria. This is the most northward country, and suffers cold weather and a difficult landscape. Amorians are treated with great suspicion in Castiel.

      Our tale takes place in The Kingdom of Castiel.
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    Cassius AlbanusIt was a pouring when Cassius met the tavern owner on the road, leaning over as if struggling to see something at his feet. Naturally, the boy had approached the stranger to investigate the cause of the man's odd pose, and when he did so, the man whirled around and stared with wide, terrified eyes. Something in them radiated a sadness the Cassius couldn't hope to understand, not when he was always preferred to send his companions away, knowing none of them could last by his side. This was a man afraid of being alone, unlike Cassius, who trampled such feelings deep into his soul and locks them away, finding them unnecessary, because they make him feel weird.

    Upon recognizing who Cassius was, the tavern owner clutched the blonde's travel cloak and cried out, "Oh, Whitesteel Guard, please hear me! My name is Barrius, and my ward, Farah, has... She's..."
    Cassius smiled at him warmly, despite feeling the cold rain dripping down his face, and extended his arms to gently touch the man's shoulders. This seemed to calm the stranger. Cassius's eyes were the only two pools of water beside the path and the flowers that remained steady and calm during the downpour.

    "I am listening, friend."

    "My ward- I am terribly worried for her safety, sir! She's gone off again, clad in armor, to live in the forest alone. Sir, I would like to hire you to keep her safe- for she means to seek a terrible revenge!" The man trembled under Cassius's hands, and the blonde shifted to stand beside the man. Buisness dalings were not to be done without coin and quill, and paper on hand. "Let us go somewhere else. Somewhere warmer. I will gladly hear you once we are out of this rain." He placed a hand on the man's back, encouraging him to walk forward.


    And that was how Cassius ended up at the edge of the Blackwoods, pocket heavy with 2,000 gold coins, aiming himself towards where he knew the Grove would be, for there was where his job sat crouched beneath a patch-work tent, bitterly scheming.
    The rain let up slightly, and the flowers crowding the edge of the woods could finally expel their sweet breath into the air, much to Cassius's delight. Birch trees peeked brightly between dark pines, and birdsong echoed among their branches. Why was such a lovely place called 'Blackwoods,' he wondered, taking a step forward.

    Farah had suffered a terrible fate. But what was worse was her penchant for revenge, despite not her not knowing who was responsible for the terrible things that had befallen her.
    Cassius could understand her need, though. He too would want revenge if it were possible at all for him to be bested by his enemies.
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  1. Farah Montague
    Farah sat criss-crossed on the floor, skimming through the neatly written information on the piece of parchment, before a heavy sigh escaped through her lips. None of the information was useful, or at least reliable. When she had fully recovered, Farah had gone back to see the villa in complete ash and ruins. The only thing among the rubble she was able to recover was the pendant she currently wore around her neck. Anyways, after her little hunt for anything that survived the fire, Farah had went around the neighboring homes asking questions on whether they had seen anything suspicious the night before the fire or anything after it and all she got was this irrelevant information.

    In her frustration, she ran her hands through her hair and the tip of her fingers came in contact with the scar running along her forehead. Bitter memories stung her mind and the image of an intimidating male came along. His skin was tan with a couple of thin scars running along his face. He was stocky and tall with a smirk always present on his lips. His dark brown eyes, close to black, were the most haunting of all.

    She could still feel his hands roaming over her body, groping. No matter how hard she scrubbed her skin raw, the feeling of dirtiness persisted and she hated it. She hated that sensation and she hated that man. Along with his cronies. They brought all this pain and left her with nothing. No home. No family. Farah clenched her fists and hadn't realized that she was crumbling the paper until she glanced down. "What good is this anyway." She murmured sourly, before ripping the paper to shreds, taking her anger out on it. She would find those bastards and give them what they deserve.

    First things first, though. Where was their hideout? She had to find them first before should could fully plan and enact it. How she would do that? She didn't know, yet. But she would find them in time.
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  2. Cassius AlbanusHis steps snapped no twigs- he stalked through the woods like a cat, but with his golden locks, he was more of a proud lion- careful and precise with his body. This was a skill he had honed for many years with the Elite. They had often hunted for bandits in the woods, mostly for sport, and his mentor made sure to remind Cassius of every misstep and cracked twig until the boy knew exactly how to walk without making a sound.

    He smiled to the trees, with their bristling spines that touched and held onto his cloak as he passed beneath their green canopies. They hooked themselves beneath his cloak as if to pull it off, but Cassius gripped the cloth in his hands and ensure it stayed snug around his body. A wind roared at him from behind, blowing his hair into his eyes. When Cassius guided the locks back into place with his fingers, a forest butterfly rose from the moss beneath his feet and flickered across his vision, then settled on his nose.
    Cassius paused, and smiled at the creature. "Are you lost?" He asked, and chuckled as it fluttered its wings, yet remained in its place. "You are not like the other animals- who flee before me... Ah, but you have no nose to smell the metal." And at this, the butterfly fluttered its wings and took off.

    "But, perhaps you don't need one."

    He pulled the cloak tighter around himself and kept walking.

    Finally, he reached clearing in the woods where he could see a tent and a girl sitting on the ground, tearing something up in her hands. Cassius stepped quietly forward, the sunlight spun gold into his fair hair, and threw a faint hale around his form as he faced away from the light and approached the dark-haired girl.

    "Hello there..." He said, with a confident smile.
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  3. Farah Montague

    Farah stared down at the shredded pieces on the floor with a glare. It was as if the mean and his followers didn't exist. There wasn't a single trace of them. Maybe this was going to be much harder than she had anticipated.

    "Hello there."

    Farah's eyes widened a fraction, before she crawled backwards to get away from whomever spoke, to put enough distance between them. In one quick motion, she got to her feet with a dagger in her hands.

    She observed the male, taking in his appearance. The blonde colored hair. Though what caught her attention was what he was wearing, and it gave him this sort of high status feeling. She realized that he was one of the Elite and her dagger would be useless against him. Farah had no fighting skills, just the mere basics, but when compared to him, she was nothing. She had seen a couple of Elite before when her father would hire them, but she had never fully seen what they were capable of, only heard about it.

    "Who are you and what're you doing here?" She questioned with a glare on her features. Why had he even bothered to approach her. If he was just passing through, then he should've just kept going because she was in no mood to talk to anyone, much less a stranger.

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  4. Cassius AlbanusCassius chuckled, eyes closing with mirth as the girl reacted. She was just like what he though she would be, a wilder-thing, a girl with a dagger in her heart and her hands and dark, untamed locks framing her face like vines.

    A smug look appeared on his face, and he didn't even reach for his sword. The cocky bastard figured she couldn't hurt him- nothing could. Instead, he reached for the edges of his cloak and pulled the cloth around him again.

    "I am Cassius Albanus. Your caretaker hired me to act as your bodyguard." He stated. The man talked with his eyes- they were honest, clear blue orbs that seemed to find everything around him simple, understandable. They were not critical, judging, nor suspicious. By his face one could tell he thought this a simple job, a trivial matter. There was a relaxed smile there, a smile that hid volumes, leaving things untold but only to make his soul a simple thing to understand.

    He immediately looked down her form, watching her arms. His eyes narrowed as he smiled, almost laughed. He found something about her silly.

    "You're holding that wrong." Cassius reached under his cloak and removed a dagger of his one- a strange, silver-y thing that looked incredibly foreign and futuristic for the world around them. Screw her bits in place, and clearly it was some kind of advanced technology. He held it firmly. "Always make a good fist around the dagger, that's a stronger grip. Forward grip is this." Cassius held the dagger so that the blade was on the thumb-side of his hand. "Reverse is this." He flipped the dagger around, so that the blade was extending from the pinky-side of his fist. After demonstrating his technique, he sheathed the dagger with a single, fluid movement, and smugly smiled at the girl.

  5. Farah Montague

    Farah's scowl deepened when she noticed the levity of his expression and the fact that he didn't react to the weapon she had drawn out. He didn't even view her as a threat. Before she could do something irrational, the blonde finally answered her question. Her caretaker? Barrius? Farah took in a deep breath and closed her eyes, annoyance sweeping in. Of course Barrius would send someone to take care of her. Even after he had begged her not to go on this 'dangerous and silly conquest', his words not hers. She loved and cared for the male but he was far too protective of her and it was proving to be a pain in the arse, though at the same time she was flattered that the man cared about her. Given that he had only met her three years ago.

    Suddenly the male spoke out again, and much to her dismay he was commenting on how she was holding the weapon. Her eyebrows furrowed as she watched him take out his own dagger and demonstrate the proper way of holding it. What did he think this was? Some academy? She felt her eyebrow twitch in irritation.

    She did not need to be escorted by this-this man, much less when he had that smug expression he had, which she wanted so desperately to wipe of his face. Holding her head up high, her chin slightly raised, Farah kept the glare. "Well, Cassius Albanus, I do not need your assistance. I am doing this on my own. Tell Barrius thanks for the concern but I'll be fine." Farah stated as she watched the Elite. She refused to be watched over by some man, who viewed her with amusement.
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  6. Cassius AlbanusCassius sighed. "Ah, but that- I cannot do. I've already been paid, and the contract has been signed." He smiled, this time honest and solemn. "I am bound to the contract, and I must now follow you until Barrius tells me to stop. Even if it's against your will."

    He stalked towards her, keeping his eyes on her face, but ensuring that his movements were not threatening. Naturally, his gait was one of confidence, but it was still less intimidating than his fellow Elites. Cassius settled onto the ground and crossed his legs; the sheath of the massive sword strapped to his back carved a fine line into the dirt as he settled, and his claok fanned out behind him, revealing black armor- a combination of metal and cloth- perfect for staying light on one's feet.

    "Farah, might I be able to dissuade you from pursuing revenge?" He placed a hand on his chin as he studied her.

  7. Farah Montague
    Farah watched him with narrowed eyes as he suddenly started forward, though it didn't seem like he was going to cause her any harm. Still, Farah backed up a couple of steps until he sat down on the ground, his massive sword leaving a straight line on the floor, before it was hidden by his cloak. Her blue colored eyes trailed down his armor and she arched a brow. How had Barrius even come in contact with this male?

    "No." She answered quickly as she sent him a look. There was no way she was going to stop until she got her revenge. "You are hired to be my bodyguard, not my adviser." Farah stated. She wasn't happy with this, with him. It would have been better to do this alone and not have to worry about someone. She knew he could take care of himself, but what she was worried about was the fact that he would question her reasoning behind all this.

    She averted her gaze and thought for a few seconds before retreating back to her makeshift tent and began to take it down. She needed to get moving.


  8. Cassius AlbanusCassius chuckled, then grinned up at her. "Oooh, sassy."

    He watched her walk towards her tent and begin to take it down. He said nothing for some time, then smirked, and asked, "And where exactly are you planning on going?"

    He ran gloved fingers over a ball of moss beside his knee. Cassius loved how soft it felt through his glove. Someone like him, someone used to the constant rubbing of armor against skin and sword-hilt against hands, greatly appreciated things that were soft. There weren't nearly enough of them in their world. He sighed, and smiled down at the green ball.

  9. Farah Montague
    Farah folded up the flaps of the tent and began to roll it up, before tying the whole thing together with a rope, though she paused when Cassius asked her a question. She gave him a side glanced, before going back to what she was doing, which was tying a tight knot. "I'm going to Morsa." She stated, before attaching the bundle to her knapsack.

    Morsa was the only place she knew of where the people had tan colored skin. The man that abducted her had tan skin, so surely he was from Morsa. It was only an assumption, but that was the only lead she had at the moment. Rising to her feet, Farah slipped the straps over her shoulders and turned to look at Cassius with narrowed eyes. "Are you ready to go?" She questioned, her tone of voice lacking enthusiasm.
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  10. Cassius Albanus"Ugh, why there?" He asked, pouting petulantly.

    Cassius remembered all the times he had been in Morsa before. He never had a good time there, and the though of returning yet again made him feel queasy. It was unlike him to feel that way about anything, but all the worst people he had to guard went there, or came from there. It was a land of terrible solitude- unlike Castiel, with its big cities and bustling towns, Morsa was full of empty desserts and dank, evil-looking forests. Well... granted that most of the people he was guarding only went to the border, never deeper into the country.

    It would be wrong to say that all bandits came from Morsa, but the worst certainly returned there to make their bases in the unfriendly lands for better protection from guards, adventurers, and do-gooders. That was why that place was so dangerous in particular- if bandit leaders hid there, so did their people. Ah, perhaps that would be where Farah's bandits were hidden... It made sense now that he thought about it.

    A bug crawled up his boot, and Cassius flicked it off with an annoyed expression. "Yeah, I am." He stood up, brushing dirt off of his cloak and pants, then reached behind him to make sure his knapsack was still in place. "I have provisions that can keep me fed and watered for a week, with very careful planning." He added.

  11. Farah Montague
    Farah gave him a flat expression. His personality was quite odd for an elite, she would have expected him to be far more serious and arrogant, that still didn't make her doubt his abilities. "Because I said so." She answered, before sticking out her hip slightly and rested her hand against it.

    At this point she was thinking about make a run for it and maybe try to lose him. She didn't have anything to lose, well except for him but that was what she was going for. "Good lets-oh wait! I forgot my canteen, can you get it for me? It's behind you." Farah said as she looked behind his feet and pointed. Taking the opportunity of her distraction, Farah turned on her heel and took off in a sprint. A small chuckle left her lips as she dodged various trees, before she made sudden turns. If she was going to lose him, then she had to get as much distance between them as she could. Fortunately they were surrounded by trees, so this she work, or at leas she hoped it did.

    Suddenly she paused for a moment as she glanced down the steep hill. Goodness, how would she get down there without tripping? Glancing over her shoulder for a brief moment, she decided to take the risk and began to run down the hill, occasionally stumbling but managing to keep herself upright.
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  12. Cassius AlbanusHe glanced behind himself, saw nothing, then turned back to whine, "There's nothing-"

    What? Where did she go? He approached the spot where she had just been standing, then glanced at the tracks he was sure she left. The dirt where Ferah stood was pushed up into a little mound, suggesting she had spun around and dashed towards the other side of the forest. Cassius looked up at the green canopies and groaned.

    "Gods preserve me..." She was certainly going to be difficult to deal with.

    He took off in the direction she had ran, moving swiftly, dodging under branches and leaping over logs- spry like a fox. Finally, Cassius reached the edge of a steep hill, looked down, and his hair bristled as he caught sight of dark hair, flying around Farah's shoulders as the girl stumbled downhill. "Oi, that's dangerous..." He called, then tucked a fly stand of hair behind his ear and grinned- he had a really great idea.

    Cassius leaped into the air- and about halfway down, he landed and slid on his heels, kicking up dirt and gaining on the girl with child-like glee. "Woooo!" He called, laughing.

  13. Farah Montague
    Cassius voice resounded from behind her causing for Farah to look over her shoulder at the male, who suddenly jumped and began to slide his way down. "What th-" Farah didn't get to finished her comment because she ended up tripping and lost her footing. The girl landed on her side, scraping her arm along the twigs and tiny rocks. the stinging sensation caused her to wince, before she began to roll down hill. By the time she reached the bottom, Farah had a gash along her arm and dirt all over her clothing along with a couple of scrapes here and there.

    She cursed lowly under her breath and starred up at the towering trees, before she remembered the blonde chasing her. Shakily, she got to her feet and began to take off in a light jog.
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  14. Cassius AlbanusCassius has never had to chase the person he was ordered to guard before, and it made the job all the more interesting to him. After years of working in the Elite, it was easy to get bored of accompanying royals across borders and following the same merchants for hours on end. There was this one time when he was to guard an adventurer- that made for an interesting time, but everything ended all too soon when they hit Morsa and it turned out the so-called adventurer was a bandit king. Cassius killed him, as required of him.
    It made him feel weird in his chest to think about it, so he stopped. Instead, he focused on smiling as hard as he could while he slid down the hill on his feet.

    Suddenly, Farah tripped and began to roll down the hill. Cassius caught sight of blood, and immediately his face became morbidly serious- almost so much that it didn't fit the childish blond to look so concerned.

    He stopped sliding and tore down the hill after her- sprinting inhumanly fast.

  15. Farah Montague
    Farah was still slightly winded from the fall, so it wasn't a surprise that she managed to trip over her own two feet again, sending her tumbling to the floor with a thud. A groan left her lips, yet this time she didn't bother to get back up. Instead, she covered her face with her dirty hands and remained laying on her side, not taking in the fact that blood was trickling down her forearm from the gash.

    If she couldn't even make it down a hill, what made her believe she could make it all the way to Morsa? Maybe Barrius was right, this was a dangerous and silly conquest. But Farah wasn't one to give up so easily. She would carry out her initial plan off revenge and she wouldn't let a set back such as this one bring her down.

    Slowly and carefully, the girl sat up and ran a hand through her hair before pausing, her hand still in her hair as she caught sight of the blood on her arm. What? " troublesome." She murmured under breath as she moved her arm down to get a better look at what was causing blood to spill. Suddenly her eyes widened at the gash. It extended from the crook of her arm and down halfway her forearm and it appeared to be pretty deep. She would need to clean, especially with all the dirt that had gathered around her arm.
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  16. Cassius AlbanusHe spotted the girl sitting on the ground up ahead, and he stopped a few feet away. His chest felt tight with worry, seeing her sitting on the ground. Was she hurt?

    "Please don't do that again..." He said, voice careful. Cassius was aware of the fact that this was someone he needed to be gentle with- not that he wasn't gentle most of the time. He moved again to approach her, noticing how she was looking at her arm. She was probably hurt... His lips became a thin line.

    "Are you alright?" Cassius asked, and came around to stop in front of her.

    He caught sight of the gash going down her arm, and worry filled his aqua gaze. Cassius immediately removed his backpack from under his cloak, and dropped it to the ground beside him. He crouched down and slowly extended an arm to her, a small smile on his lips. "Let me see that." There was a determination in his eyes- he hoped she would trust him.

  17. Farah Montague
    Farah briefly glanced at he blonde as he approached, a small sigh escaping her lips. Why couldn't he just leave her alone? This was her journey, she didn't need him to follow along. Why couldn't he just leave for a while and act like he was watching her like Barrius wanted?

    "I'm fine." She spoke out stubbornly, before she lightly began to clear off the dirt from around the wound. Now that she was aware of the gash, the sting and pain was becoming more apparent. When Cassius suddenly dropped his bag on the floor and crouched in front of her, Farah scowled lightly and glared at his extended hand. Unfortunately, she had forgotten to carry bandages with her. So with much reluctance, she slowly extended her bloody arm out to him.

    "Don't think that this makes anything better between us." Farah stated quietly before looking away.
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  18. Cassius AlbanusHe smiled to her, and carefully took her arm, mindlessly running his fingers slowly over the skin beside her wound, brushing the stubborn dirt off. It was soft, and Cassius smiled. With his other hand, he reached into his backpack and retrieved a large, metal canteen. It was the kind of thing that stood out, just like his dagger did.

    "This might be unpleasant." He lowered her hand a bit so that as he poured the water over her arm, the blood wouldn't run up and stain her clothing, and unscrewed the canteen to begin pouring the water.

    He smiled gently as he did so. "I've never met someone so stubborn... You remind me of my mentor." He screwed the lid of his canteen back on, and reached back into his backpack to retrieve a roll of clean bandages. "We used to butt heads a lot. One day, to get back at him for all the times he made me polish everyone's weapons, or clean the the hallways with the maids for my 'behavior,' I decided to replace his sword with a wooden replica with 'arse' carved into it. And then, I ran away to the forest to go adventuring. I didn't get very far before I was attacked by a bear." Cassius wrapped the bandage around Farah's arm with careful hands.

    "I was ten. I could use a sword, but I wasn't very strong back then. The bear was the size of a small shed, and black as the night. It roared at me and tried to slash me with its claws. I fell down, and it towered over me- there was no way I was going to make it... But, in that moment, my mentor appeared and gallantly swore he would save my life and kill the bear. He reached down to draw his sword, and discovered my 'genius' idea of a prank... I felt so stupid. He had gone out of his way to follow me all the way to the forest, and I had done... what? but do you know what he did?"
    Cassius finished tying the bandage around her arm, and secured it with a tight knot. "He beat the bear to death with the stick while laughing maniacally. He found the whole thing hilarious. And then he made me clean everyone's rooms for a whole month as punishment." Cassius laughed, and stood up, extending an arm out to Farah, hoping to help her up.

    "But, I learned that... You really shouldn't run away from good people that want to help you, because one day, you might really need them to be there." He smiled, hoping what he said didn't fall on deaf ears. Cassius turned around, looking in the direction Farah had been running towards. "So, Morsa's that way?" He leaned down and pulled his backpack back onto his shoulders, then began walking.
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  19. Farah Montague
    The large canteen Cassius produced from his backpack succeeded in capturing Farah's attention. The thing was cumbersome, yet there was something else about it that was strange, but she couldn't put her finger on it. She didn't get time to pondered the idea further, since Cassius tilted her arm downward and poured the water over the gash. Farah hissed in response, before gritting her teeth. She hadn't anticipated for it to burn that much.

    When he indirectly called her stubborn, Farah narrowed her eyes to thin slits as she watched him, that gentle expression on his face bugging the crap out of her. Why was he so happy? Not that he couldn't be, but it was just...weird. She would have thought him to be annoyed of her for running away like that. Instead, he was here patching up her arm and telling her a story. Maybe it was her. She had been in a dark place for quite a while now, worse was when Barrius had found her and she was slowly recuperating. The girl had spent days scowling and glaring at nothing in particular, to angry and upset to feel even a small ounce of happiness. Even now, she rarely smiled or even laughed. She just didn't find anything to feel positive about, she had become a huge pessimistic since the day those bastards dumped her on the side of the road to die.

    Despite how she felt, Farah found herself listening to his story, occasionally raising an eyebrow when her mind processed certain parts. Once he finished, Farah glanced down at her bandaged arm and moved it slightly. Seemed good enough. Ignoring his outstretched hand, Farah got up to her feet and dusted off her pants with her good hand. His following words struck a nerve. She bit her lip and adjusted the straps to her backpack, refraining from uttering something insulting.

    "For an're quite strange." Farah stated quietly as she glanced up at the blonde, then looked forward once more as they walked through the trees. This was another reason why she wanted to be alone, the fact that conversation would ensue sooner or later was inevitable and she frankly didn't want to give him an insight of just how dark and mean she could become. She's already made a couple of enemies in the tavern with her remarks and insults and didn't need to add Elite, that could end her life in one second, to that list. Right now he was tolerating her and reacting in a docile way, maybe it was all just a facade because of the money Barrius gave him. Surely that was the reason. Everyone always had a secret agenda for themselves or did things for money, at least that's what she had seen during her time with those bandits and she figured that at least the majority of people were the same. They just hid it well with bright personalities.

    "Thanks, by the way." Farah said as she lifted up her bandaged arm.
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