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  1. Ghosts. Spirits. Poltergeists. Spectres. Phantoms. Apparitions. Wraith.

    Whatever you choose to call them, there is a constant and strong debate over the existence of them and what their possible existence could indicate.

    As long as there have been humans with a grasp of death, there have been rumors and speculations. The debate rages on, even now, with little evidence to support and decidedly more to disprove.

    Until now. Two friends, both aspiring filmmakers and ghost enthusiasts, decide to make a film that will give their side of the debate the upper hand.

    Employing decidedly illegal tactics, the two naively break into an abandoned mental institution; what better place to find ghosts Ericsson Sanitarium, which boasted the highest mortality rate out of any medical institutions, operating or otherwise.

    With no one knowing of their whereabouts, they were completely alone in the old establishment. But how alone were they, truly?


    Name: Yolanda Grieg
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5' 10"
    Weight: 132 lbs

    Appearance: Yolanda is average in height and slender in build with faint muscle definition. She has short hair that has been slicked back and dyed bleach blonde. Pale skinned. She has dark brown eyes, which in contrast with her skin, appear to be black. The pale skin of her back has been elaborately inked with the solid lines of a tattoo depicting a grotesque scene of demons and the Devil himself.

    Personality: Yolanda is a sly woman. Conniving and secretive, it's often difficult to tell what she is about to do. Despite this, however, she is loyal to those she feels are deserving. Once her loyalty has been secured, she is protective and fierce. Yolanda has a tendency to be sarcastic, dryly humorous and cynical but has the capacity to be kind and tender. Able to be extremely persuasive when need be. She has a touch of nihilsm to her.

    Yolanda likes to keep her emotions in check but sometimes loses control. When angered or frightened, she lashes out at any who surround; whether it be friends, family or strangers. She often enters a period of regret after these episodes, though the level of regret is relative to how firmly she believes her anger or fear was justified.

    Other: Yolanda was born and raised in South Africa and as such has a strong South African accent. She is able to speak both Afrikaans and English fluently. She has always had an interest in the occult and both the good and evil of religion, hence her tattoo.
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  2. Name : Marcus Ollem
    Age: 21
    Gender : Male
    Height: 6'10" ( or 1.9 m if that is wrong . We don't use feet here )
    Weight : 75 kg
    Appearance: Marcus is really tall but not very muscular . He has short curly black hair . He is really pale . He doesn't have any tattoos or piercing but he has a big scar running down his left hand ( feel from a tree and broke his hand ) .

    Personality and background story : Marcus was always that curious type . If his parents told him not to go somewhere, that's where he'd go first . He became interested in ghosts and creatures at the age of 7 and he's been looking for one ever since . As a kid he would stay out until dark and take the longest route home , or even not forward those spam emails and instead wait with a camera in his hands for a dead girl to pop up in his room at midnight . He met Yolanda at high school and they remained friends ever since ( being held together by the interest in paranormal activity ) though he always liked her a bit more than a friend should . They've been trough a lot of adventures together and up to this day he's still just as excited as the first time he went ghost hunting . He knows they're out there and he's gonna prove it one picture at a time . Marcus is a very optimistic person . To strangers he is silent and weird but to friends he is nice , helpful and trustworthy . He gets angry from time to time and that's when he might say something not so nice but he calms down quick and always apologizes , even when it was just in self defense .
  3. [Woo! Awesome! I'll make an opening post, yeah?]

    Yolanda waited impatiently outside of Marcus' house, sitting in her somewhat beat up car. She leaned against the wheel, pressing the horn for a bit longer than would be deemed necessary, but she was too excited to care.

    Tonight was the night. They had been planning to break into - 'visit', as she liked to put it - Ericsson Sanitarium. The large establishment sat just on the edge of town, abandoned yet still maintaining an air of superiority. It looked to be a place directly out of fiction, gothic and monstrous; a perfect place to film a documentary about spirits.

    Yolanda glanced at her watch. 10:35 PM. She tapped the fingers of her other hand against the steering wheel and sighed, partially in annoyance and partially to calm her nerves.

    She was excited, no doubt about it, but there was also a feeling of nervousness at the back of her mind, scratching incessantly and demanding to be felt. Yolanda pushed away the feeling as best she could but it persisted. She scowled and turned her attention back to Marcus' house.
  4. " Video camera , normal camera, tape recorder , flashlig.. " Marcus was saying in his head but he got interrupted by a loud sound .
    " She's here already ?! "
    Marcus quickly took a look through his bag . He always carried the same old schoolbag with him to every ghost hunting expedition ever . He had his filming equipment in it and also some auxiliary items such as medical supplies and even a swiss army knife . He always wanted to make sure that nothing can stop their adventures : not a locked door , not a barbed wired fence , not a bunch of cuts from the barbed wired fence . He put on his jacket and left the house , locking the door and putting the key in his bag . He ran to the car and got in , he was just too excited . He wanted to be there already !
    " Hit it ! " He said laughing .
    " This is gonna be it ! I can feel it ! We're gonna find something ..."
  5. Yolanda chuckled as Marcus jumped in the car, looking and sounding extremely excited. His excitement fueled hers and overpowered the feeling of nervousness. She started the car and pulled out onto the street, driving on towards their destination.

    She slowed for a moment to pull out a small handheld camera from the glove compartment and pointed it at Marcus, driving on with one hand on the wheel.

    "It's ten thirty..." Yolanda glanced at the clock in the center of the dashboard. "...Seven. Ten thirty seven at night and I, Yolanda Grieg and Marcus Ollem, are headed over to Ericsson Sanitarium."

    She grinned at him. "Say hi to the camera, Marcus!"
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  6. " Give it to me ! You're gonna crash .. " Marcus said and took the camera out of her hand and pointed it so that they both appeared in the frame .
    " Hey everybody ! Tonight is the night ... I have a feeling that we're finally gonna get something on tape so cross your fingers everybody ! Also if you happen to find this camera please return it to Westville street 105 . And if you happen to find this camera in the hands of a corpse make sure to upload any video you find on the internet ! " Marcus said , laughing at the last part .
    " Anything else ? " He asked and focused the camera on Yolanda . They were just a few minutes away ....

    ps : Sorry for the massive delay . Exams , prom , school project , site updating ... all came in the way of me replying . Hope you're not too mad !
  7. Yolanda rolled her eyes at Marcus' commentary and glanced at the camera, poking her tongue out. "I have nothing else to say but, Marcus is lame."

    She grinned at him before turning off onto a long dirt road, 'no trespassing' signs flashing from both sides at an alarmingly frequent rate. The massive structure loomed up before them, looking even more intimating in the darkness.

    Yolanda pulled up on a low shoulder of the dirt path and turned the engine off, pocketing the keys as she undid her seat belt. She opened the door and got out, moving to the passenger door on her side and removing a couple of bags of supplies.

    "Let's go, Marcus!"

    [No, no! It's no problems. I'm not mad. (:]
  8. Marcus got out of the car and started looking around .
    "Let's see what we got here .... " He mumbled looking at the giant fence surrounding the sanitarium.
    " Reinforced ... no way we're bringing this thing down . We need to find a way around it .. "
    Marcus started looking around before noticing this big tree on top of a hill close to the fence .
    " Or.... over it !"
    He waved Yolanda over and started heading towards the tree.
  9. Yolanda jogged over to him, the bags of supplies heavier than she had first anticipated. "How are we going to get the bags over? We can't throw them."

    She looked over the tree and the fence in turn, frowning. Why did it have to be so difficult to break into a place? She thought comically.
  10. " I'll climb up this tree . Then you pass me the bags and i throw them over the fence . I jump over and then you climb ... " Marcus said and started climbing up the tree . He got to the lowest point he could actually stand on and signaled Yolanda . She threw him the bags one by one . He then made his way to the branch sitting over the fence and started slowly dropping the bags . When all of them made it down he got ready to jump but the branch broke and Marcus fell in there .
    " Dammit " Marcus screamed as he tried to get up . His left leg was hurting a little and he was pretty dizzy .
  11. Yolanda gasped slightly as Marcus fell. "Marcus! Are you alright?" She moved over to the tree and climbed it, hanging from the snapped branch and dropping down.

    Yolanda stepped over to him and placed a hand on his leg lightly. "Hold on. I need to make sure nothing is broken," She squeezed his leg just below his knee. "Does that hurt?"
  12. " Yeah... well... a little " Marcus said before pulling his leg out of her hands . He somehow picks himself up .
    " See... i'm alright ... Nothing to worry about ! "
    Marcus limped his way to the bags and picked 2 up , leaving the others for Yolanda .
    " Now...where's the door to this place ?! " Marcus mumbled as he stared the building down .
  13. Yolanda scowled a little at his attitude. "Men and their pride." She muttered before standing and picking up the remaining bags. She joined Marcus by his side and clicked on the small flashlight she had tucked away in the band of her jeans.

    "Come on." Yolanda moved forward, shining the light before them so they wouldn't trip on anything. They soon reached what she thought to be the west side of the building.

    "We may have to break a window." She murmured, shining the light along the grimy windows and singular door that was under lock and chain.
  14. Marcus stared a bit at the windows .
    " Multiple layers .... They were made like this so the people with .. uhm.. problems .. can't just break a window and crawl out at night . There's gotta be another way around ".
    Marcus took a look at the chain that kept the door shut , trying to find a way to break it . Suddenly he heard a lout metal noise. Marcus took a quick look at Yolanda to see if she was the one to cause the noise but she was just as confused . He started walking towards the direction the sound came from and found a big iron door that was open . It looked as if it was leading inside the asylum .
  15. Yolanda frowned as she followed after Marcus, peering at the door that had seemingly opened on its own. She had a heavy, sick feeling in her stomach, urging her to pay attention to her instincts and not go inside.

    She gritted her teeth in determination. There was no way that she was turning back now. Glancing at Marcus briefly, she tilted her head towards the doorway before slowly walking towards it.
  16. Marcus followed her inside . It was really dark so he took out the flashlight from one of the bags and turned it on . In front of them was a long corridor with multiple doors . There was dust everywhere and the walls lost most of the paint .
    "So.. Where do we start ? " He asked , forcing a small laugh out of himself . He was scared even if he didn't want to show it .
  17. "We film the introduction," Yolanda murmured, her voice small. She cleared her throat before removing the small handheld camera from her bag and turning it on.

    She handed it to Marcus and, making sure that she was looking at it by searching for the small red light in the darkness, she put on an official voice.

    "We are here at Ericsson Sanitarium, the notorious institution that has long been vacant. It was abandoned long ago, after gaining the highest amount of deaths of any medical facility," Yolanda paused and glanced over her shoulder, thinking that she had heard something. Shaking her head slightly, she returned to the camera.

    "We are here to see if we can capture proof of life after death. Because if there's any place that would be haunted, it would be this place."
  18. " Alright .... closed and saved ! " Marcus said turning off the camera and putting it in one of his pockets to have it easily accessible . They slowly descended down the dark corridor , barely seeing a few feet in front of them . After a while Marcus started smelling something unpleasant .
    " Do you smell that too ? Ugh ... it's horrible ! "
    He looked into a small room through the small window on the door . It was literally empty.
    " Aren't the walls in these cells supposed to be covered in something soft to stop people from killing themselves . Maybe this one was built way later..."
  19. Yolanda nodded as she wrinkled her nose in disgust. It was a horrible smell. Trying to ignore it, she peered into the room Marcus was talking about. It was strangely empty.

    A small shiver went down her spine as she suddenly felt very cold. Shaking her head, she stepped away from the room. "I don't know." She murmured distantly.
  20. " Let's just keep moving .... " Marcus mumbled and continued walking down the dark corridor . He didn't hesitate to look into every room they passed by however , and they were all empty . He notices a big rusty iron door a few steps further and walks to it . This one had no window . Marcus tried to open the door but it wouldn't budge .
    " There's gotta be something behind this thing ... "
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