Chasing Fairies

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  1. Name: Darkai
    Nickname: Kai
    Age: unknown
    Looks: like my avatar just younger.
    Personally: kind of dark and to himself. He has forgotten how to feel happiness or joy due to the loss of his parent's when he was a boy. He isn't very talkative, but the friends he does have he keeps close to him.
    Setting: The dark realm

    "Kai! Get up here! It's time for your last training session!" I could hear one of the crypt keepers scream from down the castle stairs. I pull myself out of bed and throw my clothes on. I run up the stairs to see my tutor, Maki standing there.
    "wh.. What? Why so early?" I said rubbing my eye.
    "Because this training session is going to be very time consuming." She said with a smile.
    "This isn't a mission you have to complete, just get there and make sure she is OK." She place her hand on my shoulder.
    "Wh.. Who? Where? Who is she?" I studdered out.
    "The grand element fairy. She is locked away In a tower far away. "
    "Where is she located?" I asked very confused.
    "We don't know.. No one has ever accepted this mission.." She looked sad.
    "did you know her?" I asked putting my hand on hers.
    I couldn't really understand why a little fairy is so important.
    "Everyone did.. she wasn't an a normal fairy. She kept this world alive and bright. Kai, you didn't know this world like it was before. All you know is the dark said. They are feeding her darkness as we speak, making the world like this.. Please find her, Kai.."
    She had a tear rolling down her face.
    "I will, Maki. I promise. When do I start?"
    "Now, go!" she yelled.
    I stood back up and ran to the armory, grabbing all my gear and darted out the front gate.
    "Well I guess it's time to start chasing fairies.." I headed off into the woods.
  2. Name: Loreli
    Age: 300 years
    looks: see avatar
    personality: shy, innocent, childlike, yet a woman.
    Settings: The dark realm

    Loreli stood looking out of the small window in the tower of a large dark castle. she dared not touch the bars, for they were made of cold iron, which is in the very least deadly to the fea. Sighing a bit, she turns away and sits down on the small straw mat, her captive provided. Sitting quietly she drew on the floor with a piece of wood ash from the fireplace.

    Many years ago, as a young girl, a man claimed her for his own, he was a demon, a soul taker whom upon seeing the girl, became enchanted by her and her tear. For when a fairy is very young, the first tear they cry is captured and placed in a locket about the fair child's neck. As the fesa have no souls, it encompases all of her essence and powers she has over the elements. Many men sought this power to have as their own. The tear was truly meant for the fea to give to the one who steals her heart, the man of her choice, and if he took it and never used it for it's powers, she knew he would truly love her.

    Such was not the case with Loreli, for once the man had her, he stole her tear and hid it away, knowing she could never leave without it, for if she was too far away from it she would perish. Yet the tear was of no value without the fea, so she had to be kept alive.

    Suddenly the huge metal door swings open. Loreli 's eyes widen and she scrambles back into the corner. "Are you sorry d\for what you did Loreli, you know I hate locking such a beauty away. Yet you leave me no choice. You continually test me Loreli." "You will never find your tear. " he walks over to her and harshly grabs her chin making her look to him. His dark eyes showing evil, yet a touch of love for the girl. She was his to do with as he pleased, and till she begged forgiveness for again seeking out her possession, he would keep her here.

    "Nay she answers I am nay sorry m'lord. Please please set me free,,give back my tear!" His eyes turned a deep red and he strikes her hard. Then he turns and starts out."Perhaps tomorrow you will be more agreeable."

    She gently touches her cheek. And tears flow down the young girls face.
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  3. I continued into the forest. I could hear different noises all around me. For precaution I left my right hand on my hip where my blade is. Which was just a basic demon hunter blade. Small in size but very durable.
    I passed by many trees, at a few points, they seemed to curl down at me. Like they were alive. I could hear rustling behind me and snapped my head back quickly, i didn't see anything so I went on my way. As I got further down there was a small house in front of me, abandoned. It was all broken and old. Looked like no one had lived there for a very long time.
    Once again I hear a rustle, this time to my left. I place my hand back on my hip as I pass the house. As I continued down the forest I see there are more abandoned houses. A lot of them. A city in the forest? I thought to myself.
    Once again I hear a rustling, this time closer. I turn quickly to see what it was. To find tall creatures crouching over about twenty feet away from me. They were dark, with glowing eyes and had darkness flowing off of them. There were about three of them.
    I tried to take a step back. They didn't like that idea. They looked like they were about to attack like wild animals. And I'm there food. I place my hand on my hip and pull out my blade. And I hold it up to them. All at once they run at me, as they took breaths darkness poured from their mouths. I leap at them with speed. My first strike goes deep into the first ones chest. Nothing happens. These aren't like the creatures I trained with before. They were wild, savage and not tamed. I hear another one laugh in a dark erie kinda laugh.
    I swing my blade at it and chop its arm off. In return it just grows back. I can't do this! I thought to myself.

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  4. Suddenly, he would hear a voice. "What can't you do?" A young maiden, with flowing brown hair steps out of one of a clearing between the trees, She doesn't seem affected by them in fact she didn't see what he was seeing at all. She wore a peasant's dress, and had a basket in her arms.

    A few days went by and again Loreli looked out of her window. "Please someone heed my call" she whispers.
  5. "stop! Get out of here!" I yelled at the woman. She didn't need to be here. I needed help but not from her. She was to frail. I turn back to the creature and put my gaurd up as he swung a claw at me. She must be human I thought to myself. She can't see them.
  6. The girl frowns as she sees his reaction. She backs a bit, then turns running. Glancing back over her shoulder, she sees the man fighting something. Something unseen to her. "What? what is it?" She calls back.

    Loreli wakens in the morning light as the door to her chamber again opens. Lifting her head, she sees him. "Well Loreli?"

    She slowly stands and lets her feet carry er to him." Aye, Im sorry, may I come out now?"

    He grins a perfect grin and gently caresses her face,"That's a good girl." I wl be merciful this time and once again release you to the keep. but you may not go outside." Loreli nods,she knew her obedience would be the only ting to keep her safe till once again she can search for her tear.
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