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  1. The sounds of buttons being mashed and the angry grunt of a young man carried out through the small home, belonging to that of the furious gamer and some odd fellow with amnesia, at least this is what Luthian thought. He sighed as he unhooked his fingers from the controller, letting it drop to the floor as his character took one last blow from an enemy and fell to his knee's, only falling to the ground after the character was decapitated. "Ah- this sucks. Well, wasn't in the mood to play right now anyways." He sneered before then looking over his shoulder to his house mate, Estelar. "Hey, elf, thing, nerd. Care to smoke?" Luthian grinned as he reached into his pocket to remove a cigarette holder which clearly held other contents as he popped the latch and held it out towards the other.
    Estelar gazed up from his textbook he had purchased for himself, detailing on how to be social, although, the tips in the book may have been helpful if he happened to be around anyone but this being.
    His eye seemed to twitch a little at the names he was called. "Really Louis, I know your name and have the decency to address you by it, could you at least consider calling me by my own?" With his response the creature stood to his feet and set the text upon the coffee table before him before then turning his back to the other and starting out of the living area. "I'll be in my room, with my head out a window. Honestly, how many times do I have to repeat that I like my lungs and rather learn than to kill brain cells."
    "If you had any decency you would be calling me Luthian." He shot a quick glare as he mumbled under his breath, all because of Estelar answering the phone call from one of his relative's, now that elf seemed smug, just for knowing his name. "Thus, I shalt not call you by your name." He thought aloud to himself as he popped a rolled joint from the holder and placed the butt of it in his mouth, holding it gently between his soft lips as he returned his attention back to the game console. Shutting the system down and soon standing to his feet, it wasn't like it was early in the day, late afternoon, having taken the time to sleep in, although it already seemed far to long and boring, wondering how he became room mates again with such an opposite, but what really bothered him was what his love was up to at this time of day, modeling? He cringed at the thought as he lit the drug, only thoughts of jealousy flooded his mind whenever Yuu went off to work, wondering if any other man or woman was trying to hook up with him.
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  2. At another photo shoot Yuu posed for the camera as it flashed several times. "Excellent excellent. Good good Yuu. Looking good!!" It was a shoot for a new magazine cover for men's fashion. Yuu layed down a few more poses until the camera called it a wrap. "Good work to day Yuu." Yuu walked past the the camera man merely just grunting at him. His hair was combed back some stray strands in front of his face. He wore a nice pressed suit with shiny polished shoes. "....Thanks" Yuu headed back to his dressing room until he was stopped in his tracks.

    " looks so good in that suit."

    A girl that was on the photography team stood in front of Yuu stopping him in his tracks. Yuu made a groan in disgust and annoyance. He had a long day he just wanted to go home. Hearing the girl speak Yuu didn't say a word.

    "Still the quiet type huh..." The girl giggled trying to be a cute. Yuu wasn't impressed at all.

    "What do you want...I'm a busy man." "I was wondering if wanted to get a coffee or something." The girl blushed all shy and looked down at the floor. Yuu sighed and rolled his eyes. God girls are so stupid... "....Sorry...not interested." Just like that Yuu turned to poor girl down. And with that said he walked passed the girl and entered into his dressing room.

    Now in his room he began to change into his regular clothes a normal hoodie and a pair of jeans. He glanced at his phone and cringed a moment. "should I bother to even check how much spam Luthian left me right now...." Yuu comtemplated for a moment then sighed. He figured he might as well check anyway. Yuu flipped his phone and checked his current phone status. "....100 missed calls...sigh has he not figured out I can't talk when at a photo shoot. Might a well give him a call...before he self destructs."

    Yuu dialed Luthian's number lighting a cigarette as he did so. "He...better pick up."
  3. Taking a few puffs of his joint he paced around the living room before then stopping to pick up Estelar's study, flipping through the pages as he wandered over to an open window to blow the smoke outside. "Geez, is it really that hard to say, 'hey, what's up?' to someone? Just go to a bar, plenty of social people there elf." He chuckled as he browsed some notes written down in point form as tips for the elf creature to refer back to in what to do in situations. Scanning over some things that even listed on how to deal with a house mate that is less intellectual. "Who's he calling less intellectual, I know tons of shit." He slammed the book shut and followed up with taking a long heavy drag of the joint, whatever, he needed help paying rent for this place, and he did enjoy bugging the poor guy. The book was tossed over his shoulders to land with a thud onto the floor, note's scattering across the floor. Just as the mess was spread he could hear his ringtone of his cell faintly through the house. Coughing as he let out a large cloud of smoke, roaching the joint and flicking it into an ash tray, the sounds of his feet stomping around the house in the rush as he ran over to the couch, turning up throw pillows and looking under blankets and half eaten bags of chips. The ringtone continued to tease Luthian with an old recording of Yuu on repeat of gasps and moans. "Where is it?!" He growled as he shifted his hands rather quickly through his mess of black hair. Of course he had been using it ever since he got up, calling and texting, until the point he had given up and sat down to play a game, but why couldn't he just remember where he placed things.
    Estelar had returned to the living room shortly after all the noise, covering his mouth as he sprayed the room with some air freshener, he let out an irritated sigh as he crouched down to gather his book and notes that Luthian so rudely tossed aside. "Your phone is over by the refrigerator, where you were gathering your 'munchies'... you really need to quit smoking pot if you're just going to forget everything." The young male stood tall, at least as tall as his height would allow him, which wasn't much, hugging his text book close with a mess of papers. "Not that I care to help you out, but I really don't want to keep hearing that ringtone, you're such a pervert, how does Yuu even put up with you? It amazes me, really."
    "Ahhh~ thank you, thank you." Luthian rushed over and gave the elf a quick tight hug, leaving Estelar looking rather confused and stunned. "Maybe he likes perverts? Your book should explain there is all kinds of people." The human male smirked as he darted into the kitchen to retrieve his phone, quickly flipping it open to answer the call. "Yuu! H-hey, how was work? What are you doing, I mean, what did you want to do? Say do you wanna hang out?"

    "Louis you sound like some desperate teenage girl, like those one's from those cartoons you watch, anime?" Estelar chimed in the background as he entered the kitchen, setting his things on the table and fetching himself a glass of milk.
    He quickly let out a few loud coughs to try and cover up his name being mentioned and then slid his hand over the receiving end of the mobile as he looked over to Estelar. "Shut up, I don't care. And don't say that- that, name, especially around Yuu, phone or in person, I'll... I may resort to violence and you and I wouldn't like that, but I will! So... go... get... laid." He retorted before then turning his attention back to the call.

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  4. The ringing had finally stop as he heard Luthian's familiar voice. "....It was alright...I'm just tired. " Yuu yawned into the phone and took a puff of his cigarette. He had been up quite early and had gone to several shoots throughout the day. Yuu tapped his cig on the astray and took another puff of it. His ears picking up the sounds of Luthian and his room mate going on and on about nonsense. Yuu sighed. "You guys are so two five year olds bickering about cartoons. One more so than the other one."

    Yuu had grabbed his bag and left the dressing room. He continued to puff on his cigarette as he walked out of the studio building. "I decided I'd drop by. I got some free time now for a few days. My next shoot will be sometime next week. How about we have some dinner...I haven't ate yet." Now outside Yuu put out his cig and held his hand up to call a cab. He got in the backseat and continued to have his conversation with Luthian. He let out another yawn as the driver pulled off. I really....need a nap....

    (Sorry this is so short. Hopefully it isn't boring lol)
  5. "Okay, and which one is it that bickers more about cartoons? Because I can vouch I know a lot of good ones..." Luthian then followed with a quick pause as he shot a quick glance over to Estelar before turning abruptly and hunching his shoulder as he hid his face and spoke a little more quietly. "You really think I am annoying?" He whined but then let out a "ha," as he stood tall again and put on a smile. "S-so, you're coming here then? That's great, yeah, I'll, um, I'll have dinner ready for you then when you get here." His voice always shifted in certain tones when he became nervous or lying, anything in which made him uncomfortable. The place was a mess and he wasn't going to attempt cooking something or trying in a short amount of time. Luthian continued to ramble on as he paced the kitchen, picking up a phone book and dropping it before Estelar on the table, and quickly retrieving the land line's phone as he placed it in Est's hand while flipping the book open and turning it to a page for a pizza place restaurant, literally the name of the business. Luth tapped the number with his finger as he glanced down at the elf. "Yeah, dinner shouldn't take too much time, maybe we could watch something or you know, whatever." He fell silent again before then lightly punching Est's shoulder as if to tell him to hurry it up.

    The elf only shook his head at Luthian's fickle reactions to Yuu over the phone and his attempts of trying to hide what he was saying, honestly, these ears did pick up quite a bit of noise. Even if Luthian was being 'quiet' he was still naturally a loud, over reacting idiot. Estelar let out a loud sigh as he was being told what to do, flinching even from the light hit, he shot a glare up at the other as he took one last drink of his milk, letting out a relieved gasp before setting the glass down and beginning to dial the number as Luthian towered over him. "I got it. You can maybe tend to your gaming lair." He shrugged and then placed the phone to his ear as he began to give the order.

    "Right, so I will see you in a bit then, Yuu." He smirked to himself, "I'll talk to you when you get here, I've- got to get things..." He left the phone with awkward silence for a moment before then blurting out, "k, bye!" Snapping the phone shut and letting out a sigh. "I'm so stupid." He groaned.

    Estelar finished his order and confirmed everything, before ending the call and lifting his head. "The first step is acceptance."

    "Why don't you just take your evil cat," he quickly pointed a finger over to the Siamese feline stretching out in the living room. "And go to your room and study or talk to your flowers or make magical potions or whatever you do, I'll give you some pizza and you can just, live in there for tonight."

    "Alright, maybe I will, but not because you told me to." He reassured the other with a slight frown. "And don't think I'm going to stay in there the whole time either. I do however I please, and your elf stereotypes are quite offending, also, Sugar, is not evil." He quickly stood to his feet and walked into the other room, fetching his companion and holding him in his arms as though the cat was a stuffed animal. "If you weren't a bully to my cat, or myself, maybe he wouldn't hate on you and scratch you for being near him." The elf creature huffed as he then began to storm away with the kitty.

    "That thing isn't just evil to me you know, he gives Yuu the same treatment. Explain that." He called out and smirked behind the elf's back.

    "He's associated with you." Estelar quickly responded before then disappearing into his own room and shutting the door behind himself.

    Luthian stood there for a moment before then shrugging his shoulder's, a fair enough response he supposed, as he nodded his head and then turned his attention back to the mess he had left behind, tending to it as quickly as he could with still trying to make the place look tidy.
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