-chases plot bunnies-

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  1. I do have a couple of ideas, but I'm a little scatterbrained at the moment. (It's all this blasted heat, I swear!)
    That being said, bear with me, friends.

    The first is a tale of two lost toys trying to find a place to call home. They travel the world in search of their children, and eventually find a place they can call home. However, the toys have not been pre-determined as of yet, so that is open for discussion. I would prefer that this one not turn into a romance as such, but maybe a really close partnership/friendship, since it is a fairly PG plot. But, if you're set on some romance, we'll work something out.

    The second is an adventure of sorts. A person is stranded in the middle of nowhere, with no recollection if who s/he is, where s/he came from, and no real clothing to speak of. Another person comes along and takes pity on them, and takes him/her into their home. I'm thinking a Superman/Clark Kent type thing, but if you have something else to add to this idea, then AWESOME.

    I have a few more plot bunnies around here somewhere... Probably off procreating. Just what I need. >____< Anyway, if you're interested, or you have a completely different plot in mind and you just need a willing partner, send me a message, and we'll let the plot bunnies run rampant in the fields of our minds for a bit. ;)
  2. *Raises hand* I'd like to try the toy plot, since it sounds like it'd be a really cute RP to do. c:
  3. Pick me, meeeeeee~! I'm interested in the second plot idea xD
  4. The second sounds like something I'd be interested in. Not sure how I feel about toys... First time for everything though right?