Chased by Shadows (Taliesin & MischiefMonster)

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    Name: Darren Ellid
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Race: High Elf
    Height: 5’11
    Weight: 155
    Personality: Darren is a sweet boy who gets scared easily and often reminds people of a puppy. He doesn’t care much for human law though he is a great believer in minimal harm to all creatures.
    History: Darren’s parents ‘died’ when he was about 12, they had been living in a human city as exiles from their court. He doesn’t know what happened, just that when he came home from school one day they were gone. He stayed at home alone for 3 days before the school sent someone to check on him. They tried to take him to social services but he got scared because he knew he wasn’t human and ran away to live on the streets and perhaps find out what happened to his parents. He never heard anything about what happened to them but lived a fairly comfortable life using his elf charms to migrate in-between houses of nice looking people before he found some strange men after him and has been on the run ever since.
    Ablities: Illusion/glamour and conjuring small cash bills.


    Darren was wet, cold, and tired. It had been months since he had been able to stay somewhere warm and properly sheltered. He wasn’t entirely sure how he had been found out. After all if there was anything he was good at it was glamour’s and no one thought too much of 5, 10 or even 20 dollars missing at the end of the night. Yet one night while he was stepping out of a coffee shop he found himself surrounded by men in strange suits that seemed to what, if not who, he was. He had managed to escape by being very very quick and talking fast to turn the people in the coffee shop against them. He mentally apologized to the girl he made look like himself and ran for it.

    Since then, he had been on the run. He had left the city he had called home until then and managed to catch a ride with a couple driving west. He counted off a random number of towns and then got off in the next big city. He thought he was in the clear but within two weeks he started seeing people acting suspiciously around the city and hag a niggling feeling that they were looking for him. So he ditched town again, never staying in one place more than a couple weeks at a time. He was constantly on the alert and had gotten very little sleep even for an elf since he’d been on the move.

    He had been in his current town for only a couple of days. He hadn’t found any abandoned buildings that he could let himself into and he was wary of begging to be let in in a relatively small town. So he was currently huddled under an overhang in an alley wishing he hadn’t been dumped in such a rainy area. It hadn’t stopped the entire time he had been here. “erg…” He felt his stomach grumble and sighed. He didn’t want to leave what meager shelter he had but food was kind of important and helpful.

    He crept out into the rain, wrapping his arms around himself and shivering as he stepped into the street and looked around. It was somewhat late and he didn’t see many things open. There was a 24 hour fast food restaurant a couple blocks away he thought he remembered so he slowly started heading for there, his head hanging and paying very little attention to anything but where he was going. He wasn’t too worried about the people showing up for a few days yet. Perhaps he’d stop at one of those trucker gas stations and have a nice warm shower later as well.
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    Name: Benedict Chimeratch

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Height: 5’10

    Weight: 155

    Personality: Benedict tends to be sarcastic and argumentative. He likes to fight and polish his swords. His very passionate about what he does and tends to seem unhappy most of the time. He tends to be very commanding and headstrong.

    History: Benedict was raised in a rather rich home though had no interest in being like the ones that surrounded him. He often helped make swords and got in interest in wielding them. He heard rumors of proclaimed evil creatures and began doing his town a favor in haunting them down to stop their thievery the creatures brought upon his home. Ever since than he has been traveling from village to village, aiding them in ridding the unwanted creatures. He had slayed many a beast and plans to slay many more, he had gotten many scars from his journeys and wears armor to protect himself from any more injuries and to blend into the shadows. He has a primary weapon he used that he got from a dear friend who ended up being slayed by the very creatures he haunts and he vows everyday he shall avenge his fallen friend. He can tolerate pain and doesn't tend to show mercy however he does have a soft spot in his heart for many a lonely creature.
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