Chased By Demons (Luka and Threesix)



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Cancer was loving his job he was a waiter for Cafe La Blue. He had kept his job for over 3 months it was the longest he had ever. He had to take care of Mayling his little sister, who had a weak immune system. Dianna greeted him as he entered the kitchen, a frown set in stone on his face, he could change his expression in a blink of an eye when he needed it, and Dianna loved that about him.

"Hello Ice Princess." she greeted with her usual get the hell-out-of-my-kitchen look. "The cakes are going to loose their shape if you don't hurry your butt up." she scolded.

Cancer gave her a irritated glance before picking up the large tray switching to his fake smile before rushing out handing out orders as fast as he could. He wasn't happy about the way he had left his sister that morning. She had a fever. It worried him.

"We have a new Waiter today, Canny." Dianna shouted from where she made cakes. She was a cake designer, trained in Paris. Opening Cafe La Blue to enjoy the excited faces of her customers. "His names Alexander."

Cancer shrugged, he didn't really care if their would be a dozen new recruits as long as they didn't get in his way. The door's bell went off just as he exited the kitchen, he spotted a dark haired man enter the cafe.

"Good evening." he greeted.
Alexander offered up a polite smile. "Hello. I'm Alexander," he greeted the light haired man. He tried to smother his nervousness and anxiety in his first day here. He didn't want to come off as weak or incapable.

The owner, a strong-willed and self-confident woman named Dianna, had interviewed Alex a few days ago. He'd been so certain that she had hated him, but perhaps he had been mistaken. Because here he was. She had asked questions like, "Why do you need this job?" and "Why do you think you need the money?"

She hardly asked him about job experience at all. She just said he could learn on the job. He wasn't so certain about the whole idea, but at least he had a job now. He desperately needed the money.
Cancer smiled with his fake smile. "Dianna is in the kitchen making cakes." He served the last of the cakes before waving him over. "Come one i'll take you to the kitchen."

The smile faded to a bored frown as the doors swung closed behind him.

Dianna looked up fromher work station just in time to see that the boy she had given a job to had just arrived, "A little warning next time Cancer." she frowned. "Good evening, Alex."
Alex dipped his head. "Hello, Dianna," he greeted. His palms were getting sweaty he was so nervous. He hoped it didn't show. "I'm here for my first day."

She rolled her eyes. "Well, why else would you be here?" she asked. She reached into a drawer and pulled out an apron. "Our uniforms are a white dress shirt, apron, and red tie," she told him, tossing the apron to him. She shot daggers at Cancer. "Speaking of which, where is your tie, Cancer?" She frowned at him. "Why must you have such disregard for the dress code?"
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