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  1. A Detective is expecting her first child with her lawfully-wedded husband. Sadly, her relationship with her Stepson has taken a very awful turn. She is now awaiting his return while he stays with his Grandparents. In the meantime, her best friend and younger sister come over in order care for her and help her prepare for the impending birth of her daughter, which includes helping her get through her 'nesting' phase in pregnancy.
  2. Jenny had called Hannah not ten minutes ago and the ginger had already gone out of her way to visit the bakery and buy the girl's a box of cookies to munch on. She held onto the pink box of assorted cookies with one hand as she held the wheel of the car with the other. Another five minutes or so and she would arrive and Jenny's home, eager to help her friend with anything she needed for the little girl that was soon to enter the world.

    Hannah parked in the driveway, exited the car with her treats in one quick motion and striding up to the front door in another. She knocked gently, not wanting to scare her friend in case she was napping or something. She had read that pregnancy devotes you of all life, making you want to pee constantly, eat, and sleep.
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  3. Jenny was sleeping by the time Hannah had arrived. However, the gentle knock woke Kimberly, Jenny's little sister who's been staying over for the past month or two. However, the whole time, Kimberly has been by her side ever since Michael had to leave town for work purposes. Jenny started groaning as Kimberly sat there. Hopefully she wasn't in any pain, because that prank that her Step-Nephew Andy pulled was really, really bad. However, he was now staying with his Grandparents, Jenny's Mother and Father-in-law.

    Before going to check who it was, Kimberly patted Jenny's swollen belly before giving it a quick kiss. "Auntie's gotta go see who's at the door. Be good to Mommy, okay?" She then ran towards the front door. When she opened it, it was Hannah, Jenny's Best Friend. "Oh, hi Hannah...What's with the Box of Cookies?"
  4. "Hey Kimberly!" Hannah greeted as the door swung open, shaking the box of cookies lightly before letting herself into the home. "I just thought everyone could use a treat or two. Even the little cutie-pie that Jenny holds!" She smiled at her best friend's sister before placing her purse on the small table near the door wherever everyone left their keys and trinkets lying about. She opened the box and snuck a bite of one of the cookies, speaking with her mouth full, "How is Jenny anyway?"
  5. "She's been taking it easy for the past month." Kimberly said closing the door after Hannah entered the house.

    "Her demon of a stepchild thought it was funny to put a tripwire at the stairs. Luckily her Quick Thinking and Fast Reflexes kept her from falling down the stairs. Otherwise I don't want to think about it."

    She then decided to sit in the living room with Hannah and maybe talk for a bit before Jenny wakes up.

    In her sleep, Jenny's baby started kicking, which made her start moaning every so often.
  6. "What!?" Hannah practically shrieked at the information, but she hurriedly changed her tone as not to wake Jenny. She went to sit in the living room with Kimberly, bringing the cookies and placing them on the table so the two could have some every now and then. "Where is the little devil now? Not here right?" The ginger looked around the room as if he could pop out at any given moment. "That kid has always been playing tricks on her, but they weren't anything as close to something like that."
  7. Kimberly grabbed a few of them herself. "He's staying with his Grandparents now. Well, at least until his Dad gets back."

    A few minutes later, Jenny woke up from her short nap. Although she felt really sleepy, she wanted to go say hi to her best friend who is probably over now. She walked out into the Living Room to see that her sister and best friend were conversing. "Oh, hey Hannah."

    She greeted her best friend before sitting down in between them. She ran her fingers down her long, silky hair before resting her hand on her belly as she relaxed herself.

    Kimberly smiled before placing her own hand on her sister's belly. "You and the Little Princess sleep well?"
  8. "Good. Hopefully when Micheal returns he can sort out the kid." Hannah munched on a few more cookies, more than relieved that neither Jenny or the baby had been seriously injured. Soon enough, the woman in question revealed herself, sitting in-between the two girls and holding her belly.

    "Hey hon, sleep well?" The red-head smiled at her best-friend, gesturing towards the box of cookies if she wanted any. "So, on a lighter note, are we doing a baby shower for the little one?" Hannah smiled at Jenny-- she had been wondering if there was going to be a party the moment Jenny said she was pregnant. It may help Jenny relax as well as get her mind off her step-son.
  9. Jenny rubbed her eyes a bit, still half asleep. "Me and the little Princess slept well. Thanks for asking." She said, stretching out her arms and her back because she's been on bed rest for the past week or two. When Hannah asked about the baby shower, Jenny began wondering as she continued to hold her belly. "Thinking about sometime next month for the Baby Shower."

    "I think that's a pretty good time. Wouldn't want you to go into labor half-way through the party." Kimberly agreed.

    When Jenny shifted a bit to her sister's side, that most likely meant that her back was hurting, so Kimberly didn't say anything and started massaging her sister's back. Jenny then grabbed a cookie for herself, her craving for sweets getting the best of her. She tried to cut down on the desserts, wanting to nourish herself and especially the baby.
  10. Hannah nodded at her friend's answer. "Sounds good. SO what else has been going on with the both of you?" She crossed a leg over the other, getting comfortable. "We haven't seen each other in awhile..." Hannah admitted regrettably; she had been holing up in her apartment for sometime trying to work on that novel. It was the only time she had ever told Jenny she was too buys to come over. Of course, her best friend had also been very busy.
  11. "Well, Michael's out of town. I have no idea when he's coming back. I'm on leave from work for the next six months or so. Been putting up with my evil Stepson until last month when I sent him to his Grandparents...Besides that, just waiting for my little bundle of joy while my little sister gets to be my personal maid...Well, not that she minds. Because I took care of her a lot when we were kids. Every day, when I don't think I can possibly get any bigger and then I do." Jenny replied. "I'm just glad my 'nesting' phase of pregnancy is over...God that was creeping me out."

    Kimberly started laughing when Jenny complained about nesting. "Oh c'mon Jenny, I thought it was cute. Mom's just making sure her home is all tidied up, cleaned and ready for her offspring. Nothing creepy about that." Because her hand was on the belly, she felt her Niece kick. "Oh my god, she kicked!"

    Jenny smiled, happy that her Sister was excited for her niece, Jenny's daughter. Kimberly then leaned her ear into her sister's stomach, listening to her Niece's Heartbeats. Jenny simply smiled at the sight.
  12. "Babies are so strange..." Hannah concurred with a large smile. It was lovely to see her best friend safe and happy in her life. The ginger would also be lying if she said she wasn't excited for the little bundle of joy. "It's going to be so refreshing to see the baby out of you too. You definitely are getting bigger." She laughed, taking another cookie and munching away as she watched Kimberly. "Soon enough, you'll be back to your hot self with the bundle of joy taking up arm space instead of tummy space."
  13. Jenny nodded in agreement. Even she knew that childbearing was not as easy as it looked. Hannah was right. Her body was going through a lot of changes. Kimberly got up after her sister started playing with her hair, a sign that meant she was uncomfortable. "I still think it's cute." She said, rubbing her belly and stretching her legs. "If you'd like, you can listen to the baby." Jenny smiled.
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