OFFICIAL EVENT ChaRP! When Fate and Coincidence Collide - January Sunday the 17th @ 11AM to 2PM Central.

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A special bonus early Sunday ChaRP for those of us that really liked our characters from the Christmas Party of Doom, the Weird New Year Party, OR anyone who really likes this setup and wants to play!

It's January in Paris! A posh private school in New York has shipped out a few of it's students and chaperones to tour a newly discovered catacomb under the famous City of Lights. There is a renowed guest historian help lead the tour for these entitled rich kids, and it's sure to be a lovely afternoon of discovery! ...and horror?!

If you post up a character blurb/bio and send me a PM I will give your character a specific goal/task/role in the story to work towards. 8D


WHO: Everyone is invited! Character Bios/Pics are not required, but totally encouraged! Post 'em if you got 'em.

WHAT: This is a modern contemporary roleplay that is going to have SPOOKY VIBES! Supernatural content is allow, but it is a "secret" in this universe.


WHERE: Join us in the FATE AND COINCIDENCE chat room. You'll find the link to our chats in the CHAT tab when it's time to play.

HOW: This is a SPOOPY ADVENTURE SETTING WITH A COMBO OF PLANNED PLOT AND IMPROVISATIONAL GAME MASTERING. That means special plots things have been planned with players, but the story itself will be improvised based on who shows up and what you do in game! Most of this roleplay will be scary stuff mixed with a problem your characters have to work together to resolve. With this ChaRP "lol random" behaviors are discouraged -- what your character says and does will have in game consequences, so choose wisely!

My roleplays are always NEWBIE FRIENDLY so even if you are terrible at roleplay or have never participated in a ChaRP before, this will be easy for you to get involved in. :D Ask questions, let me know when you need help. I often give tips and direction out of character in the main chat room when people need a little direction.


Try to show up a good 10 to 15 minutes before the ChaRP is to begin. That way you can read up on any important info, and it makes it easier for your GM to know how to start off the ChaRP when there's a head count.

Don't worry if another player is doing something similar to your idea. DO IT ANYWAY! Similarities and things in common happen in real life too. Everyone also plays differently, so two characters who are both "sweet and shy" will still end up being totally unique people. Two assassins could create a fun and interesting conflict!

Talking to other players about their character before the roleplay is a GREAT way to create connections and background for your own!

Post SHORT AND FAST. Charps are very quick pace and contain a LOT of players. Players can't wait 20 minutes for you to write a wall of text, and if there's too much text they won't be able to read it fast enough and will MISS details. If it takes you longer than two minutes to type your post, you are taking too long and might get lost in the action. This is an exercise in quick and concise writing!

Make sure your character name is mentioned in every post, close to the start of it if possible. This is especially helpful when there's many players, so we know who is playing what character.

Like in Real Life, a character may not be able to acknowledge or notice your character immediately because they are engaged in doing something else. (For example a new character walking in to the room, but the other characters arguing about muffins and do not see them.) Don't get discouraged if you go can't get someone to interact with you right away. Just keep posting and doing actions with your character, or even approach others who also seem to be idle and it WILL happen.

Do not take events in the roleplay personally or assume that bad reactions are because they think you/your character sucks. Everyone is playing a character and reacting to things as their character would!


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I'm mostly used to Modern-Fantasy and things with some level of Slice of Life to them, though I'm willing to try anything even dice RP. I do think my fight scenes read a bit odd though, it's a work in progress... I also have a penchant for Comedy.
  • Name: Rosemarie Holtzer
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: High School Student

    Personality: Rosemarie is overly confident, stubborn and sounds like she's always bored or annoyed by something. To say that she acts spoiled like a princess would not be wrong, actually. With her high standards and efforts to be the best, most responsible and organized at everything she does, Rosemarie's demeanor is incredibly nobility-like despite not being from a noble family at all. It also infuriates her when her efforts aren't acknowledged and the girl dislikes any displays of lack of discipline.

    On social events, the Holtzer's daughter knows exactly how to carry herself with grace and manners, doing her best to be the most pleasant guest ever, paying the utmost attention to whatever is being said.
    Internally, Rosemarie really doesn't want to be there at all and wants no more than to go back home and finally play some games. These kind of events are boring.

    The day her father decided to try politics and won was Rosemarie's doomsday.

    Robbed of her privacy at an early age, the young Holtzer was quickly thrown into the life of image keeping and paparazzi, coming to learn that once her cuteness factor of being a toddler was gone, the opposition would use her behavior to paint her father in a bad light. The daughter of the mayor couldn't be brash, the daughter of the mayor couldn't be mean or the news people would talk. On her accord and no one else's, Rosemarie took it upon herself to be an exemplary human being, a true princess out of fairytales. Gentle, helpful, the possessor of impeccable manners and grace. She had hoped that the act wouldn't last long, that the bad rumors would stop and everything could go back to normality soon, but that wasn't what happened.
    Guilbert Holtzer was re-elected, kept climbing the political hierarchy and even when he wasn't actively a part of politics, had clearly become quite the influential man.

    Now stuck on a cage of her own making, Rosemarie was forced to play along, acting on the role for long enough that her original personality started fading away, blending with this character she had constructed. The tomboyish toddler that had once been was overwritten into a charismatic, feminine and properly educated lady. The kind of queen bee that ruled the school by being the epitome of perfection and responsibility. Eventually said 'title' had begun going over her head, the new Rosemarie had high standards, was incredibly demanding and way too confident. But at the same time, nurtured big amounts of frustration and regret, giving birth to a volatile, explosive temper that was becoming harder and harder to keep in check.

    That's when she met MMO RPGs. Not having tried a game yet for deeming it too barbaric and a waste of time, Rosemarie had bought a PC game in curiosity. The ad for the game, claiming the experience to be like living as a different person had caught her interest. It was love at first sight and exactly what she needed. In the world of the game, the girl had been free to act as she wanted, using the experience to unwind and release all of the pent-up destructive energy she had been building up! Killing things was fun! Completing quests gave her a sense of accomplishment that her life had long been drained of.

    To say that she was hooked would be an understatement.

    From there on, Rosemarie would go on to try all sorts of similar games, hopping from a title to the next one the moment the experience got any dull to her. The thrill and the excitement were a must!
    With her father now taking the role of Senator, Rosemarie is more than never living a double life: The perfect example of a daughter to the outside world and an unstoppable, insatiable, impulsive player in the gaming world.
    Recent Happenings: Having to attend to the Campbell's Christmas party as a stand-in for her very busy dad, Rosemarie found herself making quick acquaintances with the host's son, Jaxob who turns out was just as bored over having to attend as she was. Unfortunately, their conversation in the kitchen and far from any adults so they could act as themselves got interrupted when the lights in the house all went out, plunging the whole group into darkness, enough for somebody to murder the event's host.

    Failing to understand that Jaxob had two dads and one them had just been killed in front of them, Rosemarie was mostly unaffected by the events at the start, playing detective with the invitations and guest list but otherwise not making huge progress on the investigations as both the remaining dad and son turned to be extremely unhelpful on the matter. Tensions rose as the murders continued happening, the young lady eventually hitting her limit as it seemed that all of them had just as much risk as being the next-
    Or so she had thought as the culprit announced he was letting the survivors escape and everyone that was supposed to be dead had already been dealt with. Such, not good but acceptable news were them subverted by a member of their own group deciding that none of them could make it alive, which was wrongly interpreted as him having been an accomplice the entire time and not just a nut-job.

    Things proceeded to get even weirder as Jaxob somehow bent the laws of well, everything and had the dead pin the crazy man down, to which Rosemarie responded with a knife to his chest in desperation for remaining alive. Then everything went back to normal, no one was dead and she was left wondering whether it had actually happened or maybe she had been playing too many games and hallucinated the whole thing. One thing was certain though, maybe she should start carrying a weapon with herself from now on, just in case she needed to defend herself again.

    Now her school was making a trip to Paris, which wasn't terrible, but Rosemarie would rather go somewhere not as dirty and perhaps sleep-inducing such as an old historical tunnel... Oh well, image-keeping continues, gotta feign some interest. At least she doesn't have to wear an incredibly impractical dress this time.
    • Names: Nolan Adkins [喜び (Yorokobi)]

      Aliases: Nol, Nolly, Nolley, Ad, Kin, Kinny [Kobi, Kobey]

      Gender: Male

      Ages: Sixteen [600+]

      Species: Menreiki

      Profession: Circus Clown

      Description: Nolan looks like a blonde, 4' 8'' tall teenager, with blue eyes and an infantile and frail-looking physique that would prompt anyone to think that he's slightly younger than he actually is, or was. That, however, is nothing but a spirit-like projection. His true body consists solely of an Okame Noh mask, that he'll always be 'wearing'. When it is not being worn side-ways on his head, it is guaranteed to be tied on his back and hidden away by clothing.

    • Nolan Adkins had been born prematurely with a weak, fragile health. As if that wasn't bad enough, in the early years of his life, a strong respiratory disease had harmed his lungs to the point that little Nolan had acquired an incurable Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and needed to be constantly plugged to life support to live.

      Ever since he was 4, a hospital room had become his world. All he had ever know were from books his parents brought him occasionally, souvenirs from trips, the radio and hospital crew conversations. He never had the opportunity to attend school and make friends but, several relatives came from very far away to visit him every month. They looked happy, they smiled but somewhere deep inside the boy knew they were hurting. That by being there, in such a condition he was hurting them, keeping his loved ones from moving on. At the same time, though he was able to read about the world and look at pictures, it would also bring him immense pain to not be able to see them in person.

      At his sixteenth birthday, the teenager had decided that it was enough. Arguing and discussing ensued as Nolan begged at his family to please pull the plug on him. This was not a life worth living and the effort others kept making to pretend everything was fine... It hurt to see them put on happy faces when they were, in fact, miserable and worried. Both he and his relatives needed to move on. Eventually, they obliged, granting him a last wish of singing at his passing instead of crying. His favorite Christmas carol echoed through the hospital halls that afternoon and he felt loved as his short life slipped away without the help of the machines.

      But it was not the end.

      One of the souvenirs Nolan had received in life was an odd oriental mask, bought from an old man that had been clearing his attic, and hung on the room above the bed. Yorokobi as it called itself, was an Okame mask once used in actual Noh theatre performances, before being stored away in a chest for hundreds of years, forgotten. Longing the warmth of the stage-life again, year after year after year, it had eventually gained a conscience of its own. From the wall in the hospital room, it had watched the boy's struggle attentively, instantly noticing the similarities of both their situations. Nolan, a human with a flawed body, trapped in-between 4 walls to guarantee his survival, and it, the Menreiki dreaming about a life in the outside world that it without a physical form, a way to disguise itself would never be allowed to have... Two tragic beings, stuck in a position they despised.

      Maybe that's why when the human had begun to leave the physical realm into the spiritual one, Yorokobi had decided to intervene. A soul calling for another, thinking that this kind of ending was rather... dull. The boy deserved more than that, especially after those lonely nights, feeling like a burden, wondering why he was still there. The wishes of one and the other would overlap, mix, merge. Two became one.

      After Nolan's passing, all of his belongings got given and sold away because they were too painful to see. After passing by a couple of hands and storage boxes, the mask had ended up in the display of an antique/souvenir shop where for the first time, unwatched and in an ample space it could roam and begin making sense of the world around him. With no memories from before, Nolan would fiddle with objects and books around the store having to re-learn a lot of things. As such, those were often found moved out of place, or just slightly skewed from their initial positions in the morning, which the owner started attributing to themselves forgetting they had done such thing.

      Then one day they left, ready to explore the world outside the store where an unconscious longing for performing would lead Nolan to a travelling-circus. Nowadays, it is his home, both a way to satiate the stage-life itch and a ticket to see the world, including all of the wonderful things on it.


      Recent Happenings: Sneaking on a New Years party that he wasn't truly invited for, but so deeply wanted to experience, --because let's be honest who even knows anything about him? Or pretty much everyone in the circus, like come oooon!--, Nolan had a great time going all over the place and looking at everything that was so new and yet also oddly familiar to the duo. Eventually backtracking, remembering that people were supposed to leave gifts by a table, the excitable blonde had taken a while to consider what to give up, leaving a diabolo set and some candy for the hostess before being off on his merry way again, believing that to be an adequate gift because hey, it was one of his favorite objects to fiddle with!

      His stop by the fireplace, where they had promptly sat down close to admire it, turned out to be way too nostalgic and pleasant, in turn making the whole of the party just as happiness-inducing as Yorokobi's power had been triggered unknowingly. Such a mishap had ended up calling unnecessary attention to the duo, with Lliira, Fiona Lockwood's niece, apparently being sensitive to magic and realizing something was amiss. Unfortunately, before the pair could find a place private enough for explanations, things were definitely getting weirder than normal. A confirmation from the girl that this wasn't how the parties usually went had Nolan wondering what in the world was actually happening, never coming to learn that 'Billy Dean' was actually a ghost, for the entirety of the event.

      The boy's protectiveness of Lliira who didn't seem all that comfortable with her so-called uncle, had him stepping in front of her and raising his pocket horn, playing it in tune with the piano and combating some of the ghost's trippy influence on the party-goers with Kobey's own calming aura. Those that wanted to leave at that point, could do so, with the musical performances keeping the other distracted enough... in between other things. Despite the weirdness, it ended up being a rather fun party at the end and though Nolan never had the chance to say much to Lliira, he at least made sure to tell her goodbye and hoped they'd eventually run into each other again. Maybe then he will be able to explain things to her.

      Departing again at the start of the New Year, the traveling circus troupe took off for a Europe tour, the first destination being, you guessed it, France! It had been a while since the duo had performed in the country, Nolan very excited about exploring at night-time again, but a tad upset of having to leave his new friend all the way back in America because of the job... It was such a brief interaction, but such an interesting one too! He'd certainly miss it. It seems there's something new to do in Paris this time though! Something about a tunnel people found? It sounds fun, Nolan is definitely looking forward to that! Yaaay exploration~!!

      Personality: Nolan Adkins despite having died at age 16, acts just as a 10-year-old kid would. Due to not knowing much about the world, he is very curious about everyone and everything, often making LOTS of questions to others, that might find such a disruptive habit annoying. He loves nature and sightseeing, even the simplest things like a park or a fountain are enough to wow him. No matter how bad the present might seem, Nolan considers the gift of life precious and special. Living by itself is the greatest joy of the universe.

      This boy loves talking and it's an open book when it comes to private or personal questions. It is incredibly easy to befriend him, yet equally easy to make him hate someone. A tiny flicker or cruelty and evil intent are all it takes for the little clown to start avoiding, or outright fearing, someone.

      He also seems to own quite an enormous reserve of energy, being one to bounce this and that way, quickly changing subjects or tasks and engaging in interactions with different people. Nolan loves exploring the circus in his free-time, visiting others in their rooms and such just to make casual conversation. If allowed, he would be ecstatic to visit the town in a bit of a tour. Not needing food or feeling physical tiredness anymore helps this a lot.

      Nolan deeply enjoys performing. He's longed to return to the stage for centuries and being in front of a crowd fills him with both excitement and a nostalgic feeling of similarity. He was literally created for this!! How could he not love it? The boy also truly dislikes seeing people sad and will try everything in his power to make them feel better. He also considers himself a good judge of emotions given that well, he is the representation of one after all. However, he also believes in anything that is said to him, being one to assume everyone is nice until proven the opposite. He'll often get used and tricked in return, yet, the childish and bright personality hardly wavers.

      Being one of a submissive disposition, Nolan has no strength to stand up for himself, alone. That is something that gets worse when added to his constant insecurity about his choices, given that he is never truly 100% sure of a decision he made and will apologize too much to someone if he feels like he has wronged them... What happens with a certain frequency since he is too honest and can sound harsh without meaning it at times.
    • --Skills--

      Making puns;
      Balloon animals;

      Unicycle riding;
      Incredibly light-weight;
      Some super basic juggling;
      Average pocket trumpet playing;


      Pocket trumpet;
      Multiple juggling balls;
      A rubber chicken called 'Frida';
      A package of colorful thin balloons;
      A seemingly endless assortment of candy;
      Other tricksy party knick-knacks, including a kendama and a yo-yo.


      Joyful inspiration:
      Like its name (and similar to the entity it portrays), Yorokobi can inspire pleasant sensations of happiness, tranquillity and peace to the people around it. The effects depend on the person, to more empathic individuals being prone to receive stronger feelings, but in general, it makes an audience more acceptive of sillier performances and helps angry or stressed individuals to calm down a lot faster. Those sensitive to magic will be able to see a light-yellow mist seemingly leaving the teen's location, whereas normal people won't see a thing change and simply feel happier. It is normally activated on will, during a performance, but an excess of good feelings and intentions has been known to trigger it as well.

      Into the shell: Nolan may choose to retract his spirit-like form back into the Noh mask. It's a state where he's left in a sort of standby mode, able to only listen to its surroundings. It's very useful for hiding when whoever he's hiding from doesn't know anything about his true nature and makes it so that Nolan doesn't need much space for himself. In fact, he could live contently inside an items closet for as long as it is not too tight.

      Pain immunity: Given that his true form is solely the mask he wears, the spirit-like projection can be stabbed, burnt and everything you have a right to and it will not bleed, react the damage. If anything, akin to a ghost, physical objects he's not actively interacting with will simply go through his shape. If the mask is scratched or broken, however, the opposite then applies. Breaking said vessel in half will surely erase his existence from the earthly plane, forcibly expelling Yorokobi into the spirit realm.

      Additional Notes: It is unknown whether the soul residing in the mask (that calls itself Yorokobi, Joy in Japanese) and the soul of the diseased Nolan have merged into a single entity or whether the Youkai had connected with the struggle of the perpetually hospitalized teen so deeply it confused itself. Whichever the truth is, it has undoubtedly taken the identity of Nolan Adkins to itself, truly believing to be, in fact, the teenager. As such, he may use 'we', talk about Kobi in the third-person or use the normal first-person, depending on the context or situation. Physical or ability matters are Yorokobi's and emotional or mental matters are attributed to Nolan.

      Has the interesting habit of describing emotions and happenings with the usage of Japanese onomatopoeia, as if their meanings were common sense, which they are not.

Here are both of them again, nesting tabs is a pain and so is trying to hide the spoiler background, but I'm too stubborn to give up ^^'
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Name: Richard 'Ricky' White

Age: 26

Looks: He has brown spiked hair, beautiful grayish blue eyes and a very muscular build (due to going to the gym way too much). He is 6'9.

He often wears a pair of black muscle shirts (to show off his abs, duh) and black jeans along with combat boots to get out of tough jams. He also wears black gloves that are laced to release silver daggers if he is confronted with a tough opponent. He also wears a glass tube with a mermaid tear around his neck .

Personality: Ricky is a horrible human being. He tends to do whatever gets him the most cash. He has virtually no conscience when it comes to dealing with the supernatural ( or pretty much anything) and can be quite cruel and harsh but does so in such a way that you still like him somehow. If you somehow befriend him (the chance of getting hit a comet is more likely), he will be kind to you and let you on his schemes and open up to you.

Theme: (393) monster skillet - YouTube

Extra: Ricky should totally be dead- weird he isn't.



Name: Jaxob Campbell

Age: 16

Species: Doppelganger

Personality: Jaxob has the personality of most teenage boys who have fathers who has a lot of power,a bit of a rebel and not afraid to cause some trouble. He is also a nice kid who enjoys going places, but he also hates surprises. He also tends to pick up the personality ( and sometimes) abilities of people around him.

History: Jaxob was a "gift" to his fathers, being "borrn" as a baby to be their "son" and has grown up for the past sixteen years thinking he was normal. ( I mean, don't most kids look exactly their two parents perfectly combined as teens? Nothing weird here)



Name: Luke Rodriguez

Age: 27

Personality: Luke is a bit of a bad boy, a bit of slacker and always filled to the brim with insane ideas. He however has recently been on edge due to ermm.... strange events at a christmas party and has found himself needing to stay to close to Jaxob, for some reason. Having a bit of an overprotective uncle vibe, he's probably fine.... probably.
Name: Joseph Beaumont ( Born as Jodie Beaumont)
Nickname: Joe
Age ( preferably older than 18): 18 ( Is actually 12 and possessing the body of an seventeen year old.
Screenshot 2021-01-10 at 9.50.01 PM.png
Appearance: ( Details the photos do not include/ scars/ height, weight,etc if you use them)
Joe has a short brunette hair cut that is fashioned similar to the ways boys used to dress in Pre- French Revolution France. She however has adapted to the times and somehow wears jeans and a black shirt along with a hoodie. Despite being a girl, she looks very masculine in appearance and is often mistaken as a boy and she never corrects anyway. She also has a birth mark on her right arm, but she doesn't mention how she got it.
Personality: Joe is a tomboy through and through, having enjoyed life simple pleasures and is happy go lucky
Weakness(ONE FOR EACH ABILITY/POWER) (optional): Excorize her, you also can kill her when she is around Peter and she will die like any other person. She also can be hurt by magic
Species: Ghost
Powers(optional if you are doing a supernatural creature): Going through walls and a small degree of possession.
Abilities/ skills: Lock Picking, Singing... otherwise nothing.
History (optional, but highly recommended) Revealed in the RP.
Extra: Jodie identifies as a boy (And has chosen one of her male descendants to possess). She however is not offended if you call her by either the male or female pronouns.
Name: Bair (Has no last name)
Nickname: N/A
Age: 21
Appearance: Bair stands at a tall 6'4 and is built like a sickly tree being incredibly thin and wirey. He has sandy blonde hair as well as blue eyes. He generally wears khakis, his sweater vest and a earth related t-shirt. He also wears sneakers.
Screenshot 2021-01-10 at 10.00.55 PM.png

(Faceclaim: Matt Lanter)
Abilites/Skills: Fashionable- He knows the right style for most people.
Size guessing- Don't know your size, Bair can guess it pretty accurately.
Occult- Bair has knowledge of magic and its strange effects, though he denies it.
Personality: He is incredibly down to earth and pretty much chill about everything. He hates confrontation and unless he gets truly shocked by something rarely anger. He also has no chill as a former retail employee, having been through so much stuff, especially having dealt with people who didn't want to pay for the cost of the magic they used. He came to France to help chaperone his cousin Joe.


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Name: Valerian Solis
Age: 25

Valerian is a "rogue scholar" of ancient and classical history who has published unconventional theories on the esoteric and mystical beliefs of the ancient world. He also leads tours to mysterious sites such as ancient Egypt, and megalithic sites in Europe, Central, and South America.

He is also a practitioner of the historical European martial arts of the rapier and longsword.

He is insatiably curious, and goes through life with a high-energy "the game is afoot!" attitude.

Valerian's Damascus steel sword-cane:



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Sci-fi, fantasy, magical, modern, Steampunk
1610396299217.png Name: Lliira Lockwood (of the Edinburgh Lockwoods)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Orientation: Heterosexual

Lliira's parents are obsessed with Success, both economic and social. So naturally it was a great disappointment when their daughter turned out to be, not a winsome debutante or even a hard-driving would-be executive, but a shy, bookish girl with a nervous stutter, whose taste in books centered on the occult, the arcane, and the strange. Her albinism was only an icing on her cake of...well, let's not say failure, that would affirm the negative, and the first step to Success is a positive mindset!

Unfortunately, no amount of positive affirmations could prevent the prep-school girls from eating Lliira alive. Nor could they prevent her from retreating ever further into her studies and meditations and...shall we say...unusual practices involving wands and candles and chalices and such? Spirituality--yes, we'll call it that, because her mother and father rarely had time to attempt to steer her toward more practical pursuits, and it wasn't as if an owl was going to show up with her invitation to Hogwarts.

The governesses she grew up with couldn't be bothered to help much in that regard. I suppose they might say they weren't paid well enough to truly raise Lliira to become someone who mattered, rather than leaving her to her own devices as long as she was never a behavior problem they had to deal with. Besides, it's not as if a governess could be a proper model of Success now, is it?

And so, while she got nearly perfect grades in school, she never managed to have any friends or be invited to any parties. Instead, as she entered her teens she began using her spare time to study dead languages of all things: Latin, Greek, ancient Egyptian, and Sumerian, so she could read peculiar old texts in the original. For a time, her parents didn't really know what to do except indulge her interests and hope it was just a phase she was going through, one she might perhaps grow out of as soon as she started to become interested in boys. Unfortunately, prep-school boys were at least as nasty to her as prep-school girls if not worse, so Lliira never developed any crushes.

Her 16th birthday came and went with no signs of improvement. There was really only one thing her poor mother and father could think of to do: arrange for her to spend some time with her aunt Fiona in America, during the lead-up to Fiona's great New Year's Gala. Everyone who was anyone was going to be there, and surely there could be no one better than Miss Fiona Lockwood to prepare Lliira for her high society debut.

This turned out to be something of a disaster, but for some reason, no one wanted to talk to any of the society page reporters about events at the Gala, and at least Lliira received no blame. In fact, her life went back to something approaching normal, until her prep school arranged a field trip to explore the Paris Catacombs...


Lliira is painfully shy, and very quiet. She even moves with an eerily silent grace, so that she seems to appear and disappear like a spirit. When not forced to wear a school uniform, she wears flowing gowns and hooded cloaks (the latter shield her from sunlight, which burns her easily). She has a soft voice with a Scottish accent. All together, it is as if she is an exchange student from Middle Earth.

She always has a book with her, usually some obscure arcane tome, like the Grimoire of Abramelin the Mage, a volume from the Vedas, or a copy of The Corpus Hermeticum or the Enuma Elish with interlinear translation. When she does not expect to encounter other teenagers who might maliciously take it from her, she also carries her journal, a leather-bound book containing mystic diagrams and writings in a cypher based on the Voynich script, along with blank pages remaining to be filled.


Lliira has never told anyone that she can see auras, and feel the presence of magical currents such as ley lines and the delineation around a consecrated space.

Her spell-casting does not always work, but when it does, it results in a synchronicity that provides her what she hoped for, or perhaps something unexpected that turns out to be better in some way. On occasion, she has been able to cause people to not notice her for a time (a challenge, given her distinctive looks), or just leave her alone.

She can see nature spirits, but has had little opportunity to try to interact with them, since anyone seeing her talking to something they couldn't see would surely regard her as insane.

Her Tarot readings can sometimes warn her of trouble ahead, or provide useful insights into herself or others. However, they are always subject to interpretation, so she is not infallible.

From time to time, she may have a dream, vision, or flash of insight, though these are not things she can conjure at will. They too are subject to interpretation, and operate according to the alien logic of the supernatural, so they do not always provide straightforward guidance.
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