Charp! The Fated Last Stand! March 14th,1PM to 6PM EST,

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Come one, come all.

We say it once and we'll say it again.

This is the most happening party.

Sure- The Christmas Party got ruined by a gremlin and a supernatural hunter

And The Field Trip had demonic sacrifices,

The Escape Room was a mess as well,

And a Leprechaun ruined St Patty's Day

And Jack ruined the Easter Holiday party.

And off camera, the spirits of 1776 ruined the fourth party, while on screen- Jack made the late guests go through trials.

And the Labor Day party had chaos as did the Halloween one

And the Valentine's Day was fine until the doors got locked.

But then there was the last party.......

The one where the true villain was revealed and shared his story, it's time for a Final Stand


Who: Everyone is invited. You can make character sheets if you want.


You are someone who was invited to the Valentine's Day party and didn't leave before the door were magically sealed shut.

When: March 14th 1PM EST/12PM CST. This will end at 6PM EST.

Where: This RP will have a ChaRP room once it's ready.

HOW: This is a Action Urban Fantasy ( But Magic is semi-secret ) ChaRP with improvised GMing. That means you should interact with each other. There are definitely going to be moments where you can work together ( or against each other depending on who you plan to play). There will 100% be In game consequences.... so choose wisely, because I promise you one thing. This party will be a disaster.​