MEMBER EVENT CHARP! The Fated Halloween Party! November 1st, 1PM to 4PM ESt


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It’s time!

It’s a Halloween party at your favorite house!

There will be tricks and treats! Got to go……

Prepare for fun.


Who: Everyone is invited. You can make character sheets if you want.

What: You are someone who was invited to the party

When: November 1st 1PM EST/12PM CST. This will end at 4PM EST.

Where: This RP will have a ChaRP room once it's ready.

HOW: This is a Action High Fantasy ChaRP with improvised GMing. That means you should interact with each other. There are definitely going to be moments where you can work together ( or against each other depending on who you plan to play). There will 100% be In game consequences.... so choose wisely, because I promise you one thing. This party will be totally fun and not at all deadly….. probably