CHARP Logs: A Midnight Coronation

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    On this night, a pitch black eve at the height of March, a most strange and rare and altogether sinister event has come to pass.

    The King of Nightmares has deigned to abdicate his throne, after haunting the Dreamscape unfettered these past thousand years. In his final act, he has called the denizens of the Nightmare to gather at Castle Tiefertraum, where one among the hopefuls will be given the crown, and a new reign of terror will begin. Only the one who rules the Nightmare possesses the power to snuff out the Spark, the force of imagination that gives life to bad dreams. Only the Dark Monarch of Phantasms holds sway over the Sack Man.

    Every creature in the Dreamscape fears the Sack Man, and dares not even speak his name, lest he come to collect them.

    But even the Dread of the Dreaded is not enough to quell the excitement of the Parade. As Looking Glass portals open up across the shifting Dreamscape and the throngs of Nightmares trickle in through these mirror doors, there is a fervor in the air. Restlessness and revelry cling to the castle ramparts like a miasma... for the thrill of competition, and the thrill of the hunt.

    These Looking Glass portals remain open, for Nightmare and Dreamer alike.

    Pity, now, those poor unfortunate mortal souls who might wander unawares into the midst of this Midnight Madness...

  2. [Narrator riiiiiiiises from the graaaaaaves.] -10:00 Mar 23 [John White walks in a bit unsure what to think.] -10:01 Mar 23
    Narrator: Out across the dead plains of vines, beyond the dark mists of ambiguousness, through the leaveless trees in a forest of malcontent - there is a castle. Tall and derelict, standing a sole monument in the middle of nowhere. The Dreamscape. The Nightmare Lands. Whatever you called it, it was a place of grim, frightening prospects. And tonight... there would be a coronation. Mirrors have opened up all over the dream worlds leading to this one place. May the hunt for the new King of Nightmares begin... -10:03 Mar 23
    [Sssindra isss a a ssslithering naga from the realms of nightmaresss come to sssee what all the fusss isss about, and maybe sssee thossse leg thingsss firsssthand.] -10:06 Mar 23
    John White: John white was the first of many to enter the castle threw the mirror. It was a strange and creepy place to be. The dimmly lit room only made him feel even more unsure of really wanting to be there. Maybe he should leave before he got too far in to leave... -10:07 Mar 23
    [Yuleria lives in this realm and firmly believes the time of Kings is over.'s time for a Nightmare Queen!] -10:10 Mar 23
    [Dayanara licks at her blades as she walked around, knowing she was highly more than qualified to be able to take over this realm, by crook or hook, it would be hers] -10:12 Mar 23
    Yuleria: A vision in white, surely such a creature came from the realm of sweet visions and angelic dreams. Yuleria practically glided across the stone ground, flicking fingers over lit candle flames and making with the daydream eyes at any individual that had masculine pheremones. If you wanted to charm a crown, it was best to work on the ones that liked a pretty face. -10:14 Mar 23
    [sordScriptor ingresses with most graceful mannerisms.] -10:14 Mar 23
    [(Logout) sordScriptor fled in terror.] -((10:14 Mar 23))
    [swordScriptor makes an ingression with most graceful mannerisms.] -10:15 Mar 23
    swordScriptor: Better -10:15 Mar 23
    [swordScriptor makes an ingression with most graceful mannerisms.] -10:16 Mar 23
    swordScriptor: again -10:16 Mar 23
    [Dayanara wondered how it was that this realm had blessed her with a chance as great as this, to possibly take over and reign in this world that would soon be hers.... her first order of business when she was in charge of this place would be to make everyone wear a sexy uniform. Yes. That would do nicely. ] -10:17 Mar 23
    [Darius Clay stumbles through a mirror, still half drunk from the night's revelry and falls flat on his face.] -10:17 Mar 23
    [Penelope enters.] -10:17 Mar 23
    Sssindra: Her sssnake-like body ssscraping noisssily over the ssstone Sssindra emerged and look in her sssuroundingsss, a forked tongue caresssing her fangsss asss ssshe tasssted the air and moved in sslowly, armsss held tightly to the ssshirt ssshe has chosssen to wear asss her only cevering. A courtesssy to the denzinsss of the cassstle and the other guessstsss -10:17 Mar 23
    [Belle enters.] -10:17 Mar 23
    Belle: "Darius?" Belle whispered. -10:19 Mar 23
    Penelope: Penelope wanders in, amazed at the sight of such a magnificent castle. She wondered what this place was and how she could have gotten here. -10:19 Mar 23
    Darius Clay: The drunkard looks up and rubs his eyes, a tad confused as to what was going on. "Y-yes? Do I know you?" -10:19 Mar 23
    Darius Clay: The drunkard looks up and rubs his eyes, a tad confused as to what was going on. "Y-yes? Do I know you?" -10:20 Mar 23
    Belle: Belle laughed. "Maybe, maybe not. Come on!" she said helping the drunken man to his feet. -10:21 Mar 23
    Belle: Belle laughed. "Maybe, maybe not. Come on!" she said helping the drunken man to his feet. -10:21 Mar 23
    John White: John could tell this was going to be a strange night, instead of waiting by the portal like his gut told him to he started to slowly walk further down the long corridor. He noticed a snake lady slithering threw and other girl seemingly playing with fire. This was certainly a strange world and he wondered what the rest of the night may hold inside its mysterious plan... -10:21 Mar 23
    Dayanara: [Aaaaah, the beginning of a chat RP, when everyone's getting setttled in and making mistakes. I love this time, like a horse wobbling and trying to stand.] -10:21 Mar 23
    Dayanara: [Aaaaah, the beginning of a chat RP, when everyone's getting setttled in and making mistakes. I love this time, like a horse wobbling and trying to stand.] -10:21 Mar 23
    Dayanara: [Aaaaah, the beginning of a chat RP, when everyone's getting setttled in and making mistakes. I love this time, like a horse wobbling and trying to stand.] -10:21 Mar 23
    Narrator: Yuleria conjured herself a glass of wine. There was a buffet somewhere, but what did she want to mediocre food that was meant to feed silly humans that wandered in to this place? Moving like a silken garbed wraith through the columns and candles of the grand ballroom, she scowled at all the feminine creatures that had appeared. This would do her no good. Yuleria hated competitio. ...she would have to get rid of them. All of them. -10:21 Mar 23
    Dayanara: [Including me, it seems, lol] -10:21 Mar 23
    Yuleria: Yuleria conjured herself a glass of wine. There was a buffet somewhere, but what did she want to mediocre food that was meant to feed silly humans that wandered in to this place? Moving like a silken garbed wraith through the columns and candles of the grand ballroom, she scowled at all the feminine creatures that had appeared. This would do her no good. Yuleria hated competitio. ...she would have to get rid of them. All of them. -10:22 Mar 23
    Darius Clay: He took the offered hand and smiled softly. "Where are we going, and will there be water? I think I'm a bit hung over..." -10:22 Mar 23
    [Penelope enters.] -10:24 Mar 23
    Belle: Belle just smiled and pulled the man through many corridors. Finally reaching a kitchen. "I can't promise there's anything in here but you're welcome to look." -10:25 Mar 23
    Belle: Belle just smiled and pulled the man through many corridors. Finally reaching a kitchen. "I can't promise there's anything in here but you're welcome to look." -10:25 Mar 23
    [Castle Tiefertraum may have been a part of the Dreamscape, but in a manner of speaking, it was very much awake.] -10:26 Mar 23
    Sssindra: Sssliding deeper into the room it ssseemed Sssindra wasssn't the only one to have jussst arived. In fact no one ssseemed to have sssettled in yet which wasss goood. With everyone ssstanding and walking around there were more legsss on disssplay and they were curiousss thingsss indeed. Two of them on each perssson and upright, only bending in one place... Sssindra ssslithere towardsss the center of the room, sstit pupilsss darting thisss way and that... Thisss what a curiousss naga'sss heaven. -10:26 Mar 23
    [Dayanara so, there was quite the competition to be had, it seemed, looked to be like more than a few of the Nightmare Lands actually felt entitled to try their hand at gaining power over the masses. How droll. How awfully droll of them, to entertain that notion. She spoke not a word, simply wandering for the moment, learning slowly who she would have to compete against and looking around at what would soon be hers. Yes... sexy uniforms were indeed in order for this place... this whole entire area needed massive changes, and she was the one to do it. Yes... Hot pants and crop tops for the ladies, and nice military-style uniforms for the men... yes...] -10:26 Mar 23
    Penelope: Penelope glanced nervously around at all these strange creatures and people around her, 'what is this place?' she wondered to herself. She couldn't remember how she got here but knew that "This would definitely make for a cool adventure at least." She muttered to herself before taking walking down one of the hallways curiously. -10:26 Mar 23
    Darius Clay: Darius nodded slightly as he was pulled along. As he followed the woman he took a bit of time to glance her up and down. When they arived in the kitchen he grabbed a glass and filled it from the tap, taking a tentative sip. "This is a fancy place... any idea how I got here? I didn't think I knew anyone this rich..." -10:28 Mar 23
    [The dank, dark water surrounding Castle Tiefertraum were as black as a starless sky.] -10:28 Mar 23 Castle Tiefertraum: As Dreamer and Nightmare alike began their influx through the castle's Looking Glass gates, the walls and floors began to shift restlessly. The geography of the castle was shifting, rearranging, tiles shifting under their very feet. -10:28 Mar 23
    [Branwen flies through the door as someone else opens it. She finds a perch and sits, ruffling her black feathers and preening just a bit before lifting her head and looking around at the others with lively black eyes. The raven lets her eyes catch every little shiny thing in the room before swooping down off her high perch. Once landing somewhere on the ground where she wouldn't get stepped on, she takes a more human form, stretching and creaking and cracking as bones grow and skin streatches. Black feathers smooth down but stay visible and hands awkwardly sproud from the tips of her wings. A dress also formed to cover her new, quite feminine form, black that catches the light just like her feathers, exploding into an oilslick of color. With her new hands, thumbs and all, she takes a drink and eyes the glass, tilting her head this way and that. Not having lips did make it aweful difficult to drink from glasses....] -10:28 Mar 23
    swordScriptor: This young troll stands in his respiteblock. -10:29 Mar 23
    Castle Tiefertraum: ((I'd prefer if you not play my moat, please.)) -10:30 Mar 23
    John White: After walking for a while he got distracted by the snake lady again. She seemed to be curiously looking at everyones legs and almost seemed to be taking notes. He figured he would stay away from her incase she wanted to figure out how they taisted. As he walked still glancing nervously at sindra he bumped into Penelope and stumbled to the side. "Oh, sorry." He said getting up from his knees. "I was... um... distracted..." -10:31 Mar 23
    swordScriptor: His name is Voltir Scriba, and he considers himself a Thespian and an Author. He seems confident, but his internal self-esteem is quite low. -10:31 Mar 23
    [The moat was infested with weeds that sprung with an unsettling wind and jutted out from the glassy water's surface like sloppily placed toothpicks in a jar. Looking down into the moat would prove pointless, like looking face first into a vat of motor oil.] -10:32 Mar 23
    [Narrator explains that the castle hosts are the only ones who control the setting and landscapes, else the Sackman shall come to take thee away.] -10:33 Mar 23
    [The moat was always so lifeless, like a black hole that threatened to suck in anyone or thing that strayed too close... Well, almost anyone. Beneath the surface, though it was difficult to tell, something was stirring. A someone.] -10:33 Mar 23
    Penelope: Penelope's eyes widened at the sight of the sight of the crow that turned into a woman and the large snake who almost seem to look like a woman? This was a strange place indeed… She almost didn't notice John until he bumped into her. She was pushed back and landed on her rear by the force of him then she looked up to him, "Oh, um, th-that's fine." She told him nervously. -10:34 Mar 23
    The: ((I'm just bringing in my character >_> I can leave if you want? )) -10:34 Mar 23
    [Xervous Xervous wonders through one of the mirrors and begins to make his way through the castle his appearance that of mans shadow he glides across the tile without making a sound, His blackened smoke like form ripples as the he moves.] -10:34 Mar 23
    swordScriptor: He tends to be a bit dramatic and sometimes impatient when people do not understand his droll, and can speak ">ery hurriedly, >>hate>er you do, so if you'd please e><cuse him,="" that'd="" be="" nice<"="" -10:34="" mar="" 23<="" span=""></cuse>
    Narrator: (Of, if that's the case is okay! It was just a little misleading there for a minute!) -10:34 Mar 23
    Sssindra: There wasss a sssmell in the air. Avian, tasssty. Tasty enough to dissstract from the examination of legsss, for now. Her body low to the ground Sssindra'sss tongue ssslipped out to pick the ssscent from the air asss ssshe tracked her meal towardsss the tablesss, coming up ssshort, her path blocked by the curtain of black dresss. Ssslowly ssshe reathed out and gripped the fabric... Wasss the bird under there? Taking hold of Branwe'sss dresss she lifted it to gaze at the floor beneath. "Come out little bird. Your death will be delicioussssss." -10:36 Mar 23
    John White: He looked around nevously before giving her his hand to help her up. "I, um, I am John." He was almost shaking, was she going to be like the strange crow thing or one of the other monsters here? He figured as long as she didn't eat humans he would be fine... -10:36 Mar 23
    Yuleria: Yuleria luuuuurked through the corridors in to the kitchen. Looking more like a ghost than a woman..or creature... as she quietly stared at the current kitchen inhabitants, the drunken Darius and the Belle girl thing. Yuleria smiled dreamily. "What a lovely little couple of humans, lost here in the King's castle.... are you dreaming wee humans? Dead...? Did your lover kill you, little girl?" -10:37 Mar 23
    Castle Tiefertraum: The floor shuddered. The consistency of the stone went soft in places, loosening into a murky red sludge. Guests would have to watch their step, lest they become mired in the clotting pools of blood. -10:37 Mar 23
    swordScriptor: Of course, today wasn't a usual day for this young troll. It wasn't his eighth sweep, no, that was still a ways off, BUT, it was a particularly good day to go session hopping. -10:39 Mar 23
    Branwen: Well. That was awkward. She looks down at the snake, her bird-feet drumming their claws on the hard stone floor. She bent at the waist to get nice and close to Sssindra's ear and waited a second, before letting out the loudest squawking noise she could possibly muster. She jumped up with a flap of her wings and landed a few feet away, laughing. "Too big for your jaws, serpent! To fast for you, too!" She laughed again and pulled one leg up, resting her foot on her other knee. "Too smart for you, I am! Saw you a mile away, I did! -10:39 Mar 23
    swordScriptor: You see, Voltir here had discovered his role a long time ago. This young troll was the Mage of Breath. -10:40 Mar 23
    Darius Clay: Darius looked up at the ghost and narrowed his eyes, the alchohol still clouding his mind and giving him false bravery. "Hey, watch it pal... that's no way to talk to a lady..." He said, setting his glass down and raising his fists as if he were ready to fight. "Stay behind me, doll, I'll take care of this guy." -10:40 Mar 23
    [Dayanara continued to watch and wander, her voluptuous form- only made modest by straps of leather and some thigh-high boots- was sure to entice many to distraction, but the leathery wings and slim spike-tipped tail, as well as the spiraling horns might have also made some keep their distance. As soon as the ground began to quake, she beat her wings with increasing strength, lifting herself into the air as she looked around more, taking delight in the excitement. Yes, yes, yes- she could see it now- this place would be hers to rule, and no one would stop her. No... No single person or creature could match her lethal attacks or her beauty. She almost felt bad for them. How deluded they were.... She flew for a few more moments, then alighted upon the ground again, though she trusted she'd be spending a lot of time in the air this fine night.] -10:40 Mar 23
    swordScriptor: He had a habit of taking certain avian creatures and using them to thrust himself into another universe, or session. Sometimes, he appearified far before the beginning of the universe's game. Sometimes, he appearified long after. -10:41 Mar 23
    Penelope: Penelope shyly took his hand and stood back up but she could tell this man, John, was nervous and even scared? By her? She didn't think she looked that bad… She inconspicuously looked down at herself to see if something was wrong. Nope, she looked fine. "Hello, um, I-I'm Penelope." She told him shyly, tucking a piece of her hair that always seemed to get in her face behind her ear. -10:42 Mar 23
    [The surface of the inky moat was broken by a single bubble. The seconds ticked past and there came another. And another. And then the surface became as still as death yet again. But slowly, a very small portion rose, arching up with a lazily surfacing object and trickling down the sides. A head full of black, black hair cascading over a pale, pale face.] -10:42 Mar 23
    [The is now known as: Current] -10:42 Mar 23
    Yuleria: "Guy...?" Yuleria pouted. A soft movement of pink painted lips as she leaned against a stone counter and gestured a painted nail at Darius. You silly drunk human. Is that how you died...? Drank and drank and mistook your pretty human mate as something to murder? Oh, you will spend many days in the nightmare realms..." How amusing. Dreaming humans were stupid little things. -10:43 Mar 23
    swordScriptor: But on a particularly good day for session hopping, he had control. He had been able to appearify some books on the Eldritch, other presently Transmundane cultures and species. -10:43 Mar 23
    swordScriptor: Today, he decided he would appearify long before the game's time in a session, in a universe of monsters and forced interracial acceptance. This culture was ideal for today's session hop. -10:44 Mar 23
    Belle: "I have no idea..." Belle began to say before she was rudely interrupted. "Excuse me? What I am is none of your business." she stepped around Darius. "I can handle this one." she told him. -10:45 Mar 23
    Narrator: would like to point out that Homestuck refferences are not befitting for this setting and suggest something a little more appropriate for the Dreamscape let ye be grabbed by the Sackman. -10:45 Mar 23
    Xervous: Xervous wonders through the room he looks around at the other guest most of which seemed to be at ends with each other already, he shook his head and began looking for other means he could use to pass the time. Look at the buffet of food a glided over his form continuing to rippled as he moved. At the very least he could have bite to eat. -10:45 Mar 23
    John White: "I umm... I'm John..." He said just realizing he had just said that. "I mean, I... good to meet you..." He noticed she had looked down and figured she was worried by the look on his face. He quickly changed it hoping to seem more friendly with a smile "Your human right?" -10:45 Mar 23
    Sssindra: "Sssssss." She naga rossse from the floor, facing the bird. "You have ssstrange legsss even for legsss." Ssshe ignored the tauntsss, and the dirt now clinging ot the front of her shirt. If the bird would not be a meal maybe it would be company. Her tongue flicked out and then curled around a fang asss ssshe moved clossser, very ssslowly. "You ssstill sssmell deliciousssss though." -10:46 Mar 23
    swordScriptor: Of course, at this moment, it seems that the winds have changed and he has lost his opportunity. He decided to blame an ominous "Sackman" -10:46 Mar 23
    swordScriptor: Of course, at this moment, it seems that the winds have changed and he has lost his opportunity. He decided to blame an ominous "Sackman" -10:46 Mar 23
    [(Timeout) swordScriptor was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -10:47 Mar 23
    Darius Clay: Darius blinked and soberd slightly as Belle moved around him, confused. Wait... that thing said they were dead? No... was he really? He began to awkwardly poke his own arm while looking very, very confused. -10:47 Mar 23
    Branwen: "Thank you." She replied happily. "I do bathe regularly." She looked back at her glass and stuck the bottom part of her beak into it to try and lap at the alcohol nested deep inside. Stupid human contraption! Shiny though it may be! She pulled her mouth away and smiled at the naga. "I'd say you have very strange legs as well, but you do seem to be missing them. Maybe I can help you find them?" She chittered suddenly, a shiver going down her spin that ruffled her feathers in a wave. "I'm Branwen." She held out a hand. -10:48 Mar 23
    Belle: "We're not mates." Belle said to Yuleria. -10:49 Mar 23
    Penelope: Penelope smiled slightly at his mistake of repeating his name again. "Um, yeah…. I am…." She said to answer his question of whether she was human or not. It seemed strange to have to answer a question like that but with the creatures she's already seen it was pretty apparent she might be needing to ask others the same question. "Um, are you? Human that is." She met his eyes but then glanced away, she had always been very shy and this new place with new people was not helping her case at all. -10:49 Mar 23
    Yuleria: "Ooooh, I would love to be handled. Handle me!" Yuleria practically chirped, gliding over to Belle to wrap her long ashen white arms around the girl in a hug. Yuleria was near ice to the touch. "I love humans! You are so full of spitefire, life, and pepper... I miss those days of warm young men.." Yuleria released Belle just as quick, moving over to Darius, where she was then running her frosty fingers up his arm. "You are a handsome human. Even if you smell of booze. ... And not mates. Oooh." A wicked, wicked grin form across her face. -10:50 Mar 23
    Current: It wasn't like him to wake up and it certainly wasn't like him to leave the bottom of the moat. And yet here he was, probably because the master's reign was coming to an end. A pasty white hand held tightly to the jagged edge of the moat and pulled. More black hair lifted from the water, droplets skiing off the end of his nose and cannonballing back into the inky grave. Steadily, Current climbed his way out of the moat and stood dripping wet in the doorway. Pale teal eyes dusted the front door with their gaze while plain black pants and a tattered once-was white shirt clung to his frame. "Long time no see, Tiefertraum..." Current mused, to the castle of course. -10:50 Mar 23
    [(Timeout) Penelope got too distracted for their own good...] -10:52 Mar 23
    Castle Tiefertraum: A long tendril of vine cracked free of the castle wall in which it had rooted. Snaking in through a window, it curled through corridors and finally wrapped around the shapely ankle of a woman named Belle, yanking hard. -10:52 Mar 23
    Darius Clay: Darius was VERY sobered up by the woman's cold touch, and a more... primal part of him was awoken by her words in his dreaming state. "Heh... yeah, but uhhh... I'd love to be with you..." he said, eyeing the ghostly form up and down. "But uhh... probably shouldn't, you know... not knowing who you are or where in the hell I am..." He said, pulling away and shivvering slightly. -10:52 Mar 23
    Belle: "Ugh you silly creature!" Belle said almost screaming. Belle grabbed the creature by the arm and spun it around to face her. Belle's face took on its true form as she spoke next, "Who let you in my castle anyway? I'm not a human! Why don't you ask before making your stupid assumptions!" -10:52 Mar 23
    Yuleria: "Your castle...?" Yuleria looked stunned for a moment. Eyeing Belle with that dumbfounded expression. ....and then she laughed! Chortled! Cackled so loud that glasses almost rattled. "You poor poor thing! Do you believe this is your home...? Have you not realized where you are..?" -10:54 Mar 23
    Sssindra: Ssslilly birdbrain thinking sssnakesss had legsss to lossse. Ssstill. The hand was accepted and squeezed before being releasssed. "Sssindra. Thisss in my firssst time out thisss far." The scent from the cut stansssfered to her hand was interesting, and another wasss quickly taken from the table to sssmell. -10:54 Mar 23
    Castle Tiefertraum: The vine yanked yet more maliciously on Belle's ankle at the words "my castle". -10:55 Mar 23
    Belle: "Of course I do." Belle said rolling her eyes. "I'm in the castle of the Nightmare King." -10:56 Mar 23
    John White: His smile became more real as she said she was human too, he almost sighed but forced himself to hold it in. She was shy, he was shy, it was an awkward start of a conversation but he started to feel more relaxed... just a little bit. "Yes, I- um I'm human." He said as their eyes met. He glanced away and she did too, it was strange but slowly he brought his eyes back to face her. He should be stronger and make this a little less awkward. He was deturmind to befriend this girl who just might be the only human in this creepy place. Just then their eyes met again and he looked away... so far for that... -10:56 Mar 23
    Xervous: Xervous picks up one of the strange peices of food known as an apple and takes a bite of it. He looks over to sindra and Branwen so far they seemed to be the life of the party -10:56 Mar 23
    Branwen: "A pleasure." She nipped at the glass in her hand a little again, then looked up. "It's my first time to the castle as well. A lovely beast she is! Quite the lovely castle. I hope to live in one just like it some day." Her black eyes gave a mischevious shimmer. -10:56 Mar 23
    [Dayanara with a few quick strides, she moved herself to the table, hips swaying and wings folding in tightly against her back as she took to trying to figure out why anyone would eat, really, when all you have to do is depend on the essence of a few... now, that, she was hungry for. Well, soon enough, she'd get her fill, seemed like there were a few to choose from around here. But for now, she'd stick to what everyone else seemed to consider food... odd. And yet.... Well, look at that, something seemed to be happening. A woman yapping, and then rooty vine seemed to go after the woman. Why, this was quite interesting. The woman was claiming it was her castle. HER CASTLE. Why, what a silly thing- luckily, one of the other occupants of this realm understood the helarity of the matter. She nearly cackled as she flew there, barely touching Yuleria, clearly not understanding the meaning of "personal space". "I dare say the woman's confused. This is not your castle." She spoke in a sulty manner.] -10:57 Mar 23
    Yuleria: "And you think this is -your- castle. You silly, silly little twit... Oh, oh you've made it upset..." Yuleria very quickly backed away from Belle as the vine along the floor started tugging at the human's leg. When the castle was upset... you did not want to be in the middle. Yuleria turned to Darius. "...your friend will likely die tonight, human. Would you like to play with me instead?" Once again her hands were dancing up his arm. -10:58 Mar 23
    Penelope: Penelope giggled at her and John's interactions. It was so awkward for the both of them that she just couldn't help but laugh a little at it. "So, uh, do you come here often?" She asked jokingly and hoped it might help break the ice while it was also a serious question she wondered. Maybe if this man knew what this place was like, he could help her figure out how she got here or even what this place was. -10:59 Mar 23
    Castle Tiefertraum: Writhing furiously, the withered vine pulled upward in a rush, hauling Belle up into the air and shaking her like a ragdoll. It seemed the castle was, indeed, quite upset. -11:00 Mar 23
    Belle: Belle bent down and patted the vine that had started growing on her leg. It purred in return and shrunk back into the floor. "Have fun." she said waving as she left the kitchen. -11:00 Mar 23
    Castle Tiefertraum: ((Okay, no.)) -11:00 Mar 23
    [Belle ] -11:00 Mar 23
    Dayanara: [Boom, first to bite the dust] -11:01 Mar 23
    Sssindra: "Ssso you want to be crowned..." Isss that why everyone was here? "It hasss many ssstrairsss." and as if that was enough reason not to want to live in a castle Sssindra turned and gazed out into the roon, the tipsss on her forked tongue playing along the edge of her glasss. -11:01 Mar 23
    A large burlap sack engulfed Belle's flailing form, and she disappeared into the shadows without a trace. -Castle Tiefertraum

    Darius Clay: Dustin paled and took a step backwards from the scene before him, swallowing hard and trembling. "I... It... it looks like I don't have much of a choice, do I?" -11:02 Mar 23
    Xervous: Xervous began to move over to Yuleria these people seemed a little more his type then the snake and bird. the three soon became four as Dayanara approched the three as well. -11:02 Mar 23
    Current: Current padded along barefoot through the gate, ignoring the dull ache received for each time he stepped on a pebble. Of course he left wet footprints in his wake as his clothes were thoroughly soaked with water, although he had to admit that there were worse things that showing up to a coronation looking like a drowned rat. He paused, however, when he'd finally arrived, standing just inside the room and wondering what to do next. He could eat... He hadn't eaten something in, well, a really long time. -11:02 Mar 23
    Branwen: The raven quietly envied the naga's longer tongue... "Well, see, if you owned it, you could ask it nicely to change the stairs into...a..." She watched as Bell was taken. "...Mm....into ramps....Did I mention how lovely and beautiful this castle was??" She asked, raising her voice. It was obvious she wasn't saying that for Sssindra's sake. -11:03 Mar 23
    John White: He smiled as she giggled. That was a good sign... right? Make a girl laugh and she would follow you forever?... atleast that was what he had been told. He looked up at her as she asked him a question. "I don't think so... I mean I don't come here... first time." His hand was now placed on the back of his neck and he kind of tried to push away his nervousness. His stuttering was bad. "Yeaahhh..." -11:03 Mar 23
    [belle enters.] -11:03 Mar 23
    belle: IDK WHAT HAPPENED BUT THAT WAS RUDE -11:03 Mar 23
    [Narrator explains in the dark grim voice, that the castle is owned by the frightening King of Nightmares, and the castle, dark and violent, follows no one... just as the Sackman. A creature whom not even the King of Nightmares will speak the same. ] -11:04 Mar 23
    [belle ] -11:04 Mar 23
    [BELLLE enters.] -11:05 Mar 23
    BELLLE: ok -11:05 Mar 23
    Xervous: Hesitant he contiued his apraoch until he stood merely a few feet from the group his, he eyed the human suspiciously it was not uncommon for them wander in every once in awhile but how this drunken man managed such a thing was beyond him. Yet it was intresting. -11:05 Mar 23
    [Dayanara laughed slightly as the human seemed be taken away. "The price for arrogance not fitting to their titles and ranks know no bounds for the stupid." She muttered with a grin. "Truly, one should really know better than to disrespect the castle- one must earn their place in power... like I will." She boasted. ] -11:05 Mar 23
    Castle Tiefertraum: ((No, you're done. If you want to come back, play a different character and follow the rules. You're disrupting the game.)) -11:06 Mar 23
    [BELLLE ] -11:07 Mar 23
    Yuleria: Even Yuleria looked a little frightened! Taking Darius by the arm and pulling him away and out of the kitchen. Who knew who th castle would attack next! It was fickle. "Don't be scared, human. I'LL protect you. Maybe... if you like me. If you would like me as your Queen?" Though even as she said it, she was warily glancing around for danger. -11:08 Mar 23
    Xervous: "Quite the ambitious one aren't we?" Xervous said in reply to Dayanara's boasting. -11:08 Mar 23
    Castle Tiefertraum: Now that its prey had been snatched away, the vine slackened, retreating to the floor. It paused to slide as if in warning over as many toes as possible as it receded. -11:09 Mar 23
    Sssindra: "Ssss." if the noissse wasss of fear, sssurprissse or thought it was hard to tell, but the togue was dipped into the wine of the glasss and a sssmall amount wasss drawn into the naga'sss mouth. "Too many changesss, ssstrairsss, warmth, colorsss. I jussst came to sssee legsss." and then ssshe was back down low to the ground and sssliding under the table. There would be legsss here sssoon to be ssseen and in the shadowsss there would be ssslit eyesss to sssee them. -11:09 Mar 23
    Darius Clay: Darius allowed Yuleria to pull him along, to startled to protest. He glanced up at her and frowned. "Queen? Sure, whatever... now, could you kindly explain to me what in the BLOODY FUCKING HELL is going on here?" He asked, all rather calmly except for the explatives, which he rather loudly shouted. Panic and Fear were evident in his voice, despire his atempts to prove otherwise. -11:10 Mar 23
    [Dayanara laughed slightly, her wings unfurling and re-adjusting. "Why, you're looking at the reason why the name "Dayanara" means "Husband slayer", my friend." She spoke softly with a chesshire-grin. "I am enjoying this evening, however. Very entertaining." She added.] -11:11 Mar 23
    Penelope: She was a bit disappointed by John's response, there goes her idea for figuring this place out… She still kept a small smile on her face however. "Oh, ok. Same for me." She glanced around them, "This place is so strange yet interesting." She commented half-mindedly. "I wish I knew more about it…" It seemed like this castle could be from one of the storybooks she loved to read. -11:12 Mar 23
    Branwen: She laughed at the Naga's words and watched her disappear under the table. "What an interesting person." All the same, she inched away from the table, just slightly afraid that knowing she had a name wasn't going to keep the Naga from striking at her legs. And she needed those!! She turned to look around at the rest of the room and try to figure out how to drink from a glass without lips. She ended up just opening her mouth, looking upwards, and pouring the alcohol down her throat. Hm. Not bad...From her upside-down-head standpoint, she eyed Dayanara and quietly concluded her wings were much better than this 'husband slayer's' wings. -11:12 Mar 23
    Current: Current didn't need a warning. He knew all too well what the castle was capable of. Though it wasn't really in his nature to be scared. At all. He did watch the vine retreat though, mildly entertained and more curious about what it'd just been up to. -11:12 Mar 23
    Castle Tiefertraum: A mire of congealed blood began to rip open like a gaping wound in the castle floor, just close enough to Penelope's left foot for her toes to sink straight in. -11:13 Mar 23
    Yuleria: "Welcome to the Nightmare Realm... a dreamscape... THE dreamscape. Purgatory? Hell? Heaven? It could be all of those." Ick! Even Yuleria was jumping to sidestep those vines. Clinging on to Darius' arm with her frosty cold fingers. But he had agreed she was his Queen and thus that made him her very first pet. "Tonight a new King of Nightmares will be crowned. Or Queen. I will be that Queen. And you like me, yes? You will be miiiiine?" Up her cold fingers went until one tapped the tip of his nose. "I will be good to you. Make your dreams come true." -11:14 Mar 23
    John White: "Umm... yeah." He said looking around with her. " -11:15 Mar 23
    Penelope: Penelope let out a shriek as her foot was suddenly sliding into a hole in the floor. She jumped away in fear and shock, her eyes as wide as can be at the sight of the blood. That wasn't there before… right? -11:15 Mar 23
    John White: "Umm... yeah." He said looking around with her. "We could check it out a little... THAT is if you don't mind..." He said rubbing his arm now. He was just making it more awkward though she seemed to warm up a bit -11:16 Mar 23
    Darius Clay: Darius seemd oddly comforted by his 'Queen' enough so that he paid no mind to the Vines, aside from muttering an appology if he happened to trip over one. He was slowly begining to think that he was having a nightmare as he was passed out on the bar floor. "Make my dreams come true, huh?" He chuckled and shrugged. "Not sure if I have any left..." -11:16 Mar 23
    Branwen: "Veeeeery beautiful, wonderful, MAGNIFICENT castle!" She said as she walked about the room, side-stepping pools of blood as best she could. She handed her now-empty glass to a passing stranger and walked up behiind Penelope, putting her hands on the girl's shoulders from behind. "You should watch where you step though....and don't scream too loudly, dear, it gets most of us excited. -11:16 Mar 23
    Castle Tiefertraum: The surface of the pool of blood began to froth and roil, rust-colored bubbles popping across the surface. -11:17 Mar 23
    [Mystique enters.] -11:18 Mar 23
    [(Timeout) swordScriptor doesn't post enough.] -11:18 Mar 23
    John White: "I don't think so." He said grabbing her hand and pulling her with him a good couple feet back. "What do you think it is?" He was shaking and hoped it wasn't noticable. Maybe he should go back threw the mirror... "I think, we should go some where else..." -11:18 Mar 23
    Current: "Watch where you step. Next time it won't be blood-warmed toes. It will be broken ankles," Current said on his way past the women who'd just shrieked. A horrible noise that was - a woman's scream. Ignoring the castle's bid for attention, Current continued on and into a joining hallway. -11:18 Mar 23
    Xervous: Xervous grinned "Yes quite, it is a shame the human had leave so soon though. She was quite the intresting, but such is the fate of those who speak out of turn." He picking up two glasses of wine he held on out to Dayanara, "You know I have no real intrest becoming the next king, should I be so lucky. I merely came to see who it would actually be crowned." -11:18 Mar 23
    Current: From his actions, it seemed as though he knew exactly where he was going. Three intersections down. Turn to the right. Eight doors on the left. -11:20 Mar 23
    Penelope: Penelope's sole attention was on the blood as she swallowed back her disgust at the sight. Her breathing was coming out raggedly as she simply stared at the pool, gladly allowing herself to be pulled away from it by John. She nodded but couldn't take her eyes off of the blood, her stomach churning. -11:20 Mar 23
    Mystique: Mystique entered, looking around with a small smile. She tried to hide her fangs as she walked over to a man talking about the next king. She picked up a glass of wine, downing it as quickly as she could. "And why do you have no interest in becoming king?" she asked, entering herself into the conversation. Her skin was deathly pale and a smile curled up her lips. -11:21 Mar 23
    Yuleria: "Make my dreams your dreams. I am your Queen, after all." Stepping around him like a prowling cat, her hands not being shy about touching, she stopped behind Darius with her hands on her shoulders, pointing him towards the crowd of wandering people. "I have enemies. Rivals. Here in this very room. Terrible creatures! Wanting to steal MY crown from me. Undeserving awful things. Do you know what I wish from you, human...? My enemies need to go far far away..." -11:21 Mar 23
    Branwen: She put her cold beak up against Penelope's cheek, a little annoyed her hands on the woman's sholders were being ignored. She chirped loudly before pulling back. "Yes, dear, it's blood. Icky, sticky, ooey, gooey, runs 'round in your nice warm veins all day..." -11:21 Mar 23
    Castle Tiefertraum: A shape began to push up out of the thick liquid as Penelope was dragged away. Five small points, rising slowly to show the very distint shape of a human hand, thoroughly coated in dull red. It waved at her, then slipped back into the depths. -11:23 Mar 23
    Darius Clay: He glanced up and behind him. "I may be drunk... but do you think me so easily turned into your pawn?" He asked, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter, which he was rather suprised he still had. He lit a stick of cancer and blew the smoke out his nose before pocketing the itmes again. -11:23 Mar 23
    [Dayanara lifted herself from the ground again with a few quick beats of her wings. "Well then! Seems like the castle is having a good time, I think I'll retreat and get more prepared- you see, this was only for a moment, just a quick peek before going to prepare more for our inevitable duels and fights for the right and honor of this place. I will return soon, sweet, sweet abode that will hopefully be mine... If you'll take me" She murmured before taking off, flying away to prepare ] -11:25 Mar 23
    [Dayanara lifted herself from the ground again with a few quick beats of her wings. "Well then! Seems like the castle is having a good time, I think I'll retreat and get more prepared- you see, this was only for a moment, just a quick peek before going to prepare more for our inevitable duels and fights for the right and honor of this place. I will return soon, sweet, sweet abode that will hopefully be mine... If you'll take me" She murmured before taking off, flying away to prepare ] -11:25 Mar 23
    John White: The hand coming out of the thick red substance was enough for him "Ok, lets go." He said running as fast as he could to the next room with her hand in his. He wasn't going to stop their but ended up tripping over himself and falling face first to the ground. Sitting up he looked at her "Ow..." -11:25 Mar 23
    Yuleria: "Don't say no to me human." Her voice had turned stony. The cigarette snatched out of Darius' mouth as she poked the underside of his chin with a nail that was suddenly all too long and sharp. "I can also make your nightmares come true. Don't you want to pleeeeaase meeee?" -11:26 Mar 23
    Castle Tiefertraum: All at once, the dim lighting- one with no identifiable source, for the castle had no lit candles or lamps, nor did the sun shine overhead- went out. The castle was plunged into an impenetrable darkness. -11:26 Mar 23
    Castle Tiefertraum: That was when the rustling and chittering began. -11:27 Mar 23
    Darius Clay: Darius recoiled from the woman, and in the darkness that fell as he was in motion, tripped, landing on his back with a solid *THUD* He scrambled away, not from her, nescesaritly, but from the cittering and rustling that was going on. -11:27 Mar 23
    Branwen: And at the sudden plunge into darkness, she gave a strong flap of her arms...wings...arms....armwings....and took off from the ground. She squinted, trying to see through the horrible darkness as she kept herself nice and up off the floor. And hopefully away from whatever was making noises... -11:28 Mar 23
    Mystique: She looked up when the lights went out. She blinked slightly, wondering why there was rustling and chittering. She jumped as someone fell right in front of her. "Are you alright?" she asked, looking down into the darkness. The person scrambled back, bumping into her feet. She stepped back, uneased by the rustling and the chittering. -11:28 Mar 23
    Penelope: Penelope jumped at the sudden sound directly next to her and looked at the woman, her eyes still filled with fear. She nodded shakily at the Branwen before being pulled away once again, this time much further but not before she caught a glimpse at the terrible hand that came from the blood. SHe was also pulled down with John as he fell but she didn't mind, her legs probably might have given out on her anyway from the stress of all these happenings. She pulled her legs to her chest and wrapped her arms around them when they were all suddenly plunged into darkness. "J-John?" She quietly called out, hoping her friend was nearby so she wouldn't be alone in this terrifying place. -11:28 Mar 23
    Yuleria: Blast... the castle was restless and up to it's tricks. And her human pet was now skittering away unseen in to the dark. "Don't ruuu-uuun. They like it when you run. The fear, the flight... tear you to pieces..." Oh, but she was moving too. Silent in the dark, knowing her way around the familiar scape and darting towards a more secure spot nearby. -11:29 Mar 23
    Current: And right in the middle of changing. Remarkable that his clothes had survived all of these years. With a sigh, Current finished buttoning up his dry shirt in the dark, fingering slowly their progress as the sounds began. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew he should be afraid. But there was no tightening in his chest. Nothing. He frowned. -11:29 Mar 23
    Xervous: "Because-" Xervous was cut short by the sudden change in light, it didn't fase him too much after all he himself in some ways was darkness itself though he still felt a bit uneasy with the current situation -11:30 Mar 23
    Current: (( >_> oh yes...fingering... *fingers )) -11:30 Mar 23
    Darius Clay: Darius nodded, though he did not know if his unseen caller could see him or not, and reflexivly clung to the legs. "Y-yeah... for now..." He said, using the body before him to help himself stand. -11:30 Mar 23
    Castle Tiefertraum: Unseen fingers brushed faces, caught at hair. Not even the Nightmares went unscathed from an invisible assault on the senses. Claws raked down the length of Yuleria's skirt, narrowly missing her leg. -11:31 Mar 23
    John White: "Yeah?" he said just laying where he was in the darkness. He put out a hand and found a leg... or arm... "Is that you?" -11:32 Mar 23
    Mystique: She was put off-balance as the man used her legs to stand up. "Well, obviously something's going on. And I don't think it's something, well, good." she said finally. She jumped as something yanked on her hair and caressed the edges of her face. "Are you feeling that?" she asked, not daring to move. -11:32 Mar 23
    Branwen: ((are beings that aren't on the ground still succeptable to the groping, oh great and powerful castle?)) -11:33 Mar 23
    Castle Tiefertraum: ((Yes, yes they are!)) -11:33 Mar 23
    Yuleria: A shriek! "NOOOOOoooOOooo..~!" For anyone in the dark it may have sounded like she was being brutally murdered! In truth, she was clutching at the torn silk of her gown, morning the loss of such precious beautiful fabric. Blasted, wicked, evil castle. Vicious castle. -11:33 Mar 23
    Castle Tiefertraum: ((Gropes for everyone.)) -11:33 Mar 23
    Branwen: ((oh goodey!)) -11:33 Mar 23
    Mystique: She jumped as someone screamed, the high-pitch sound ringing in her ears. "What the heck is going on?" she asked, her voice echoing as she said the words much louder than intended. -11:34 Mar 23
    Xervous: Xervous stepped back "Hey!" something had scratched his arms and legs. It stung for a second before turning into a slight throb -11:34 Mar 23
    Branwen: A loud squawking came from the flying form as she flailed around up in the air, trying to both keep herself up off the ground and from getting molested by the castle itself. Filthy, wretched, stupid castle with moldey nooks and craneys and...and...MOSS!! Of course, she didn't say any of that out loud... -11:35 Mar 23
    Penelope: Penelope shivered in fright at the feeling of someone's touch on both her face and her leg. "Um, yeah. I-I think so… Please tell me that's you that's touching my face and leg." She said shakily. She didn't really like the feeling of a person's touch on her in this utter darkness but at least if it was her friend only it would be pretty ok. The hand at her leg seemed fairly normal but the touch at her face seemed ghostly and fearful. She let out a shaky breath as the touch moved the hair from her face and caused her to feel a coldness on her neck. She gulped in fear. -11:37 Mar 23
    Castle Tiefertraum: Though the chittering whatever they were did not cease to grab and snatch, the utter blackness seemed to be easing. A gloomy light was filtering down from overhead, through the gnarled, twisted, leafless branches of... trees? -11:38 Mar 23
    [Castle Tiefertraum is now known as: Forest Tiefertraum] -11:38 Mar 23
    Current: A brush against his cheek. A playful slow tug at the back of his hair. And nothing. Remove the years and he would have been panicking, his heart would have been thumping against his chest in an attempt to abandon ship. He would have been scrambling for that door and never returning. And yet even as he felt hot, putrid breath on the right half of his face, he only felt empty. "Are you having fun yet, Tiefertraum?" he asked aloud as the light slowly returned. Trees? Then the hot breath was from...? -11:39 Mar 23
    Darius Clay: Darius, currently holding himself up with Mystique, whom he'd bumped into while the lights were out, quickly took a step backwards and smoothed down his jacket and glanced around, frowning as he pulled out and lit another cigarette. "Well... it seems the more I sober up, the scarier this place gets..." With that though, he pulled out a flask and took a swig of something, sighing happily as he replaced the aluminum container. -11:39 Mar 23
    Branwen: TREES! She shot off towards one and grabbed onto a branch, scrambling up with a couple annoyed squawks to perch on a branch. Ah. Finally. Something she could enjoy. Stupid, nasty, fat castle!! Who needs it anyway?? ...Maybe her. -11:41 Mar 23
    [(Timeout) Sssindra has timed out.] -11:41 Mar 23
    Xervous: "Hmm." This was definitely intresting did the castle want them outside, maybe this was just part of the trials? What ever it was it definitely got the attention of everyone in the room. -11:41 Mar 23
    Mystique: She laughed slightly, but the laugh was short-lived as she realized they were not longer in the castle. Or was this just another trick formed by the castle? She looked around, staring at all the trees in wonder. The air was inexplicably hot now. This was just getting weirder by the second and her hatred of sunlight wasn't helping any. "Mind if I have a swig?" she asked, silently wondering if that would really help any. -11:41 Mar 23
    John White: "I uh... am only really touching your leg..." He said nevously as he felt somthing on his shoulder. He was about to ask if it was her but it squeezed hard and started to pull. He tried to hit it but ended up hitting his shoudler though that did not stop it from pulling him. He wrapped his arms around his friend in pure fright. "I.. help." He whispered nervously. -11:42 Mar 23
    Forest Tiefertraum: Instead of a crumbling castle, Dreamers and Nightmares were standing in a petrified forest, a faint grey mist rising underfoot. The source of the sounds had disappeared along with the last of the sibilant whispers. -11:42 Mar 23
    [Sssindra was cloudflared.] -11:42 Mar 23
    Darius Clay: Dustin nodded and passed the flask to Mystique. "Sure... since it looks like we're in this together aparently... and uhh... thanks for breaking my fall." He said as he blew out a cloud of smoke and looked around. "At least we can see around some now... instead of being closed in..." -11:43 Mar 23
    [(Logout) John White melts away.] -((11:43 Mar 23))
    Current: Maybe he was mixing up memories and the present. Maybe that was why he really couldn't stand the scream of a woman. The past. It seemed like he'd woken up far too early. More sleep was needed. More shifts in the nightmare business. More payment for that woman's safe return. Current moved silently through the trees, the legs of his pants dampening from the mist. And once he heard the sound of water, he quietly stepped back down into his grave. -11:44 Mar 23
    Branwen: She looked down at the two humans clinging together like scared little mice. Mmmm...mice....She shook her head and turned towards Daius and Mystique. "One of these things is not like the of these things just doesn't belong..." -11:45 Mar 23
    [(Logout) Current melts away.] -((11:45 Mar 23))
    Mystique: She nodded in agreement, tipping her head back and letting the alcoholic liquid pour down her parched throat. "Thanks," she said, handing the flask back to him. Ironically, her mind seemed even clearer than before. "The only problem is...what creepiness awaits us now?" she wondered aloud, shivering at the thought. "And no problem about breaking your fall. The name's Mystique, if you want to know." -11:45 Mar 23
    Yuleria: The pillar that was Yuleria's 'safe' haven was now a tree. Not unexpected when dealing with the castle. Oh, how she long to be the master of such a wicked beast. At the very least it's mistress and Queen...! There was some semblance of light once again and upon spying the expanse of green, her human was now lost to another. Yuleria might kill it. Or kill them both. -11:45 Mar 23
    Penelope: Penelope was relieved to say the least at the new scenery and light that was around them instead of the pitch blackness and let out a breath she hadn't realized she as holding when the hand left her face. She wrapped her arms around John also and observed this new scenery. "It's ok, John. We-we're in a forest now…" She told him quietly. This forest was scarier than the castle they were taken from but at least she and her friend weren't taking from each other also. "What's going on here?" She asked, helplessly. -11:46 Mar 23
    Branwen: She dove off her tree branch suddenly, spreading her arms and flipping around to land feet-first beside Penelope again. This one was asking questions and scared and she liked to hear it scream. She let out a loud 'caw' as she landed and then just stood there, smoothing down her dress like she hadn't done anything in the first place. -11:48 Mar 23
    Darius Clay: He nodded his thanks and took the flask back, pocketing it again before sighing. "Probably won't remember your name when i wake up... so... not really worth it." He said, with a shrug. "If I ever wake up..." -11:49 Mar 23
    Forest Tiefertraum: A little girl in a dirty frock dashed out from behind a tree, tagging Penelope gently on the shoulder. "You're it!" a voice giggled, as she turned toward Penelope. Her limp hair hung around an utterly featureless, blank face. Another childish laugh issued from where her lips ought to be before she skipped away, sinking into the ground with each step until the top of her head vanished under the undisturbed greying moss. -11:50 Mar 23
    Xervous: Looking down at his glass for another drink Xervous saw that it was empty, with a sigh he tossed the glass mashing it against a rock. Everyone seemed baffled by the sudden change in scenery just as he was. He looked over to Mystique and Darius, "Guess it's safe to say we're all a little off guard." -11:51 Mar 23
    Mystique: "It's alright. I don't have the relief of waking up. I'm part of this freakish nightmare, unfortunately. The castle seems to be throwing us a bunch of curve balls, though," she replied, rolling her tongue of her fangs. They were sharp as always, ready to pierce anything they bit into. But she refrained from attacking the human, no matter the insane bloodthirst growing in the back of her mind. -11:51 Mar 23
    Darius Clay: Darius' eyes darted to the little girl and he frowned, stepping towards her before he saw her vanish into the ground. He reached a hand out and frowned, turning to look at the newcomer. "I think it's rather safe to say that I'm very much off guard..." -11:53 Mar 23
    Penelope: Penelope couldn't help but let out a startled scream and jumped away from the source of it, her eyes darting this was and that for the cause of the startling noise. When she saw that it was the crow woman she subconsciously pressed herself closer to her companion, John. She was then startled again by the small girl's tagging of her. Why must everyone pick on her? She asked herself hopelessly. That girl looked so cute, so innocent but also held a much darker air about her. She was mesmerized by the sight of the girl and couldn't stop herself from trailing after where the girl went until she stopped at the spot the girl completely submerged into the ground. -11:54 Mar 23
    Mystique: She looked at Xervous, shrugging. "The castle likes to play with all of our minds, Nightmares and Dreamers. Unfortunately," she said, wishing that she, as a Nightmare, didn't have to go through this. But she wanted to become Queen, if she could. But she didn't voice this thought, but instead kept it to herself. She looked at the small girl, watching with raised eyebrows as she disappeared into the moss, but the moss seemed so undisturbed. Now that was just weird. -11:54 Mar 23
    Branwen: A shiver went through Branwen's feathers again at Penelope's scream. She did so love that sound....She watched her trail after the girl and giggled. "Well, come on. She tagged you, didn't she? Surely you aren't going to deny a small little innocent cherub of a girl her favorite game..." Just like Branwen's favorite game was egging people on and teasing and trying to get a reaction from people. Penelope was fun... -11:55 Mar 23
    [Dayanara was at her home, her little cozy nest, if you will. She was piling on light-weight armor and trading out her small sword for something heavier- a mace. The castle would be hers, even if she had to kill every other person there!] -11:56 Mar 23 Sssindra: Dumped outside wasss not where the naga expected to be, essspecially not with a torn ssshirt and in the darknesss of the treesss. With the torn, ussslesss fabric dissscarded the naga flicked her tongue against the mosss. Maybe ssshe had been rendered unconsciousss... All ssshe remembered wasss blacknesss and handsss. -12:00 Mar 24
    [(Logout) Xervous melts away.] -((12:00 Mar 24))
    [Xervous enters.] -12:00 Mar 24
    Xervous: "True..." he replied. Looking over to the human "Well atleast if you survive you'll have an exciting story to tell....should you survive that is." -12:02 Mar 24
    Xervous: "True..." he replied. Looking over to the human "Well atleast if you survive you'll have an exciting story to tell....should you survive that is." -12:02 Mar 24
    Penelope: She looked back to Branwen in confusion as her words registered in her mind. Right, that girl did tag her, didn't she… Penelope bit her lip nervously. Well, what harm could it do? She asks herself, already knowing the answer. With a sigh and a shrug she glanced around that the others around her. All the others seemed like they could harm her… A smirk came onto her face as she thought of her 'victim', he wouldn't be expecting it so maybe she could actually tag him. She ran back over to John and lightly pushed. "Tag, you're it." She said with a childish smile. Then skipped a few step away. -12:03 Mar 24
  3. Branwen: Humans were so much fun...She glanced over at her Naga 'friend' and then over at John, eagerly awaiting to see who he'd tag. She wiggled her tail feathers a bit in anticipation. -12:04 Mar 24
    Forest Tiefertraum: ((I think John logged out. Not sure why.)) -12:04 Mar 24
    Branwen: ((ah, so he did...)) -12:05 Mar 24
    Dayanara: [you scared him off, sir] -12:05 Mar 24
    Dayanara: [.... or madam.... WHAT PRONOUN DO YOU USE FOR A CASTLE?!] -12:06 Mar 24
    Mystique: ((I will have to leave soon as well, unfortunately.)) -12:06 Mar 24
    Xervous: ((it?)) -12:06 Mar 24
    Dayanara: [Would you call a sentinent being an "it"?] -12:07 Mar 24
    Branwen: ((I'm gonna say castles are like boats and cars lol and you just refer to them in the feminine)) -12:07 Mar 24
    Forest Tiefertraum: ((The castle does not care what pronoun or form of address is used! However, the castle WOULD like everyone to continue RPing!)) -12:07 Mar 24
    Penelope: ((Um, ok then, act like I never tagged John then I guess and Penelope will choose someone else?)) -12:08 Mar 24
    Forest Tiefertraum: ((Just pick someone else to tag if you want.)) -12:08 Mar 24
    Sssindra: //OOC discussionsss should be in the cbox? Right? -12:09 Mar 24
    [Dayanara checked her supplies one last time, and then- off she flew, fast and agile; heading for the prize she so desired] -12:09 Mar 24
    Forest Tiefertraum: ((That's difficult in a Masque without revealing character, so it's okay. But yes, OOC should be kept to a minimum.)) -12:10 Mar 24
    Penelope: Penelope looked around for someone to tag then spotted someone. She internally shrugged to herself then ran to Mytique and lightly tapped her, "Tag, you're it!" She called out to her then skipped back a few steps so she would be out of her immediate reach. -12:11 Mar 24
    Branwen: She squawked happily. "I believe the human term'no tag backs'?" She laughed and riffled her feathers. Ohhh, this girl was delightfully fun... -12:11 Mar 24
    Xervous: Xervous looked over to the human girl this time, "Any idea what we're supposed t do now?" He asked to the other two. -12:12 Mar 24
    Darius Clay: Darius, after his long spell of silence, spoke up. "Well... I've heard talk about figuring out who the king or queen or whatever is... maybe this little girl is a game the castle is trying to play in order to do that?" He suggested with a shrug. -12:15 Mar 24
    Sssindra: The forest was more natural to the naga and Sssindra slithered over the rough roots and grasss. "Gamesss?" ssshe asssked hearing the conversssation. "Ssshouldn't we be figuring out how to get back into the cassstle ssso we can go home or be crowned?" -12:15 Mar 24
    Mystique: She jumped slightly when the human girl tagged her. "Uh...what am I supposed to do now?" she asked, not really wanting to play this game. But, with a sigh, she ran over to Branwen with lightning speed and tapped her on the shoulder. "You're it, I guess," she said, zipping back over to Darius and Xervous. -12:15 Mar 24
    [(Logout) Mystique escapes to a secret lair!] -((12:16 Mar 24))
    Forest Tiefertraum: There was a faint creaking sound, and the ground began to split and crack. A wall of thorns clambered up out of the ground, cutting the group in two. One one side of the wall was Penelope, Sssindra, and Branwen; on the other was Mystique, Darius, Xervous, and Yuleria. While not so high that they would prove impossible to climb over, the thorns pulsed a throbbing red that did not look promising for anyone who might try. -12:18 Mar 24
    Branwen: "Ah!" She laughed and cursed, trying to get away all too late. She lifted herself up into the air and started flying in large, lazy circles around the group. "I'm it, am I? I am, I am! Who should I chose? The vessle of alcohol? Hm? The one who's life is dedicated to embalming himself before he's dead? Pickling! Pickling!! The human who's so scared but so brave when playing children's games? Hm?? Hm?? Nooooo, noooo...we are much too quick for them! No sport at all! No sport at all! The legless one? The snake child? Mmm tastey treat she thinks we are! Tastey treat!" Of course, all of this was said within full ear shot of everyone down below. "Who else, who else? New ones. Namless ones!" She swooped down, clipping Xervous with her claws. "You! You, I choose! No tag backs!" She chittered wildly as she flew out of reach. -12:19 Mar 24
    Branwen: ((umm...yet again, oh lovely castle...too high to fly over or would she be nipped?)) -12:19 Mar 24
    Forest Tiefertraum: ((You could always find out.)) -12:20 Mar 24
    Branwen: ((then change the end bit of my last post to say she attempted to fly over and tag Xervous *nod*)) -12:20 Mar 24
    Forest Tiefertraum: Before Branwen could pass over the thorny wall, the brambles shot up, raking her wings and somehow shoving her firmly back over toward Penelope and Sssindra. -12:22 Mar 24
    Darius Clay: As Mystique escaped to a secret lair Dairus looked up at the circling bird and frowned. "Who are you to judge, carion crow?" He asked, folding his arms and narrowing his eyes. Apparently he was coming out of his bottle a bit, and doing more than just standing there like a bump on a log. -12:22 Mar 24
    Yuleria: Yuleria had been invisible and unseen. Or perhaps not technically invisible. But she -was- lurking around in wary silence. Watching them all. Waiting for the perfect moment... The castle decided to move again, a wall breaking the groups of people, which Yuleria found most annoying! How was she to destroy her competition if they were not all within reach? But her new human pet was nearby.... Yuleria gliiiiiided closer to the others. Making not a single peep. -12:22 Mar 24
    [Dayanara finally had the castle in her sights... but... something seemed wrong. She landed a bit of a ways away, walking towards the grounds, curious as to what awaited her.] -12:22 Mar 24
    Branwen: She let out a very angry, pained, and surprised shout as she tumbled backwards, unable to catch herself before hitting the ground. She stood up, brushing herself off. "Carion crow?! Carion crow!? The bottle has a mouth but usually it is silent and knows it's place! Within the mouth of another!!" -12:23 Mar 24
    Xervous: ((Mystique logged off)) Xervous looked a the wall of throns "Well I guess now we find our way out of here." He said before taking the lead. -12:23 Mar 24
    Penelope: She watches with an interested smile as the woman she tagged, tagged someone else in turn. This was an interesting game and she was surprised she changed personality so quickly but she simply told herself that it was because there was no foreseeable way out of here so she might as well have fun. Suddenly the floor started to shake as a large wall separated her and a few others from the rest of the group that was stuck out there with them. Her eyes were wide as she observed the thorns near her. The crow woman her attempted to fly over it yet failed. So, this was more magic hm? -12:24 Mar 24
    Darius Clay: Darius nodded and followed Xerv, glancing at Yuleria as she glid up. He smiled and had the bravery to offer his arm. "Care to join me for a stroll?" He asked, grinning. -12:26 Mar 24
    Forest Tiefertraum: A pathway opened up along the ground, leading Dayanara through the forest toward Penelope, Sssindra, and Branwen. -12:26 Mar 24
    Darius Clay: Darius also narrowed his eyes at the crow's words. "Just shut it, you magpie." -12:27 Mar 24
    Yuleria: Yuleria turned her nose up at Darius, instead wrapping her frosty cold fingers around the arm of Xervous, and giving the other man a smug smirk. "Little human pets that dart away from their Queen shouldn't be trusted, should they? ...And yoooou? Do you like me?" she asked Xervous himself. "You would like a Queen, wouldn't you." -12:28 Mar 24
    Sssindra: "Ssssssssss." Anothout sssound of ssserpintine thought asss Sssindra ssslithered away from the thornsss sssheltering behind Penelope asss bessst she could. "Sssssss. It wantsss us ssseprated. Teamsss or to be picked off. I knew legsss wouldn't be worth coming here tonight. Cassstle, foressst. I have no interessst in your crown..." Ssshe gazed at the thornsss and flicked her tongue out sslowly, then in a quick movement leaned down to grab one of Penelope'sss ankles and lift her into the air to look at her legsss. -12:28 Mar 24
    Branwen: "MAGPIE?! MAGPIE?!" She squawked angrily and stormed back and forth a few steps in either direction. She took a slow breath and turned around. "hey! Sssssssssssindra! Those are my legs to play with! No bitting!" -12:29 Mar 24
    [Dayanara gave a smile and followed the path the castle had created- what a clever place... truly, she wished to understand it better. But, soon enough- she found herself among others... or at least, a group. "Well, helloooo again." She murmured in a sultry voice.] -12:29 Mar 24
    Penelope: Penelope let out a small shriek as her leg was suddenly captured. "Let me go!" She shrieked and wriggled from her hold, kicking her legs to try and loosen the snake's grip. -12:30 Mar 24
    Branwen: She looked at Dayanara and folded her armwings across her chest. "Magpie." She said sternly and angrily, but with no further explination. She turned and glared at the thorn wall, then looked back at the group. This was a mess. A horrible, snake-filled mess. -12:32 Mar 24
    Xervous: Xervous merely shrugged "Definitely one of the better choices out of who's left. Sure why not." He said conituing down the path a head of them. -12:33 Mar 24
    Xervous: Xervous merely shrugged "Definitely one of the better choices out of who's left. Sure why not." He said conituing down the path a head of them. -12:33 Mar 24
    Forest Tiefertraum: As if summoned by the thought- and knowing where they were, it was likely precisely the case- the bramble wall morphed almost seamlessly into a wall of tangled serpents, hissing and spitting venom and snapping at anyone standing too close. -12:33 Mar 24
    Branwen: The poor bird let out a horrified squawk and scrambled away from the snake wall. Horrible, wretched, mold filled, dingy, poorly lit, gawdily decorated castle! -12:36 Mar 24
    Sssindra: "Ssssss." Penelope wasss dropped asss the Naga gazed at the sssnakesss. "Hairsss... ew." Then Sssindra wasss ssslithering off in parallel to the wall, trying to sssee how far it went. -12:36 Mar 24
    Branwen: ((brb, gotta take the dog out >.> he doesn't understand the importance of pretending to be a corvid...)) -12:39 Mar 24
    Branwen: The corvid heaved a sigh and decidded to grab Penelope by the arm and follow after the Naga. While staying well away from the wall. And keeping Penelope between the wall and herself. Snakes....Why'd it have to be snakes...? -12:44 Mar 24
    Penelope: She collapsed onto the ground when SSSindra dropped her. "Ow…" She muttered, rubbing tender part on the back of her head sorely. When she fell she must have hit a rock. She felt something sticky on her hand and pulled it back round so she could see what it was. Yup, just as she thought, she was now bleeding. It stung a little but she would live. With a sigh she slowly rose and looked around herself. She was alone one again, the snake woman having left to inspect the wall and the crow woman was looking at the wall in fear. Penelope was far enough away that she was completely filled with fear at the sight of the snakes but this did not mean she was not completely unafraid. She just would be all right as long as she didn't get to close since it appeared that the serpents were not leaving their place at the wall. -12:44 Mar 24
    Darius Clay: Darius scoffed sligthly and crossed his arms, looking away from his 'Queen' and Xervous. It was obvious he was jealous of the atention... but he wasn't sure why he was feeling that way. -12:44 Mar 24
    Penelope: Penelope couldn't stop herself from being dragged away by the crow woman after the snake. If she tried to pull her arm out of her grip to hard then that might just propel her into the wall of snakes which was something that she definitely did not want to happen. She only tugged on Branwen's grip a little and not too hard, "What are you doing? Let go of my arm." -12:46 Mar 24
    Forest Tiefertraum: The blood on the rock from Penelope's head sank into the ground, dissappearing without a trace... much like the little girl from before. Meanwhile, the air seemed to thicken, as did the rising fog. -12:48 Mar 24
    Yuleria: "As your Queen... or to be your Queen, I have needs. Sooooomeone was not brave enough to remove my enemies. Will yoooou take care of my enemies?" Yuleria almost puuurred out the words, pinching the side of Xervous' cheek softly. -12:48 Mar 24
    Branwen: "Quiet, or I'll eat your head." was the woman's only response. Maybe she DIDN'T want to be crowned. Not if it meant living in such a stupid, arrogant, foul smelling, moth-infested castle! -12:48 Mar 24
    [Toria enters, not quite sure of what's happened so far.] -12:49 Mar 24
    Dayanara: [I might have to go soon, erm, medical reasoning] -12:50 Mar 24
    Toria: ((Uhm...How does this work, exactly?)) -12:50 Mar 24
    Xervous: Xervous chuckled "I am sorry but I'm not much of a fighter compared to other nightmares. I-." Again he'd been cut off this time by the sight a thickening fog -12:51 Mar 24
    Sssindra: "Oooh we can ssshare her if you jussst want the head, I am famissshed." Ssshe sssaid glancing back at the raven. "Maybe sssomethign can come of thisss after all." Sshe didn't ssstop though, wanting to get home, wanting to be away from thisss place. -12:52 Mar 24
    Penelope: She gasped in fear and immediately quieted by Branwen's response and her eyes widened. She swallowed nervously, her normal, more quiet personality coming back. "Um… y-you wouldn't really eat me, would you?" She asked tentatively, once again fearful of the creature which surrounded her. -12:52 Mar 24
    [Narrator explains in it's gravely grim voice that you play a resident of the Nightmare land, or a wandering dreamer that entered the Coronation "Party" by accident! Should ye read the invitation, there are the details... and should doom be upon ye, the Sackman may come....] -12:53 Mar 24
    Branwen: She looked forward at Sssindra, then over at Penelope. "Oh, dear, mostly I just eat corpses....and Fork-Tongue! No eating the humans when they are being a human shield!" -12:54 Mar 24
    Penelope: She nodded, unsure whether she should be relieved of afraid by Branwen's response. She was glad that she wouldn't be eaten by fearful over the fact that she was now a human shield. "Um… thank you?" She said but it came out more like a question than anything else. -12:56 Mar 24
    Yuleria: "Don't be afraid. What are beasts, and snakes, and fog but hazy atmosphere in this wonderful dream?" The wall was a problem. The objects of her rivalry were on the other side! How could she remove competition if they were out of reach. "Come then! There will be an end to this long walk. The castle always changes." Yuleria took the hand of Xervous, and reached out to claim Darius' as well. Tugging both along with her ice cold fingers. -12:57 Mar 24
    Forest Tiefertraum: Yuleria's words were soon proven true. As each group wandered along the wall, the fog thickened and quicked until none in the forest could see an inch in front of their face. The fog was dark, noxious, and choking... as if it were smoke, rather than fog. When it seemed like no one could breathe in without gagging, it abruptly sank back to the ground and cleared the air. Penelope, Branwen, Sssindra, and Dayanara found themselves standing in the throne room of Castle Tiefertraum. So, too, did Darius, Xervous, Yuleria, and Toria. However, neither party saw the other; each were in two completely separate throne rooms. Not that any of them had a way of knowing... -12:58 Mar 24
    [Forest Tiefertraum is now known as: Castle Tiefertraum] -12:59 Mar 24
    Branwen: "Ah! There! Much better! What a lovely, perfect, beautiful castle!" She looked around, letting go of Penelope. She looked at the throne. No doubt something to not trust. She'd let someone else touch it first... -01:00 Mar 24
    Darius Clay: Darius' heart skipped a beat as Yuleria grabbed his hand. He was pulled along, just happy to be a part of things again in this dream-realm. When the fog cleared he looked around and stroked his chin with his free hand, staring at the throne. "Well... seems we've made it to the prize..." -01:00 Mar 24
    Sssindra: "Ssss." that phrase was uttered often tonight. "I sssupposse the huan isss ssspared." she sssaid. "I like my corpsssesss whole and unpecked anyway." Ssshe wasss untrusssting of their sssuroundingsss and they were back. "Thank you cassstle." Ssseemed prudent. -01:01 Mar 24
    Penelope: Penelope was coughing and almost unable to stop because of the thickness of the fog but once it subsided, so too did her coughs. She was then startled by the sudden change of scenery one again. "W-where are we now? The throne room?" She asked no one in particular and looked all around at their surroundings. -01:03 Mar 24
    Toria: Emerald eyes darted around, feeling her heart clench with fear. "Where am I?" she called out, although she didn't see anyone else. She wrapped her thin arms around herself as if protecting herself, but a chill ran down her spine. "Hello?" -01:03 Mar 24
    Xervous: Xervous coughed and gagged as the fog thickened even more so making it hard for him to breath, it soon disapatted revealing the throne room now. "Well I guess you were right." He said looking around, it was just the three of them now. "Wounder where the other went." -01:04 Mar 24
    Dayanara: [sorry guys, seems like my body's not holding up tonight. Castle, do what you want with me. =(] -01:05 Mar 24
    [(Logout) Dayanara escapes to a secret lair!] -((01:05 Mar 24))
    Yuleria: "I found one." Female thiiiiing. Human maybe... Yuleria had to pause her delight at their arrival in the throne room, and was now circling Toria as if she were a goldfish in a bowl. "Do you want to live, little girl...? Live and breath and never die...? I am interested..." -01:06 Mar 24
    Castle Tiefertraum: Dayanara was the closest in her group's rendition of the throne room to the great, craggy black seat itself. Inadvertently, the blade of her sword scratched the surface. In a flash, the musty carpet beneath her feet wrapped around her like a great velvety tongue. It muffled any sound she might have made, and before anyone else could move, great stone teeth jutted up from the floor and closed around her form. There was a sickeningly loud crunch. -01:09 Mar 24
    Toria: Toria's breath caught in her throat as she struggled to respond. "N-Never die? I don't understand." With someone circling around her, she felt trapped, making it even harder for her to keep a clear head. "Who are you?" Her heart began to race as she realized she was no longer in the safety of her home, though that didn't answer any of the questions in her mind. -01:10 Mar 24
    Branwen: "Well....alright then....ahhh...don't scratch the furniture?" She looked at Penelope. "You should try and sit in it." She said with a nod. "Go on. You don't have anything pokey and I obviously do, being what I am and al. You should sit in it with your soft squishy butt." -01:11 Mar 24
    Penelope: Penelope didn't notice Dayanara's disappearance until she heard the crunch. She felt her stomach churn and knot at the sound. She then turned at looked at Branwen like she was insane. "Sit on it? I don't have a death wish you know! Why don't you sit on it with your feathery butt?" She retorted -01:12 Mar 24
    Sssindra: Sssindra dringed. Don't touch the throne, it'sss not oursss. the messsage wasss clear. "Don't wassste foood birdbrain." ssshe ssscolded even if ssshe wasss amusssed by the prank. "I Think there are only two choicesss tonight. Die or be the only sssurvivor and win the crown. Or go home...." ssshe looked aorund, hoping to sssee a mirror. -01:13 Mar 24
    Yuleria: "How cute! What a frightened and scared wee girl! Oh, your poor poor dear... I can keep you safe. I can make your dreams come true." With an expression of delight, Yuleria stopped behind Toria, grasping her shoulders much the same way she had done to Darius some endless time before. "Do you see that throne. These handsome men. The throne is mine. The subjects are my minions... you also may be mine. If you like me? If you like me. Say I am your Queen and I will give you everything." -01:14 Mar 24
    Branwen: "Hmmm...perhaps fork-tongue has a point..." She sighed and folded her arms. She looked around the room for anything else. -01:14 Mar 24
    Castle Tiefertraum: There was, indeed, a Looking Glass suspended a few inches above the floor- in BOTH versions of the throne room, in fact. Each had a scrawled message on the surface. The one Sssindra spotted read simply, "LIBRARY"; if anyone in Yuleria's group cared to look, theirs revealed the word "DUNGEON". -01:15 Mar 24
    Penelope: She turned to Sssindra, "I don't want to die or get the crown. I don't even know what this place is or what the crown is!" She exclaimed in exasperation. "And I don't even remember how I got here so how could I leave?" She crossed her arms -01:15 Mar 24
    Darius Clay: Darius stepped forwrad, glaring at Yuleria. "Don't trust her... don't trust anything here..." He said, his voice filled with warning. "Now, Yuleria, are you going to talk us all to boredom about 'dreams' or are you going to sit down and claim the throne you think is yours?" -01:16 Mar 24
    Sssindra: "You're breaming child." Ssshe hissed ssslithering towardsss the mirror. "And you can't wake up becaussse this place isss asss real asss the place you know in life. I do not dessire the throne either... perhapsss we're not sssso different. Who wantsss to go through firssst? Hmmm...?" She circled the mirror inssspecting it and glancing at the raven. -01:18 Mar 24
    Xervous: Xervous looked over to Darius a bit skeptical about the oh so eager "new queen" "Sure doesn't waste her time does she?" he whispered to the human. He glanced to the side and say a mirror in the corner, the word dungeon had been etched along the top of it. He looked over to the others, they hadn't noticed it yet. He slowly made his way over to it, inspecting it moved his left hand forward to make sure it was safe before entering. -01:19 Mar 24
    Branwen: "Oh, don't look at me." she said, walking towards the mirror. She walked a circle around it behind the Naga and tilted her head. "Oh hell..." She stopped in front of it, took a deep breath....and tried to push the legless Naga through the mirror first. -01:20 Mar 24
    Toria: Throne? Queen? Toria couldn't wrap her head around what was happening. She looked from Yuleria to Darius and back. She had pieces of a puzzle and nothing to connect them. "Don't trust anything here? But where is here?" she looked at the mirror with the word 'Dungeon' on it, which was just another piece thrown in. She gripped her pale fingers into fists to try and calm the shaking. -01:20 Mar 24
    Castle Tiefertraum: The mirror's surface was permeable and icy cold to Xervous's hand, just like any other Looking Glass portal in the Dreamscape. -01:21 Mar 24
    Penelope: Julianne was taken aback by this. Dreaming? Was she really? No, everything here was too real to be a dream. Right? Right. She shook her head to clear these troubling thoughts from her mind and turned her attention to the mirror the others were looking at. "What is that thing? It looks like a mirror but… it isn't reflecting us." She looked at the others who lay behind it. -01:22 Mar 24
    Sssindra: There wasss an irritated hisss asss the raven wasss pussshed away. "Asssk next time." ssshe sssaid before swipping her tail out so wrap around the raven's legs. "My hugsss are very conssstricting." then then moved to the mirror and with only a ssslight hesssitation. "I hope it leadsss where it saysss it doesss." then ssshe ssslipped through. -01:23 Mar 24
    Yuleria: "Welcome to the dreamworld, human girl. Choose your friends wisely...." Of course as she said the words she was tapping a cold, soft hand on Toria's shoulder. Smiling oh so sweetly at Darius and his warning. She moved away from the girl, walking towards the throne. Right here... waiting. Just for her. But oh... a mirror too. Silly castle. Yuleria was a Queen, not a fool. "I do not like, I do not bend. Give me your loyalty and make me your Queen and I can give you the world." she repeated, gliding across the room to where Xervous stood with the mirror. And with a not-so-gentle PUSH had him through the glass and herself walking through as well! -01:24 Mar 24
    Branwen: She gave another squawk and fell backwards. She struggled, but more or less allowed herself to be dragged through the mirror by the naga. She reached out, attempting to grab onto Penelope's ankles as well and drag her with them. -01:25 Mar 24
    Castle Tiefertraum: Walls upon walls of books greeted Sssindra; the message on the mirror hadn't lied. As for Xervous and Yuleria, the room into which they'd been pitched was too dark at first to make out. It was only when the rattles of chains and slow scrape of a swinging pendulum blade reached their ears that their location could be confirmed. -01:25 Mar 24
    Xervous: Xervosu sighed then plunged through the rest of the way, the cold chill of the mirror running through him. What he saw next surprised the shadow, he'd never seen the something so horrifying and magnificent at the same time. It had a eerie sense to it along with a somewhat...refined? Feel to it -01:26 Mar 24
    Penelope: Penelope tried to snatch her hand away but sadly, she reacted too late and was unwillingly dragged through the mirror along with the others. Not that she wanted to be left in that room alone but the unknown was terrifying to her. -01:27 Mar 24
    Xervous: ((scratch my last)) -01:27 Mar 24
    Toria: The dreamworld? So she was dreaming? Brilliant! Then all she had to do was wake up! But after a few failed attempts, she gave up, deciding to let her dream play out. She looked up at Darius. "Don't suppose you could tell me what's going on?" He seemed to know more than she did. -01:28 Mar 24
    [Everin dusts off his cloak at the entrance to the hall, shaking loose dirt and what appear to be flecks of dried blood alike.] -01:29 Mar 24
    Darius Clay: Darius walked over to Toria and offered her his hand as Yuleria and Xervous moved through the Looking Glass. "Not a god damned clue." He said with a laugh. "Just along for the ride." -01:29 Mar 24
    Sssindra: Booksss, ssso there wasss sssome truth to the cassstle after all. Sssindra releasssed the Raven and moved along the carpeting, finding it hard in her scaled so do so as they generated a lot of friction under her heavy body. "Sssadly I don't know if thisss helpsss usss." she said ssscanning the titles of a few of the books. "Are we all agreed that essscape isss our prefered option?" -01:30 Mar 24
    Xervous: It was dark almost dark enough for the shadow to blend in completely, he could hardly see. The sound of chains and pendulum hung in the backroud as his eyes adjusted to the darkness. This was quite something the sight of the pendulum brought back memories of man who's dream's he'd once haunted decades ago. He looked over to Yuleria "that was rahter rude don't you think? he said. -01:31 Mar 24
    Everin: With a quick inventory of the scenery, noting quite a lot of those who did not quite appear to belong present in his count, Everin lowered the hood of his cloak to reveal features pale as moonlight beneath untidy black hair. A hissing caught his ear and he looked around suspiciously for the source. -01:31 Mar 24
    Branwen: She stood up, brushing herself off and frowning at some bent feathers. She walked along the rows of books, sighing heavily. "Oh, I suppose..." -01:31 Mar 24
    Toria: At that, her lips curled up in a smile. She took his hand and eyed the Looking Glass skeptically. She couldn't see her reflection. She held out her free hand and gasped when it passed right through. "That's not supposed to happen..." -01:32 Mar 24
    Yuleria: "It is foolish to stay stationary in this castle. You should know..." Her pretenses were dropped with this one, now that the human was not in direct ear shot. Yuleria was pensive and wary with her steps as she eyed the chains and the blood. "There is a test afoot. I do not intend to lose." -01:33 Mar 24
    Penelope: Penelope obviously agreed but was confused as to how they could do so. "But how can we? This castle seems to be alive and can do anything it pleases to us so would it really just let us go? Or would we have to win to get out?" She shrugged. -01:33 Mar 24
    Everin: Frowning to himself, he ran his fingers through his hair and gave up in his search for the hissing. This did not seem quite the party that he had been promised and he had half a mind to sulk about it. Everyone here seemed utterly preoccupied with leaving and there seemed no fun to be found. "Hardly what I was looking for, might as well have just caught up on a bit of work instead from the looks of all this" Everin muttered to no one in particular. -01:34 Mar 24
    Castle Tiefertraum: As Toria stood with her hand partially through the Looking Glass, the carpet bulged up under her feet, sending her teetering forward. Unaided, she would be plunged straight through into the dungeon. -01:35 Mar 24
    Darius Clay: He held her hand gently and shrugged. "havn't seen much here that makes sens-" He was cut short as he held onto her hand, taking a few steps back as he pulled her away from the mirror. "Oh, no you don't Tiefer-whatever..." He said, holding his damsel close. "Not throwing us in the dungeon so easy..." -01:36 Mar 24
    Sssindra: "That isss what I am afraid of." ssshe sssaid ssscanning more ssspinesss. "We are at it and the King'sss mercy. It'sss posssible no one will be crowned at all. Nightmaresss are like thisss. I'm sssorry child. I couls end it quicker for you. My venom isss painlesss." -01:38 Mar 24
    Castle Tiefertraum: The castle, clearly, heard the muttering. Clammy hands shot out from the mirror's surface, cold hard fingers siezing both Darius and damsel and dragging them through. They were spat out just behind Xervous and Yuleria. -01:39 Mar 24
    Toria: Toria's grip on Darius's hand tightened at the last second. The ground moved. This dream was just getting more and more strange. She took a few steadying breaths. "Thanks." she looked up at him. "So what do we do now?" She wanted to leave this place as soon as possible, but the only other place was the Dungeon, which didn't sound promising either... -01:39 Mar 24
    Branwen: "Painless my feathers!" She quipped quickly. "Never trust a forked tongue!" She sighed and looked through more books. "Horrible, wretched, nasty...." -01:39 Mar 24
    Darius Clay: Sighed as he and Toria were pulled through by the clammy hands. "Or... maybe you will." He said, grunting as he fell on the floor behind Yuleria. He sat up and brushed himself off, looking around. -01:40 Mar 24
    Everin: There it was! The hissing once more! Everin spun, his eyes narrowed, and caught sight of a flutter of feathers. He moved toward them slowly, keeping as much to shadow as possible. "What sort of bird hisses, I wonder?" he murmured, his hand hidden beneath his sleeve but raised above waist level just in case. -01:41 Mar 24
    Penelope: Penelope thought for a moment, she wondered if maybe that was the best way out. If this truly was a dream then death would be the only way out, right? But she then shook her head, dismissing the thoughts. How could she think such things? "No, I'm not going to do that. If I'm going to leave here, I'm going to leave here fighting to get out." She said decisively -01:41 Mar 24
    Xervous: "So glad you could join us you two..." He continued to look around the room "Hmm maybe we need a blood sacrafice?" he asked curiously -01:42 Mar 24
    Toria: "Glad to be here..." she mumbled in response to Xervous. She heard chains rattling, and suddenly she was missing the room she'd been pulled from. The color in her face drained when she heard him mention blood. "Bl-Blood?" -01:43 Mar 24
    Castle Tiefertraum: A large tome toppled off the shelf and landed with a weighty thud at Penelope's feet. It bound in something that looked just different enough from leather to be unnerving, and a stylized letter T was pressed into the center of the cover. -01:44 Mar 24
    Sssindra: Disssapointment wasssn't eassy to ssswallow, it wasss a good thing sssnakesss hid thier feelingsss well. "Asss you wisssh." ssshe said before ssslithering deeper into the room and then reaching for one of the shelvesss finger alighting on a book but the sssoind of one falling made her head turn. "Sssssss." -01:44 Mar 24
    Yuleria: It was funny that Xervous said such a thing. Yuleria was already picking up a fine piece of steal from a stone slab. Rusted, jagged and stained, Yuleria couldn't be sure if it were a knife, damaged sword or a saw... But it was, most certainly, deadly. "Tiefertraum lives and bleeds blood. The true King of Nightmares craves it... needs it. What is a nightmare without a little pain..." The woman in white look almost a tad mad as she turned with weapon in hand. Ticking it back and forth towards each of her companions. "Who would give their life for a Queen...?" -01:45 Mar 24
    [Toria ] -01:46 Mar 24
    Castle Tiefertraum: Meanwhile, in the dungeon, there was an odd sputtering sound and then a pulsing light that was distinctly electrical in nature. A square of light illuminated the rhythmically swinging pendulum. Someone- or something- had turned on a film projector. -01:46 Mar 24
    Penelope: She jumped a little, startled at the sudden thud of the book as it fell at her feet. She looked at it curiously then reached down and lifted it up. She observed the cover, brushing her fingers over the T before slowly opening the book to reveal its contents -01:46 Mar 24
    Darius Clay: Darius reached out and put his hand on Yuleria's wrist gently. "Please, stay your hand a moment... let us see what this projector is about... then, if you must take a life, let it be mine, not this woman's" -01:47 Mar 24
    Xervous: Xervous turned towards the pedulum -01:47 Mar 24
    Xervous: ...."Apparently no one needs to." He said looking at the video "Guess we just sit back and watch the video for now then decide what to do next." -01:48 Mar 24
    Darius Clay: though... i do need to sleep. Castle, have your fun)) -01:48 Mar 24
    [(Logout) Darius Clay is off to feed the plot bunnies.] -((01:49 Mar 24))
    [Sssindra closssed the window.] -01:49 Mar 24
    Castle Tiefertraum: The book's pages flickered, alive with strange images; so, too, did the picture cast by the projector in the dungeon. Odd swirling shapes, and then a young man, walking all alone in a desolate landscape. -01:49 Mar 24
    [COLOR=#fod8d8]Toria: Even though she knew she was in a dream, just the thought of dying at Yuleria's hand didn't really sit well with Toria. Relief spread through her body when Darius stopped her, even if it was just for a moment. She turned her eyes to the pendulum, making sure to stay a fair distance away from Yuleria. -01:49 Mar 24[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#fod8d8]Toria: Even though she knew she was in a dream, just the thought of dying at Yuleria's hand didn't really sit well with Toria. Relief spread through her body when Darius stopped her, even if it was just for a moment. She turned her eyes to the pendulum, making sure to stay a fair distance away from Yuleria. -01:49 Mar 24[/COLOR]
    Branwen: ((I also need to sleep. Night, all! :) )) -01:50 Mar 24
    [(Logout) Branwen melts away.] -((01:50 Mar 24))
    Narrator: "Then your life, I will accept." The motion was quick. Effortless. Without an ounce of emotion, regret, or otherwise. A thrust of the jagged steel right in to his gut. Blood pooling to the floor and splattering on her white dress before she yanked it out and his body hit the stone. "...One less rival. One less to steal my throne. Will you run little girl? I think you should run." -01:51 Mar 24
    Yuleria: "Then your life, I will accept." The motion was quick. Effortless. Without an ounce of emotion, regret, or otherwise. A thrust of the jagged steel right in to his gut. Blood pooling to the floor and splattering on her white dress before she yanked it out and his body hit the stone. "...One less rival. One less to steal my throne. Will you run little girl? I think you should run." -01:51 Mar 24
    Penelope: She gasped at the imaged that flowed on the pages. "How is this possible?" She whispered the studied the page, wondering who this mystery man was. -01:53 Mar 24
    Castle Tiefertraum: As Penelope was absorbed in the book and Sssindra moved deeper into the library, neither saw what happened to Branwen. But if either of them looked for her, she could no longer be found. -01:53 Mar 24
    [COLOR=#fod8d8]Toria: Toria's eyes widened. How was she supposed to react to that? She backed away. Should she run? She looked back for the Looking Glass she came through, wondering if it worked both ways. Even being lost and alone would be better than being with Yuleria. -01:55 Mar 24[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#fod8d8]Toria: Toria's eyes widened. How was she supposed to react to that? She backed away. Should she run? She looked back for the Looking Glass she came through, wondering if it worked both ways. Even being lost and alone would be better than being with Yuleria. -01:56 Mar 24[/COLOR]
    Xervous: Xervous didn't bother looking, his attention was solely focused on the video. "You know this is really turning out to be a very intresting night I'm glad I came. Even if I'm not crowned this'll sure be night to remember...isn't that right human?" -01:56 Mar 24
    [(Logout) Everin melts away.] -((01:56 Mar 24))
    Castle Tiefertraum: Projector and book played out the same story in flashing, shadowy pictures. The young man came to a sparkling palace. From the palace gates stepped an impossibly tall woman, one with hair that shone and flowed around her and eyes that seemed to pulse and shine. She laid a hand across the young man's cheek in a tender caress. -01:56 Mar 24
    Sssindra: Sssindra hissed her eyesss darting around the library. "Where isss the birdbrain?" she asssked sslithering clossser to the human both to sssspeak to her and to sssse the book. Then a hand closssed tight around Penelope'sss ssshoulder and ssshe looked at the man walking through the landssscape, wasss he the king? "Jussst usss now child." ssshe hisssed sssoftly a hand brussshign her cheek asss her tail curled arounf Penelope'sss legsss. "What to you have there?" -01:57 Mar 24
    Yuleria: "Don't be frightened, little girl. It is what he asked from his Queen. Do you have a wish...?" Bloodied weapon in hand, Yuleria was slowly gliding towards Toria. A ghostly, terrifying vision in white and red. "Will you trust me? Come with me and let me be your Queen...?" -01:59 Mar 24
    Penelope: "Hm?" Penelope was barely paying attention and couldn't seem to bring her eyes from the book. Who was this man and woman? Where were they? Hundreds of questions whirled through her mind about the story that was being played out in front of her. She could still feel and hear everything around her but it wouldn't register in her mind. It was as if it didn't matter, she just wanted to know what was going to happen next, the story basically having hypnotized her human mind. -02:01 Mar 24
    [COLOR=#fod8d8]Toria: Toria took step after step backwards until her back was pressed up against a wall. With nowhere else to go, she felt like a mouse trapped by a cat. Trust her? She just killed him! She was insane. Even with that in mind, she nodded her head. "Y-Yes." It was just a dream, after all. And maybe if Yuleria killed her, then she would wake up. Just a dream. Just a dream. She repeated to herself. -02:03 Mar 24[/COLOR]
    Castle Tiefertraum: The images began to speed up, becoming more disjointed. A Looking Glass. Two bodies twined in an embrace. A knife. And an impossibly handsome man's face, with shining silver eyes and a terrifyingly grim expression. Strange, nightmarish shadows... Then, a crumbling ruin. On this final image, the book dissolved into ashes across Penelope's lap; the projector shut off with a strangled whirring click, plunging the dungeon into darkness once more. -02:04 Mar 24
    Sssindra: A cold reptillain hand came to ressst againssst the human'sss neack, feeling her warm mamillain heartbeat. It would be easssy to end her right now but there wasss the book. Leaning clossse ssshe flicked her tongue againssst the human'sss ear, then the book wasss gone and Sssindra hisssed. "I think tha meansss we're dooomed." -02:05 Mar 24
    Xervous: Xervous contiued to watch the video this was getting stranger and stranger the castle almost looked like that of Tiefertraum. Could this have been the beginning of the nightmare realm? He pondered silently when the video finally ended he looked back at the other two...."You should probably keep her alive should she provide some usefullness later on. -02:06 Mar 24
    Yuleria: "That is a good girl. A very good girl..." As gentle as a whisper, Yuleria took the girl's hand. A soft, almost sweet expression cast at Toria as she pulled her away from the wall and down the dungeon hall. Yuleria didn't give Xervous a second glance, but did speak. "She does not wish me to kill her, do you, my new little human sweet. As long as I am your Queen, I will give you what you wish. ....Come this way now. That's a good girl." -02:07 Mar 24
    Penelope: Penelope was brought out of her trance-like state when the book became ash. She shook her head, trying to figure out what it all meant. What that the history of this castle? Of the King? She looked to Sssindra, startled by the feeling of her tongue at her ear. "W-what do you mean, we're doomed? The more information we get, the closer we get to figuring this place out." She said, a hopeful smile on her face. -02:09 Mar 24
    [COLOR=#fod8d8]Toria: "No." she replied. Dying was not on her list of things to do. Of course, she didn't completely trust Yuleria, but as long as she wasn't coming at her with a knife, then Toria would follow her. She didn't really have a choice in the matter, since the woman was pulling her down the hall. "Um, where are we going?" -02:11 Mar 24[/COLOR]
    Sssindra: "I sssee thisss place having no massster and knowing only death." ssshe sssaid looking at the asshesss. Then ssshe wasss sssniffing the ssside of Penelope'sss neck with her tongue. "It hasss ssshown usss only death and the absssolute contol over itssself. We ssshould leave." if ssshe killed the human, ssshe would be alone... and dead herssself. "We have sssen what we came to sssee, we ssshould go." -02:13 Mar 24
    Castle Tiefertraum: Down at the end of the dungeon corridor, a dull red light glowed. -02:14 Mar 24
    Xervous: "Well were one step closer to getting you to your thrown....shall we continue to unravel the mystery of this castle." He said walking towards the red light. -02:14 Mar 24
    [(Timeout) Toria was consumed alive by feral plot bunnies.] -02:15 Mar 24
    Castle Tiefertraum: Meanwhile, in the library, there was a whispering murmur winding through the shelves that was slowly rising in pitch. Soon it became a wail. -02:15 Mar 24
    [(Timeout) Sssindra was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -02:17 Mar 24
    Penelope: Penelope shrunk away from her, the feeling of her tongue not faring well with her sense. She was about to agree, it seemed there was nothing else for them to really see here but she stopped in her tracks at the sound of the wails. "What's that?" She asked curiously, looking around for it's source. -02:17 Mar 24
    Yuleria: "We will find out, little one." Pulling the girl with her, Yuleria eyed Xervous as she followed behind him towards the red light. She did not trust him. One should never trust another from the nightmare realm... Though he said he had no want for the throne, he could lie and decieve. ....He would need to die. "Sweet human, we have enemies here..." she whispered at Toria. "This man might harm you... They all could harm you..." -02:18 Mar 24
    Castle Tiefertraum: As Penelope spun toward the source of the wails, the library floor opened up and swallowed Sssindra. The naga found herself plummeting down, down... into the depths of the dungeon. -02:19 Mar 24
    [COLOR=#fod8d8]Toria: Toria almost laughed. Funny how Yuleria was the one to warn her of enemies when she was the one who killed someone. But she nodded her head anyways. "All? There are others here?" She heard a noise from behind in the dungeon they just left as she finished speaking and could help but give a soft gasp. -02:23 Mar 24[/COLOR]
    Sssindra: The Naga almost landed on top of Xervous and her tails swisted on the floor as she was mometarally dissoriented and terrrified knocking the man's legs out from under him. "Ssssssssssssaaaaaaa." the primal hisss grew louder at the end before she rose up and took in her ssuroundingssss. "Ssssssss. Cassstle..." That was going to hurt fr daysss. -02:24 Mar 24
    "Alone at last," whispered a voice like silken shadows, as the wailing in the library quieted. This may have been due entirely to the fact that Penelope was no longer in the library at all. Instead, she stood in the dusty ballroom where this night's events had all begun. The pools of congealed blood were gone, as were the shifting tiles. The room was very still, almost untouched. Where before had been an empty dais, there was now a throne, quite plain and unlike the one Penelope had seen in the throne room. -Castle Tiefertraum
    Xervous: "GAH!!" Xervous shouted as he tumbled to the floor, looking behind he saw the snake Sindra. How had she....? He looked up to see if there had been a trap door but the caslte had already shut completely. "Well welcome Sindra what brings you to our group?" He asked curiously -02:28 Mar 24
    Penelope: Penelope looked all around but could find nothing that could give out a wail such as the one she heard. With an annoyed sigh she turned back around to face Sssindra, or at least where Sssindra had been previously. She had no idea where that snake could have gone, she wouldn't leave her here, would she? No, of course not, she answered herself. She probably just went to investigate the sound also. "Hello?" She tried to look for her previous companion but instead just found herself once again in the ballroom she first came into. She wrapped her arms around herself fearful of what was to come next. "Wh-who's there?" She called out, her fear seeping into her voice despite her attempts to sound braver than she truly was. "Where did everyone go?" She asked. -02:30 Mar 24
    Yuleria: "Yes. There are many and they all wish the throne." Speak of such devils. The Castle dropped one in one them now. The snake, the wretched snake... Yuleria held tight to her human's arm. Pulling the girl quickly down the corridor and stepping around the two on the floor to pass them. "We must go quickly. You will stay with me... stay with me and I will be your Queen?" Such a sound of painful yearning in her voice! -02:31 Mar 24
    Sssindra: "Ssssss." the hiss could mean any sumble of things as the naga turned towards the human eyes flashing and fangs bared. Toy, ssshe was being treated like a toy and it had gone on long enough. "Jussst tired of playing nice." she sssaid rising up on her tail to twice her normal hieght, a hood like a cobra'sss extending from her neck and head. -02:34 Mar 24
    [COLOR=#fod8d8]Toria: She bit back a scream. She didn't have time to really look at Sssindra before Yuleria pulled her away. The sudden desperation in her voice surprised Toria. She nodded her head. "Yes." she looked back for a second at the other two, but then back to Yuleria. "I will stay." -02:35 Mar 24[/COLOR]
    "They are not far from here," the voice answered her. It was a man's voice, but strikingly soft. "Perhaps they will make their way here soon; perhaps not. Either way, I would speak with you." A swatch of shadow behind the throne stirred, and a tall male figure stepped into the gloomy lighting. His hair was a shocking white, and his eyes a stunning silver, almost like those of a blind old man. But his face... was the ethereally handsome face from the book. He clasped Penelope's hand, brushing a kiss across the back of her knuckles, those eyes never lifting from her own. "How do you care for my casle, my dear?" -Castle Tiefertraum

    Xervous: Xervous watched as Yuleria dragged the human down the corridor and away from both him and Sindra. Getting back up he brushed himself off "Don't look at me I'm not the one who dropped you down here." He said curtly "But the exit's just down the hall so shall we go?" he asked. -02:38 Mar 24
    [(Timeout) Narrator was sacrificed to the roleplay gods by a tribe of wild newbies.] -02:40 Mar 24
    Yuleria: Somewhere along the way, that bloody weapon was dropped. Both of her ice cold hands were clinging to Toria's arms, and the corridor they rushed down felt like it was endless. Yuleria was not even looking at the girl now, her own expression was wild staring off in to space as if she wasn't even aware or watching where they were going. "A Queen cannot be a Queen without a following. People to love her. Adore her. To be a queen of nightmares and dreams. To have my wish... I would do anything for that. Anything..." They were nearing it now. The red light...! -02:40 Mar 24
    Penelope: She stumbled back a step at the sudden sight of this man. She was at a loss for words at his question, her mouth opened to form an answer but no sound came out. How would she like the castle? It was a terrifying place and that of nightmares but… at the same time is was magnificent. Her mind was swimming she didn't know what to say. This whole time she had wanted to get out but it was also such an exciting adventure, like the ones she had longed for in her previous life. But what if this was just another test? To see if she wanted to steal the throne from the King and if she said yes then she would be killed? "I… I…" She took a deep breath, she needed to decide. With one last sigh she said her answer, "It would be wonderful." She replied, hoping it was the right one to say -02:41 Mar 24
    Castle Tiefertraum: The red light, as Yuleria and Toria soon found, was a huge, glowing furnace. As they stepped into the furnace room, the door swung shut behind them with the echo of metal on stone. -02:42 Mar 24
    Sssindra: "Itsss a trap." ssshe hisssed. "It'sss all trapsss. Thisss entire casstle just wantsss usss dead and will play in your hopesss. Even the innocent human snack wass killed. I can only asssume it wantsss me with you and no matter what we do the cassstle does what it wisshesss. Ssso why do anything?" -02:43 Mar 24
    [COLOR=#fod8d8]Toria: They made their way down the hall at an alarmingly fast pace. Yuleria seemed a bit too desperate for the throne, spouting out nonsense. It was at that moment that Toria decided to trust Yuleria. Humans were fickle creatures, after all. This castle was full of surprises, she found out when they entered this new room. The heat from the furnace was a nice change, but the clang of metal on stone rang in her ears and reminded her that she was stuck in that room. -02:46 Mar 24[/COLOR]
    The man smiled a strange, crooked smile that didn't reach his eyes. "You like it then? This monstrous, hideous, nasty old ruin? The crumbling walls and vicious traps? How... curious." He took a step back from her, tilting his head. "I chose a beautiful paradise. You would choose an ugly, withered husk." -Castle Tiefertraum

    Xervous: Xervous grinned "Cause it's all part of the fun....I mean sure there's a good chance we die but what fun is it living forever if you don't get a good near death experience every once in a while?" He walked over to the door, this was the most fun he'd had in years and he'd be damned if he was going to miss the finale. "Just stick close to me and I'll make sure you get bakc home ok?" -02:47 Mar 24
    Penelope: Penelope shook her head at him, "No, it's now an ugly, withered husk as you see it. I see it as an adventure in every room. Ever since I arrived here my heart hasn't stopped pounding, adrenaline has been going through me nonstop and even though I've been terrified for every second I've been here, it's also been one of the most memorable experiences I've gone through. So yes, you did originally choose a beautiful castle but you allowed it to become this and this is not all that bad." She responded. She had no idea where these words came from but they just poured out of her mouth before she could stop them and she knew it would most likely get her killed but then she would wake up and just go back to her normal life, no matter how dull she considered it. -02:51 Mar 24
    Sssindra: There was another hisss and ssshe moved ahead of him cutting him off and took hold of the handle giving it a solid pull, and nothing happened. "Sssss door isss ssstuck." Ssstuck here wish a warm blood ssshe would rather not be around ssshe examined the door frame and then ssstarted feeling around the walll on the edge of the room. There had to be another door. -02:51 Mar 24
    Yuleria: A furnace. A burning hot furnance. But what did she feel? Nothing. Nothing but cold. The door had slammed and locked behind them. Yuleria released the human, turning towards the door with a lost, confused look. "What's this...! More fake rooms and broken promises! Lies and fire and blood. Did you want more blood?! More blood..." Her gaze slowly turned away from the door towards the human. "...what would you give to have your dreams become real, human girl...?" -02:52 Mar 24
    [COLOR=#fod8d8]Toria: Toria stepped back. Her body began to shake, despite the heat surrounding them. Another sacrifice was needed and she was the only one left. Yuleria truly was going insane, and Toria was going to be a victim of it. "You can't kill me. You can't. You need followers. You need someone to love you." she hoped at least some of what she was saying would stop her. "What kind of Queen has no one?" -02:56 Mar 24[/COLOR]
    His gaze was piercing as he studied her face, his expression fathomless. "Curious," he murmured again, and then he was moving closer, far too close. Too quick for her eyes to follow the movement, he had produced a knife- a horribly familiar-looking knife- and pressed the cool handle into her palm. Taking hold of her wrist gently, he brought her hand up to press the blade against his throat, leaning in to whisper in her ear. It was a tender whisper, the sort of intimate voice used on a lover. "You have to kill me, you know. That's how it works." His lips grazed her ear as his thumb smoothed over the inside of her wrist. "It's what I had to do to her. She begged me for it." -Castle Tiefertraum

    Castle Tiefertraum: Sssindra's hands found a subtle flaw in the stonework. A secret door... -03:00 Mar 24
    Sssindra: ssshe moved her fingersips along the edge of the apparent door then found a loossse stone. "Found sssomething." there was a sssmall hope that once inssside a secret passsageway ther casle might not be able to find them if it's magic relied on the people not finding it. "Hurry." Ssshe presssed the ssstone and the wall shifted allowinf her to pull it open and ssslip insside, her hand spiding along the wall asss ssshe moved forwardsss towards places unknown. -03:03 Mar 24
    Yuleria: "A dead Queen. A dead Queen has no one." As Toria stepped back, Yuleria would step forward. There was no weapon in her hands, but her eyes were wild. Yet somewhere not quite looking AT Toria. And when she was close enough, those ice cold hands found their way to Toria's shoulders, slipping closer to her throat. "We all have wishes and I will do anything for mine..." -03:04 Mar 24
    Penelope: She shivered involuntarily at their sudden close proximity as his breath fanned across her neck. Her? Kill? How could she? She couldn't even stand it when her pet dog had to be killed after bitting her uncle and she didn't even need to be present while it was being kill but now she was supposed to kill this man? The ruler of this castle? "No.. I could never…" She shook her head and took a step back, studying this man's face carefully. -03:04 Mar 24
    Castle Tiefertraum: The passageway that Sssindra had found was dank and dark and cramped. It curved upward, a slope that likely proved more hindrance to the shadowman than to the snakewoman, but the way was still slick and claustrophobic. -03:05 Mar 24
    [COLOR=#fod8d8]Toria: Toria's fingers wrapped themselves around Yuleria's wrists, trying to pull her hands away from her throat. "Then if you kill me, you'll be a dead Queen!" she screamed. She didn't want to die. She didn't want to die. It didn't feel like a dream anymore. No, it wasn't a dream. It was some sort of twisted nightmare. "A dead Queen! You'll have no one if you kill me!" -03:07 Mar 24[/COLOR]
    Xervous: Xervous followed the snake down the mysterious path where it would lead to he didn't know when they finally came upon the incline he sighed "well this is just great." -03:08 Mar 24
    "You must." The king's voice was like snow, soft but cold. "I cannot give up the castle any other way. As long as I live, it answers only to me. And," he added, with a small rueful smile at last, "I cannot seem to take it myself. There must be a successor." His arm curled about her waist, keeping her from stepping away again. -Castle Tiefertraum

    Sssindra: Ssshe presssed on. thisss wasss the only way there wasss and ssshe would follow it. It didn't ssseeem to be desssigned for humansss either. Tosssing prisoners down perhapsss, but then why the sssecret door? Hands on bothe waals the body low to the ground ssshe presssed as much of her body againsst he floor asss posssible to get asss much grip asss ssshe could. -03:09 Mar 24
    Penelope: She gulped nervously. She couldn't get away, but did she even want to? "If the castle still answers to you then will it not try to harm or kill me for attempting to kill you?" She asked, both of her hands placed on his chest as she tried to distance herself from him the best she could. This man was dangerous and she wasn't sure how safe it was to be near him. -03:11 Mar 24
    Castle Tiefertraum: Light finally filtered into the damp little tunnel from above and ahead. This light was not the glowing red of embers, however, but a pallid mockery of sunlight. The tunnel opened up onto the castle grounds, spitting them up just outside the grand doors. -03:12 Mar 24
    Yuleria: Yuleria began to laugh! A strange, hollow sound that didn't match her face. Despite the hands tugging at her wrists, those icey cold fingers were curling around Toria's neck and starting to squeeze. "I am a dead queen. Long dead... Where I came from long forgotten, and all I know is nightmares and dreams. This realm, this castle...." Her voice change from soft to stony. Growling as her hands tightened again. "AND I AM DONE WITH IT. I WILL BE THE QUEEN OF THIS CASTLE AND IT WILL ALL BE DIFFERENT!" Yuleria was clearly mad! -03:13 Mar 24
    "No. You shall not be harmed for doing as I ask." He released her wrist to curl a strand of her hair around his finger, toying with the silken locks almost sweetly. "I have no reason to live, you see. I killed every reason I had for living a long, long time ago." -Castle Tiefertraum

    Xervous: Xervous followed up after Sindra although the slope was incredibly slick he wedged himself between both walls and began to slowly edge his way up after her. WHen they had finally made there way out they found themselves standing just outside the castle doors. He looked to Sindra "I know you don't want to go back in but the only way to your homw is using one of the mirrors inside." -03:17 Mar 24
    Sssindra: Outssside and in the moonlight it was hard to sssupresss the sssweet feeling ssswelling inside her and ssshivering down her ssspine. But ssshe wasss not out of the woodsss yet. "I know. That'sss why it let usss go. Ssso we go back inssside, the foressst is jussst asss dangerousss asss the cassstle anyway." Ssshe ssslithered towardsss the main doorsss hoping they'd open asss ssshe grabbed a ring and pusshed. -03:19 Mar 24
    Castle Tiefertraum: The door gave. It seemed the castle would not hinder Ssindra and Xervous's progress. The dimly lit entrance was empty and lifeless, covered in dust and cobwebs as if abandoned for centuries. -03:21 Mar 24
    Penelope: Penelope studied his face. She wanted desperately to believe him, to know that what he said was true but wasn't sure how. He appeared to be honest and what he said did seem pretty true according the book she had seen. She reached up and gently placed her hand which was not holding the knife onto his and looked deeply into his eyes. "Then I am so sorry for you many losses over the years," her grip on the knife tightened. "and i seriously hope this helps both you and I." She told him honestly then gently kissed him upon the cheek and slit his throat. -03:21 Mar 24
    [COLOR=#fod8d8]Toria: Toria gasped for breath. She knew there was no way to convince Yuleria to let her go. It was already too late. Toria's hands fell to her sides and her eyes drooped. She was just barely conscious, lungs desperate for air. Maybe now she would wake up... -03:22 Mar 24[/COLOR]
    As Toria crumpled to the floor, the sound of heavily cloth dragging across stone could be heard just outside the furnace room door. Heavy and slow footsteps were followed by a sinister scratching against the metal furnace door. "Yuleria," came a rasping voice. -Castle Tiefertraum

    Yuleria: She squeeze and squeeze and did not let go until the girl's body fell limp and Yuleria allowed her to drop to the floor. Yuleria didn't check to see if the girl was truly dead or not. That blank, impassive look was on her face again as she backed away, gliding step by step. Glancing at the walls of the boiler room, and finally the furnace door, she moved towards it almost as if in a trance. "Yes.... Yes." Hands cold as ice touched the door, feeling nothing of the heat as she pulled it open. -03:26 Mar 24
    Sssindra: Ssshe proceeded up the twin ssstairs, her sssencess aleart, tonue playing throogh the air in front of her asss ssshe moved. Ssshe didn't care if sshe left the man behind. He could look after himssself. Her only goal in mind wass sstaynh alive. -03:27 Mar 24
    The king's silver eyes pulsed, his jaw slackening in what looked terrifyingly close to surprise. He coughed, and it was a sick, wet sound, as blood gushed from his lips as well as the slash in his pallid skin. His hands grabbed at Penelope's shoulders, clutching on to her as he staggered. "Y-" he began, but could not finish. As he slumped, the castle began to shudder. -Castle Tiefertraum

    [COLOR=#fod8d8]Toria: ((And this is where I go to bed. Bye, everyone!)) -03:28 Mar 24[/COLOR]
    [(Logout) Toria melts away.] -((03:28 Mar 24))
    Xervous: Following just behind Sindra Xervous made his way up the stairs to the same room all this chaos had originated from. "Well it was fun while it lasted." He siad parting way with the Naga "Good luck back home..." -03:29 Mar 24
    There was a hulking figure awaiting Yuleria in the hall. It was hard to make out the features, but they were somewhat lumpy and shapeless anyhow. The smell of rotting burlap filled her nostrils. "Yuleria," the voice came again, like rusting nails. -Castle Tiefertraum

    Castle Tiefertraum: From the foundations to the turrets, the castle quaked. -03:31 Mar 24
    Yuleria: "Yes." she responded again. There was no fear, no nothing. No one in her way. There was no one. Her fear of the castle, of the beasts was all gone. All she had left was that strange blank stare. "Am I your Queen?" She walked towards the voice, the shapeless strange being with the burlap sack... -03:32 Mar 24
    Xervous: Suddenly the ground began to shake Xervous had to brace himself against on of the stone pillars just to keep from toppling over "Well guess this is your que to leave now isn't it? Quickly go find you mirror." he said to the snake woman -03:33 Mar 24
    Penelope: Her brow furrowed in confusion at his sound. He wanted to say something but couldn't. "What? What are going to say?" She asked, burning with curiosity. She couldn't hold up his form so she fell to the ground with it and shook his shoulders, hope to awake him so he could finish even though she knew it was futile. "King?!" She yelled at his lifeless form as all around her, the room shook hazardously. What was going on? It was then that she saw the reality of what she had just done, she had just killed someone, and a king no less. She came to this place as shy little Penelope who couldn't hurt a fly and now she was Penelope, the killer. She looked at the King's lifeless body in horror. How could she have done this after a day of being here? -03:35 Mar 24
    The being nodded slowly, just once. And then, with great purpose, it held up a limply hanging burlap sack. "Come home... Yuleria..." -Castle Tiefertraum

    Sssindra: "Ssssssssss." with the castle shakign the Naga considere making a mad dash for the exit but instead ssshe looked up. "Ssssss." Ssshe dasshed towardsss a door, there wasss a human clossse by, ssshe could sssmell it. A familliar ssscent. Ssss..... child." -03:37 Mar 24
    As she knelt by the dead king, a silver light washed over and engulfed Penelope. Her hair was washed white as snow; her eyes were nearly blinded by a silver light that they seemed to cast from within themselves. It seared her vision like cold fire. -Castle Tiefertraum

    Xervous: Xervous questioned the snake sudden change, what was so important that she would risk her life a seocnd time? -03:39 Mar 24
    Yuleria: "Home." What a wonderful word, home... A wonderful wonderful word. Step by step down the hall, she almost floated. A ghostly vision in redsplattered white. And when she reached him she took his hand. Yuleria was gong home. -03:40 Mar 24
    The Sack Man took Yuleria's hand with something like tenderness. The sack lowered down... down... over her head, down to her toes. She was safe now. She was where she belonged. -Castle Tiefertraum

    Penelope: Penelope fell backwards with a scream and squeezed her eyes shut in hopes of blocking out the bright light but it did little to help her. It was like she was set aflame, she rubbed her skin, trying the get rid of whatever was causing her this pain but it was no use, she couldn't stop the light from shining on her, affecting her, changing her. -03:42 Mar 24
    Xervous: Curious Xervous decided to follow Sindra it seemed like there was still more fun to be had tonight, although that was easier said then down with the enitre caslte shaking. "Wait!" he called out trying to catch up to her. -03:44 Mar 24
    As the minutes ticked by, the cold flames licking at Penelope's eyes numbed to a barely noticeable sting. The world around her was different... shining... silver shapes danced around her, shapes only now visible. Little silver will-o-the-wisps, gravitating toward her from across the room. -Castle Tiefertraum

    Sssindra: Ssshe slid around the corner and bursst into the throne room. "Child." There was a glow around Penelope and the lights were closssing in and is stunk of curssseesss. "Chiiild." ssshe didn't ssstop. The mirrorsss would the only chance. Get her out of here. -03:50 Mar 24
    Penelope: As the pain subsided, Penelope slowly opened her eyes, unsure of what she might see. She was afraid that everything would be different, she might be in a different place as it had happened so often while she was here or she might be back home, in her reality but no, none of these happened. Instead everything was much better, the silver shapes seemed to be in one big dance, just for her and it was beautiful. A smile came onto her lips at the sight of them. She reached out to touch one, mesmerized by it's movements but she stopped at the sound of someone entering the room. She gracefully turned around and, for the first time since arriving at this place, calm. "Hello." -03:52 Mar 24
    Castle Tiefertraum: As Penelope calmed, so did the castle cease to shake and revolt. In fact, it slowed to an eerie stillness. -03:53 Mar 24
    Xervous: Xervous arrived soon after, he couldn't believe his eye the girl's hair had changed drasitically had she been crowned as the new ruler? This was deinitely not what he had imagined this was surely something to remember. -03:55 Mar 24
    Beside Penelope, the dead king's body sank into the floor like it were quicksand. Like Penelope's blood into the rock, like the little girl into the moss... the one who had tagged Penelope with a girlish cry of, "You're it!" -Castle Tiefertraum

    Sssindra: "Sssssss. I Sssupossse you're not food anymore child." Ssshe hisssed. "Being the queen of nightmaresss? Curiousss." -03:59 Mar 24
    Penelope: Penelope looked at the two who entered her ballroom with an eerily calm smile on her face. "You are right, my dear companion. The king has fallen and I am his successor. So welcome! For you shall be the first witnesses of my reign and Queen." She exclaimed, a strange glint in her eye as she widened her arms and motioned all around them for this was her new lands to rule. -04:01 Mar 24
    Xervous: Xervous was hesitant at frist but slowly made his way firther into the room. This night had definitley been an in-an amazing night indeed. "Well I guess it's better then any of the others becoming king, Congradulations!" he said still a couple of feet further then Sindra. -04:02 Mar 24
    Xervous: With that the shadow made his way back to the mirror he'd come from..."I'll leave you two alone now. I had just about as much fun as I can handle." With that he slipped through the cold mirror back to his own home. -04:07 Mar 24
    Castle Tiefertraum: Is there anything you desire, my Queen? The voice in Penelope's head was one only she could hear. It was neither male nor female, and had a hollow, ringing quality; it sounded something like the striking of stone on stone. Anything at all? You can do anything you wish now... Have anything you wish... -04:07 Mar 24
    Sssindra: That wasss that. A new ruler to be along in the cassstle and reshape it to her sssubcontiousss. "Then maybe you can sssumon the mirror back home before I get hungry." Ssshe tasted the air again keeping her eyes on Penelope, ssso long asss the new rule didn't affect her reclusssive people then thisss had been everythign she had wanted it to be, with only a few irritationsss. -04:07 Mar 24
    [(Logout) Xervous is off to feed the plot bunnies.] -((04:08 Mar 24))
    Penelope: Penelope thought for a second, what did she desire? She mulled over the options in her head before looked back to Sindra. "Why, whatever do you mean, my dear friend?" She asked, walking closer to her then placed her hand on her cheek and walked around her in a circle not removing her hand, but intend just trailing it along Sindra's shoulder to back then her other shoulder as she made it back around again while still talking, "The night has just begun. She said, her lips twisting into a strange and somewhat evil smile. It was then that she thought of something she wanted. /I want light, this place is so dreadfully dim/ She told the voice. -04:14 Mar 24
    Castle Tiefertraum: The great chandelier hanging from the center of the ceiling burst into brilliant, shining light before she'd scarcely thought the command. Lamps lit up along the walls until the ballroom was gleaming beneath the dust and spiderwebs. -04:16 Mar 24
    Sssindra: Ssshe looked around. "Everyone isss gone, the new ruler chosssen." Her tail curled under her like a portable ssseat. "I have sssated my curiosssity and almossst died too many timesss tonight." Ssshe wasss ssstill ill at eassse knowign what this cassstle could do, and havind ssseen a dead body sssing into the floor ssshe wasssn't sure what the little sssnack wasss capable of. -04:20 Mar 24
    Castle Tiefertraum: ((We're wrapping up, guys, so make sure you're prepared to end the scene!)) -04:23 Mar 24
    Penelope: A smile lit up her face as she looked around the now lit room. "See, now isn't that much better?" She said to no one in particular. She turned back around to face her then crossed her arms, almost as if in a pout. "You're right, why must you be right?" She sighed. "If only there were others." She shrugged. "Ah well. I suppose I should allow you to leave now…" She said unwillingly. /Open a mirror for her, would you?/ She asked the castle kindly. -04:25 Mar 24
    Castle Tiefertraum: Of course, my Queen. The Looking Glass portal opened up with a shimmer just before Sssindra, the silvery surface shining just a little brighter under the light from the lamps. -04:27 Mar 24
    Penelope: Penelope smiled to Sindra, "So long, I hope to see you back again soon sometime." She told her with a wink then nodded to her and turned back around the face the castle. "Now it is time to get this place ready for my reign as Queen of the Nightmares." Now there's something she never thought she would be saying. Her stomach fluttered in excitement for her coming rule. 'This was going to be an exciting time.' She thought. -04:28 Mar 24
    Sssindra: When the mirror appeared ssshe turned towardsss it and placed a hand on the frame her body rising to ressst on it before sshe turned. "Maybe I'll sssee you again little sssnack." ssshe hisssed before tassting the air one lassst time sssealing the memory of thisss moment away to keep. "Until then keep sssmelling deliciousss." Then ssshe disssappeared into the portal, firssst her head and body then the long length of her tail sssliding into the silery sssurface until ssshe wasss gone. -04:29 Mar 24
    He opened his eyes to find himself lying on the withered ground. Unsteadily, he pushed himself to his feet. He was standing before, of all things, a ruined castle... How strange. But it wasn't that strange, was it? He was a... He frowned as he lost the thought. A what? Who was he? And where...? -Castle Tiefertraum

    Castle Tiefertraum: Lost and confused, he made his way up the jagged path to the castle gates... -04:31 Mar 24
    Lost and confused, he made his way up the jagged path to the castle gates... -Castle Tiefertraum

    THE END...? -Castle Tiefertraum

    Yuleria: DUN DUN DUUUUUUUN -04:32 Mar 24