ChaRP! Juil Boar Caravan - Jan Friday 28th @ 2PM to 5PM Central

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Imanuil is a land that has been torn asunder by a terrible techomancy war. Once a single grand united empire of countries, the majority of the center half of the continent has become a massive fallout zone. Weapons of science and magic have created dangerous creatures and strange anomalies that've made these former countries uninhabitable for over a hundred years. Most who wish to travel go the long way around, either by sticking outside of the borders or sailing around the continent via the sea as even trying to fly over the Zone can be perilous.

For many, they simply can't afford that lengthy of a journey, or have reasons why they need to avoid traditional roads. These people enlist the help of Caravans to safely guide them through the fallout zone. Going through alone could mean almost certain death, so traveling in a group comes with advantages. But if you're not careful about who you hire, you might end up robbed and left for dead in the Zone.

You are a traveler and you've paid your fee to join the Juil Boar Caravan. They seem to have a good reputation, despite the fact they looked like a bunch of mercenaries. You are two days into your trip and there's still another week to traverse, so be prepared to spend many more evenings in your wagon, vehicle, or on the ground under the stars. Hopefully you brought food, because hunting and straying too far from the caravan is not recommended. Remember: The Juil Boars are paid to protect the caravan and guide them through the Zone, not chase after missing idiots!


WHO: Everyone is invited! Character Bios/Pics are not required, but totally encouraged! Post 'em if you got 'em.

WHAT: You can be a trader, a refugee, anything you can dream up! For some reason, risking your life was worth it over taking the longer route to where ever you're headed. This setting is SCIENCE FANTASY. Think a heavy fantasy world with a focus on magic and nature, that also developed and evolved technology. Like a planet you might see on Star Wars but without aliens of space travel, or even the aesthetic in the recent SHE-RA series! And yes! You can play magical creature races like elves or goblins or anything in between!

WHERE: Join us in the JUIL BOARD CARAVAN CHAT ROOM. You'll find the link to our chats in the CHAT tab when it's time to play.

HOW: This is a ADVENTURE ROLEPLAY WITH IMPROVISATIONAL GAME MASTERING. That means the object of this roleplay is to interact with other characters, and from those interactions I will create a plot and story around you. There will be action moments, where your characters may be in danger and will have to try to survive. With this ChaRP "lol random" behaviors are discouraged -- what your character says and does will have in game consequences, so choose wisely!

My roleplays are always NEWBIE FRIENDLY so even if you are terrible at roleplay or have never participated in a ChaRP before, this will be easy for you to get involved in. :D Ask questions, let me know when you need help. I often give tips and direction out of character in the main chat room when people need a little direction.


Try to show up a good 10 to 15 minutes before the ChaRP is to begin. That way you can read up on any important info, and it makes it easier for your GM to know how to start off the ChaRP when there's a head count.

Don't worry if another player is doing something similar to your idea. DO IT ANYWAY! Similarities and things in common happen in real life too. Everyone also plays differently, so two characters who are both "sweet and shy" will still end up being totally unique people. Two assassins could create a fun and interesting conflict!

Talking to other players about their character before the roleplay is a GREAT way to create connections and background for your own!

Post SHORT AND FAST. Charps are very quick pace and contain a LOT of players. Players can't wait 20 minutes for you to write a wall of text, and if there's too much text they won't be able to read it fast enough and will MISS details. If it takes you longer than two minutes to type your post, you are taking too long and might get lost in the action. This is an exercise in quick and concise writing!

Make sure your character name is mentioned in every post, close to the start of it if possible. This is especially helpful when there's many players, so we know who is playing what character.

Like in Real Life, a character may not be able to acknowledge or notice your character immediately because they are engaged in doing something else. (For example a new character walking in to the room, but the other characters arguing about muffins and do not see them.) Don't get discouraged if you go can't get someone to interact with you right away. Just keep posting and doing actions with your character, or even approach others who also seem to be idle and it WILL happen.

Do not take events in the roleplay personally or assume that bad reactions are because they think you/your character sucks. Everyone is playing a character and reacting to things as their character would!

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Sci-fi, fantasy, magical, modern, Steampunk
Name: Clary Starchaser
Age: 23
Gender Identity: Bisexual
Profession: Salvager | Smuggler | Mechanic
Personality: Clary is a loner with a gruff, stoic exterior that hides deep inner pain.

Clary was born into the Starchaser Combine, a semi-nomadic culture of free spirits who get by as salvagers, adventurers, card sharps, traveling performers, smugglers, and other dubious professions best practiced by those who don't stay in one place for too long. When she was 16, the time came for her Quest, a coming-of-age rite in which a group of initiates goes into the Zone to find and retrieve something of value to contribute to the Combine.

Clary's group found a worthy prize indeed, a hoverskiff in nearly perfect condition. Clary was the best mechanic, so she set to work trying to get the vehicle working so they could make their escape back to safety. She was nearly finished, when she heard screams and weapon discharges coming from her compatriots. By the time she was able to crawl out of the engine compartment, sixgun at the ready, the others were already brutally maimed and beyond saving. Standing over their dying bodies was an eldrich fiend with several shriveled heads that floated over its body, attached by heavy iron chains: the Barrowman. Clary emptied her gun to no effect. The Barrowman taunted her. "Pity. If only you had worked a little faster, I might not have reached you in time. You will not die with these others. When the time is right, your head will float with these..." it said, before dissolving into a tangle of oily smoke.

Clary was able to finish repairs on the skiff and return from the Zone, but she could not bring herself to claim her membership in the Combine. Since then, she's taken dangerous transport jobs, smuggling runs, heists and various capers against people who deserve misfortune, on behalf of those who don't.

Clary's hoverskiff, the Golden Fox:


The hoverskiff uses superconducting electromagnets to ionize air underneath the vehicle and swirl it into toroidal vortices that generate ground-effect lift like a hovercraft, but without the limitations of a hovercraft's physical skirts. The Golden Fox can also fly, but that uses up the energy of its fuel cells much faster than its standard mode of travel.

Extra: Clary will accept passengers and cargo in need of a fast skiff to get through the Zone.