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  1. Hello~!

    I'm looking for a charp buddy (or buddies), someone who doesn't mind picking something up for a couple hours, setting it down. Maybe picking it up sometime later. Maybe not.

    I'm basically game for anything, so feel free to ask (here or over PM). Got a character who's itching to play? Let me know and I'll see if I can't dig / create a character to play opposite them.

    I'm looking for little to no planning, maybe world-physics agreement if we're doing something in a fantasy / sci-fi setting. I'm totally for spinning characters on the fly, but can also make characters beforehand. Um, what else? Open to slash, femslash, het (subject to the romance caveat below).

    Some RPs I'd love to do
    - HP (Marauder's era in particular! Anything with Sirius or Regulus. But full-on OCs would be fun, too)
    - Fantasy of basically any variety (demons, vampires, werewolves, elves, humans, mages, wizards, witches, shapeshifters, fairies, whatever have you)
    - Demons / Angels
    - Basically anything space related (Firefly-esque? BSG-esque? <3)
    - Mutants / Superpowers
    - Boarding school
    - Slice of life
    - Apocalyptic
    - Run from the government / Overthrow the government
    - Elemental
    - Creature bonding
    - Newsies
    - Dragon riders or really anything with mythical creatures

    Possible "specific" ideas
    - Students who get paired together to fly a spaceship together.
    - Mutants escaping a government facility
    - Angels infiltrating a demon stronghold to perform a high-level assassination
    - New neighbor moves in
    - "Chosen ones" discovering elemental powers
    - Fancy ball
    - LotR-esque adventurers on an adventure (who would've thunk it)

    I won't do
    - Hunger Games (sorry, not well enough versed)
    - Sparkling vampires Twilight
    - Pokemon
    - Smut
    - Pre-determined romance (but if the characters go that way, for sure!)
    - Wolves / horses

    I'm free in PST
    (It doesn't have to be for the whole time, and I do want to eat at some point. ^^)
    Jan 2: 10am - 11pm
    Jan 3: 10am - 11pm
    Jan 4: 8pm - 11pm
    More Jan 8 onwards (let me know if you want more specifics)

    Where I'll RP
    - Them IC roleplay chat boxes that I think are always empty.
    - Skype text
    - I used to have AIM / YIM / MSN / ICQ ... but I forgot them. I can probably be convinced to find them again.
    - I won't do it over PMs. RPs over PMs annoy me.
    - ... tumblr? (But dear god, I am not wasting time on finding / creating gifs.)

    But basically, please! I'm bored. Come RP with me. <3 I would love to build up an arsenal of buddies who are open to me hitting them with RP requests when I see them online to play in whatever world we feel like playing in whether it's a continuation or something new. And I know this is in the 1-on-1 search area, but I'm also game to group charps, so let me know if you're interested in that, too.
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  2. Are you looking for just one on one Rps or groups because there are a couple groups that fit what you are looking for.
  3. I'm down for groups or one on ons. I've been away from the site for a bit, and I'm honestly a little bit confused by all the new stuff *coughgroups/cough* and just feeling my way back. ^^
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