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  1. So, I've never created a RP here, so bear with me.

    The Prophecy below is a work in progress. Feel free to comment your thoughts/ideas to add or improve it.

    "Charms of Power
    Worn by Four
    In the Darkest Hour
    Warriors of Ancient Lore."

    Charms is a story I had begun trying to write five years ago.

    Four ordinary teens, upon reaching their Sixteenth birthday, discover that the charm bracelets they've had for as long as they can remember provide them with extraordinary power.

    Not only do they have bracelets, but a necklace too. Neither piece of jewelry can be lost or stolen for it always finds it way back to its wearer.

    Some Charms are wooded, others stone and gem. Each has it's own properties and powers.

    The necklace holds the current Primary Charm. The bracelet holds the Benched Charms. Each Charm is shaped and colored differently. Some are Animals, others are Weapons. Some can be combined by attaching multiple Charms to the necklace. But be careful what you combine.

    I am looking for three other Protagonists. Two male and One female, as I will take a female Protagonist. PM me or comment if you have ideas as so antagonists and other Evils.

  2. Interested!
  3. YAY! Feel free to ask questions and input your own ideas. I'm open yo Just about anything. Will you take a male or female Antagonist?
  4. I will take a Male antagonist.
  5. Ok.

    That leaves 1 Male and 1 Female Protagonist.
  6. Im interested
  7. Wait didn't you mean protagonist, not antagonist?
  8. I'll take the remaining female, and I'll have some ideas as for antagonists and most importantly the reason these charms exist shortly.
  9. Unless of course, you already have a reason for the charms existing planned? Also, what are these charms actually like? How does one activate a charm? Does it become active the moment it's added to the necklace, or does one have to fuel it with some kind of mana? What are the typical abilities of a charm? Conjuring a weapon, transforming into an animal, firing a bolt of ice etc or more large scale like altering gravity? Are there only 4 sets in existence or only 4 that are known about?
  10. I thought of 'Activating' the Charms with a short spell. Haven't worked out the words yet.

    Maybe something like:
    "Wolf and Human,
    Spirits combine
    Release the Warrior Inside!"

    I just used a wolf as an example. You can use any animal.

    The Charms are connected to the Four through their Core, the Soul.

    The Charms will turn the wearer into the animal of the Charm used(which must be on the necklace to work.) Any weapons used will appear in thier hand.

    As for the amount of Warriors, there are the Four Main. I may add new Heros as time wears on and the Main Boss, the Darkness, grows nearer. Then Four more will arise to join those who already exist.
  11. So spells can only take the form of weapons or transformations? Or can they also be actual spells, like fire bolts? And I take it then that only 4 charm sets exist? So the possibility of the enemy organisation having charms is zero? Do you have anything planned for what this so called "Darkness" is or should I suggest something for that?
  12. Some Charms can be Power Up types. Each color represents a different element. More info on the Charms will be given in the Dream the Four share the night of thier 16th birthday.
  13. Alright then.
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