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  1. Sanctuary was one of many bars that drew a tougher and rougher crowd, Devyn liked it that way. This one happened to be full of bikers and there was some unspoken law of respect. Devyn would not be touched unless she welcomed it and if she was it was quickly taken care of. Not that she couldn't take care of herself, mind you, but they guys like to protect their own. It must have been some he-man macho bull shit because she could tear out their throats with her teeth.

    Devyn was a were-wolf complete with fangs, fur, and the whole shabang. Sometimes the fiercest beings came in small packages and Devyn was no exception. At 5'2" and her feminine features people assumed she was one that needed protection. When ironically they needed more protection from her then they ever knew about. Devyn lived a quiet-ish life. She had rented a small cabin near a small area out in the country. She was sweet but feisty in her southern ways. Well she was a long way from home in New Orleans.

    It was a Tuesday and the Sanctuary was fairly quiet. She had a few tables and kept a smile on her face as she brought food and drinks. Her shirt was tight and her cleavage was perfect. Sometimes you just needed to show a little skin to get the tips. Her accent didn't hurt either, most found her little twang quite charming. All she had to do was be sweet, flirt and get the orders right. Men were easy, animals were not. Devyn didn't know how to fit into her world so she stayed in the world of man.

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  2. "Boss... Are you sure about this? It's a human bar. We could just keep going up the highway a little an--"

    A cold glance reflected in the rearview mirror came from the backseat of the car. It was a very clear expression telling the driver to shut up and do as he was told. Fearful of what would happen to him if he disobeyed, the man gripped the steering wheel until his knuckles turned white, slowing the vehicle to a stop in the parkinglot of a dirty looking biker bar. The lot had a few motorcycles of course and he definitely felt extremely out of place stepping out of the luxury car in his suit and dark shades. This was definitely a bad idea and his gut churned with nervousness. But the young master had given him an order and as outrageous as it was to stop for something to eat at a place like this, it wasn't his place to argue.

    Two more men dressed similar to him stepped out from either side of the car; one had been in the front passenger's seat, the other had been next to the young master. All three were for the young master's protection although most times he felt like the roles were reversed.

    There were a few big, burly men loitering by their 'hogs' as the small group headed for the door and of course they cast curious, yet dangerous looks upon the four of them. They were silently telling the outsiders that this wasn't their type of place. The young master seemed oblivious. Half expecting smoke and brawling music to hit them the moment they stepped into the bar, the driver readied himself but surprisingly the innards of the building were fairly quiet and nearly empty. A few heads did turn though as the young master stepped past his escort, fearless as always. Everyone always stared when it came to the young master, whether because of his beauty or because of the intimidation he naturally caused...

    Hiroto's sharp eyes took next to nothing before they'd adjusted to the dim lighting in the bar. His head hurt from hunger, though he forced his normal cold, calm composure if only to reassure his men that 'the young master' wasn't about to let them be mauled by a bunch of bad attitude bikers. Besides, Hiroto was far more dangerous than those weak little humans could ever imagine.

    Scanning the place quickly with his dark eyes, he noted the people within. Four men with beards, one smoking. A blonde waitress and a brunette bartender. Some looked more appetising than others but hunting on human grounds always caused trouble. So instead, he adjusted his tie and headed for the nearest table. His walk was smooth and nimble, barely making a sound with his shoes as he approached the table, gracefully sinking down into a seat upon arrival. Of course his men all followed, looking around at the other patrons as if to warn them to stay away.

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  3. Something smelled...... wild. Her eyes flew to the door as a few men dressed in neatly tailored suits and cold menacing looks, walked in. She rolled her eyes and ignored them and their attitude, money made people arrogant and stupid. Something about them sent a shiver up her spine, but she couldn't ignore them as she was the only waitress. Great... just great.

    "Here's some more tea for ya, Darlin." She said as she handed her regular, Phil, his drink. Her accent was soft and subtle. She had really been working on it to erase knowing traces of her home. When people feared what you were, sometimes it was just better to be forgotten, since they tended to kill what they feared the most. That thought made her blood run cold as she walked back to the bar where Danni was pouring some water for her new table.

    Danni was very sweet and in her upper twenties, with a loud mouth and lack of a filter that kept people from saying things they shouldn't. "Hey, he's pretty cute and rich! Maybe you should take him home tonight... OR he could take you home!" Dani smiled a wicked grin at Devyn. "Maybe you could get some! You, my dear girl, have been here for months and you don't see anyone but us. Don't think I don't know how you work almost every night!" Danni pointed her finger with Devyn. "Now go make with the nicey-nice and get yourself some." Danni smiled and walked away from the bar after pushing the water towards Devyn.

    Devyn stood there for a few moments looking dumb-founded. What the hell just happened and just how much attention was actually being paid to her and what she did. She pointed at a snickering Collin, who happened to be looming around the bar. "Don't" Her glare was all bark and no bite. She took a deep breath and picked up the tray with the water on it. Walking over to the table she set each glass down in front of each man. She smiled, "What will it be, gentlemen?" Her accent and voice seemed softer with a slight purr to it. It caught Devyn off guard but, she would be damned if she showed it.
  4. "What will it be, gentlemen?"

    "Perhaps your place..." Hiroto's voice was soft, yet filled with utter mockery. His three bodyguards, and most trusted subordinates, snickered and snorted with laughter openly. Meanwhile, the beautiful young man those men called "master" gazed upon the waistress with a bit of a smile on his lips.

    Hearing things humans couldn't was a definite pro to being what he was. The claws and fearsome jaws were a delicious little bonus, ones he'd recently enjoyed. In fact, it was the reason he was on the road right now. Surely they couldn't find him here? It wasn't like he was scared. He was confident in his strength and so were his loyal men.

    "Oh... Did you mean to ask us what we would like to eat?" he added once his men stopped snickering. He paused, looking the woman up and down. Her flesh looked soft... He imagined that her muscles would melt in his mouth like butter and it made his mouth water. "Well, gentlemen?"

    "Anything you want, Boss," one of the suit clad men replied, tapping his fingernails on the tabletop. Hiroto could tell he, of the three, was having the most trouble keeping his bloodlust and hunger in check.

    "Steak. Rare. And a pitcher of beer." They'd stay the night here. It should be fine...
  5. She clenched her teeth a growl almost escaping her at his snide commentary over a private conversation she had from across the room. She kept her eyes glued to his keeping herself in check as his companions laughed at her. Her body shook with the effort not to do something that she would regret, if her temper got the best of her, while he looked her up and down. The man had balls, but he was also an idiot.

    She had stalked off to the kitchen after they made their order and something in her clicked. The smell, raw steak, and the ability to here her from across the room.. That arrogant son of a bitch had another thing coming to him if he thought she was just going to be some docile little girl and just take it. Nobody talked to her as she prepared the tray and left the kitchen. In fact as she got to the table the kitchen staff was staring out the door watching.

    As she made it back to the table she set a dog bowl, with fresh uncooked steak in front of each of them and a water bowl filled with beer in the middle of the table. She looked at that arrogant rude bastard and said "Heel, boy." before she walked back through the kitchen grabbing her leather jacket and leaving for the night.
  6. Apprehension showed on his mens' faces the moment they spotted what the waitress was carrying on her tray. Hiroto, however, remained calm though his eyes never once left her face. The men shifted uncomfortably in their seats as the dishes were set before them, readying themselves. When the waitress reached Hiroto's side, his gaze forced him to lift his chin, cocking his head to the side a little so that he could continue to watch her. The slightest hint of amusement settled on his mouth and he fought back the urge to attack her swiftly and viciously.

    Only when she'd spoken and left did his men shoot to their feet, turning outward like a pack of guard dogs. Hiroto tore his gaze from the retreating waitress and watched his men grow on edge about the suddenly strange atmosphere. The sound of a vehicle roaring down the crappy road riddled with potholes coupled with crazed howling must have only reached their ears now. They weren't bred like him, afterall. Preoccupied with the approaching enemy and making their claws and fangs take form, Hiroto's bodyguards failed to notice his departure from the bar as did the others who were preoccupied with this supernatural sight before them.

    "Did I offend you, pup?" he voiced softly, falling into step with the waitress. Just the overwhelming scent of wolf alone was enough evidence that she was one of his own kind. Didn't she know how to mask that smell? "Or did you just let them know where I was?" He shot his hand out, grabbing her by the neck, fingernails slowly lengthening into claws that dug into her lovely skin. "How did you warn them? Tell me."

    Though his voice remained smooth and soft, his eyes were filled with a wild ferocity that spoke of just how cruel he could be. He wouldn't mind watching her life fade as he strangled it from her. Or perhaps he'd kill her the same way he'd killed Her... By ripping her heart right out of her chest.
  7. She wasn't startled by his voice or presence, she had heard him coming the second he hit the gravel. She sighed and her pace had slowed as she knew that no matter what, he would catch up to her. She was tense but it was something about his smell that made her hungry for something she had never felt. She licked her lips her nervousness setting in as she really didn't want to fight him. Yeah she had acted in an irrational manner but he didn't have to be such an ass-hole either.

    She turned as he came up to her her face was blank and expressed a calm and cold tone. Two could play at that game. Warn them? Warn who? She mused on that for a moment the confusion in her eyes as his questioning accusation caught her off guard. Giving him the moment that he needed to grab the throat. She panicked for a moment then the sharp press of his nails on her skin, drawing the blood that lightly trinkled down her neck, then she shut down. There was nothing in her eyes only a cold dead stare directed at her assaulter. Devyn had seen death before, hers in fact, if it was her time then so be it but she would not let that happen without a fight.

    "I don't know who They are, but I can assure you that I had nothing to do with it." She would never submit. Making a quick movement, that caused his nail to dig deeper into her neck, she didn't flinch as she pulled a small gun and centered it right on his chest. Not a drop of any emotion, fear, concern, or even the slightest bit of worry passed through her as she looked at him dead on. "Release me." Her voice was flat and lacking well, everything. Her hand was steady and that is what mattered the most.
  8. He could feel the cold metal of the gun pressed against his chest even through his shirt... Hiroto smiled, leaning closer to the woman so that the barrel dug into him. "You hesitate," he stated with eyes narrowed. She lacked the primitive instinct to kill or be killed. That could only mean one thing: She wasn't part of a clan.

    All pups, no matter the clan, were raised to fight. They were taught ruthless, brutal ways to survive. Kill first, ask questions later. That was just one of the mottos they all followed. But this woman was breaking the first rule - never hesitate or second guess.

    "Those bullets are silver, aren't they?" he purred, retracting his claws from her neck, loosening his grip. "They better be if you're going to stop Them from tearing your friends limb from limb." The howling grew closer to the bar, three sets of headlights approaching. Bounty hunters it seemed, just from their lack of discretion. So the clans thought he could be that easily caught? The thought made him chuckle.

    Turning his attention back to the pup, he trailed his fingertips up her neck, lifting her chin up by a single finger, tilting her face so he could get a better look. "Beautiful... But I wonder how well you'd do without that gun. I want to see those teeth and claws."
  9. She had opened her mouth to answer him but he just kept on talking. This man was in love with hearing himself talk. Devyn was willing to take a bet that nobody disobeyed him. When she finally understood who they were her heart started pounding as those people were her only friends. She had made a move to go back but his finger stopped her and her hart pounded again, for another reason entirely.

    She had let her hand fall that held the gun as she stared up at him. A small shiver ran through her when he called her beautiful then had had to keep talking. It sounded almost like an order, one she wouldn't take because his assumption was probably accurate. She had never really fought in her beastly form and tonight was not the night to try. She bit her lip as they vehicles and the howls grew closer.

    She looked back at him letting go of her defiant pride, just this once. "Please help me.." She bit her lip looking up at him holding her breath. Hoping that he would she took off back towards the bar loading her gun, as it's clip was in her pocket the whole time.
  10. As heartless as he often came across as, Hiroto admired those who would lower themselves to the floor, just to protect something or someone important. He, surprisingly, was one of those people. Unfortunately, he had a habit of using that little weakness against people. He also had no regard for authority, which was what had landed him in hot water. No matter. Life had gotten boring lately but now that he was the most hunted man on the planet, he couldn't be happier.

    For a brief moment, Hiroto watched the waitress head back for the bar, chuckling when he saw that the gun hadn't even been loaded. "Tricky woman..." He found himself liking her even more. She was similar to him afterall. The bit with the dog dishes was exactly the kind of attitude he'd often take when dealing with the other council members. A bold girl who wasn't easy to push around. Not even the Princess had had that kind of audacity.

    Stuffing his hands in the pockets of his suit jacket, Hiroto casually headed back for the bar, whistling a little tune. By the time he approached the back door, the bounty hunters had already arrived, bursting through the front door like a bunch of wild animals with excited grins on their faces. Hiroto remained near the back of the bar, counting the soon-to-be corpses while his subordinates stepped forward to meet the guests. "They're not after you or your friends," Hiroto voiced at the waitress. "Take them and hide somewhere."
  11. She glanced at him from the corner of her eye and nodded when he said to get them out. They had all remained so quiet as she ushered them to the cellar that locked from the inside. Once she had closed the doors they all started asking questions and freaking out at the same time. It was a thriving chaos, and for some reason all that she could think of was that jerk upstairs. She bit her lip and sighed as all their questions just flowed like a light buzzing noise through her.

    Wrapping her arms around herself she looked at them when they finally shut up and asked what was going on. "I don't know what is going on upstairs. The bounty hunters are the ones that burst inside and those other gentlemen are in fact were-wolves." Devyn held her hands out silencing them all. "You all saw it with your own eyes!" As they started protesting again she pursed her lips. "Fine... " She said quietly in an angry tone she handed Bill, the bouncer, her gun. "It's loaded with silver bullets, if anything gets down here you shoot it." She turned and walked away to go back upstairs, she shook off the hand that tried to grab her and left anyways. "Lock it." it was the only thing that she had said to them as she set the door back again.

    She didn't have her gun, now his question might be answered as she slid back into the bar to help them, taking cover in the back room accessing the situation. She had no idea why, but she was going to do it anyways. She had asked him a favor and he did it even if for his own reasons. Her only question was now if anything what would he ask for as repayment. People were not selfless, and animals were no different.
  12. Bounty hunters facing bodyguards, both of them baring their fangs and claws. True to Hiroto's word, not one of the bounty hunters took notice of the humans as they were herded away, far too intent on tearing through Hiroto's tiny blockade to get at him. The leader of their pathetic little pack stepped forward with a scroll in hand and unrolled it. "Hiroto of the Ogata Clan, you are hereby sentenced to capture and retrieval by any means necessary, discluding death so that you should be properly punished for your crime."

    The bar fell painfully quiet as the two sides stared each other down, the leader with his gaze fixed on Hiroto's neutral one. And then the young master's soft chuckling filled the void. "You? Capture me?" He sighed, rubbing his temples with his fingertips, eyes closed. "Honestly, do they think I'm that weak? Sending snotty little bounty hunters instead of coming for me themselves... The council is scared of me I suppose." His three men snickered, much like how a bully would snicker at his victim.

    "What did you say?! You're nothing but a filthy backstabbing b--" The leader's words were cut off by a silver knife lodged through his throat. The pack jumped away from the man as he fell to the floor, already dead by the time his face touched ground.

    "Still want to try capturing me?" Hiroto asked as he cleaned dirt from under his fingernails with a second blade. The silver was making the skin on his palms smoke but he didn't seem to notice or care. "I'll be surprised if you make it past my boys." And on cue, the three men in their suits transformed fully, clothes ripping, jaws snapping as the bounty hunters followed suit. Hiroto remained where he was, leaning against the barcounter, watching the fight with a slightly bored look upon his face. But then he caught the waitress' scent and sighed out loud. Stupid girl... Can't follow a simple order. What am I going to do with her? he thought to himself. "Fight if you must," he voiced, knowing she was listening. "But you're not a real wolf if you can't even defeat one of these pieces of shit."
  13. When he had started talking to her she had moved forward to stand at his side. She spoke not looking at him, "I have nothing to prove, least of all to you. You have no authority to dictate to me, nor do you have any grounds as to kill me. You don't own me and I would never belong to you. I will fight for their safety." She would have to leave after this. She had worked really hard too, but that was just the way it went for her. Perhaps she would find something better, down the line.

    The thought was neither here or there, what she needed to focus on was right in front of her charging through the fights. She jumped over the counter, her muscles and bones deforming then reforming. Her fur flowed in shades of amber, gray and black. She didn't miss a stride as she landed her her paws in his chest and her teeth ripping out his throat. The blood flowed freely and got everywhere, matting her fur. It was over in moments but it still looked like it was a bloody massacre.

    She was walking back to the rear of the bar, looking like a nasty feral beast. She heard a loud crack and the next thing Devyn knew she was on her back in human form. She was screaming and writhing naked on the floor. She was slick with blood, the hunters and hers, the tears welling up in her eyes. She had never known this kind of pain before, with the biting fire burning through her shoulder Devyn knew she had been shot with her own silver bullet.

    Shot by the very people she had chosen to protect. Her screams were earth shattering as she curled into a tiny ball babying her left arm. Clenching her eyes shut as she attempted to calm herself. She had felt the burning bite of silver but never in combination with a bullet. Beneath the blood her body was riddled with scars from silver, the only thing that ever left a mark on a were-wolf.
  14. So she wanted to be treated as an equal? Hiroto bit back a laugh, crossing his arms over his chest as he watched the waitress spring into action. As she took her beastly form, he couldn't help but follow her with his eyes. She was smaller than the others of course but her coat was in beautiful condition. Hiroto could easily tell that she was healthy and strong, if only a little clumsy. He watched her attack on one of the bounty hunters, admiring her finer points as much as noticing her flaws. Very clumsy... She's not used to this form.

    Another bounty hunter interupted his evaluation of the waitress, stepping in his line of vision and snarling viciously as a challenge. Hiroto's annoyance showed on his face and for a brief second, the hunter recoiled from his poisonous stare. But then he seemed to regain a little courage and lept forward, jaws opening wide. In one fluid motion, Hiroto slid his arms away from his chest, resting his elbows on the top of the counter he was leaning against, shifted his weight, and brought his right leg swinging upward. His foot connected with the side of the wolf's head and sent it sailing sideways into the wall while he settled back into his previous position. "You were blocking my view..."

    But now the female wolf was returning and Hiroto wasn't quite sure if she was trying to challenge him with those bared teeth. He was unable to derive an answer because at that point, the very obvious sound of a gunshot echoed through the bar and the girl collapsed. All werewolves knew that sound from heart, having faced many hunters (normal and supernatural) and it was no surprise that the remaining bounty hunters tore out of the bar without a second thought. "After them!" Hiroto ordered his men before turning back to the waitress.

    So the bullets were silver, he thought, sinking to his knees beside her writhing form. "Be still!" he growled, rolling her onto her stomach and pinning her down with a knee across her arm and back. This... This was going to hurt like hell but he had confidence he could hold her down long enough. Allowing his index fingernail to lengthen, he spread the skin around the wound tight with his free hand. As quickly as he could being careful, he dug the elongated fingernail into the wound and fished the bullet out. It hissed, covered in the woman's supernatural blood even after Hiroto tossed it away. "All better..." he murmured, petting the woman's head softly before slowly getting to his feet.

    In a most venemous manor, he turned his gaze on the shooter, his expression livid. "This is how you repay her for trying to protect you?" His voice which was normally just cold was now ten feet thick with ice. "Humans are so arrogant. I should kill all of you slowly and painfully." His claws began to take shape and a dark, animalistic hatred passed over his face.
  15. She was smoking from the inside out. The burn of silver was something her kind would never get used to. She had lost all concentration of her surroundings. She had felt hands on her body and her screaming grew louder as she had braced her legs to try and escape. When he shifted her she had stopped fighting partially because of his scent and partially because the moving tore in into her body deeper. He turned her, pinned her, but when she felt the pressure in her back digging closer to the silver bullet she writhed and struggled trying to get him off of her. She had screamed, cried and struggled until she felt the release of pressure and burning.

    She whimpered and shook curling into a ball and he got off of her. When he pet her she had nuzzled against his hand as she was thankful for the comfort and the fact that he saved her from the pain of it all. She worked on regaining her composure, the tears still thick in her eyes.

    Bill had left to help Devyn protect the bar. What kind of power could a tiny little girl like that have especially when she had given him her only weapon. He had come up to help. All they needed was to be shot with a silver bullet, so he had left to protect what was his. He had gone up to help and when he got there there was a wolf covered in blood stalking to the back, so he shot it. Bill had never known it was Devyn, that is until he was her writhing on the floor. The gun had fallen from his hand as he took a step towards her but Mr. Fancy-pants had made it there first. Bill had decided to let him help her as he really had no idea on what to do. But when that man turned on Bill hr felt his heart stop. "I didn't know it was her.. I had no idea... I mean I knew she was keepin' things from us, but this... I didn't know. I just saw a wolf covered in blood... I mean I didn't know... She never said.. I don't blame her.. but..."

    The man was a mumbling stuttering idiot but his hear was in the right place and it was all tore up over what he had done. He couldn't see anything outside of his confusion and the mess that Devyn was in. Bill had no idea what was instore for him, but Devyn did. Her left arm was no good as she moved slowly and painfully closer to her stranger. He was shifting and she wanted nothing more then to have this night over. With her right arm she reached out as she lightly petted the back of his calf, skin to skin, in hopes of calming his rage. She did not want to see Bill torn to shreds before her eyes. The pain and terror for Bill shone in her eyes as she looked up at him. Her voice was small and strained, "Please....."

    Bill had finally noticed and stopped talking. his back was pressed to the wall as he watched the scene unfolding in front of him. He had no thoughts running through his mind other than the fear of death and how his heart stopped beating. He was holding his breath the moment he saw her stirring. She must have been angry and he hoped that she was more human that beast because Bill did not think that me man shifting before him was.
  16. Seeing so much fear in that man's eyes; it would have been more than enough for Hiroto if the man's actions hadn't been so aggravating. "You couldn't stop to even notice that she's much smaller than the rest?!" he barked, his eyes flickering between brown and gold. "You didn't think it was odd that she'd come out to fight with beasts without her gun?!" Stupid. Humans were always so stupid.

    He wasn't sure why he cared about the waitress; she was a wanderer, a pup by nature, and a complete stranger. But something about her kicked his need to protect into gear. Perhaps he could use someone like her in his clan. His anger was already subsiding due to these thoughts when he felt her hand touch his leg. Instantly, a sense of absolute calm washed over him, radiating from that hand of her's, and he lost all interest in the human. Gazing down at her, his expression softened considerably, his hands and face returning to their norm. "He betrayed you... Why show him mercy?" But the answer, he already knew. She was too trusting, but he'd teach her better.

    His men returned then, looking completely comfortable as they stood before Hiroto in the nude, their strong bodies glistening with blood. "Four escaped. Forgive us..." one of them reported and all three dropped to one knee and bowed their heads.

    "It's fine..." Hiroto muttered, still with his gaze on the girl. She looked incredibly weak from that silver bullet. She needed rest. "Let's get out of here quickly. They'll report to their handlers and someone stronger will be after us soon." Without so much as a glance toward the human, Hiroto scooped the woman up into his arms and headed for the door. As they pulled out of the parkinglot, Hiroto let his hand fall to the girl's head, fingers softly caressing her hair. She was laying across the backseat, her head and shoulders on his lap, her legs across the lap of one of his men. The other two were silent in the front seats, though they both kept glancing in the rearview mirror. "Just keep driving," he ordered, keeping his gaze on the girl's face. "What is your name?" he asked her, licking his thumb and rubbing away some of the makeup that had stained her cheeks.
  17. Bill stood there silently expecting his death. Tears had clouded his eyes over everything, the stress was almost too much. This man lecturing him seemed like the type that could, and probably has, kill without the slightest provocation. He tensed when Devyn stood up for him. He didn't think that she knew him with the situation that had occurred before the catastrophe, but the two of them seemed to have some kind of connection. Where else would someone as quiet and docile find the courage to stand up to someone like him?

    Her fingers were lightly moving over his skin and something about toughing him just made her feel warm. She licked her lips anticipating his question, he didn't seem to be the type that would understand her trust in a human. When he asked she looked up at him, her eyes were clouded as though she were remembering something. Her voice was soft but also distant, "Because that was not Bill's intention." It was that pain and simple. If he really had intended her head he would have shot her again. People just didn't take some chances and people that turned into animals was generally one of them.

    The man had picked her up like she was nothing and her head rested on his shoulder. As they walked away she had glanced at Bill who was just standing there looking mildly lost and very frightened. He would be alright, eventually. She bit her lip as she called out to him, "Burn it down.. Please don't let them find me Bill.. and just use bleach and bitter apple on the floor, Dogs hate that." She didn't have the time to explain but she had the faith that he would figure it out.

    She looked up at him and wished that she knew what to think. She had insulted him, after he started it, she threatened to shoot him, after he strangled her, yet still he helped her protect the humans, and helped her. This was a long night and hopefully it would be over soon. So much happened tonight and she was exhausted. This bossy brute sure was gentle though, she had to give him that. Where his hands touched her she always seemed to push closer. Every time she blinked it seemed harder to open her eyes again. She would have moments where she realized that she was naked and try to reach for something. In fact the only one that still had clothes on was him and they were stained in blood.

    "I'm sorry that I ruined your suit. My name is Devyn." Her even hadn't left him, aside from her closing them a few times, since they started driving. "Will you be leaving me when you change cars?" When she asked him that she had bitten her lip as she was trying to get a feel for her situation.
  18. A smile crept onto Hiroto's face without him even realizing it. The suit was nothing; he had lots of money for clothes, which reminded him that neither her nor his bodyguards were clothed. "Find a place to buy clothes," he ordered the driver and then turned his attention back to the girl.

    "Devyn," he repeated, letting the name sit on his tongue for a moment just to see how it tasted. She truly was delicious. "Call me Hiroto," he ordered, though his tone was soft. For a moment, his eyes took in her face and he studied her, trying to see if he could read her expressions like he could do to so many others. At the moment, she looked tired, hurt, and possibly just a little scared. He didn't like what he saw.

    "You don't understand, do you?" he replied to her question. "I don't abandon my family, I protect them with my life." Because although he was so very bad in many ways, he still knew what love, friendship, and loyalty felt like. His actions had always been for the sake of the clan, regardless of how brutal those actions could be at times. And since he'd already decided to adopt Devyn into his clan, he wasn't about to toss her aside, not after going through the trouble of saving her.

    His gaze on the move again, he noticed her bullet wound wasn't healing properly and promptly shifted her on his lap. Slipping his arms around her and holding her shoulder up, he leaned down and licked the wound. The taste of silver stung his tastebuds but it was a small price to pay for the healing properties of werewolf saliva. Even as he sat back, the wound had begun to heal and he watched with satisfaction.
  19. When he smiled his face softened and his name rolled off her tongue like butter. He was sheer sin wrapped up in a neat little package. When his eyes were on her something about her felt so calm and relaxed. He sure was a bossy little shit, though. Didn't he know their names or even know enough manners to say something polite? This man really didn't have much tact or outward compassion in the way that he spoke or dealt with people.

    When he mentioned family she fe..."Family?" She asked, unable to contain her thought. What did he mean by that? She wasn't his family and he had no duty to her. "No, I don't understand. Will you please explain it to me? What exactly do you mean by that.?" Her voice wasn't frantic or anything but calm. She was just trying to understand with a collected calm and intelligence, that has kept her alive.

    When Hiroto shifted her her eyes widened and she gasped in surprise. As he lowered his head to her shoulder her pulse elevated for a few moments. As his tongue touched her skin her hand slid into his hair, something about his voodoo magic to her body made her toes curl in response. Devyn decided that he had to be something full of wicked and dark voodoo. She had never been comforted by a touch before his and that had something naughty written all over it, mostly because it felt so right touching him..

    Clothes!! She needed some clothes. She didn't feel like herself and perhaps that barrier was exactly what she needed. She was naked with a bunch of strangers as since she was starting to feel a bit better and a little more alert she was noticing much more and suddenly caring that Hiroto was the only one with clothes on.
  20. There was discomfort in her gaze and Hiroto was fairly certain it was due to the excessive amount of nudity in the vehicle. Having embraced his wolf side at the young age of seven, he'd grown used to seeing and being naked. However, a wanderer often took on the human ways and found such acts of bareness embarrassing. Surely Devyn was no different.

    Reaching back over the seat, his fingers managed to find one of the blankets stored there and he spread it out to cover her body. There were many things he would have to teach her, and most would probably not even have anything to do with battle.

    "You should sleep," he muttered, letting his gaze trail up to look through the front window of the vehicle. "It'll be a few hours before we'll stop again." A gentle hand caressed her cheek, though he gave her nothing in means of emotion on his face. He'd never show her that just touching his fingertips to her skin was extremely satisfying, nor how looking at her made his mouth water.