Charmed: Darkness Rising

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    It's been 28 years since the Charmed Ones' final battle, and in that time the Underworld has been relatively quiet. But all that begins to change after Phoebe's youngest daughter gets married. A new Source of All Evil has found fertile ground in the mind of her new husband, and quickly possesses him to use the Charmed One's love for her husband against all her relatives. As she falls prey to increasingly more evil suggestions, she herself begins to embrace the darkness, and unleashes a new wave of demons out into the world. In order to defeat these evil creatures, the Charmed Ones must all band together and reignite the Power of Three. Or will some fall prey to the same darkness consuming the first fallen Charmed One?

    FYI- Yes, it is a future date. Yes, there are technology advancements, so think 20 years ago .... Everything is smaller, faster, and has more memory.

    Well Ladies and Gents , we have returned to do another RP with you lovely peeps! Now , this idea was formulated between myself , Pasi and Kythera. We will be adding on more later on we assure you and you know with us that is like beyond true. This is just a general interest check to see who would want to do it , how many we will be working with and what tailoring we will be needing to do. More will be done once we reach our designated goals and we open an OOC and Sign Up Threads. Rules , CS's and character spots will be out than and only than to the group.

    Player List:
    Andy ~ Maybe

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  2. Pick me! Pick me!
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    ... Hi! ...
    *Hides nervously... and super excited, Charmed is Life* XD​
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  4. um..put me down for a maybe until I know more what its all going to be about :)
  5. It's Charmed... that's all you need to know... nah JK xD, but you should so join lol.
  6. I'm down. I already have a FC.
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  7. I am so in. Love love love Charmed
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  8. Welcome to you all! Still in need of more peeps!
  9. I've like never seen Charmed ._.
  10. And now you die! XD.

    You betta go watch on Netflix now lol.
  11. My heart just died a bit at that... <.<

    Also invite people if you know of anyone^^
  12. I'll think up some peeps tomorrow night.

    Since Non-Lib I have more of my friends and followers to tag up here so yeah, tomorrow looking through active peeps for this lol.

    Goodnight for now^^.

    "Throws blood bags on the floor* XD
  13. I'm interested ^^ though it's been a while since I've watched charmed.
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  14. I've never even heard of charmed so I don't know what any of this will be about at the moment
  15. Yay , glad to have you Kitsune! Well I may have started watching it again lol..
    Well I am sure Ky , Pasi and I could explain it to you if needed.^^

    Hoping for more interest because than the girls and I will work on an OOC and Sign Up Thread.
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  16. It will more then definitely be needed XD
  17. I've only ever seen the first few episodes of Charmed. But, if that's not going to be a problem you all can count me in!
  18. I don't think it'll be much of a problem if y'all haven't watched it. We're doing the next generation, so there's not as much canon detail to stick to, and we'll make up new and exciting demons to fight :D But if you're interested, there's a Charmed wiki. The very quick and dirty summary of the show is that there are 3 sisters who are witches and have special enhanced powers when all 3 work together (the Power of Three). They fight lots of demons, have a lot of soap-opera-esque love affairs, lose one sister, find a new one, and in the end defeat the Source of All Evil in an epic final battle.
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  19. put me as a maybe
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