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    It's been 28 years since the Charmed Ones' final battle, and in that time the Underworld has been relatively quiet. The Source of All Evil was destroyed, and demon kind were in chaos. The Charmed Ones were able to retire and live their lives with their families for many years. But all that begins to change when Phoebe's youngest daughter gets married. Her husband, a seemingly innocent mortal, has managed to attract the attention of a new Source of All Evil. The new Source sees an opportunity, a path to corrupt a Charmed One herself. It gradually possesses the mind of her husband in order to use the Charmed One's love for her husband against all her relatives, and finish off the Charmed Ones once and for all. As Phoebe's daughter falls prey to increasingly more evil suggestions from her possessed husband, she herself begins to embrace the darkness, and unleashes a new wave of demons out into the world. In order to defeat these evil creatures, the Charmed Ones must all band together and reignite the Power of Three. Will they free their sister from the Source? Or will some fall prey to the same darkness that is consuming the first fallen Charmed One? Keyword #TheSource.

    FYI- Yes, it is a future date. Yes, there are technology advancements, so think 20 years ago .... Everything is smaller, faster, and has more memory.

    Well Ladies and Gents , we have returned to do another RP with you lovely peeps! Now , this idea was formulated between myself , Pasi and Kythera. We will be adding on more later on we assure you and you know with us that is like beyond true. This is just a general interest check to see who would want to do it , how many we will be working with and what tailoring we will be needing to do. More will be done once we reach our designated goals and we open an OOC and Sign Up Threads. Rules , CS's and character spots will be out than and only than to the group.

    Player List:
    Myself ~ GM
    @Pasi ~ GM
    @Kythera ~ GM
    Andy ~ Maybe
    Dark Disney
    Akashi ~ Maybe
    Princess Poisoned Rose
    Phi Chisym

    Charmed Characters:

    Dark Charmed One:Phoebe's Child ~ Female--Pasi


    Charmed One/Whyatt/TAKEN
    Charmed One/Chris/TAKEN
    Charmed One/Melinda/TAKEN
    Charmed One/PJ/OPEN
    Charmed One/Parker/TAKEN
    Charmed One's Twins/Kat & Tamora ~ Kythera & Shayla

    Billie Jenkins Child: OPEN
    May open for Another

    Whitelighters: 2 Open Roles - 1 assigned to Whyatt, Chris, and Melinda; 1 assigned to the Dark Charmed One, PJ, and Parker; and 1 assigned to Kat, Tamora, and Billie Jenkins' child (though the twins and Billie's kid would not necessarily know they had the same Whitelighter).
    Current Whitelighters: Celestial ~ Female

    Demons or Varying Creatures: Unlimited Roles
    Justin - Male Demon

    IC Rules:

    If one gender or sexuality becomes unbalanced we will close that for new characters.

    I do not take credit for this list of rules, but they are everything that I wanted my rules to be.
    Please try to post at least a paragraph each time. I really detest having a lot of 1 liners, so please try to keep them away. (I understand if you get writer's block or something, just tell us so we don't think you're not trying.)
    YOU CAN NOT BE YOUR OWN PARTNER/LOVER! I hate it when people do this, it sucks to be done, and if you plan on having a drama point based on the fact that two of your characters were together, that's fine as long as as it is now over.
    This is not a free for all Sex Party and I better damn well not see it happening. Fade to black is only allowed or take it to PM's
    Feel free to interact with a NPC or more!

    Likewise, only type in third person. Reason is, first person can confuse people. It makes them get lost in all the I's, since there would be a ton of them. So please, for my sake and the sake of others, use third person.
    Please refrain from using text talk and please try to use a spell checker if you don't know English very well.
    GRAMMAR! Now one of my pet peeves is having people who spell things shorthanded. It doesn't matter to me if there are a few mistakes here and there.Just don't let it become a repeated process.
    Cursing. Now, I know some characters are not going to be the sweetest, and some are just going to have a few instances, but I am completely fine with your characters cursing. However, one every single sentence is kind of extreme, so try to avoid putting one in everything.
    Collabs are more than welcome and acceptable as long as you do not drag out the scene and or day. #CharmedOnes
    No god moding unless asked first. This doesn't mean that you can kill someone off. We do have alot of interaction in this roleplay given the genre of writing. Do make sure that you okay it with the person your are role playing with when doing a battle/fight scene on the hits that are acceptable.

    OOC Rules:
    Please message myself and or any of my GMs for issues or to run any ideas by us that have an extreme effect.
    Feel free to expand on the CS, just make sure what’s there is in there somewhere.
    We are the GMs, and our word is final. We make the rules.
    We enforce the rules, and we do have the power to kick you out. That being said, we will do our best to make fair judgments in regards to any situation. We are actually pretty nice! Also, know that if I see arguing and you are not resolving it like the adults I know you all to be, I will kick either both parties out and or the antagonist of the situation. I refuse to see it ruined by mindless and childless behavior.
    Please use real pictures, if you are absolutely unable to find one that you like, then realistic drawings are fine, if approved by Mods.
    Under no circumstances are you allowed to post without a GM accepting your character.
    Please flesh out the characters, We like seeing that people put effort into their characters, and that they took time to have some formatting and other things. We love ideas so do feel free to bring any before us and if you want to make drama.
    Please be kind to all your other rp friends, we don't want people feeling attacked or threatened by others. It helps create a more cohesive bond between players.
    There is a 2 character limit!!! I may change this eventually and when this happens you will be informed, but as of now it is two. If a spot opens we will first offer it up to our Hold List People.
    Also there is more then 1 key word this time around... so please make sure you read EVERYTHING!
    Have Fun and Obey the Rules!!

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  2. Guess what kid I want...
  3. Can I also get a Demon who is trying to become good? Like a Cole type of guy? But might still be corrupted if he stays around evil too much XD
  4. The one that got dropped on his head as a baby? :P
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  5. [​IMG]
    >.>... you just love to tease me, don't you Ky Ky XD rofl.

    if I have to spell it out... W.Y.A.T.T. H.A.L.L.I.W.E.L.L.

    XD and a Demon trying to become Good lol.
  6. I'm confused. Are we playing canon characters or their kids? Also at the end of the plot description it says

    " Or will some fall prey to the same darkness that is consuming the first fallen Charmed One?"

    But its not the first charmed one????? Or did you mean like she's the first one of the charmed ounces that have fallen to darkness?
  7. The kids of The Charmed Ones were only 4 or so ( not counting Chris and Wyatt future selves) so I believe we are just using the names.

    The First Charmed child to Fall to darkness is Phobes' daughter... not a GM but I think that's what they meant
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  8. Parker for me please!!!!!
  9. hum......
  10. Is it okay for me to play a friend of the Charmed? She's a Mambo who's trying to ignore her father's Petro Vodoo (evil) teachings to learn positive magic. One of the sisters can be like a mentor for her, helping her overcome all the negative things her father placed upon her. She can be a positive help to the Charmed when evil arises, or overpowered by the darkness already within her to use against them.
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  11. Maybe Parker can be that if it is okay'd
  12. I don't know any of the charmed cast, I just want to play someone that does magic that isn't inherently good or bad. Like catwoman. o-o;
  13. Do a Demon? Like my second guy is from a long line of Demons (being close to the Source) but since the Source was killed, he was in Hiding in The Underworld until he came to Earth and is trying to use his dark magic for good now.

    So just do a demon that isn't good or bad, just doing him or her.

    I don't think Pasi, Shay or Ky Ky will be on at all today, it's Pasi B-Day so yeah XD
  14. oh....I kind of wanted it to be a charmed one though o-o;

    plus I don't understand how demons can still use their powers when the source has been destroyed?
  15. Because they don't get their powers from the Source... he is just the Strongest of them... like they come from their own lines, just like witches.

    Well than I don't know what to tell you, just gotta wait to see what Shay, Pasi and Ky Ky say if you could make an Original Charmed
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  16. OOOH, okay see I didn't know that. xD

    I don't mind waiting, to be perfectly honest I am not to picky with what I get. I just want to fuck shit up with my girly. xD
  17. Rofl, yeah I love Charmed... like I know everything about the show... EVERYTHING xD, just watch the a few episodes of all eight seasons on Netflix and you'll get the idea of it, if you really are confused on go onto Charmed Wiki lol.

    That's good XD
  18. @Shayla @Pasi @Kythera

    Reserving Wyatt Halliwell
    Reserving Warlock (Demon) trying to do Good.

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  19. Whoa, reading through the OOC and I have no idea what any of you people are saying.

    Maybe I shouldn't join this after all? I haven't even reserved a character yet and I already feel lost.
  20. May I take Melinda
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