Charlie sheen and the fist of fury

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  1. So i had a very intersting evening to say the least.. i watched a goat jump over a truckbed ( in person) watched threee of Jaff dunham's major venue shows on comedy central... and then watched the roast of charlie sheen, all while eating SUSHI.. yes folks, HOMEMADE SUSHI.. on cinco de mayo...

    all that said, the culmination of my nigth was about fifteen minutes ago wehn stevo ran into mike tysons fist.. for the SECOND time.. now, iw atched the roast of charlie sheen when it first came out more than a year ago i think.. but i never watched into the credits.

    the second time he runs headlong into mike tysons fist, he bowls over one of the other comedians and stands up declare. "i broke my nose!".. poroudly... -_-...

    and then, william shatner looks at him, blinks twice, and with an unamused, but smiling face says. " what the FU$^ steve-o!"

    wrecked, and made my night all at once.

    so.. what is the most messed up thing you've ever had the pleasure/displeasure of seeing ( and are willing to talk about it) ? cause idk if it's TMI.. but i have sliced open cancerous tumors on farm animals to get a sample for the vetrinarian before... and watching steve-o be an idiot made em pause... even after watchign Jeff dunham systematically run his ego intot he ground for public entertainment XD.

    as always, keep it inside the lines of rules for the forums. don't need to be getting TOO graphic.