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    This morning at around 11:00 UTC, three gunmen attacked the Paris offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. 12 people have been killed, including the editor, several cartoonists and two policemen. The attackers, believed to be Islamic extremists, are still at large at this time.

    I'm not throwing this up to start some sort of argument about radical Islam or whatever. Seriously, take that shit somewhere else. But if you're here, reading this just now, chances are that's because you live in a country that grants you the right to have your voice heard, to state your opinion without the threat of a violent response.

    So taking a moment to think on this, and to be grateful for it, seems like an appropriate way to remember those who died today.
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  2. Was the comic you posted also drawn by Charlie Hebdo? If so, wonderful use of humor in an otherwise sad time (not sarcastic).
  3. Nah, that's from David Pope, an Australian cartoonist. Thought it was an excellent piece, though.
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  4. Je sui Charlie.

    In times like this, we must not let the minority crazies win. This was an attack on free speach, regardless of the attackers identity.
  5. Ottawa, Sydney, Paris.

    My heartfelt sympathies for the victims and their families and all effected by these attacks. Things will get worse before they get better, but we all need to stand together united to show we aren't afraid and will stand for our freedoms and liberties against terror in all of its forms.
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  6. Je suis Charlie!
  7. Comic Book Resources just posted an excellent little piece on the artists killed today. I'd run across the editor, Stéphane Charbonnier, and his stuff before, but reading this is another example of how committed to his cause and his work he was.
  8. Say what you want. That quote and that comic strip is gonna become pieces of history.
  9. Thoughts and prayers for those families and those affected in Paris! I never try to take things like this for granted but because it is so common place sometimes a reminder is needed that some people are still struggling and giving their lives for something I've had all my life.
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  10. Posted on Banksy's unofficial FB page, if I recall.

    EDIT: Image actually by Lucille Clerc.
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  11. I had no idea what had happened until Dan Bull posted on Facebook acknowledging the incident. I am so sorry any of this had to happen. I hope the world takes this incident and uses it to become stronger and hold each other dearer.
  12. Any media source that uses #jesuischarlie despite either censoring the drawings or not showing them at all is hypocritical. Charlie Hebdo drew and published the images; if your organization is too afraid (or too politically correct) to do the same, 'Je suis Charlie' does not apply.
  13. Ah, of course you come in to stir shit Nex. You never change do you? "Je Suis Charlie " is a sign of grief and solidarity. They do not have to agree with what Charlie portrayed, it's about standing up to those that would try and terrorize us to silence. Freedom of press means freedom to choose what to show to, you know. Stop trying tothrow mud on people becouse they don't show the cartoon. This about the freedom of press, about the right to express themselves and to not back down in the face of violent attacks upon that right.
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  14. Actually it's by Lucille Clerc.

    [redacted because I don't feel like getting into an argument here.]
  15. Ah, my mistake. I'll edit my post accordingly.

    Also, forgive my naivety, but what did the gunmen actually hope to accomplish with this?
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  16. Who knows their exact motivation at this point. The claim is that it was to punish those that offend Allah as depicting him is a sin. But they shot a fellow muslim, and was overheard saying "Its ok, he's not Algerian."

    They might have seen combat in syria as well.
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  17. Charlie Hebdo's been accused of blasphemy and of insulting the Prophet in the past (they had a satirical issue "guest-edited" by Mohamed and re-named Sharia Hebdo), so I suspect it's something to do with that.

    And seriously, chums, if you turn this into another fucking argument I will dispense slappages.
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