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  1. Hi, and Welcome to Charip City. Charip Elementary+High School is a place for monsters. Here's my rules: 1_Don't be too aggresive_2_If you are writing your first thread please have your character entering the classroom. Thanks-The head mistress (the head mistress will not be in this story much).

    A young looking cat girl rushed into the room, just seconds before the bell rang. Oh, no, no, no! She thought as some of the books she was carrying dropped out of her hands. I'm so clumsy! She bent over and started to pick up her books.
  2. *Cough Cough* Sorry to burst your bubble but since your my friend I gota help you out.

    You see you posted this in "[Modern] Signups & Plot Discussions." See here is where you post your idea for a story, and then people post their characters and you say "Oh yeah come join the IC (In character) tread" or something. Then you make another tread when you are ready and that is where you start the story. Sorry about that, here I'll give you a character sheet for my character.

    Name- Earth Seele
    Age- 150
    Gender- Female
    Pets- A wolf spirit
    Species - A tree spirit, her body was cut down
    Personality- Calm, quite, slow moving, loving and kind, strong willed and motherly
    Looks - (She wears clothes though, and can have normal feet)
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  3. ((Thanks RedWinter, I was just messing around when I started this. I hope it turns out okay!))
    Here is my character sheet:
    Name: Damila (mi=me)
    Age: 14 (1/9 lifes)
    gender: Female
    Species: Cat/girl
    Personality: Quiet, likes to speak her mind, and late for EVERYTHING
    Looks: See picture.
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