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  1. [Incoming memory implant...]
    [January 3rd, 2013]
    [New York City, United states]


    "Good morning, America, to the 5 o'clock news, always on time, always accurate. Today we'll be having another snowy day, so zip up your coats, people. This low tempature is expected to continue th..ugh .he week-"

    [Static interference, please wait...]
    [January 15th, 2013]
    [California, United States]

    "And the snow continues to fall, showing no signs of slowing down. Traffic is blocked up and the snow has caused a lot of fender benders. The highways has .... shut down for public saf... and citizens are being advised by the local police and fire department to stay indoors-"

    [Static interference, please wait...]
    [January 24th, 2013]
    [???, ???]

    "Have we identified the object, Reeves?" "The research team thinks it's some kind of terraformer. The technology we've seen on that massive thing.. It's metal isn't even on the charts, sir. Some of the guys are saying it's extraterrestrial." "Th..'s bulls..t. If we were in ...ger of an alien inv.sion we'd know about it."
    [Static interference, please wait...]
    [February 10th, 2013]
    [Moscow, Russia]

    [BEGIN TRANSLATION] "If anyone can hear this broadcast, stay indoors. We have many 'missing persons' repor.s coming in. Carry a firearm and a torch. the ..ow is ..verly damagi.. ..e .ignal-"

    [Static interference, please wait...]
    [Day 0, 0001]

    "Oh Jesus, what the hell is that?" "It's rising from within the subway tunnels!" "Turn the chopper around, I need to get a clear view!" "Do you want to die? We've got to get the hell out of here!" "I can't, the rotor's starting to freeze up!"


    "It's.. some kind of machine... Oh god, it's looking this way! FLY BACK! FL-"

    [End memory implant.]

    [Present time.]

    "Earth's under some kind of attack by an unknown alien threat, and you choose NOW to engage the Gray project?" "Sargent Reeves, calm down. These Grays are designed to eliminate without question. They will not turn cloaks. Listen son, I know it's hard to trust anything close to resembling a machine, but it's our only chance. She's our only chance. You will lead this Gray into battle, and he will awaken the final weapon." "...Sir, no disrespect, but if one of your clone toys get into a rut, don't expect me to save their emotionless asses."

    [A few hours later...]

    A sigh escaped Blue Dragon Overdrive, (known as BDO) as he rode down a major freeway crowded with ice and snow, his motorcycle left a blue flame in it's tire's wake, which melted the intense snow and ice off of the road. Behind him, was a few military trucks following in tow. "You sure he remembers the mission briefing? I mean, we're riding all of our hopes on this guy." "Yeah I'll make sure alright."

    Static buzzed in BDO's ear, causing him to raise a hand to it in order to adjust it's range. "Can-head, do you read me?" "Yes." BDO responded dully. "Supposedly your Gray buddies are somewhere locked in the Onyx building, correct?" "Correct.""They're friendly?" "Yes, Joe Bloggs, Stranger, and Angelo Nero will cooperate. In such an event where they are influenced by the enemy, I will make sure no harm is done to you or your team."

    Upon hearing the Gray's words, the sarge put a hand to his radio's microphone to block out his next few words. "At least they're submissive. God forbid giving them an actual brain." The Sargent and the soldier driving the truck closest to BDO laughed, making a mockery of BDO and his kind. "I will awaken Black Rock Shooter, even if it will cost me my life."

    As the convoy rode on, the roads in which they were on began to shake like an earthquake. Up ahead of them, a humanoid robot, armed with a sword of limitless energy, crawled it's way out of the ground.


    This was the main bulk of the alien invasion thus far. The humans have named this unit: 'Grunt', because of it's weak armor and basic speed of 2/4. BDO turned his bike, letting it skid sideways until it fully stopped. The convoy behind him came to a halt as well, as the enemy Grunt readied it's energy saber. "Keep going to the Onyx building, Can-head. We soldiers will handle this, and catch up to you later." BDO nodded to the vehicles behind him, revved his engine, and sped off, circling around the Grunt to the other side and continuing on.

    A few minutes later, the Gray took the nearest exit off of the freeway, seeing as how he was coming up on the large, iconic building known as the Onyx. There was a blasted out entrance to the building's underground parking lot, which BDO took to gain entry into the complex.

    The lot was quiet, and dark for the most part. BDO turned off his bike, the blue neon lights shutting off along with it's futurisic hum of an engine. A long compartment slid out from the bike, revealing to BDO his primary weapon; the Gunblade. He took it, and sheathed the weapon on his back holster, then proceeded to the elevator.

    The rest of the Grays (AKA, your characters) were asleep on the 47th floor, nearing the top, which was the 50th. With a ding, the elevator doors opened, and BDO stepped out on the 47th floor. Why the Grays were locked up in this building was unknown to him, and the military he fought for. Nevertheless, he pushed on, his hand on the handle of his sheathed blade as he traversed the hallways. He came up to double glass doors. It was the containment chambers, where there would be several cryo tubes containing said Grays, as well as a control room just off to the corner. The room itself was a mess. Sparks would pop off of different equipment and wires off of the walls. He felt a surge of worry in him, as he made his way over to one of the tubes.

    There was a small slab of glass where he could see who (or what) was inhabiting the container. It was the one called Stranger, the female Gray. Like a test subject, she would be bound in water, asleep like the rest. There was no sign of Black Rock Shooter in this building, but that wouldn't mean BDO would turn back.

    He opened the console, and pressed the release button, which would awaken the Grays and free them from their prison.

    [Warning, physical disturbance.]
    [Liquid levels decreasing.]
    [Activating defibrillators.]

    Each and every Gray would receive a shock strong enough to drag them out of their slumber, and with that, the doors to each tube would open, splashing out a strange liquid along with the Grays inside.

    [Wake up, your time has come.]
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  2. [Warning, physical disturbance.]
    [Liquid levels decreasing.]
    [Activationg defibrillators]

    It was sudden and uncomfortable, like jerking to attention after you're almost asleep. Stranger's red eyes flashed opened into an instant, bubbles surging up through the lowering liquid levels. She sucked into a breath as she began to flunder in the tasteless substance. She coughed as the tank drained, leaving her slouched on the tiled floor. Her confused face was replaced by a blank mask when she noticed the boy staring at her through the glass. She tried to push herself back on her feet, but her legs gave out under the slippery surface. She landed with a painful wince before taking a deep breath, trying to recollect herself.
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  3. The first of the Grays had been released, the one called Stranger. As soon as they made eye contact, she concealed her expression behind a mask. BDO knew there was a risk to go along with this mission - that these Grays could infact, be hostile. However, BDO took the chance. He walked out of the control room, and slowly approached Stranger with his left hand on the handle of his gunblade. "My name is Blue Dragon Overdrive, and I'm here to get you out." He stated plainly.
  4. Stranger tensed as the boy approached slowly with his hand on his weapon. 'My name is Blue Dragon Overdrive, and I'm here to get you out.' She had no knowledge of any previous orders to have her revived. She climbed to her feet again, more slowly this time. Her own weapon wasn't here, locked away somewhere. She wasn't sure what to do. She had no orders. In fact, she had no boss either, and no chain of command to refer to. Her instincts told her they were long since dead. Therefore, naturally, she should return to her detainment section at headquarters where she was previously ordered to always return to when her mission was over. Having decided a plan of action, she moved slowly towards the boy with the intent of retrieving her weapon, and leaving this facility.
  5. [Warning, physical disturbance.]

    [Liquid levels decreasing.]

    [Activating defibrillators.]

    [Error Error]

    The liquid pipes were blocked and Joe was stuck inside the glass tube, the liquid level in his tube was around his stomach. As the breathing apparatus came undone he blinked his eyes open and wondered where he was.

    Joe heard the sounds of [Error Error] he mumbled “yea I noticed”. He thought back of the last time he came out this tube and it took a moment for his legs to work and he was naked. He looked down and noticed he was wearing boxers this time. [Error Error] He yelled out at the annoying automatic voice “Shut the F*** up already”. He wanted to get out now but with the restraints he thought he has two options. One was waiting, which wasn't his strong point so he decided to break out using his powers.

    He clenched his fists and concentrated to bring out his monster zombie. He was strong but very slow.


    As Joe cast his spell a seven foot beast appeared from the floor surrounded in a dark aura, it had 3 arms and rotted flesh covered its body. it had no hair anywhere on it and sharp pointy teeth and wearing nothing but a pair of shorts. It groaned out and smashed the glass tube which emptied the water. Joe closed his eyes as the glass smashed open.

    [Liquid levels depleted]
    Soon enough he was realized and was about to fall onto his hands but the monster zombie picked him up and carried him over away from the broken glass. The monster zombie put him down and vanished into the floor leaving a dark aura in its trail.

    Joe was on the floor on his hands and knees trying to compose himself before he looked around to see what was going on around him.
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  6. Stranger was mysterious. She hadn't returned a single phrase to BDO, which led him to rethink the risks of the mission. When she approached, his grip on the gunblade tightened, unaware of her intentions. However, he stayed firm. Just then, another pod was opened - rather forcefully, by a larger-than-life zombie. Oddly enough, even after the sudden noise and aggression caused by the undead, BDO wasn't hostile towards it. His only known enemy was that of mechanical life, not something in the flesh.

    A boy came out, carried by the decaying body which vanished after it's purpose was over. "Another Gray..." BDO muttered. He gave Stranger a quick glance, then proceeded over to the newly released Reaper. "My name is Blue Drag-"


    Sounds of a bell echoed through the halls outside of the lab. BDO had no idea what it came from. Staring down the door he came from, he issued a simple command to the two Grays. "Stay here. There may be an enemy nearby." When the order was out, he left the two, heading towards the entrance of the room.

    Unknown to the Grays, Reeves and his team was the reason the bell-like sound went off. It was the noise of the elevator arriving at that floor. Reeves waved for his soldiers to clear the halls, which they did in perfect synchronization. "Clear left." "Clear right." His soldiers called out, weapons at the ready. That was when Reeves himself walked out of the elevator in a more relaxed posture. "No sign of can-head or his justice league? Hmph." "Sir, permission to speak freely?" "Granted." "Can we just say fuck it and leave this place? I didn't sign up to protect a bunch of test subjects." "The doc's got some kind of purpose for them, so no. If they do turn, you're cleared to fire at will." The squad continued down the battered hallway, while checking each room they came across with a simple glance. As Reeves passed by a dark corner, Blue eyes would illuminate within the darkness. "Sargent Reeves?" "OH, JESUS CHRIST!" BDO's unexpected appearance nearly caused the Sargent to shoot at him, but the Gray kept a blank expression. "What are you doing? Have you found them?" Reeves asked as BDO made his way out of the shadows. "I apologize, I thought you were..." The Gray would slowly shake his head as if not wanting to continue his phrase. "I found them, yes. Follow me."

    Eventually, the doors to the lab would open again, this time, BDO would have an entire squad of men with him.
  7. Stranger turned, taking in the squad of armed and dangerous men. She instantly calculated just how much of a danger they posed by looking at everything from their guns to their ranks and muscle mass. Finding them to be, well, obsolete, she turned away and pushed past the gray she knew as Joe. Logically, she believed their weapons to be somewhere nearby for convience. Perhaps at the end of the hall, then?
  8. Joe saw some feet coming towards him he looked up to see a face of a teenager. As this teenager was about to introduce himself a bell sound occurred and he said to wait here. Joe rolled over so he was sitting on the floor and watched the teenager walk out the room. "Blue huh?" he muttered.

    As he sat there he hated the feel of wet boxers and feeling like himself he got up and looked around the facility, he noticed another gray but didn't say anything. He wanted to get changed first and find his weapon and keys.

    He thought what happened the last time he was let out, and looked over at the lockers lined up at the other end of the room behind the other grey. He was about to walk over to the lockers when a squad came through the door with Blue and the other gray pushed past him. Joe shook his head and ignored them all and walked over the lockers at the end of the room.

    As he walked over to the lockers he noticed names on all the lockers and was sure there weren't names last time but he soon found his name on the center locker. He opened the locker and looked through it.

    On the inside of the door was his scythe and Joe ran his finger over the face of the blade and smiled. His eyes then fell onto his keys to his trike which was hanging up underneath his scythe. He looked inside to find a towel folded up at the bottom with clean underwear and his shoes and hanging up was the rest of his clothes. He nodded to himself in approval.

    He slid his wet boxers of and threw them into the corner of the room, he didn't care who saw him, he just wanted to get changed. He grabbed the towel and dried himself off and started to get dressed
  9. Unlike the rest of the Grays, one of them did not awaken. Near the back of the room, second tube to the right, was a steady glow of a white light. Along the left side of the tube, was a small panel that glowed in green. [Stasis: Active. Core temperature: -1C Core status: Inactive. Brain waves: Minimum. Conduct: N/A Model: AAB2V5/=?V20X/=Update required/ Overall bodily activity: 4%] There was no actual damage to the stasis unit. It had been forgotten with time, and was disconnected from the server, and required manual deactivation.

    Inside of the tube, was the Gray known as Tay, the source of the white glow. And due to the age of the stasis model, she was dressed fully, but frozen completely in a solidified green liquid. Her scythe was hanging over the tube, just above head level.
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  10. Reeves scanned over the new additions to their group with doubt. At the end of it, he let out a scoff and looked to BDO. "Not much of a talkative bunch, eh?" The Sargent walked off to inspect more of the lab, while his team rested from some unseen battle prior to now. Soldiers began conversing over the different objects in the room. One of them walked up to the holding tube belonging to Tay, and looked inside with wonder. "They're so young, yet assumed to be stronger than all of us combined. What were they doing here?" "I am also curious as to why Grays were locked up here." "Did they give you any sort of knowledge of the world outside of fighting?" "N-...no." Grays were experts at combat, yes, but anything other than that, and they're as wise as a new-born.

    "The building we're standing in belongs to the Onyx corporation, who made you- well, 'people' like you. They specialize in testings and experimentation. I figure they fund the shit, so, a few years later, and out pops you." As Reeves explained, a beeping noise got gradually louder. "Uhh, Sarge?" "Speak. What is it?" The interrupting soldier held a radar-like gadget in his wrist that detected energy sources"There's an airborne bogey closing in fast.. 500 meters... 300, sir. 150. Sarge, I-I think this might be a-" Just then, the entirety of the wall was blown out by a missile fired from somewhere outside the building. Men and weapons scattered, electrical equipment fell, and the wall was completely gone, showing a vast view of the city from their position. The ground would crack and break away near the edges of the wall. Luckily, none of the tubes were damaged - except one. Tay's. It hung dangerously close to the edge holding on to nothing but a few hard wires. If they were to snap, the tube would take a 47 story drop to the ground. Reeves pushed the rubble that was once the wall off of him. "Son of a bit-.."

    Outside the building was a flying, unmanned vehicle closing in on them. BDO, who had just braced himself before the explosion and remained on his feet, saw the vehicle coming.


    Nicknamed 'Raven' for it's common appearance at night, this robotic VTOL was both a flying ace and a cargo ship, of a different variation. People believed that it was originally the work of human beings, but was later converted to an unmanned death machine used by the enemy. It's weaponry was impressive, just as it's aim was. A shooting skill of 3/4 meant it would take some quick thinking to avoid it's dual miniguns and hidden missile pads on the nose of the bird. It was maneuverable, as well, with a mobility rating of 2/4. It's massive engines make for an easy weak spot to hit, however.
  11. As the first missle hit, Stranger, who was now dressed and armed, tightened her grip on her weapon. It was a massive combination of a war-hammer and an axe, but would do massive damage to a Raven. However, there was very little chance that she could avoid being peppered by the bullets pouring out of it's guns. So instead, she turned to the gray Tay's tank and dropped her weapon. She ran forward and tried to get a good grip on the container. Taking a second to focus, she attempted to pull the tank away from the edge and on to more solid ground.
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  12. After the initial explosion, the panel, which was once green, had begun to flesh red. Several wires connecting the panel, and the tube were now disconnected from each other, and one by one, each reading was dropping to Zero, or N/A, the tube itself however, had already begun working on its own just after the explosion.

    Inside of the tube, two metal pipes ran up the side, and had begun to glow a low red. Their purpose was clear now, they were used to control the temperature of the tube. As they heated up, the liquid was designed to have a chemical reaction with the heat, and quickly accelerated to room temperature, the boiling point of the liquid. Tay, who had been asleep, was now awake.

    She felt the cold, the pain, but was too weak from... What ever happened to herself. But it was getting warmer, and she slowly opened her eyes and took in the room. The first thing she noticed beyond her glass prison, was a gaping hold in the wall and her scythe, which was hanging dangerously close to that opening. 'But where am I?' She took that thought to action, and gazed around the room. It was familiar, but she could not remember why.

    Blink. She saw a women, and a teenager who looked no more than a year older than herself. "Grays?" She didn't know exactly what a gray was, but seemed to know what they were. It looked like somebody had tampered with her memory, only leaving her a jumble of otherwise useless things, or so she thought.

    Farther back she saw soldiers, armed to the teeth, and nearly scared out of their wits. As her hearing came back, she finally noticed the VTOL hovering outside of the building. She could tell by the way its gun was spinning, and how loose the springs were that it was clearly meant to destroy the building, or them. Funny... She could never have known that before.

    She now noticed there was a mask covering her mouth and nose, and was about to remove it when she remembered she was inside of this... Fluid. 'It must be there for me to breath.' Which it probably was, so she left it there, and looked once more around her. Turns out, that she wasn't just behind a glass wall, but she was inside of a glass tube. She couldn't know how, or when she was placed in here, but she wanted nothing more than to get out. Noticing a small lever just above her head, she had a haunch, and pulled it, and was released from her prison.
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  13. Joe just managed to get dressed in his outfit before he overheard one of the soldiers saying “There's an airborne bogey closing in fast.. 500 meters... 300, sir…”. He knew this couldn’t be good and grabbed his scythe ready.

    Soon enough the Raven blasted a hole in the wall, Joe shielded his face from the debris with his arm. When he put his arm down he saw one of the tubes leaning out of the gap held on to some wires. He attached his scythe to his back and with one hand he started summoning his monster zombie once again to help save the trapped gray. As he did so he noticed the other gray running up and trying to pull the tube to safety. Since he was in the middle of summoning he cast it anyway to give the lady a hand.

    With his other hand he summoned an explosive skull bomb which his target was one of the mini guns located at the front of the raven. As he cast it, from the ground a fiery human skull rose with the number 8 engraved on the forehead. The number started to count down and he forced it towards one of the mini guns of the Raven.
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  14. As the flaming skulls were launched toward the machine, the machine turned and locked onto the closest one, shooting it out of the air with .50 caliber bullets. The second barely missed the front turret, and was shot to nothing by the rear gun. Reeve's soldiers fired upon the flying death machine. The bullets would bounce right off of it's tough frontal armor.

    Seeing as how the other two Grays went on to saving the caged one, BDO decided to take care of the Raven pestering them. He lifted his gun-blade from it's sheath on his back, and set it at his side. Now, he would pick out a weak point - the engines. The Raven looked like it would become unstable if one of it's engines were gone, so with a deep breath, BDO ran forward towards the large opening. As he ran out into the open, the machine guns would aim and fire at him.

    ((I noticed a hiccup with the Dice system. Raven's shooting skill is 3/4, while the Shooter's Mobility is 3/4. If you would take 75 from 75, you get nothing, so I'm throwing in another dice as a tie breaker. to decide if it hits or not. 50 and below will represent the defender/dodger, while 51 and above will represent the attacker. If it lands over 50, it hits, and it's the opposite for 50 and below. This applies if the attacker's original roll was a hit.))

    The Raven's minigun spun as valleys of bullets soared toward BDO. They impacted the areas around his form, but never actually got a hit in. BDO leaped off of the edge for the jet, easily clearing the large gap between them, and landing on top of the Raven. It would temporarily cease firing on the building to shake BDO off with a series of spins. He held on tight, and aimed his gun for the left engine. His gun-blade would emit mechanical whirring noises as the blade itself came apart to reveal a barrel on the inside. Light shined from deep within the weapon as it charged. Just under the handguard, a trigger formed for him. BDO carely aimed, one hand on the jet, one hand on his gun-blade, and then, he fired.

    A beam shot from his gun, and penetrated straight through the engine. The Raven swerved and spun as it's left engine began to lose power completely. Suddenly, the jet would roll right in an uncontrollable descent. BDO took this time to focus, gather his energy, and sprint to the back end of the jet. With one mighty push, he leaped off of the falling machine and landed on the edge of the opening, back where he was previously. Now, the only problem was the tube.
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  15. ( Ehhh, complicated.......)

    Bracing her body against the weight of the opening tube, Stranger barely kept the tank from falling as the Monster Zombie effortlessly took the load and pulled it to safety. She ignored the slight annoyance she felt towards the awakening gray for the foolish act of trying to leave the container while suspended over the edge of a fatal drop. She immediately turned and retrieved her weapon, trying to calculate the best way to combat the Raven.
  16. Still being disoriented from just being released, Tay collapsed on the ground, the green liquid flowing around her only to evaporate shortly after. She didn't expect simply changing from the liquid, to the open air would have such a heavy affect on her.

    Though knowing she was in a dangerous spot, sluggishly rolled to the side and out of the view of the VTOL, somehow avoiding tripping anyone else. Without even knowing what she was doing, she thrusted a hand toward open air.

    An other worldly glyph in the shape if a large, two foot purple wide ring opened up in front of her. Out of the 'ring' emerged two small, but very fast demonic hounds.
    Visual (open)
    They were devoid of color because of Tay's weakened state. And after a moment of thrashing confused on the ground, seemed to understand as to why they were summoned. With a Mobility rate of 3/4, and a melee rate of 3/4, both of them simultaneously lept at the VTOL. Although their claws wouldn't do much damage, they had their ways with getting into things that usually have no other way into.

    Now almost as drained as her memories, Tay slumped over against the wall. She wasn't dead, or unconscious, but was clearly out for the count.
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  17. Joe was annoyed that his bomb skull missed its target but at least the gray was free. He watched as Blue destroyed the Raven technically by himself and muttered "Show off" but he had to admit it did look awesome. He had to get his game on but he blamed this incident on just waking up.

    As Joe looked around he thought that he didn't know anyone's name except for Blue but as he saw the other reaper about to slump on the wall. He walked over to her and picked her up and asked the other female gray "Hey up, you mind picking up her Scythe, she might want it when she wakes up. Name's Joe by the way, 1st time out?".
  18. Just after BDO had landed back inside the building, the enemy Raven somehow was still afloat in the air, and was just re-alining itself with the gap in the wall. It's guns aimed for the unaware BDO. Reeves saw the machine come back up, and shouted at the Gray. "Look out!" The Gray's head snapped back to see the barrel of the minigun spinning as fast as could. For once, BDO experienced fear. He wanted to dodge, but his body wouldn't move.

    At that moment, two figures blurred past him, and pounced the Raven just as it fired, making the jet's gun shoot a trail down the building's side. The damage the hounds did alone wouldn't have been enough, but with the left engine already damaged, it only took a few scratches to permanently sever it from the Raven itself. The large engine would fall off, sending the jet into another uncontrollable spiral down to the ground, with no hope of recovery.

    BDO blinked, not sure of what had happened just now. He felt his body heat up, despite the overabundance of snow in the city and every other place on earth. The Gray wondered if he were defective or something, but that was something he'd have to check when they returned to base. For now, he would turn to Tay, and the other Grays. The air got tense. This is where they would find out if these newly awakened Grays were hostile or not. Each and every soldier stood uneasy, after seeing what some of them could do. "A-All of you must come with us, you're in great danger if you stay here. We'll provide you with a safe haven and your weapons, if you haven't found them already."
  19. Stranger ignored Joe, mainly watching the boy who had activated her from her slumber. She slung her heavy war hammer easily unto her shoulder. Her eyes narrowed, locked unto his own. She wasn't sure how to deal with the situation. She hadn't been given any orders as to what to do past this point. If her superiors were dead, than their orders may be void. However, that did not necessarily mean she was supposed to follow the next organization that decided to take custody of her. "Who are you?" She said bluntly without emotion.
  20. Feeling herself being lifted up, Tay opened her eyes again and gazed about. It was clear that none of the... 'Grays' were hostile, at least not at the moment. But what exactly was she? Was she a gray? But she figured it was best to ask some other time.

    "Tay" she said. Although the question wasn't originally directed toward herself, she thought it better to answer anyway. And wiggling her way out of the grays grip, she wobbly stood, and found her balance a moment after. All she knew was that her name was Tay, and she was supposed to follow who, or what ever asked of her next.

    After listening for a moment, she figured that the one Gray, Blue, was the one in charge. So thought it natural to listen to what he was saying. She looked around quickly and saw the scythe the other was speaking of. Guessing it was hers, tugged on the closest Grays shirt, and pointed at it.

    Although she lost her past memories, much of her past personality was still present. The innocent school girl who couldn't protect herself. Though now that she was a gray, she could do allot more than protect herself.