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  1. Althought Iwaku has a lovely character hosting interface, I've found several in my travels through this wide and vast world wide web.

    Charahub LINK
    Charahub is one of the largest and most-trusted character hosting sites on the net, even despite a lot of downtime. It offers space for ten images per character, and dozens of character-building questions, and the user can start out having 100 character slots available to them, with the opportunity to get more by referring new people to join.

    Weebly LINK
    Not truly a hosting site, but commonly used, it has only rare down time, no limitations on character pages (known by Mood, at least), and no limitations on image uploads. However, it does not come with its own character sheets, questions, or a search bar.

    It's pretty much free webhosting.

    Litphoria LINK
    Still in beta, this site has a lot of promise and downtime is almost never. It's run by a very active one-man dev team, and offers a lot in the form of a character sheet, though it does have a character limit, and only four images per character.

    It is also an RP site. LINK
    Invite-only alpha, joining is difficult, but it does offer stability and limits Moody has not yet discovered. It features a make-your-own sheet system and a large area to fill in blocks of text if the writer decides they prefer that, and has a searchable tag system.

    Community apparently views characters as 'worthless' if they lack art, and are outright rude to members who won't sell them their characters who do have art.

    I'll add more as I discover them!
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  2. I'm definitely bookmarking this page! Thank you!
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  3. I'm such a petulant weenie when it comes to Charahub. I technically have one, but the guy who owns the website is a colossal douchebag. I can't say I'm surprised at all by how much downtime it has, considering his other, 'original' site Subeta is down at least once a day, sometimes for days at a time. Still, I can't deny that it's a good resource. I'm just bitter. I'll have to take a look at the other ones.
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  4. The downtime is the primary reason I begged a friend to help me find an invite code for, and put my RP characters up on Litphoria—stability for me is pretty darn vital. I do like charahub's questions, though. They're pretty good at offering insight into the characters!